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“I’m gonna be here for you guys more.. and again I’m not making empty promises.. I won’t do that.. I’d never do that again.. but I will be better.”
- @markiplier is literally the most amazing person I have never met.. ❤ -

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whats your favorite underrated game grumps quote/interaction mine is "really??? one hit thats all it takes???" "yeah thats what bullets are arin" (btw i have a google doc i periodically add to thats just 4 pages of great underrated game grumps quotes that dont get as much attention as say mark zuckerberg,,, if u would like me 2 share it)

i can’t really think of any underrated quotes at the moment, but i’d love to see the google doc you have! i could probably turn some of the quotes into grump aesthetics if you want me too

Jeg elsker deg

Translation: I love you 

Fun fact: In Norwegian, “I love you” is reserved only for your significant other. Any other form of love, like for parents or friends, uses glad i. 
Ex. “Jeg er glad i deg.”

What is this feeling? You make me feel so many things I don’t understand. Tears fill my eyes, but I don’t know what is causing them. I feel sad, happy, and affectionate all at once. How is this possible? What the hell is this feeling? I feel hurt and tired, but I wouldn’t stop caring about you if my life depended on it. I want you, but I’m terrified of what would happen once I had you. I want to run to you, throw my arms around you, and never let go, but I don’t want to even look at you because someone might see. I care about you so much that I would give up my life for you, but I almost hate you because of and all the time I’ve spent and the hurt I’ve gone through. I want you more than anyone I’ve ever known. I feel such compassion for you that I would take all of your burdens on even without you asking. I would do anything to protect you. The feelings I have for you are stronger than anything I’ve ever felt. Is this love? I think it could be, but I know love is something that most people my age can’t understand. Is this love? Have I just found it at a young age or is this just a big misunderstanding? I’m not even sure I know what love is. What the hell is this?

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The newest article with Tessa and Scott solidifies for me that they are together. Especially the way they answered the question about their life in Montreal. Some quotes. "In Montreal we have our life set up." The "our life" not our lives separate from each other but our life as we are one. "We try to have a complete life and mature as adults as well." A single complete life together. I bet they are having a mature relationship together. The entire answer just screamed "We are together!"

I’m a bit obsessed with this new interview and Idk why. lol

(you can tell by me almost wanting to quote the entire thing…had to hold myself back)

I do love the “we” and “our”…not uncommon from them but I do think that when you see the interview as a whole you can tell (not that we haven’t noticed) how the comeback process has unified them more.

The proximity in locations.
The less traveling during training.
How involved they are in their vision.
The underlying storyline in Latch.
How they are focused on evolution.
How they talk of wanting to learn more.

This is a very unified goal that has so much projection to the future…and to me (personal opinion) maybe more than just the Olys.

The commitment they have made for this comeback is pretty huge.

Learning new techniques, the goals they speak of, the drive they have…

You really have to be so eye to eye, 100% with someone to commit in the way they have.

Not to say of course that this wasn’t necessary in order to compete with the current state of ice dance but this comeback is based on personal choice, after two years off.

To me all of this just seems sooo “together” that after all of this, it is very hard for me to imagine a split after all of this is over.

Takes something special to bring back two people in the way they came back especially in the current state of their lives they are in.

Regardless of whatever people think about their relationship, it is hard to deny that this all feels like a deeper level of commitment to what they love to do. That is what I am trying to say.