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On a side note: I did get his permission to put these pics up and to tell this story. If you have any other questions please message me and I’ll try to post what answers I can. 

This is my mate from London, met him while out on the club scene in 2014. He used to always be out taking drugs, partying and fucking so many guys. A real recognisable face everyone knew him and everyone fancied him. He used to get loads of attention, modelled quite a few club nights and even modelled fashion stuff as well.

Anyway in early 2015 he was prosecuted for some drug charge and sent to prison for 16 months. While in prison without his drug taking partying lifestyle he jus got massively overweight. His chiselled abs and rock hard pecs swelled and softened, and his belly just ballooned out in front of him as he wasn’t really able to be active he said that he just became really lazy, watched tv and ate snacks all day for the whole time. He was weighed when he went in, he was 5′10″ and 167 lbs and left 16 months later 236 lbs. Since he has been out he is still gaining more weight even though he has made poor attempts to get back into shape. 

Now back in London I made contact with him again. He wanted a hook up and when before I wasn’t his first pick, all his former gym bunny conquests aren’t interested in him now he has let himself go and let himself get so massively overweight. 

I see him occasionally, firstly I was shocked at how big he was and would tease him about his chubby fingers, his slight waddle and how his vest barely fits over his round belly now. Now he knows I’m into him being big and gaining more weight and even though he says he is ‘trying’ to lose weight, he lacks self control with me and I can always get him to pig out at a buffet or chug a few beers at a bar. Even had some feeding sessions while having sex where he has chugged pints of cream for me. Its weird how before I was too fat and not ripped enough for him and how I am in way better shape than him and I’m making him get fatter and fatter and becoming a big blubber boy. 

My Beautiful Moon

“Prongs! Are you even listening to me?” Sirius indignantly asked, clutching his chest in mock pain.

James nodded his head absently, going back to reading his book. “Moony this, Moony that. ‘Oh James, whatever shall I do if he rejects me? Woe is me!’ Something along those lines.”

Sirius sputtered in shock, “This or that? This is a crisis, mate! What if he says no and then I’ll end up alone living in London with twenty cats!”

James snorted, “First off, he would never say no. For some bloody reason, Remus likes you. Don’t ask me why, but he does. Second, you hate cats.” Rolling his eyes, James tossed a pillow at Sirius, “Besides, in this little fantasy of yours, do I run off and abandon you?”

Sirius nodded solemnly, “In the custody battle, Remus won full rights.”

James laughed and nodded, before smirking at something behind Sirius. “Why hello Moony, Sirius and I were just talking about you! Good ole Sirius here was telling me all about hi-“

Sirius leapt up from the bed and covered James’ mouth. Puzzled, Remus tilted his head towards Sirius, a questioning look in his eyes. “What James was trying to say is that he was just leaving.” Sirius said forcefully.

As James walked out the door, he mouthed ‘Condoms are in the top drawer” and gave Sirius a thumbs up. Sirius groaned and slammed the door in his face, sheepishly looking at Remus, who was determinedly staring at the floor.

“So,” Sirius started, “I was wondering, uh, if you wanted to go to Hogsmeade with me sometime? Together?”

 Remus smiled, “Of course I would.”

Remus finished lighting the candles, proud of the surprise he put together for their one year anniversary. He had set up a romantic picnic for them by the Great Lake, and managed to smuggle some firewhiskey from Hogsmeade. All of Sirius’ favorite foods were there as well, all that was missing was Sirius.

An hour passed by, and the chilly air surrounded Remus. Biting his lip anxiously, he checked the time again. 

1:21 AM

Sighing, Remus began to pack everything away. He felt tears prickling his eyes, as he started to doubt himself.

He must have realized I don’t deserve him. I can’t believe I fooled myself into thinking someone could love someone like me.

As Remus trudged back to the castle, he remembered he had the Marauders Map. Anxiously, he searched for Sirius’ name. His heart started beating faster when he discovered where Sirius was- the infirmary. He ran faster than he had before, skidding to a halt outside the heavy doors. Laying on a bed, was Sirius, sickly pale and covered in bruises. Turning to Madam Pomfrey, he felt hot and dizzy as she explained what happened.

