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Hey if you're still taking prompts how bout one where kim saves amanda without her armor because the putties were too close to wait? You can finish it how you like.

Ok this has been in my word docs for like a whole week. I was waiting to edit it but I still haven’t gotten around to it so I might as well just post it.


Shit. That way all Kim could think. Too fast to change. Too slow to stop. She and Amanda had their differences. And similarities. Kim understood why Amanda hated her now. Not just because of the nudes, though those did help seal the deal. It was because when Kimberly came out as bi to her parents they accepted her. Amanda’s didn’t. They told her it was a phase and she was just confused.

Kim thought through her options at a lightning quick speed. She could change right here and now in the school parking lot. The problem was there were about 20 other people here too. She could run around to the side of the building but putties would block her path so that would do no good.

As the putties advanced closer to Amanda the other students began to quickly leave. Soon enough it was just her, Amanda and the putties. Turning to run to the side of the building, Kimberly was stopped by a piercing scream. She debated through the options again before making her choice.

She couldn’t leave her first kiss defenseless.

Kim sprung into action. Grabbing one from behind before throwing it to the ground. After a quick look over to Amanda, Kim returned her focus to the battle in front of her. She blocked a punch before ripping the monsters arm from its body. Using the newly acquired ‘weapon’ to attack what was left over of the putty before moving to the next. And then the next. And then the next. Till all that was left was in the empty parking lot was her, Amanda, and the rubble of the defeated monsters.

Neither girl knew what to say. Kim didn’t know what to ask. Does she ask her if she’s alright? Amanda could easily have many questions about why and how. But she just stood there. Eyes on the carnage around them.

“So, I guess that explains you and your band of misfits?..” Amanda said after she was finally able to tear her eyes away from the sacred rocks.

“What do you mean?”

“Oh come on Kimmy. The 5 of you didn’t start hanging out till the rangers showed up. You just took out 15 of those rock things all by yourself. And I saw 3 police officers struggling with one during the invasion so you can’t just say you know how to fight. Not to mention your fighting style. I’ve watched the videos explaining each rangers fighting style and yours in quite similar to the pink ranger.” Amanda walked to her car door as Kim stood speechless.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” The ranger finally got her voice to work after a moment. “I’m not one of those rangers.”

“Sure you’re not. And I’m not bi. We both have thing we have to hide. I get it.” Her engine turned over before her tires fought the large rocks to reverse out of the parking space.

“And I’m not expert in this ranger business thing that you’re not a part of…” Amanda’s voice dripped with sarcasm as she continued on. “ But you may want to tell them that 5 teens who never spoke before they showed up and now each of them wears 1 main color isn’t helping them stay hidden. And maybe tell them that walking in the hall 5 abreast in the same order doesn’t help either.” Amanda started to roll up her window before stopping. “One more thing Hart. Just ask her out. I’ve seen how you look at her, and more importantly how she looks at you. Just cause I can’t be happy, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t either. And don’t worry. I’m not the kind of person to spread things like rumors or photos around…” Amanda left Kim in the picked up dust as she drove away.

xxx Later that night in a group message xxx

Not the Power Rangers

**Kimmy** Guys we need to be more secretive with our ranger identities. We’ve all started wearing ‘our’ colors and people may notice….

**Mama’s Boy** what brought this up

**The Small Gay** shut up zach she has a point

**Billy** That’s a great idea Kim! People may assume something cause we only started hanging out after we found the morphers.

**He’s In Charge?** Kim’s right guy. Especially about 'our’ colors. Maybe once a week we can have them primarily on but other than that we should try to act normally.

**Mama’s Boy** well I wore black before so I’m good Trini though you’ve gotta tone the yellow down

**The Small Gay** well not all of us got blessed with a dark color morpher

**Billy** I like my morpher color.

**Kimmy** I like mine too Billy. I wonder if any other morphers are out there?..

**He’s In Charge?** Wall dad and Alpha haven’t said anything about any others. But they also didn’t say anything about our weapons….

**Billy** Who knows! We could get other rangers someday!

**Mama’s Boy** I hope it’s a girl I’m feeling left out on team romances

**The Small Gay** don’t get you’re hopes up zach

**Mama’s Boy** *your

**The Small Gay** fight me

**Mama’s Boy** will do how’s Saturday work

**He’s In Charge?** Guys stop fighting. We have practice so you’ll get you’re chance.

**Mama’s Boy** *your

**He’s In Charge** Ok now we’re fighting. Trini you can fight him after me.