me as the sea nymph

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I'm a Sylph of Mind with Polynoe as my denizen, whom my copy of the Theogony translates as "richness of mind."  She lives underwater in the center of my planet and controls the many rivers that flow across the land. Her name isn't mentioned outside of lists of the 50 Nereids, which gives plenty of freedom in using her as a character. (I think of the Mind aspect as choices/options/decisions more than logic/intelligence/justice.) What kind of sweet loot do you think she could bestow upon me?

Alphabet Teacup - A fancy English teacup decorated with paintings of sea nymphs. Once a drink is poured in it, the liquid would ripple and show the outcomes of an action the user is contemplating at the time. Any drink would do for it to work, so if you want to divinate using Faygo then go right ahead.

So, dollydelta and I were discussing the contrast between the East Coast and the West Coast. She posted a photograph of herself in front of the Atlantic Ocean, so we thought it would be interesting if I posted a similar photograph of myself in front of the Pacific. I wanted to show both the polarity and the resemblance of two girls in two locations thousands of miles away. 

(Please excuse the overexposure of the beating sun. Also, the quality is much better when the image is made full-size.)

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Oh, what's this? Miss Lapis is having difficulty with a design? Well, allow me to list a few. Sirens, Mermaids, Elementals, Kelpies, Selkies, Sea Serpents, Sea Nymphs, Kappas, Fish People, and last but not least, THE KRAKEN!!! Now, remember this name for all your fantasy needs. *tosses a business card*

//I already decided on Lapis’ alt. version for the Fantasy AU event, I just haven’t really announced it yet because I still need to redesign it :0 She’s going to be a literal water witch with maybe a Peridot/Malachite dragon familiar.

Though I’ll leave up your suggestions for any other Lapis askblogs that may be interested, my idea was already kinda set in stone because I wanted to do more with this really old fanart under the cut that I did awhile back. uvu Thank you!!

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