“He was found outside the library, unconscious and bleeding. Mister Potter brought him down here, and after running some diagnostics, it appears the cruciatus was cast on him for several minutes. I don’t know to what extent the damage is, he hasn’t woken up yet.” She sighed quietly, “I know how close you two are Remus, feel free to stay here tonight. I’ll have the house elves bring down your things.”

Remus thanked her quietly before sitting next to Sirius.

“I thought you forgot about me, or left me.” Remus whispered, crying softly.

“How could I forget my beautiful moon” a hoarse voice asked.

“Say Padfoot Harry!” Sirius grinned as he bounced the giggling baby on his knee, “Pad-foot! It’s easy!”

“Moomoo!” Harry squealed and grabbed for Remus who sat nearby making faces at Harry.

“Told you he likes me better,” Remus gloated, tickling the infant’s feet.

“At least I’m not called Moomoo,” Sirius shot back, “and he said my name first anyway.”

Remus rolled his eyes, “He said Daddy. Not paddy.”

Huffing, Sirius shook his head. “You wish.”

James swooped in and grabbed his son, tossing him in the air. “Hey little man! Did you have a good birthday?”

Harry grinned and tugged at his father’s hair, giggling again. Lily chuckled besides them, “He sure does love your hair Jamie, let’s hope he doesn’t get it though.”

“Why not?” James asked offended, “It would be an honor if he had hair as magnificent as mine!”

The two playfully argued until Remus and Sirius pulled out two presents. “We were at the store and both saw something perfect for Harry. So here’s a little gift from each of us.”

 Lily unwrapped Sirius’ present first, gasping when she saw what it was. “A toy broomstick? Merlin Sirius, he’s only one!”

Sirius smirked, “Eh, he’s a Potter! He’s a natural flier!”

Lily thanked him and turned to the next present. Inside was a beautiful sweater with two deer on the front. She clutched the sweater tightly and smiled, “Oh thank you Remus! It’s absolutely gorgeous!”

As the evening drew to a close, the two apparated home to their shared flat. Sirius absentmindedly tugged at his hair and bit his lip. Remus recognized the signs, and hugged his boyfriend.

“What’s on your mind love?”

Sirius exhaled slowly, “I was just thinking, maybe someday we could start a family of our own?”

Remus smiled as he kissed Sirius’ forehead, “Is that what’s got you so worried love? Of course we can, and then Harry can have a friend his age!”

The two talked for hours about their future before falling asleep on the couch.

“What if it doesn’t work,” Remus whispered, “What if we’re wrong? What if he’s gone for good?”

Hermione gripped his arm tightly, “You can’t talk like that Remus. We’ve researched this for months, I just know it will work. It’ll be fine.”

Together, they raised their wands and said, “Revertimini”

On the floor, a haggard man materialized, gasping in a deep breath. Remus gasped and ran to him, tears streaming down his face.

“Love? Do you remember me?” Remus whispered, unsure of the answer that would come.

The corner of the man’s mouth quirked up, and the corner of his eyes crinkled. “How could I forget my beautiful moon?”

Remus choked back a sob, “Oh merlin, Sirius, I missed you so much!” Drawing him in for a hug, Remus whispered softly, “Happy birthday love.”

“But, its June, isn’t it?” Sirius looked at Remus puzzled, “We had run to the Ministry, Harry was in danger.”

Remus smiled sadly, “That was six months ago love. Today you turn thirty-eight. After you fell through the veil, Hermione and I researched how to get you back. The credit goes to her actually. She found the veil essentially took you to a state of non-existence. You weren’t dead, but you weren’t alive. We altered a few spells to get you back, and I was afraid it wouldn’t work.” Remus looked at the ground, ashamed at the confession. 

Sirius grasped Remus’ chin, forcing the other man to look into his eyes. “That doesn’t matter,” he whispered, “you got me back love.” Sirius smirked and lifted the hem of Remus’ shirt, “I do believe I owe you a proper thank you.” 

Forcefully kissing the other, they quickly forgot about the girl in the doorway. Clearing her throat, Hermione tried to catch their attention. When she realized the attempt was futile, she smiled behind her hand and quietly left, locking the door behind her.

“On the count of three I want you to open your eyes, okay? Until then, no peeking!”

