me and riley mcdonough

Before You Exit & Christina Grimmie

I’m so sickened by the news of this shooting that happened at the before you exit concert tonight. Christina Grimmie has said to have been shot. It’s disgusting what the human race as become. We as fans have to come together in this time and support of what has happened. Connor risked his life by goin back inside of that venue and telling fans to run. I don’t know what to think and it scares me to know that we don’t know how Christina is doing. I want to do something really special for the boys and Christina as well.

Please send in any pictures that you have with any of them and a sweet message. Even if it’s just a cute little message that you would like to send them.

If anything just ask me for my Twitter account and I’ll be more than happy to give it out in order for you guys to send me the stuff