me as a dancer

Maybe we would have been beautiful. Or maybe we would have been a catastrophe. But we couldn’t have been a beautiful catastrophe because they only exist in poems and we were anything but poetic.
—  These maybes are going to kill me, 16/10/2015

Walking in 2017 like…..

Me doing this improvised piece is beyond a big deal for me. It exposes me and shows me at my most vulnerable state. I watched this video like a thousand times cringing and frowning only because I am my worst critic. Dance was once MY LIFE and I literally haven’t performed in 5 years. BUT this is my start. My start in perusing what I love and the things I’m most passionate about. I realize that me walking in the journey of my truth requires me to be vulnerable and to take risk. So even though I kind of don’t like this performance I will share it anyway. I’m extremely rusty and I got some work to do but I’m ready …. *sigh*

Peace and blessings and happy New Year loves!

📸: Linda La Sarabi
🎼: Jazmine Sullivan - Masterpiece

Randomly decided to do this month’s Character Design Challenge have a pearlesque burlesque dancer.

aspergerasparagus  asked:

If killing kids never works out for him I believe pennywise may have a promising future in dance.

They sure have, especially as a pole dancer.
They would make it rain ~
And the dance move they did in the movie would be their special dance move.

Or become a stripper.

Only question is:
What would their stripper name be?


My friend took many pics at the photoshoot, except didnt get me falling u_u and I’m grateful

Also the chrom that i summoned is my new friend, he made me aware i have a kick me sign on my back. And I’m grateful.

(If ya see yourself, tag yourself, and I’ll summon you next time)

DANCE MAJORS AU Part 1 (Part 1.5Part 2, Part 2.5, Part 3 finale) Hip-hop dancer Keith in a ponytail. Everyone is just so mesmerized when he dances on stage or even just during practice. Outside the dance studio, he’s a huge space nerd who’s got a secret crush on the contemporary ballet dancer next door who he may or may have not thought of asking out… next week or next month.

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