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Souh and Soujiro have fused to become: Hanae Senpai!

Or as he’s often called: Business Senpai

Hanae-senpai is the heir of a successful company that specializes in art from galleries, to auctions, to studios. He is the eldest son in a family of very capable people all who could easily step up to take his place should he falter too horribly. He comes across as callus and puts others off with his directness and lack of patience for the niceties of conversation. He moves with purpose wherever he goes, always having some kind of job to do. Truly, Hanae wishes he didn’t shoulder the expectation and burdan of being a future CEO. He finds the humble artists of his family’s employ to be a lot more exciting. In his free time he passionately works on his art, hiding it away from everyone in fear his father would find him unfocused on his future and would feel ashamed in him. He can’t suppress his blooming spirit entirely, however and will touch up his proper suit with little charms of what he loves from his flowery cuff links to a petaled branch or flower he plucked outside to tuck into his breast pocket. He accepts that art will be his hobby while he does his duty for his family and takes over the business and he intends to juggle it all perfectly. He does wish though that in another life he could have lived solely as an artist. He comes to the cafe to lecture you on running the establishment and offer advice. He also enjoys admiring decorations that he finds beautiful while he does his work.

His favourite items are: Vase of Roses, Flower Painting, Folding Fan


you don’t need me to tell you the world’s falling apart [again]

you don’t need me to save you [i know that now]

you don’t need my help or my wisdom, such as it is

you don’t need me, at all [and that’s okay]

and maybe love won’t save us in the end, maybe love

will fall on its knees and become another martyr

but darling, if that day ever comes … i’ll still be rooting for you

Wandering around the photo gallery exhibition like a ghost aimlessly exploring purgatory, Bradley eventually wound up in front of a black and white portrait of a homeless man, his rancid teeth flashed in a golden smile for the benefit of the lens. “Moving,” she commented simply, intending it for the nearby guide and accidentally broadcasting for anyone at a close range to catch what she said next. “Think I should be offended that my photo’s three along from Crest’s wet dream?”

Hello lovelies! ❤

Okay I have something exciting for this blog coming up really soon (or at least I hope it’s exciting…I’m excited about it anyways)🤷🏻 but I also wanted to make sure y'all know you can ask me more than just “what’s my personality like” and “who am I compatible with”. I love you to death and I’m working on answering all your questions but don’t be afraid to mix it up a little bit. ASK ME SOMETHING NEW …. please and thank you ❤ okay love you to death have a good night

Yuuri's Evil Laugh
Toshiyuki Toyonaga
Yuuri's Evil Laugh

It looks like someone managed to record a bit of the squid possession fiasco, and I haven’t seen it posted, so I felt I’d share it with all of you! (I also have Viktor bringing Yuuri out of his possession with love, which I might upload at some other point)

Translation (accuracy unchecked) 

Yuuri: You’re all definitely going to hell!!!

Just so we’re all clear on where I’m at with how things are.

I think I resisted this sort of performative post stuff because 1) I try and keep things as positive as possible for the sake of other folks, and 2) showing basic decency and respect towards others should be the bare minimum of being a decent human. But I guess there come times where the obvious needs to be said, just for the sake of history.

So to all marginalized persons and groups out there: please know that I am always happy to share this ocean with you, and that you belong here. All I have to offer you is a bunch of art, a listening ear, and some extra cash that I can donate your way, so I hope it helps in even a small way.

EDIT: Added some more fishies. 

“If you are a student you should always get a good nights sleep unless you have come to the good part of your book, and then you should stay up all night and let your schoolwork fall by the wayside, a phrase which means ‘flunk’.”

Lemony Snicket