me as a human


hungry boys (feat. taeyong’s this human and winwin’s maishii 😂 )

*motsunabe = one of nabemono (hot pot dishes) usually made of beef or pork

**masisseo and oishii both mean delicious 

yoongi was so much more talkative in this interview and they were all generally more interested and it just goes to show that if you ask real questions with more substance and actually make an effort to connect w them bts would be fucking unstoppable bc they have so many important thoughts and ideas worth hearing

A species of warlike creatures, the dryzal, were the first to notice the humans, to them we were nothing but a bunch of hairless rats with a collective ego big enough to power an entire empire for several generations.

They took great humor in crushing us, so much so that they gave us fair warning. And that was their biggest mistake.

When they made landfall they were not greeted by an army of any kind, instead they found a small team of politicians. The Dryzal were astonished, they had even warned these beings of their presence and all they sent were people tried to talk, not to fight!

The admiral decided to humor these beings and discuss their terms of surrender, but when the human negotiator walked in, he was smiling!

“Good morning Admiral, how are you today?”

“Ready to crush you beneath my boot you puny rodent! Now stop with your useless babbling and get to business before I command my fleet to bomb your planet into submission!”

“If you wish. To put it simply you believe that you are in a superior position to us, it is my job to correct this assumption and inform you about the true hellhole of a position you put yourself in.”

At this point the Admiral was more than enraged. He had been insulted by this species again and again, and this show of bravado was the last straw.


“For starters” the politician smiled “We have enough nuclear weapons stored on in this military base alone to wipe your species out of our system, but that would be too easy. While we’ve been talking, teams of commandos have infiltrated your command ships and have taken complete control.”

He continued with a type of angry calm unknown to the dryzal “From the information we gathered from the onboard computers, we know exactly where your homeworld is and with your ships it will be absolutely no issue getting there. If you harm a single occupant of this planet we will turn every one of your weapons against you and glass your planets.”

The dryzal laughed, after all there was no way these pasty beings could have accomplished any of these feats, right?

Just to prove that the human was mentally unstable, he pulled out his communicator “Admiral Joz to Planet Eater, respond” But the com stayed silent. “Humph” he said “your sun’s solar flares must be interfering with our communication systems”

“Perhaps” said the politician shrugged “or maybe I’m right.” At this he pulled out a radio of his own and said “two shots”

The Planet Eater fired off two wide bore lasers into space, easily noticeable from the window of the building.

NOW the Admiral was listening

“What are your terms?” He asked, clearly defeated

“Leave everything behind and pack all of your troops into unarmed transports, go back to your empire and never return.”

The legend of the Humans spread quickly, and they were quickly both feared and revered as the destroyer of worlds and the freer of species. They were warriors, and nobody dared test that again

Thor: [Loki tried to kill me] several times! Once when we were kids. He turned into a snake because he knew I was fond of them and when I picked him up he turned back into himself and yelled “BOO IT’S ME” and then stabbed me


dream doodle time!! I keep a dream journal for particularly good experiences and this dream is one that really stuck with me, so I wanted to draw it.

basically the premise was that after high school, when people usually get ready for college, a perfectly acceptable and comparable career prep/career choice was to just…fuck off into the woods and turn into a magical creature. Like, the guidance counselors in this setting were covering it as a career option. It was seen as a sort of weird and esoteric life path, but not a bad one.

ANYWAY my dream self was like Yeah, I’m Doing That and checked themselves into a national park (parks were HUGE in this world, bigger than populated areas, and prospective monsters were allowed to move in) and anyway long story short it was a cool dream about learning to be a river troll and making friends with local catfish mermaids. ate a lotta fish and had a very nice cave

  10/10 dream why isn’t this an option in the real world

“A river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence.” -Jim Watkins

“Humans get shit done because they’re either too stubborn to give up or too stupid to know when to stop trying” -Me

So what would aliens think about our art?

We have beautiful paintings of valleys and mountains

And then there’s the derpy surrealist paintings like this

For real though we always say “oh yeah humans would be one the greatest artist in the galaxy” and then we go and have an eternal devianart stage.


Can we talk about the planning Timmy made for everyone? How caring he is for his friends?

And what is this

what the hell has CUPID ME to do with the planning? And why is he uniting THE COON with HUMAN KITE? HELLO?

And how come Timmy knows who is Cupid me if only he is in Cartman’s mind? Maybe he can REALLY read people’s minds?

Can we talk about this, please?


So i saw this ask lurking deep inside my inbox while i was trying to clean it, and i was like, why not!

lets make a guest update by @spooksmoose !



Yana’s best drawing mistake

Yana makes drawing mistakes sometimes, but the most dynamic & iconic mistake she ever made is this scene from Campania arc.

Did you notice? ;)

Yana mistakenly drew Sebastian’s left hand even though he was reaching his right hand to Ciel in the previous pages xD

She later redrew the whole page in the comicbook though:


Back in August Yana talked about it on twitter:

For the upcoming musicals I’m rereading the plot of the Luxury Liner arc I wrote back then. The last line of chapter 63 [*Note: picture above; it reads “Sebastian grabs Ciel’s hand.”] somehow makes me emotional.
When the chapter was published in the magazine, I made that one big blunder by mistaking Sebastian’s left and right hand, but that’s also a good memory (I corrected it in the comicbook). -Toboso.