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and I feel blessed in this chillis tonight

kinda late congratulations to @yang-smash-trash and @cenizacaer for their enga(y)gement they blessed my eyes and my heart

sowachowski  asked:

Have you ever considered making and/or buying a fursuit?

I feel like this isn’t the first time you guys have asked me this, and I’m not sure why, and my answer is always gonna’ be no, BUT,

I’m also working on a werewolf costume for Halloween and…??????  I guess whether or not I’ve answered this in good conscience is up to you.

Guys I just had the most amazing day ever !!

I got to see the small town my great grandparents lived in when they moved to America in the 1920s! My great grandfather was in a terrible mining accident that took his and 40 other men’s lives, which ultimately shaped my entire family. We got to see the site of the accident (which has been turned into a beautiful memorial which respects and honestly memorializes all 41 lives lost in a beautiful way!) his (my great grandmother, great great grandparents, great great aunts and uncles etc) grave sites & really get to learn about my family heritage! This is a dream of mine complete !

How was your days ?!😁💚💚

Steady Now, Love

Confession: I threw in a bit of angst to trip you guys up, but don’t worry, they get a happy ending!

Summary: (Ohmtoonz) Luke is a vicious gang leader; his only desire is taking down a rival gang, and nothing will get in his way. Ohm is the guy who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. It somehow works. 

Words: 10,601

Hope you all enjoy! :) 

The first time they meet is surreal, a dreamlike filtration between the harsh reality taking place in front of them, and the alluring pull as eyes meet, as if two ghosts of who they used to be, in another life, perhaps, are finally meeting for the first time in lifetimes.

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I love this part of the Dirk Gently soundtrack oh-so much, and wanted to share that love with you all in a little piano cover. Hope you enjoy it!