Remus chuckled at his boyfriend’s enthusiasm. Ever since the war ended, Sirius and Remus had been trying to outdo one another with elaborate dates and surprises. Sirius kicked him out of the house three hours earlier, declaring, “I won’t have you ruining the surprise!” After being blindfolded, Remus was ready to see what was taking so long. Upon being told he could open his eyes, Remus gasped at the sight before him. The drab apartment they shared had been covered in tinsel and lights, and a beautiful tree stood by the fireplace. 

Sirius smiled bashfully, “I know it’s not much, but I thought you might like it. Sorry I couldn’t do more love.” 

Sirius bit his lip and avoided looking at Remus. He was surprised when the taller man hugged him fiercely, and felt tears land on him.

“I love it Pads,” he whispered, “It’s beautiful.”

Sirius relaxed at those words, and grabbed a present from behind the couch. “I got you this, too.”

Remus opened the present, and gasped when he saw what was inside. “These are original copies of Lord of the Rings! How did you afford these?” Remus softly cried, clutching the books. “These mean so much to me, thank you love.”

Pulling out a box from under the tree, Remus handed it to Sirius. Opening it, Sirius found a leather jacket signed by his favorite band. Shocked, his jaw dropped and he put it on excitedly.

“How do I look?” He asked, posing in front of the mirror.

“You look beautiful, love.” Remus laughed.

“Not as beautiful as my moon.”

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Hope you enjoyed love! Of course all the other goodies I wrote for you are at @shhimyoursecretsanta so enjoy!

*Revertimini is latin for ‘return now’


Okay so I’m not allowed a few months away to focus on my career at uni? I’m not allowed to come back to the place that I made my mates, without begging for followers ? Lol mate get off anon and talk to me yourself.

Meet and greet is pure luck. I am from London and I got it. Luck. I go to uni in Southampton and got it. Luck. I paid for my signing.

I am not here begging for followers, if I was doing that you’d see me tagging every band under the sun. If I was begging I’d be doing a give away every week!

So do not come for my friends, mint puts pure effort into her edits and designs and you say this stuff to her. Everyone else has lives, and you say we aren’t allowed to not spend 24/7 on here.

Grow up, get off anon and talk to us if you have a problem, and “friends” lol mate they are my friends. We don’t just bond for followers you wank stain.


“For months on end I would travel across London on the Tube with a big massive electric piano and two bags full of other equipment. I remember I would travel for like an hour and a half and then find that the pub I was playing only had an audience which consisted of my mates who had travelled to see me.”


“Do You Believe in Soul Mates?”: Romanticism vs Rationalism in London Spy

The fourth episode of London Spy has finally made me realize why I’ve fallen in love with the show since the first episode. It has triggered something in me and now I know what it is. I’m a very private person, but this time I need to open up to make you see my point.

One of the most intense moments of I Know are flashbacks of Danny and Alex, showing their love story is not as perfect as we thought. The contrast between their characters - Danny’s romanticism and Alex’s rationalism - creates tension because they’re using completely different languages, there’s no common ground here. Danny gets things started: he asks Alex if he believes in soul mates, because HE obviously does: Alex is his soul mate.

Alex’s answer crushes the romantic atmosphere Danny is trying to establish.

He goes on, and it’s his rational mind speaking: they’re good together, so why should they say they’re soul mates? Since there’s no soul mate, to be “good together” is the right way to put things.

Alex is all about rationalism: how can you be sure someone was “made for you”? Just think of how many people are in the world. There could be someone else right for you out there. Since we don’t know these people - Alex adds - “it’s just theoretical”. Alex is not being un-romantic or cynical: he’s just using his rational mind and matter-of-factness. This explanation should show Danny there are no hidden messages: Alex loves him and doesn’t want anybody else.

Danny doesn’t get the meaning of his boyfriend’s speech. He’s on the beach, under a starry night, with his soul mate: he wants his damn romantic dream. As a reaction, he mortifies Alex: if he loved him, he should pretend and say “yes”. They’re clearly speaking two different languages and each one is now closed to the other: both are hurt.

