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hi, so i saw your stripper uncharted au and i LOVED it!!!!!! can we have a Sam and a Flynn, especially a Talbot?!?! I'd die happy (and probably cry tears of joy)!!!!

Umm, I’m worried that say the strip club AU is mine, though. ( cuz @funkyasshole gave me the idea. )

but if I make this AU story…
( cuz I think that it’s need to explain about it. )
Sully is the owner. This is good.
and Marlowe is his patron, and a investor of the strip club Uncharted.

Marlowe trains the successors of Sully.
Especially Talbot is the best successor.

Of course the tall guys are also on stage.

If you have more request, plz wait until September 22.


hi hello it’s your favourite poser
so i was tagged in the ‘then vs now’ selfie challenge (??? is that what it’s called) by @binsmoon, @kingdans, @minhwangs, @baejinie and @extraongdinary

i think this challenge revolves around a change in hairstyles, however my hair has been the same for about 5 years but there is a subtle change hairstyle in each photo if you squint. but anyway here are 3 photos from 3 different years, which are not in chronological order for aesthetic purposes
order: 2017 > 2015 > 2016

i’m going to tag: @kakaotaeks, @swaggybyeongari (girl istg if you dont post i will hack into your account and post for you), @swoojin, @memelordjisung, @ongdan, @dxnghyuns, @woojiniel, @minhyum, @park-woojin and @yisunq


The Senpai Who Noticed You Is… Tokiya!

How He Fell: Kurou was your unintentional wingman. The second he saw you, he began to write up a new play that he knew he could finally feature a princess in, and naturally, Tokiya was your leading other. Your beautiful fashion and daily charismatic nature that you put forth every single day was infectious, and Tokiya found himself falling for you rapidly. He felt like the lines he spoke to you in rehearsals meant something, but didn’t want to act on his feelings, since he wasn’t sure if they were coming from getting into his role or from some other place within him. Tokiya respected your people skills and your acting, but helped you memorize lines and appreciate the way theatre came from the heart. He did anything to spend a few extra minutes with you, due to the fact you were surrounded by other boys and other friends on a near-daily basis. As the final curtain call passed, winter break came about, and you invited Tokiya to spend time with you. He saw you often over the break, just seeing if perhaps his heart settled down. But if anything, it only beat faster around you, lightening when you came running towards him with a cheer and a wave, your smile making him return the gesture. Casual conversations became deeper, and he wondered if the line had blurred when you hugged him good-bye on multiple occasions (and your theatre kisses from the play hadn’t helped, either, since he knew how you kissed). Finally, he swore he would have your heart.

The Confession: Towards the last few days of winter break, Tokiya invited you out to the local theatre. Dinner before was a wonderful affair, where he did his best to be subtle when asking about your feelings towards romantic relationships and such - but you caught on. However, you weren’t inclined to let him know you had, watching him stumble about his words and phrases. The play itself was splendid, and he was happy to have taken you. As you waited for the car to come get you both, your discussion was about the play, but Tokiya put a strict emphasis on the romance aspect and diverted the conversation in that direction, and you only kept giving a knowing smile as he began to find himself faltering without any sort of script before him. He knew the proper words from all his past roles, but could not bring himself to craft them into something unique that he could give you to as a confession. So you simply took his hands and told him to pause a moment, like he did during dress rehearsals on stage when he forgot his lines. With your reassurance, he gathered his thoughts and spilled his feelings, his words kind and regal, as if it was a prince who had found his true love. His hands held your tighter as he leaned down for a kiss, stopping just before your lips to let you decide what sort of answer you wanted to give… before you leaned in to close the gap.

Life Together: Your PDA only gets more “public” at the start of your relationship. Tokiya doesn’t at all shy away from giving you a kiss on your cheek to greet you, and you’re both deeply committed to each other. Ryuu often has a complaint or two about it, but people laugh at his comments, you included. You still see friends, but Tokiya is your favorite company, and he loves to be with you. Your conversations never change in how intensive they get and he often just loves to lay down and chat with you, an arm tucked behind you as you lay down on the sofa. You never stop working with the drama club and Tokiya even helps you promote your campaign for Vice President your second year, due to how well you worked with the club and your ability as a people pleaser. Your status as a social butterfly couple made this incredibly easy. Tokiya also learns make-up from you with an intent to be able to apply his own, or assist with yours before plays. As life goes on, you are by each other’s side without ever wavering, your loyalty to your partner strong and firm. He respects you and loves you, and wouldn’t do a thing to hold you back - and you do just the same to him, no strings attached.


Was anyone ready for this? Because obviously I don’t. And how why they release them so far, why they do this to me right now