me and rachael :')

Also, apparently Veronica Taylor and Rachael Lillis (Ash and Misty’s US VAs) have been hanging out together today, and Rachael has tweeted two short videos of them doing voice impressions. I can’t figure out how to embed videos from twitter but here they are:

“Ash is driving me around L.A.”
“Yeah, and Misty is just… driving me crazy.”

“Ash, this is a dead end!”
“Um, yeah, but… always full of possibilities!”

if i had fraternal twins a boy and a girl i’d can name one calvin and one valerie. and people will be like ok cool those are nice names

but secretly it’s so i can call them val and cal and make them cheesy rhyming matchy siblings without it being obvious or cruel

and if i had identical twin girls in december i’d name them carol and noel.



For those who’ve reached Jessica Jones’ episode AKA the sandwich saved me: I like to imagine that this happened after Jessica saved the little girl~

I honestly need more of her saving people in that sandwich costume.