We understand how bad Danny is hurt later in the episode: he thinks there’s something special between them, but Alex doesn’t feel the same way because he doesn’t believe in soul mates. Alex has crushed his romantic dream. The solution: telling him to date someone else. Seeing other people will make him understand his mistake: he will see how special their relationship is.

Alex is desperate. Why is this happening? Why should he see other people? He doesn’t want to, he doesn’t need to. His rationalism has been crushed by Danny’s romantic vengeance. Again, they’re using two different languages, so one can’t understand the other.

I can relate on a very deep and personal level to both scenes: I am a hopeless romantic, just like Danny, while my husband has the mind of a mathematician, like Alex. I’m surprised when people wonder why Danny and Alex fell in love with each other: sure, they are very different, communication can be hard at times, but the attraction you feel for someone who’s your opposite is irresistible. I totally understand Danny’s act of spite, but I feel sorry for Alex: he’s the one who’s emotionally unprepared to deal with the thunderstorm of romantic feelings coming from Danny. Oh, I asked my husband the soul mate question. No need to tell you what he replied ;)


Fare The Well!

I’ll Miss Tom May! Omigod! The Man Gave Me Thrills!

Thank You For All That You Gave, Sir…

And Godspeed, Baby!

Hardest Days - Jack Maynard Imagine

We both grew up together, meeting in first year, becoming best friends in second year and was dating by third year. We both helped each other with exams, career options and the struggles we faced. We got on like a house on fire. We were that type of couple where we could finish each others sentences, decided where to eat without arguing and we were both extremely open with our feelings and i loved that because it gave me the reinsurance that he was still happy with me. Every time we met i would get that excited feeling in my stomach, i would feel like a child at christmas. I was so happy until the day i dreaded happened. 

***flashback a year and a half ago***

“Come on Jack answer your phone” I kept repeating to myself. Ever since Jack moved to London with Conor and their new room mate Josh I hardly heard from him. I had to chance to move with them but at the time i was studying Journalism at university back home in Brighton. Every time i had spare time Jack would be busy and when Jack had free time I was busy studying and working. 
“Y/N, I cant talk right now. Ill phone you back later” Jack quickly answered and hung up. This was our average day to day calls. I had to pretend to be happy and pretend we were fine but deep down i knew something bad was going to come out of this. As much as i loved him it was killing me not talking not meeting.

Later that night we finally got the chance to face time and even then he was still busy. I could hear all the boys in the background so i knew they were getting ready to go on a night out. I hadnt seen Jack for 3 weeks and it just didn’t feel right. 
“Jack this isnt how a relationship should be” I whispered. 
“ I was thinking the same, we have no time for each other anymore” Jack replied and even though i was thinking the same it broke my heart. I didnt reply, i just couldn’t i knew what was going to happen. 

***Back to present time*** 

A year and a half later and I still wasnt over Jack. I still kept him in my mind even though we had no contact since we broke up. I wasnt ready to let go, everywhere i went the memories of the two of us came running back. People always told me time heals everything but in this case it didnt. Even with a messed up mind i had to get on with my life. I started a blog and it came pretty popular as i spoke about past experiences, my feelings towards things, beauty, fashion stuff life that. That made me happy as thats why i went to university for and got a degree. It was actually working out for me.

Today, i had to go to London for a meeting, I was being given the opportunity to expend my blog into some magazines and even to make videos for it. I was beyond excited.

I was making my way through town stopping off to get a coffee and heading to my meeting, i was about to walk through the door to the building before bumping into someone or should i say two people i didnt imagine seeing… Joe and Oli.

“Oh my god, Y/N?!” Joe surprisingly said before engulfing me into a hug.
“ Hey guys” I smiled back. “I didn’t even realise who you were for a second” Oli laughed also giving me a hug. My appearance had change since they seen me last. I lost some weight as I became a gym addict, I had blonde highlights, my make-up was done a lot better and i finally had matching eye brows!
“What are you doing here?” Joe questioned. “I’m here for a meeting about my blog, I’m going to be expanding it” I excitingly said. “I keep up with your blog, even though its girly i find it interesting” Joe laughed. “Thank you, i would love to stay and talk but i better go” We all hugged and went our different ways. I started to walk up the stairs and become a little nervous not about the meeting but about the fact Joe and Oli would obviously tell Jack they saw me.


