me and swedish fish

I got kidnapped by a mysterious man and was taken to Russia. I escaped thanks to another kidnapped girl and we parted ways in Sweden. I then went into a drug store, because for some reason I needed Swedish fish to get back home. I ran into my best friend who had been looking for me the whole time. Before I could get the Swedish fish, my kidnapper saw me and we knocked over a bunch of displays trying to lose him in what apparently was a really big drug store. I remember specifically knocking over a TV and a large display of marbles.

Is there going to be more Infinity Train?

Unfortunately, I don’t know and I won’t know for quite awhile. Animation is a very very long process that can take years to do. I first pitched Infinity Train in 2013, then finished making the pilot in March of 2016, then it only just came out now in November! I have been waiting SO LONG for this!

What were some of the inspirations for Infinity Train?

I’ll keep this short by talking about character for now, and I’ll focus on art in a different post.

I can’t really get into all the inspirations on the story as they could be spoiler-y, but I can say that I thought of the idea while I was flying back to America from China in 2010 after my first year teaching there. Trapped sleepless on a plane for 18 hours makes you start to think a lot. The first drawing I ever did of Tulip was on that plane and it’s an image of her hanging off the side of a train. It’s also a very embarrassingly bad drawing, as all drawings that you did a couple years ago are.

Tulip’s character is based on an amalgamation of friends I have, but if they were aged down to about 12. When you’re 12, you start to have these very specific ideas of what the world is like. People are like this, things function like that, etc. Over time you start to discover that things aren’t that simple. There’s more to it than that, but that’s the basic gist of where Tulip is in her life right now.

One-One is there to counter her various moods and be hopefully be helpful in some way (though he’s a bit naive and a little weird so that can only go so far). Their relationship develops over time.

As for Atticus, when I was trying to figure out what to draw with my new cintiq a few years ago, I asked my girlfriend what to draw. She said “how about a corgi?” and I ended up sketching this:

Drawing this reminded me of my own dog when I was a kid. From when I was 10 to when I moved out of my parent’s house, I had an orange, long haired cardigan corgi. He was awesome and I loved him and he would sleep with me on my bed every night (my bed got super hairy, it was gross. Also I was gross, I was a disgusting boy). He was much more of a bro-ey dog than Atticus, but it definitely inspired this story.

Can you tell me about the numbers?


What about me? Can you tell ME about the numbers?

Ok. The numbers represent the amount of Swedish Fish she has in her backpack. When the backpack was thrown, some of them fell out. It’s a pretty messed up system, but Swedish Fish are really good, so you would want to keep track of how many you have.

Can we help make more Infinity Train happen?

Watch the pilot and share it with your friends!

You’ve all been so incredibly supportive! The fact is, as of right now, there are more than 150,000 views on youtube of Infinity Train in only 2 days and it looks like we’re on track to get more! So keep doing what you’re doing! I can’t even believe the amount of love shown to this. Thank you all so much!

If you have other questions, don’t hesitate to ask me! Although I am super inundated with questions, so it might take me a little while to get back to you.

“Candy is nature’s way of making up for Mondays”.  And three cheers for candy 🍭 is all I have to say – my faves are Sour Patch Kids and Swedish Fish… how about yours?  Tell me, don’t be shy. Aren’t you glad I didn’t ask you about your favourite day of the week ‘cause that’s kind of a no brainer now isn’t it?  No need to thank me though… so, yeah, instead I will thank you for all the ❤️ and support via re-blogs and multiple re-blogs these past days: @amorphousrevenant@artxphotography@asimplefarmhouse, @a-sydney@averan, @biutifulpics, @blessingsofspirit, @bloodyyasu, @bluemchenfotografinsgallery, @boschintegral@brbgoingtowonderland, @dailyspark, @fuzzys0ckks, @girlintheshire, @gray-card, @iamalittlepandacorn, @irisheves@koukouuniverse, @mess-of-emptiness, @mrs-mad-scientist, @0rkide@original-works, Sara over at @ponderation, @ricolinor, @sacks-of-kittans, @sneezys-flower-mom@strange-wonderland, @summerdaydreamz, @ta-guel, @tingedandochre, @tiorico, @trajektoor, @yukseleni-kova and @yookia.  And I don’t care if this makes me a keener but I also want to just shout out to all my contacts who send a word here and there whether its to heap a little extra praise on a photo or just to say hi – grateful for the words and the reach outs… it speaks volumes and I appreciate it very much.  Now go on and have some candy and have a sweet week!! xoxo

“What made you think you needed to consume twice your weight in candy?  Aren’t you old enough yet to know better?”  Roy scrunches his nose at Ed’s bilious complexion.

“Al told me to eat some for him, and it made me feel bad because he loves Swedish Fish and Twix so much so I wanted to eat twice as much in his honor and–”  Ed’s face blanches and Roy barely has enough time to snatch the waste basket from under his desk before Ed is lurching over his lap.  Roy sighs loudly over the vile sound of retching.

“I hate Halloween.”

“…ugh, I feel like refried shit.  Rub my belly.”

“You’re such a child, Fullmetal.”

“Do it, or I’ll tell everyone you got stood up on Halloween and had to spend it with me instead.”

“I wasn’t stood up!  And what you mean to say is babysit–”

An anguished noise from Ed is all it takes to get him ejected from the Colonel’s lap and unceremoniously flung onto the couch.  And while Roy strokes his gurgling tummy, the both of them solemnly agree to never tell anyone about this.

