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you can’t have a secret relationship with thor because he’d, like, spell your fuckin name into a field using lightning. he’d have don lemon out here reporting that the mysterious alien markings are just asgardian for ‘Love you, Tanisha’

Church Oppa (Joshua/Jisoo Smut)

Summary: The shy little boy next door - complete with a purity ring and church camp certified, not exactly a match for someone who’s spent a fortune in foundation just to cover up hickies. But Joshua caught your attention within minutes and you couldn’t help but hope that God turned a blind eye when you captured his. Smut. 

(AN: Okay I had a lot of fun writing this and it is a little bit shorter than my other ones (5400 words) but eh whatever I hope you guys like it. I focused so much on the pinky ring because when I first saw the Seventeen rings honestly I didn’t know they were band rings, no words of a lie I thought they were purity rings because I had just come from the 5sos fandom and a bunch of people were saying that Luke’s pinky ring was a purity ring and he stopped wearing it randomly after his eighteenth birthday, so… whatever please enjoy the smut and message me feedback! -Tanisha<3)

Empty house - boring. TV - boring. YouTube - boring. Tumblr - boring. Homework - boring. Sunday afternoon - boring, boring, boring. There was nothing good about Sundays and you had no clue who invented them or thought they were a good idea. But, you supposed, whatever day ultimately took their place would suck just as much.

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I’ve been laughing at this for like four years

Baby/Daddy (Dino/Chan Headcanons)

(A/N: I don’t know if this is too short?? anyway here it is. fair warning - this is smut (if you couldn’t guess that from the request); so for those of you who like Dino, Dino stans, enjoy, and those of you who hate this and wanna yell at me, I hope you enjoy doing that too. I really hope this isn’t too short - with this format of post, I never know if it’s too short or too long. anyway, smut, Daddy kink, other stuff ahead. if you’re not comfortable, don’t read or just block me. have fun!! -Tanisha<3) (thanks to @koups for sending me the picture the white suit is unnff)

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Hey I know this may seem weird but how do you think the boys from seventeen would prefer their partners pubic hair ( like no hair, trimmed hair or doesn't care )

Performance Unit

Jun: he really wouldn’t care. He is a many of diverse tastes, and that includes not at all being picky about the ‘styling’ choices of his partner. He would enjoy the goosebump inducing, feel everything enjoyment of no hair at all, the carnal turn on of someone who kept it natural, and the neatness of it being trimmed and out of mind. The real thing he would care about is if he was allowed to touch or not, and how fast he could get his hands on you. 

Minghao/The8: he would like a bare partner. Not for being ‘grossed out’ by pubic hair, but for the pornographic sluttiness of being overly sensitive and being able to feel every last little touch without natural hair in the way. It wouldn’t be a demand by him of his partner, but instead a simple preference. 

Hoshi/Soonyoung: he would prefer a girl with hair. He would be the type to say that someone shaved looks ‘too immature’ and that he wants to feel like he’s with a mature adult. (Seriously.) It would make him seem a bit… picky, but it would mean less work for you. Label it as a win. 

Chan/Dino: he really wouldn’t care. He wouldn’t be paying attention to if you shaved or waxed or if you didn’t, he would just be paying attention to how good you felt around his cock and how loud you were moaning for him. (Seriously. Horny defeats petty things like pubes.) 

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(if you would like this for another unit or group, just send me an ask and let me know -Tanisha<3)

The signs finding out they're pregnant (;
  • Aries: by what lmao
  • Taurus: me? No not me...
  • Cancer: *sobs hysterically*
  • Leo: I'm perfect so my child must be perfect !
  • Virgo: wow okay
  • Libra: Um ok I guess that's cool idk how it happened but okay
  • Scorpio: what the fuck why
  • Sagittarius: *starts coming up with baby names and doesn't know the gender of the kid yet*
  • Capricorn: *takes celebratory shots*
  • Aquarius: ............
  • Pisces: is confused on how that happened.

(Warning: Smut Ahead)

“Babe, you gotta be quieter,”

You couldn’t help it. Rocky was like a beast, holding you up with nothing else supporting you except his hands on your ass and your legs wrapped around his thick thighs. Using his grip on your ass, forearms bulging, to lift you up and slam you back down on his hard, wanting cock. You were dripping, clamping around him; hot and swollen, always ready to take him back in. He had his own back leaned against the wall, the cool tiles clashing with his hot skin through his white cotton school shirt. You had a death grip on his school tie, desperate for something to hold onto where your sweaty hand kept slipping off his shoulder, likely strangling him with putting all your weight on the point – but lost in pleasure, feeling nothing but the fiery tingle from your pussy and his dick splitting you open, you couldn’t bring yourself to care.

You were in the corner of the boy’s bathroom on the second floor. It was the most secluded bathroom in the school, and one of the only with a handicapped stall. Which most students seemed to find awfully convenient for illicit activities – much like what you and Rocky were doing right now.

But the seclusion and locked door didn’t seem to make a difference for him. His face was buried in your neck, steaming your skin with desperate, shallow breaths and grunts he was suppressing deep in his chest. Your head was thrown back, casting your moans and squeaks of pleasure high in the air.

He dropped you down particularly hard, and you practically screamed.

He raised a hand up and brought it down on the soft skin of your ass cheek, making a sharp smack and sting. It was a warning that only served to driving you further out of your mind.

“Shut up,” he grunted into your skin. “Or I won’t let you cum.”

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(so whenever i think of Astro, i think of the cat’s eye video where they all looked so juicy in their school uniforms. and this just shows how that haunts my dirty mind. but yeah anyway, i love writing these because i can get out a quick second of inspiration and give you guys some quick content, and it helps me keep my smut writing skills sharp for when i write my long, long smuts. it’s such a fun hobbie for me. –Tanisha<3)

I Want To See You (Jay Park x OC Fluff)

Originally posted by stephcxx

Author: @awesomekittycollecter

Summary: Jay gets distracted at practice - because he’s finally found something, someone that he loves more than music. 

(A/N: Guys, I’m feeling for some Jay Park. Not any smut, but actual fluff, so I’m going to write a fluffy scenario! This is written from Jay’s POV. The OC is Indian because we don’t see many fanfics with Indian OCs. And as an Indian, that insults me.  Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy! - Div) 

(Admin Note: this is so cute. and I can appreciate a little OC every once and a while cause it’s all I used to write back in the day. and tbh I don’t think I’ve ever expressed this - but I can be such a hoe for Jay Park. the tattoos and the eyebrow piercing really get me. -Tanisha<3)

My eyes fluttered open. The first rays of morning streamed into my eyes and it was blinding. As I looked over my shoulder, I smiled. There she lay - the love of my life - sleeping peacefully.

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Hi~ Can I be naughty and request: Wonho, Smut, Female reader and J (Daddy kink). Thank you~

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them thighs thooooo

(warning: smut ahead)

J: Daddy Dom and Little Girl

“Ah, baby girl. So beautiful,” his fingers brushed along the back of your thigh, trailing up your leg slowly toward your ass. “How are you so soft?”

You giggled. “I don’t know.”

His touch sent tingles up your body, made your stomach swirl where it was pressed against his toned up thighs. 

His fingers traveled down between your legs, hitting nothing but bareness, soft skin covered in the slickness of your own lust.

You let out a gentle sigh, the feeling warming your body so wonderfully. 

“Do you know how precious you are, baby? How damn precious you are to me?”