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The last of my peeps that weren’t revamped now got the revamps they deserve! Gonna compile and make pages for em all with their info, at some point, but at least they sort of have some reference images now! Anyways, here you can see Evelynn, her companion Oreus, Rosmarie which is Torbjörns companion + mount and lastly Fenris and Ramh! If you ever have questions about my peeps, you can just send me an ask, btw, just to mention that as well

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yo stefi! i gotta thank u cause u're one of the reasons i got into bts and im so happy i did cause those boys are amazing and inspiring and my heart is filled with emotions whenever i listen to their wonderful music. also u made me stan jimin so, thank u ❤❤❤❤❤ ily

THAT MAKES ME SO HAPPY THAT IM SPREADING THE BTS LOVE!!! hope ur doing well btw!! 💙💚💛❤💜💝


Emily Deschanel & David Boreanaz - BTS vs Scenes (s1-7)


You’re talking about building a synthetic mind-meld augment. Groovy.

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What is your fave hq!! Team??????? (Is it shiratorizawa?????)

Nope, it’s Nekoma!!!

Long story short.

Me: *goes up to Jensen and Misha feeling her heart beating all the way up in her throat*

Jensen & Misha: *smiling* “Hiiiii!”

Me: *smiles and stumbles over her own words*

Me: “I’m sorry, I know its not pie, but it’s the closest I could find. so I was wondering what would Dean’s and Castiel’s reaction be to seeing this monster donut.”

Lol, I have no idea what Misha as Cas is doing. Feeling for a heartbeat? Looking for molecules? Giving the donut a blessing? :’) One will never know… Some friends and I were reminded of something else as well, but that I won’t mention right now… :‘P

When Dorian stays up till late to study and Lavellan doesn’t care anymore where he falls asleep

Surprise! I’m your secret skk valentine, @soukoku-writes!!
I suppose this can also count as my gift to you for uploading your first fic~
Guys, please check out Bob’s amazing writing. Here’s her ao3. 
Also, thank you to everyone who participated in the skk valentines exchange!!
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so many people keep commenting on my Yoonbum arts saying they think it’s Levi D: so here’s an actual realistic interpretation of Levi. See, very different. Nobody breaks Levi’s legs, he breaks theirs (ง'̀-‘́)ง …… (k well except that one time…) 

This nearly killed me btw. like the abs alone took years off my life.

updated version on this ->

Tumblr: I bet the reason Caleb was so in a rush to get married is because you can’t testify against your spouse. Caleb definitely has something to hide/is AD.

Caleb, one episode later : I want to marry you so we can’t testify against each other.


Apparently Michael has picked up on Jeremy’s Dad’s habits 🤔 @bmc-cast-answers