me at social events

can’t blame people for leaving me. im shitty anyway. i can’t open up the way people do. it’s hard for me to keep in touch or even reply a text. i say no to almost every outing bcs social events make me anxious. i make every interaction​ weird and awkward. i make uncomfortable self-deprecating jokes when “socializing”. i’ll probably end up alone but anywho, how r u



Even though Jin is known for his broad shoulders. His eyes are very dreamy. If you think you won’t fall hard, you’re wrong. Add in his eyebrows always being on point and you might find him wrecking your bias.

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His best body part are his hands. He’s known for destroying things, misplacing them, and stealing his members things (nothing serious). BUT no one talks about how gentle he his. Or how he puts in a lot of effort for whatever he does. His hand are his best quality, because even though sometimes he might break things he still has a gentle touch. (this was hard, because he’s my bias and i think everything about him is amazing)

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LLLLLLLEEEEEEGGGGGSSSSSSSS. Have you seen Suga’s legs? Have you fucking seen them? He could wear booty shorts every single day and NO ONE IN THE WORLD WOULD HAVE A PROBLEM. His legs could cure morning breath. 

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To be honest J-Hope has so many parts that are just lovable. But his secret dimples are the best quality about him. Why are they called secret dimples? Because they only come out when he makes the nom nom face. You will be put in a trance with just a glace at the nom nom face. Those dimples could kill. (also can we talk about suga in the fuckin’ background being me at any social event…)

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We all know what his best feature is. His butt (and bonus his thighs). Its not a surprise that Jimin has the best butt in BTS. Their are videos dedicated to showing his butt. Honestly his butt could have its own fan signing. We all wanna grab it at least once, just to say we touched the sacred butt.

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Closest thing to touching clouds would be touching V’s lips. Secretly we all know V knows how to make us quiver by just licking his lips or gently grazing them. You can’t deny that when that deep, strong voice pushes pass those lip you want to remove all of your clothes and have him draw you like one of his french girls.

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If you’re a fan of veins then you’ll agree. Jungkook’s best body part are his arms. His arms are big and veiny. You just want him to scoop you up in his arms and never let you go. We all need a Jungkook in our lives, someone who can just pick you up and whisk you away like Superman.

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Hannibal fic prompt: Will Graham is way too pretty
  • will graham: i’m a grouchy unsociable loner
  • jack crawford: you have 14 restraining orders against ex-girlfriends, ex-hairdressers, and ex-coworkers who randomly fell in love with you after seeing you once in the Quantico cafeteria
  • will graham: where i eat ALONE at a table by the window ALONE
  • beverly katz: people literally choke on their food around you because they forget how to breathe and chew at the same time
  • will graham: no one likes me or invites me to social events
  • beverly katz: you got invited to mark's retirement party just last week, you ruined three relationships just by walking around the room once, the only thing you told mark was 'sorry to see you go' and the poor old bastard offered to leave his wife of 25 years for you
  • will graham: i sweat like a pig
  • jimmy price: you don't sweat like a pig, you glisten like a sea-sprayed statue of antinous
  • will graham: my unironic lumberjack clothes fit me poorly
  • brian zeller: you made 'lumberjack slob' the leading fashion trend in the Washington metropolitan area.
  • will graham: my students applauded me once for shooting a suspect, it was inappropriate
  • beverly katz: wanna talk inappropriate, your students once gave you a five-minute standing ovation for drinking from a water bottle
  • will graham: alana rejected my awkward and fumbling advances
  • alana bloom: my self-esteem couldn't handle me not being the pretty one in the relationship
  • will graham: supermarket tabloids cast aspersions on my character
  • freddie lounds: how else am i going to justify devoting 8 pages to long-range photos of you playing with your dogs or wandering around your property in your underwear? btw calvin klein's people called, they're ready to offer you six figures to model those cute little boxer briefs you favor
  • will graham: help me jack i am so broken and vulnerable!..
  • jack crawford: sorry buddy, i'm going to have to talk with my back to you from now on, bella told me not to look at you ever again after i called out your name during our anniversary sex
  • dr. hannibal lecter: ...
  • dr. hannibal lecter: hello! i know we literally just met, but all i want to do for the rest of my life is cook you delicious meals and fill my mansion with drawings of your face and butt
  • will graham: ...
  • dr. hannibal lecter: sorry, i don't think i'm saying this right. my apologies, english is my fifth language.
  • will graham: ah ok
  • dr. hannibal lecter: what i meant to say was, i want to give you all my infinite money and also babies
  • will graham: fml