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a couple of many pieces i want to draw to show my love of the orbiting human circus (of the air)…if you haven’t started listening yet, season one just finished up recently! it really sings to my heart, i can’t recommend it enough

So if this prison storyline gives us:

  • An actual legitimate reason to keep Aaron AND Robert on screen instead of them falling in to the Emmerdale black hole most couples find themselves in until one of them dies, gets ill, or has an affair
  • Aaron dealing with some of his mental health issues
  • Robert struggling to carry on with his life without Aaron there
  • Opportunity to see Danny Millers incredible acting/crying skills
  • Potential for crying!Robert for once
  • Rob/Liv growing closer and relying on each other
  • Rob/Chas worrying about Aaron together
  • Angsty! Prison! Visit! Scenes!
  • Aaron trying to push Robert away but Robert having none of it because he knows what Aaron is doing because they’re married and they know each other so well
  • Aaron being released in a few months and Robert excitedly showing him around the completely finished Mill renovations that he’s spent all those months ploughing his time into as a distraction/in order to make doubly sure it’s ready for as soon as he’s released from prison (I stg we better see this)
  • Potential for a heartfelt reunion kiss at the end of it all

Then I am 1,000,000% down for it


ok maybe jimin wearing jungkook’s jacket wasn’t an entirely wrong statement to make…?
1) jungkook wearing his jacket
2) on that day also, jimin was wearing that denim jacket
3) hoseok took that group photo that day but oh look, jimin’s wearing two jackets - the denim jacket underneath and… jungkook’s jacket? (also where’s jungkook in that group photo again?)

(cr: angelakiss_tale)


I met a man of two feet tall
This man was quite ambitious
In a world that is so vicious to us all.

please no character hate or that God Damn Meme™, thank you

!!!! SO I DREW THOMAS DIGITALLY FOR THE FIRST TIME ( yes ive never done anything digitally before) AND IM SO PROUD OF IT SO I WANT TO SHARE IT WITH YOU!!

Hey I gotta comment, this is INCREDIBLE!!! 

Melting With You

A numbered prompt drabble, requested by @shultzygirl,  @dumbdogsss @starbuck1013 @vickiweis44 @markwatneyandensemble and @medicaldoctordana

She’d left her shoes in the car, pulled his jacket over her head like a tarp, and clutched her bag to her chest, and on the count of three, they’d made a run for it — but even the twenty yards from the parking area to the bungalow porch was enough, very likely, to ruin the skirt of her suit.

Dammit — why do I ever bother to buy dry-clean only? She thinks, trying to finger-comb her damp, rain-blown hair back into place and wishing she’d followed the train of thought that had them still in the car, steaming up the windows, making streaky handprints on the glass as they …

He’s next to her, shaking out his soaked hair like the world’s largest puppy. He sees her irritated expression and smiles that smile — the placating one that somehow manages to hint at things he won’t say, for instance that he wouldn’t have minded the staying-in-the-car scenario either.

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The melody of sun and moon,
Having even seemingly enraptured this heart of mine,
In the midst of this established cycle of life and death,
We crossed paths “here” in paradise.

The story of us isn’t over yet.”

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My stuff for the Primary Big Bang! I was one of the artists for the great fic Make a Wish by @klance-my-way, so this is what I’ve been working on lately. Everyone should go check it out! ♡

If you wanna see what everyone else has been working on (and you should) just head over to @voltronbigbang to have a look-see! *:・゚✧