I was in the middle of a game of fifa with Josh when the there was a knock on the door. “Conor get the door” I shouted not taking my eyes off the TV because i wanted to beat Josh’s ass at this game. I could hear Joe and Oli talking to Conor as they walked into the front room. “What you guys doing here?” Josh questioned, taking the words out of my mouth. “We saw Y/N” It didnt click in my head at first and then it hit me. “What? where?” Conor replied. “Going for a meeting” I couldnt talk. The girl i loved was London..the same time as me..I couldnt process it. 

After breaking up it broke me. I didnt want to lose her but the relationship wasnt working at the time and it was the best option. And to this day she is still in my mind hoping she would come back into my life and maybe..just maybe this was the sign to try. The boys told me at the start I needed to get over her and move on but they soon realised how much she meant to me. I wasn’t going to let her go without seeing her..i need her.

“I need to see her, this may be my only chance” I begged to the boys for someone to come along with me and find her. “I can come if you want” Joe offered. I literally jumped at the opportunity. I needed to do this now.  

We started walking through the park near the building Y/N was in and i cannot explain how i am feeling. This girl was (and is still) the love of my life, i never had the guts to message her because i didnt know when the right time was and i didnt want to miss this chance. 

***Y/N POV***

The meeting was a HUGE success, i filmed my first video for my blog and thats being uploaded tonight. Career is now ticked off, the next thing is to find an apartment in London. 

I said bye to everyone grabbing my bag and heading out the door. I decided to take the longer way back to my hotel as i like exploring London. It’s such a beautiful city. Walking through the park was peaceful it allowed me to be at ease and actually enjoy my surroundings. 

I continued to walk for another 10 minutes until i heard a laugh i havent heard in years. A year and a half exact. I didnt dare to look up but i had to know. There.. stood still right infront of me… it was him. 

A/N- Part 2 Maybe? Thoughts?

Part 2 Guys :) 

“Did I ever tell you the story about my mate’s plums?”

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highlights from carl’s podcast

“When we got on stage we were both terrified of getting up there. I never understood people who don’t get any stage fright. We still do to this day. There’s you and your mate on stage and also the feeling of blagging it. And we’d find solace in each other, a bit of comfort in each other”. 

“Pete was big on the performance poetry scene. I was always really impressed with Pete for doing that. I still recite his poems.”

“It was a dream. It was like something else. Waterloo (station) was the gateway from where I’m from into London, and it’s been in loads of my songs and album titles…That was the place. It held such assignment for me. I felt this kind of weird distant belonging. Every inspirational character in my life had a place in there…It just had everything that life and literature and culture and music and art had ever presented to me.”

“Once Pete nicked my shoes. We had the same shoes, and I had to be barefoot. And it seemed like the worst thing in the world. It didn’t occur to me I could probably get away with wearing someone else’s trainers. I could have found some shoes!”

“We were kids then. The reason we’ve been able to come back together now is that we accept each other for who we are a bit more. Being accepting that you’re like that, and I’m like this, and that’s alright.” 

“Our differing choices in drugs came between us in quite a big way. The drugs that make you die or homeless…I wanted to avoid and I wanted my friend to avoid, my friend who I cared desperately about. I couldn’t accept it or work on a clever way of corralling or convincing or counselling…I just went batshit crazy every time.”

“We did Top Of the Pops. And Peter did that classic watching Top Of The Pops at home seeing his band singing his song without him in it and someone else there. And it must have been horrendous for him, man. It didn’t occur to me at the time. It must have really broken his heart and I feel horrible for that.”

(Discussing Peter breaking in to his flat). “It wasn’t our finest hour really. But it’s a testament of our love…our love for each other as brothers and friends that we manage to overcome these things.”

“When he was coming out of Wandsworth (Prison)…I had to get there at the crack of dawn…I just wanted to get to the prison gates and say, “It’s alright, and I’m sorry, and you’re sorry”. When we saw each other… it had always been so highly charged our relationship, ever since we made a pact together back in the days when we first met saying, “It’s going to be all or nothing”. It’s been so emotionally charged, we’ve such a deep investment in each other, that it was par for the course.”

