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Could you write Eposette for the angst meme thing with "Don't listen to them. Don't you EVER listen to them" ? It would make me the happiest bean.

“Ponine, why are you laying on the floor?”

Eponine shifted the book off her face just enough to see the curtain of brown curls that meant Cosette had to be bending down quite low over her right now. How she could keep her balance while doing that was still beyond her, but Eponine had never once seen Cosette fall.

“Because I’m stupid,” she mumbled, but the pages muffled her words enough that Cosette couldn’t hear. Or, at least, faked not being able to hear.

“Sorry, what?”

“I said-” Eponine slides the book to her chest. “-because I’m stupid.”

Cosette shook her head and sat down beside her. “Nonsense, sweet pea. Why would you ever say that about yourself?”

“Because it’s true.” Eponine rolled over onto her side, facing away. “I have empirical proof that I’m an idiot because I failed another exam. Another one! It doesn’t matter how hard I try, I keep screwing up.”

She wanted to throw the books and papers and everything else in the garbage for all the good it had done her. That’s where it all belonged at this point anyway.

“I don’t know why I’m even trying. I didn’t go to university in the first place for a damn reason. Everyone knew, my parents knew, I knew- why am I here?”

“Hey.” Cosette laid a gentle hand on her shoulder and rolled Eponine over to look her in the eye. “All those voices telling you you aren’t good enough? Don’t listen to them. Don’t you ever listen to them. Especially not the ones that sound like your parents, you know they’re wrong.”

“Yeah, but what if-”

“No ‘buts.’ No ‘what ifs.’ You failed a test or two. So what? Enjolras and Combeferre have failed tests before, too, but that doesn’t make them stupid. You are my bright, brilliant, and beautiful sweet pea, and no test grade will ever change that.”

Eponine sighed and slowly started to prop the book up on her chest. She fidgeted with the corner a page for a long moment before she shuffled over enough to rest her head on Cosette’s lap. “Do you, um… Do you think you could help me study for the next one?”

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hear me out: r and ponine have a coreography to the song 'getting bi' from crazy ex-girlfriend, they know the song by heart and they perform it when either of them feel sad bc it always makes them laugh


it’s their own little secret thing that no one understands how it came to become such a thing? No one understands it and it’s their own little inside joke and they lOVE IT

Jehanparnasse | Modern AU | ~1.5k

In which Montparnasse rushes to the hospital after Jehan sustained mild injuries during a rally. In which he’s also a dramatic boyfriend caring too much about his partner’s safety

Montparnasse flung the doors of the ER open. There were two kinds of news he hated to hear: “Sorry, we sold out” and “Your partner is at the hospital”. The most fucked up thing was that he was starting to get used to both.

Thank goodness for Eponine acting as the middlewoman between the Scooby gang and himself. God forbid Jehan themself called to keep him updated! The “what Montparnasse doesn’t know can’t hurt him” policy was bullshit. What Montparnasse didn’t know made him a very insufferable man, that was for sure.

He took agitated strides to the front desk where equally agitated secretaries were trying to keep up with incessant phone calls.

“Jean Prouvaire?” he panted out.

The secretary looked up, confused, holding a receiver to their ear. It was a wonder Jehan’s name wasn’t inscribed somewhere on the guest list, given their regular trips to the ER. They probably had a VIP bed at the ready. Montparnasse took out his frustration on his hair, passing tense fingers through his dishevelled mane. Yet another thing he hated about being worried: it made his hair situation unbearable.

“5"2, with a braid, looks like bambi heisted a thrift shop?” he tried impatiently

It was probably the main—and only—advantage of Jehan’s poor sense of fashion: they rarely went unnoticed. The secretary seemed to click it at long last.

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Okay so I have a girlfriend, and every time I get to call her my girlfriend I feel a rush and I can't stop smiling and I love her so much and can I maybe have some sappy cute Eposette with possessive!Ep please because damn am I feeling it right now but you are the one with The Skills™

I don’t like the idea of possessive much but hella-proud-of-her-to-call-Cosette-her-girlfriend!Eponine, sure can do!

  • Eponine is suuuuuuch a braggy girlfriend. Not even on purpose. Everything just reminds her of Cosette somehow, so 60% of her sentences start with “Oh, my girlfriend…”
  • Her lockscreen is a photo of them together. Everytime someone comments on it by “Oh is that your best friend?” she says “Yes, and incidently my girlfriend. I’ve got more pics of her if you want”
  • When they’re on the phone “Bye… Girlfriend *intense giggling*”
  • All the girlfriend items you can find. Cosette has a shirt that reads “I got distracted and lost my girlfriend. Please bring me back to Ponine” while Eponine has a shirt: “I’m Ponine. Give her back to me.”

get to know me meme: [1/10] favourite female characters
↳ éponine thénardier [les misérables] 

“She let her head fall back upon Marius’ knees and her eyelids closed. He thought that poor soul had departed. Eponine remained motionless; then, all of a sudden, at the very moment when Marius thought she had gone to sleep forever, she slowly opened her eyes and death appeared in their gloomy depths, and she said to him in a tone whose sweetness seemed already to come from another world:

‘And then, you see, Monsieur Marius, I think I was a little bit in love with you.’

She tried to smile again and died.”