me and rachel maddow

i drew a lesbian version of Chad as in the virgin vs chad meme and her name is barb but I couldn’t decide between a butch-ish barb or a barb who was a little more femme so i drew both but now there’s a drawing on my hard drive that looks like a muscular brunette version of me holding hands with muscular rachel maddow in a denim vest 

no offense but turning on my tv every night as a kid and seeing a visibly out lesbian woman have a political commentary news show that was clearly much better, more thought out, and just her being more qualified then a lot of her peers on msnbc gave me so much hope for a future where i could be the best at my job and i could succeed in the political sphere without my lesbian identity stopping me… anyway i would die for rachel maddow

A slow clap for you Rachel

The Democrats have outdone themselves with this latest stunt. Rachel Maddow, MSNBC’s most watched news anchor, looked to expose the President of the United States. She looked to expose Donald Trump as a fraud to the American people, and I will even assume she had hoped to expose him as a fraud to the international community. She looked to expose some long awaited truth that in some way Donald Trump had dodged the authority of the IRS, and cheated the American tax system.

Rachel Maddow you revealed what Republicans already know, and what Democrats ought to believe. You revealed that like the decent man he is Donald Trump paid his taxes. Donald Trump forfeited 38 million dollars of his income to the American government because that is his duty as an American citizen. When we do the math we find that he paid 25% of his income in taxes.

Before I illustrate the hypocrisy of the left, let me draw on a few more statistical numbers. President Barack Obama, the Democratic savior, the idol of the left, paid 18.7% of his income in taxes. Bernie Sanders, the Socialist, the man who highly publicizes his campaign for free healthcare and free education, only paid 13.5%of his income in taxes. Donald Trump gave a greater percentage of his income to the American government than two of the left’s most beloved members. The left preaches for higher rates of taxation; they ask for the government to regulate and fund more sectors of the economy. Yet the Left’s leaders seem to resist the requirement that they too must forfeit more of their income for these changes.

Bernie Sanders continually criticized Donald Trump throughout the election, claiming that he wasn’t paying his fair share of taxes. Bernie Sanders I ask you to take a step back. I ask you to consider the commitment it requires to give the American government 25% of your hard earned income. I also would like to remind you that Donald Trump, the conservative, the businessman, the successful real estate mogul, is still contributing more to the government than you, the Socialist who advocates for increasing taxes. Oh and by the way, he will also be donating his Presidential salary to charity. But regardless, his hard earned dollars are paying for the programs you would like to expand. They are helping pay for the salary that you collected as a Senator. Do not lecture him on his duties as an American citizen until you realize yours.

Let me now draw my attention back to Rachel Maddow. Rachel Maddow I thank you. Thank you for making a complete and utter fool of yourself on national television. Thank you for highly publicizing that Donald Trump has always put America first. Thank you for unknowingly demonstrating the hypocrisy of the left. Thank you for illustrating that even though he is not perfect, and may be far from it, Donald Trump is still decent. He understands his responsibilities, and he acts on them, never coming up short.

me at rachel maddow: theres no such thing as ethical capitalism. all cops are pigs. the power should lie in the hands of the people. democracy is a sham. so is liberalism. join the revolution.
rachel maddow: woman just shut up and take this dick

presidential debate 2036
  • moderator: senator sailorbutch, do you recall this post from your tumblr account in 2017 inviting journalist rachel maddow to "raw you"?
  • me: i do not recall such a post, but i'd like to take this opportunity to discuss the raw, unflinching patriotism of the american people.

me: hm i could go for looking at some hot pictures of rachel maddow right about now

internet: you can have that but they’ll be captioned with every variety of bigoted vitriol currently in existence plus a few new ones we just made up for the occasion 

JewWario Will Be Greatly Missed

I’m in shock. Justin Carmichael, better known on the internet as JewWario, has just passed away. He was part of my collaboration month, and the last thing he made was our video together - which fills me with a really strange mixture of panic, sadness and lots of other weird feelings I can’t identify. 

I’m so sad. 

He was my friend. He started his series back when I was still doing GameJew - JewWario was inspired by it. He was always a huge fan of mine, and I loved the work he did. It was really awesome to watch him improve over the years, and to watch his own audience grow and grow. 

I remember he and his wife sent me a sweet video congratulating me back when I was on the Rachel Maddow show. Just the nicest.

When I asked him what he wanted our collab to be, this is what he wrote: 

“I’d like to do a video about your doing songs for 5 years and my doing videos for 5 years. About your days as the GameJew and my being a fan of yours (still am) and how it’s great how the world is a small place.”

That’s haunting. It’s haunting now. The video looks now like a memorial. I really want to share it with you, even though it feels weird. He was an awesome guy. He will be sorely missed. I will miss you, Justin, JewWario.

Cream Cheese and I agree that 2013 was pretty rad, mostly because of you. Thanks for all your Nails Y'all love and support–it means the world to me. From Cosmo to Rachel Maddow to Austin Chronicle Best of to Popeye’s Chicken nails, I’ve had a really, really good time. I can’t wait to see what nail epicness 2014 has in store for us!