(About Dirty Pretty Things) “I was happy to have a few things off my own bat which people responded to…And we did have some good times. But essentially I got a lot of my energy for songwriting and performance from the heartbreak and the staggering turmoil that I’d endured, and it was staggering…Just when I felt like I had a bit of closure, we got back together again.”

“We’d spent years communicating through the press, writing little bits in songs to take a dig at each other, or say that we love each other. Just knowing each other would hear them and pick up on them.”

Distraction Pieces Podcast, 2016

I was in London with my friends and we were lining up to go on the London eye. I was chatting with one of my mates when suddenly another one of my friends pokes me hard in the ribs.

I look at her and see that she is trying to keep her cool and she points to someone standing in the line.

I immediately lose my shit. I couldn’t help but squeal so fucking loud when I looked directly at a bloke dressed exactly like Castiel. He had the trench coat, the blue tie, the whole look.

I didn’t get the greatest picture of him but omfg. I just wanted to go up to him and ask if he deliberately dressed up as my favourite character of all time. I didn’t though….

I was still losing my shit when we got to the baggage checking area that the man who was checking my bag looked worried.

My friend who noticed him was freaking out too. We kept on making supernatural references and quoting the show. We even started shouting Cas to see if he would notice us, but no.

I think he went out and accidentally cosplayed as Castiel. And it was fucking brilliant.

Whoever that man was, you made my day even better.

Imagine a world where Harry and Louis are not actually together. Let’s say Louis is, in fact, straight, and he and Harry are just friends in a band together. (Bizarre, yes, but we read fic so play along with me here.)

Louis gets Brianna pregnant, right? Ok, now besides her obviously HORRID family, he is excited for the baby, even as “buzzin” as all the tabloids say. 🐝

You expect me to believe that they know this baby is due TWO days after Harry’s birthday and he isn’t over the freaking moon about it? He doesn’t constantly talk about it? Harry “I love babies and pregnant women of all shapes and sizes and always point out the pregnant women in my audiences” Styles doesn’t offer one word of congratulations? Doesn’t make a huge show of when she attended concerts in London, talking about how one of his best mates was going to have a little one right around his birthday? Maybe they’d even share a birthday? He doesn’t insist that the baby will be born on his day and the they’ll be “birthday buddies”? He never even breathes so much as a whisper about it, not once?


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It’s the sickliest story ever. I walked into an audition room, I saw her and I knew. I’m not kidding for the life of me. She was reading in for a part and it’s my fourth free call. I’ve done previously three auditions with this other girl reading and this girl walked in and I walked out the audition, couldn’t care less if I got the part. I called my agent, I said, “Mate, I am in love.” He’s like, “How did the audition go, mate?” I was like, “No, no, you don’t understand. I have just met the woman I want to marry.” Then, that evening, I want to a party in East London and—the story goes on for hours. {Laughing} I went to a party in East London and at 5:00 a.m., I stayed up all night having fun with my friends, got on the first tube or the subway home, got the subway doors opened at my stop, she was standing there. I’m not kidding. This actually happened. (Sam about Laura)

English news time!!

So BLM people have been causing obstructions in Heathrow airport…

In the UK.

They have also blocked traffic and caused obstructions in Birmingham Airport (Birmingham is England’s second city.)

This is to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the death of Mark Duggan, who was shot by police attempting to arrest him in Tottenham, north London, in August 2011.

The campaigners said they aim to highlight “the struggle for black lives in the UK and Shutdown state-sanctioned racialised sexism, Islamophobia, classism, ableism, homophobia and transphobia”, adding: “We fight for liberation." 

They sound just like feminists.

Yeah mate, you don’t represent me because of my skin colour, my womanhood, my working class background, or my bisexuality, and I can bet that many trans people aren’t interested in being represented by people who lie on the ground creating obstructions either. And I am not going to even start on ‘islamophobia’ because that is a whole different conversation.

I don’t really want to talk about this, I was never involved or very against BLM, I don’t consider myself anti-sjw because I’m not that informed or involved. I rarely post about BLM or social justice, as most of you know its mostly MM, The Walking Dead and anti feminism. But this is pissing me off now. They’re just copying America as far as I can see. 

Just for context:

I wish this would stop, I am half black and these people screaming about ‘justice’ make my race look silly. There are better ways of doing this.