Perfect - Shawn Mendes imagine (requested)


Request: Cute sweet fluffy Shawn imagine where he’s y/n’s first kiss so he’s extremely nervous cause he wants it to be perfect

[Y/n - ‘your name’ Y/n/n - ‘your nickname’ Y/f/n - ‘your full name’]

Y/n’s POV

I was lounging around my house when I got a call from Shawn asking me where I was

“At home, being bored as ever,” I poured orange juice into a cup, which turned into a circus act as I only had one free hand.

“Then I have to come over to keep my best friend happy, don’t I?” I giggled at his cuteness and invited him over to my house at 5.

The clock said 4 and I sprung up and turned the shower on. I quickly got in the shower, washed, and then got out.

I put on my ‘Shawn Mendes’ college sweatshirt on, and a pair of thick leggings. I chose to go bare feet, as I was feeling lazy.

At 5:15, my doorbell went off, and I sauntered down the stairs and opened the door to reveal Shawn, clad in his infamous maroon hoodie and grey trackies, also wearing socks and sandals which I despised. 

He engulfed me into one of his bear hugs.

“Hey Y/n/n,” He whispered into my hair.

“Hey Mendes,” I loved Shawn’s hugs, because they always last longer if he likes you more. Our hugs could last for days.

“What do you want to do today,” I asked as we slowly pulled away. 

“I was thinking we could just have a lazy day, is that okay?”

“Yeah, that’s fine, just make yourself comfortable in my room and I’ll meet you there with food,” he smiled and nodded, then headed straight for my room.

Shawn’s POV

I make my way into Y/n’s room and jumped onto her bed. I then start going through my plan in my head.

See I’ve liked Y/n for as long as I can remember, and today is the day I’m finally going to tell her. I was planning on taking her out on a picnic in the evening. I just live a couple of blocks away so I could run and change, then get back here to pick her up. 

Y/n told me a couple of weeks ago, that she hasn’t had her first kiss yet, she was so embarrassed and told me just to forget about it. But I couldn’t, I wanted to be her first kiss, but I’m nervous as hell. I want it to be perfect and so that’s why I wanted to take her out near the lake and have a picnic. Then I would take my guitar from out of the car and play her a song. After we eat, I’ll take her hand and lead her on to the pier. Then I’ll kiss her as we watch the sunset. Cheesy, I know, but it’s perfect and Y/n deserves perfection.

“Hey there’s only buttered popcorn left in the pantry and Swedish fish!” Y/n voice boomed from downstairs.

“That’s fine, we’ll just have a movie marathon or something!” I yelled back down.

“Okay, cool!” 

I laid on her bed and played ‘Boom Beach’ on my phone, until Y/n came up with the food.

“Here you go, sorry we only had that left,” she placed the hot buttered popcorn next to me and opened the pack of Swedish fish.

“Seriously, it’s fine, don’t fuss,” she smiled at me then got under her blanket and placed her Mac on her lap.

“You know you can get in too, I don’t bite,” I chuckled and got under the blanket. 

“So what movie do you wanna watch? I’ve got Interstellar, the Purge and all the Harry Potter’s,” she smirked already knowing the answer, “Harry Potter it is.”

Y/n’s POV

We were watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, when I looked over to see Shawn looking back at me. It became evening so we turned off the lights. 

The glow left from the computer illuminated the right side of his face. 

Seeing Shawn like this, resurfaced my attraction towards him. Shawn, was kind, humble and not to mention extremely attractive, it’s hard not to fall for him.

Calloused fingertips traced my jaw. I close my eyes and lean into his touch. I open my eyes to see Shawn inches away. I wanted him to kiss me. Right then and there I wanted Shawn Peter Raul Mendes, my best friend, to kiss me.

“I want to kiss you right now,” Shawn whispered, as his thumb brushed against my lips.

“Then why don’t you?” Shawn’s hand disappeared from my face as he leaned back on the headboard and looked down at his hands. 

“I know Y/n, I know it’s your first kiss and I want it to be perfect.”

I slowly turned his face so he was looking at me.

“Shawn, you’re perfect, so anything with you, is perfect,” he smiled as his hand made its way back to my face.

His fingertips grazed the outline of my lips, his eyes going back and forth between my lips and my eyes.

“God, you’re so perfect,” he moved close so we were back to being inches apart.

I sped up the process by pulling him to my lips by his hoodie.

His lips were soft and gentle. They were moving against mine in sync. I had no idea what to do so I let him lead. I brought my hands to tangle with his hair and a small moan left his lips. I smiled, at least I’m doing something right

We pulled apart, both breathless and blushing. 

“Do you want to try that again?” I giggle and nod, planting my lips on his in a more passionate kiss. If this is what kissing feels like, I want to do it forever. 

No, this is what kissing Shawn feels like. And god, could I do it forever.

We pulled apart as our lips were beginning to get sore.

“That was amazing,” Shawn breathed as he played with the tips of my hair.

“Yeah,” we were slightly panting as we giggled at my awkwardness.

Shawn laced his fingers with my own, then kissed the back of my hand.

“I’m glad you were my first kiss.”

“So am I.” 

“Shawn, I hate to ruin the moment, but what does this make us?” I needed to know, I don’t want this to be a one time thing. 

“Well, then this is the perfect time to ask. Y/f/n, will you be my girlfriend?” I smiled and then lightly kissed him.

“Is that a yes?” Shawn said through the kiss. I giggled and replied,

“That’s a definite yes.”