me and selfies tbh


i jus got out of the shower and i need a haircut

@martyn-7 tagged me in that stop and selfie thing, so I’m going to stop packing my bag and lie in bed instead. Heading to Iceland tomorrow so here’s me and the lady herself! I knew this bedspread would come in handy one day. Also that anon who asked, here’s a selfie! I’m answering everyone’s requests and tags today.

Tagging all y’all but especially @grandbrotherwillow @ch0rdates @dandalf-thegay and @upside-happenings because we all need more of your great faces


turns out that if you angle your face towards the light source, it will be better lit

they/ them pronouns

[image description: two selfies of a genderqueer person smiling at the camera, wearing lipstick and a brown cap. their face is slightly tilted to one side and they’re wearing sideburns. end description]

I woke up to 4,000 followers on Tumblr this morning. Thank you for following my blog that’s mostly about daddies and my journey as an overweight gay male navigating our body obsessed culture. I’m always humbled by your likes, comments, shares, private messages and kind anons. Hugs to you all



I feel really good about myself today, so here yall go, it’s my face, happy munday!!

[he/him or she/her only please]