I totally agree that black lives matter, I am going into the Criminology field and I know that black people are treated unfairly, for example, longer prison sentences for the same crime with similar criminal backgrounds and over represented in prison. But how is pissing everyone off by blocking airports supposed to fix that exactly?

Be a positive role model in your neighbourhoods, to encourage good behaviour in school and encourage kids to turn away from drugs and violence. Its going to be much harder for racists to exclude you or call the police on you if you’ve done literally nothing wrong. Yes - its a hard pill to swallow and it will take time, but racial issues have never been a problem you can fix overnight with protests.

Become a police officer, so that you personally know that there will be more fairness and less racism / profiling, and you can police the streets for ‘everyday’ racism.

Become a judge, so you can fairly sentence people. Surely this will decrease the number of black people in jail.

Become a probation officer, like I aim to do, to decrease the chance of repeat offending so people aren’t stuck with a life of crime which would give them a higher chance of being hurt or killed by the police since they would be more involved with law enforcement.

I want to make change, so I am aiming to personally make the difference.

But don’t make obstructions for people near the most important airports in the UK and in many of the biggest cities, because if you truly and honestly want justice and change, making people hate you for ruining their day isn’t a fucking smart way of doing it, is it?

Just my two cents.

(the much requested) Part FIVE!!!

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“Harry!” You exclaimed as Harry threw another chip at you. 

“Yes, kitten?” 

“Stop that!” You picked up the chip on you lap and tossed it back at him. He squealed as it hit him in the forehead. You giggled and took another bite of your salad. God, you loved salad. 

“You and your healthy food.” Harry scoffed, rolling his eyes and shoving a chip in his mouth. You offered a piece of lettuce to him and he pretended to gag. 

“How’s London treating you?” Harry asked. 

“It’s okay. My mum keeps pestering me to get a job, but no one’s hiring.” You sighed. “I moved three months ago to a smaller flat and I had to get a room mate. She’s the worst.” You leaned your head into the palm of your hand. “I was getting so tired of everything there, that’s one of the reasons I wanted to come down here.” 

“Well your trip isn’t officially ruined. You still have a week left!” Harry exclaimed.

“It’s pretty ruined.”

“Okay. This is going to sound really bad. I kind of knew Niall was doing stuff with someone?” Harry said quietly. 

“You what?” 

“He said, ‘and don’t come up to my room later, I have a visitor coming.’ and winked, I thought he meant you, to be honest, but I feel so stupid for not telling you and I feel so bad.” Harry said quickly. You closed your eyes and set down your fork. “Kitten?” Harry’s voice was gentle. 

“Yeah, Haz?” Yours shook. 

“I’m so sorry.” He stood up and moved around the table, and pulled you into his arms. You let the tears flow freely, and they shook your entire body, Harry’s too. 

“I can’t- ever- trust- him- again!” You exclaimed between sobs. Harry rubbed your back and whispered things in your ear. Paps started to show up at the restaurant, so Harry payed the bill and the two of you left quickly. He drove and you lay in the back seat, your tears all dried up. 

“Kitten,” Harry called from the front seat. 

“Harry.” You whispered. 

“Do you want to go see Louis and Liam?” 


“Okay, we’re almost there.” 


Ten minutes later, Louis led you into the hotel. You passed Niall on the way out. You started crying again. Louis had to grab your arm to keep you from running to him. 

Niall and Harry arrived at the hotel three hours later. You were asleep in Liam’s lap and a rerun of ‘Friends’ was playing on the telly. You woke up when the door closed behind them. You opened your eyes to see Niall stumble into his bedroom (you three were in his room). You swung your legs off of Louis’ lap and followed him into the room. He was face down on his bed, crying just a bit.

“Harry, go away.” He mumbled into the sheets.

“S’not Harry.” You replied. He sat up quickly. You walked around the bed and sat in front of him. “I love you.” You told him. His eyes got brighter. 

“I love you too. “

There was no way to explain how crazy this day was, but now all you wanted to know is you didn’t want to be apart from Niall right now.  His arms wrapped around you, and he sang If I Could Fly quietly into your ear as you drifted off into a dreamless sleep.