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I’m trying to match my style closer to the manga because it’s sooo pretty and the creator is now my new artistic idol… So here, have a Denki. Does he look good? Is he cute? Cute enough to start an ask blog for? OPINIONS PLEASE. I AM DESPERATE WITH NO FEEDBACK.

We started watching Little Witch Academia with @poneyvert and we both love it so we decided to do an art-trade about it!

Here is her persona doing some magic as a witch at Luna Lova school.

i have a little au where aoi and guren keeps surprising each other with hugs bcs they’re really stressed most of the time with the work given to them by kureto they hug it out to destress themselves. they get really flustered and awkward too when they hug the other or receive the hug. 

( don’t tag as GureAoi/GureOi whatever) 

paralyzingpotterhead  asked:

I got excited about the anime coming back because I'm hoping that Mashima can sit down with the studio and say "here are some ideas I had that I didn't fully flesh out/didn't do because I just wanted this shit to be over. learn from my mistakes" and they'll give the story the finale arc it deserves... but realistically that's wAY too optimistic, I don't have that much faith in this series anymore

That’d be a dream come true, tbh… Mashima has worked pretty closely with the studio before, Key of the Starry Skies was made largely with his input, so maybe the stars will align and he’ll actually take this second chance?

…..yeah, that’s not happening 

also i want to say, other issues aside, i absolutely love my hero academia’s art style in the manga. the use of weighted lines and the character designs are so completely up my street in terms of my art tastes that the anime adaptation actually really annoys me at times for the ways designs were tweaked and stuff