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You know what doesn’t really bother me, but I genuinely don’t get? People who draw fanart of Sendak and then forget his Entire Missing Arm. Can you even imagine the shitstorm that would happen if someone, say, forgot Shiro’s arm. How do you forget that an Entire Arm is missing. I don’t get it.

You disgusting Humans!! How dare you canoodle in my back seats!!

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Story Time

Warning Mature Content:

So… tonight I had to kick out 4 passengers from my car while working rideshare…

after the 3 in the back 2 guys and 1 woman started initiating in highly promiscuous not to mention down right grose behavior! Not even 5 mins into what would have been a 16 min ride comon!!

I told them calmly but firmly

“I put up with alot of things but… NOT THIS! I’m pulling over and you are exiting my vehicle… RIGHT NOW!”

I left them under a streetlamp at one of the 101 exit ramps in the middle of nowhere serves them right!

Thankfully they did so without issue. They knew I was pissed!

I think my mom tone sent them straight real fast. I went from happy go lucky driver to angry stern mom voice realy fast once I realised what that heavy panting and moaning was in my back seats.

At first I thought it was somone drunk and sick so I offered barf bags… not the case….

Like how much more disgusting and inapropriate can you possibly be! You frigging animals! Couldn’t keep your urges in check untill you got home you disgusting pigs! I’m prety sure she was a prostitute tho and the two guys in the back seat were paying.

Look I don’t care what you do in your own time but not in my car or around me so I can hear you moan and cry “yea yea get some!” In my back seat you pitiful excuses for humanity!

Oh I was so livid. I think honestly if they had not complied I would have tazed their asses without any hesitance.

Poor Rhythm… luckily nothing was ruined in his back seat I caught them early on. Not before kicking my tablet off its stand tho… uhhg.

But I’m so getting him detailed! Lucky for me I already have been saving a expensive detailed wash I bought a while back for just such an ocasion!

But honestly… don’t “interface” in the back of my car unless you want to risk getting your balls tazed off by yours truly! That is all!!

Disgusting and RUDE!

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Your friend(?) Dave Mills takes nice photographs. Does he have a gallery or a website somewhere?

It’s not mobile compatible so mobile users will have to force a desktop view. Anyone interested in really nice action photography of dogs at performance events should check out his website. 😊

He also posts pictures in the Racing And Coursing Enthusiasts (RACE) Facebook group. :)

Can we talk about the concept of humans adopting other sentient aliens as equal members of their families?

Like, in the posts I’ve seen so far, there’s mostly talks of humans adopting dangerous alien critters as pets but what about humans adopting sentient aliens?

“Human-George, just leave that be, they’re just a runt.” - “… No.” - “Human-George, you can’t - put them down! What are you doing?” - “Krlunk, I’m not leaving a child behind on this forsaken moon to die.” - “But they’re just a runt, not worth raising. The broodbirther and the feeders must have left it behind when they migrated 5 sols ago.” - “Are they going to come back?” - “No, Human-George, Twargs migrate for long periods of time, and we can’t spare the time to go after them.” - “Then I’ll take them with me.” “- “What?” - “I’ll take this little champion here with me and I will raise them as my own.” - “You- you can’t just do that! You can’t just spill your pack-bonding instincts- Human George!!! Get back here!” - “Don’t listen to Krlunk, kid, I won’t leave you here alone. Doesn’t matter how many appendages you have. You hungry? Thought so, let’s go get you some grub.” - (in the distance) “Human-George! The extra rations are coming out of your pay!!!” - “See if I care, Krlunk. Go eat paperwork or so.”

Imagine human patchwork families with little aliens raised and loved alonside their own, imagine some human trying to explain to crewmates how they have a Twarg sibling and a Sh’ilean sister even though their parents look very much human, imagine humans parents trying their very best to provide their alien child with the best possible care.

Also imagine it the other way around. Humans getting adopted by aliens and bonding with them just as much as they would with their own kind, either through deeds or just love. Humans building their own families in a wild mix of colours and number of appendages or eyes.

“So this is my human side of the family, see, these are my human parents.” - “Is that your larval form in their arms, Hooman-Cassandra?” - “Sort of, yeah, and this is my Gran’hroo mother and all of her children.” - “How can you have a Gran’hoo relative? I thought your kind could only come from a bonded pair of hoomans?” - “Oh, I used to live on the same mining colony as her when I was a child and I’d play with her children, spent most of my days in their house and one day I called her ‘Acraï’ - ‘mother’ in Gran’hoo language - by accident. It kind of stuck. She took me in when my parents temporarily left for another space station and I wanted to finish my education where I’d started it. When I left for my first space journey, she gave a clan insignia and called me her daughter so yeah… this is my Mom, my Dad, and my Acraï and they’re all my parents.”