me and ps have been fighting

Come to the dark side, or not.

 Anonymous said:

Ok, so I’m at a scene and I have my two main characters in adjoining prison cells. He’s been captured because he turned against the dark force and had been secretly helping the light because he fell for the female lead, and she was fighting for the light all along, but the darker side has been trying to coerce her into joining. Could you do some dialogue where she’s ready to give in and he tries to talk her out of it?

 Anonymous said:
Villain x hero prompts, the hero turns into the dark side to be with her!

Anonymous said:
Aaaaaahhhh! Your Villain x Hero prompts give me life!!!!! Could you possibly do some on the villain trying to get the hero to join them? I’m having a bit of writers block. PS! I love your blog!!!! 😍

 1) “You think surrender will save people?” Maybe, given the situation, he should be gentle but he was simply too furious.  After everything, how could she think for even a second that they were the better option? She’d seen what they’d done to him! “It won’t. Trust me, that’s not how these people work. You surrender and they win. Game over. Maybe your friends will still be alive but it will be in misery, or hey, maybe they’ll just kill everyone anyway because it’s not like you’re going to stop them.”

2) “I love her.”
“Clearly to the point of madness. She’s sweet to you, that’s great, good for you. I’m sure you’ll be very happy making love not war when the rest of us rot. Tell me - tell me just one thing-” their best friend’s voice cracked. “What sacrifices is she making for you? What is she doing to prove her love to you or is it just you that’s making the compromises?”
“She’s not the one currently trying to ruin everything. Yeah, so sorry that I did the selfish thing for once to be happy. I thought maybe I’d done enough for the lot of you.”
“The lot of us? I take it back, you two are perfect for each other.”

3) “They want you to fight for them, but they’re scared of what you can do. Terrified of your power just as they’re frightened of mine. Do you really think,” the villain leaned in close. “That when I’m gone they’re not going to turn on you?”

4) “Sometimes,” her voice drifted through the wall, so empty and lost. “I think I’m not as strong as you think I am.”
He swallowed hard.“Please.” He wished he could reach out to touch, to gather her up close through the cold stone walls and make it better because he knew how hard it was to resist them. The only reason he’d been able to do it was because of her. “You don’t have to fight forever, just a little bit longer, yeah? A few seconds, a few minutes, a day. Break it down. You saved me. Now I’m going to save you and get you out of here, okay?”
He had no idea. Still, he injected some confidence into his voice. “You forget, these are my old stomping grounds. I’ve still got some strings to pull here.” And maybe that string would now end up being a hangman’s noose, but if it saved her…well, if it saved her he’d do anything.

5) “Come, now.” The villain held out her hand. Implacable, expectant, calm in her waiting. “Let me make it all better.”
They crossed over and maybe it wasn’t better but falling was a lot like flying when you squinted right.

6) “I could give you the whole speech,” the villain strolled closer. “Threaten to kill your friends, life of luxury, oh no all your friends are really turned against you…blah blah blah.”
The hero watched them warily. 
“I think you’re too strong for that,” the villain said. “Not easily swayed or broken. It’s one of the things I’ve always admired about you. You’d do anything to save them.” The villain sighed. “So I think I’m just going to do this is instead.”
They zapped the memory-wiper against the hero’s skull, shattering all memory of life before, and promptly switched their face to concerned. “Oh thank god, I finally found you…”

Butterfly and the Beanie

Jughead x Reader

An unlikely pairing, that starts with good intentions, but… is it match made in heaven or a match that was just made to burn?

Warnings: Not everything can have a happy ending. (Swearing, Fighting.)

Word count: 3,148

A/N: I just got done watching 13 Reasons Why and feel a bit melodramatic so this happened. I did it more for a storyline and less for cute moments. I hope you all still enjoy it.  I tried first person with this one, please give me feedback on which point of view you like my writing in best: 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. The narrative switches from flashback to current day, hope it’s not too confusing. Ps i’m very proud of this.

I’ve been thinking about those words ever since I walked out of school today.

High School Sweetheart

The definition: Jughead and I.

Or at least, it was.

As I walk home, holding everything in, I try not to think about it, but I can’t help it.

How I met the boy that ruined me in all the best and worst ways.

I met him at the Drive-In, a few weeks after my dad and I moved to Riverdale to start anew in the fall of my freshman year, after my mom passed away, I remember it clear as day.

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The Talk

Summary: You and Sherlock have recently had some little domestics and there’s was no better option than paying a visit a marriage therapist.

Request: John x reader #56 and Sherlock x reader #64. All the fluff :D thank youuuu


Prompt: “Are you still interested? Because I am.”

Pairing: Sherlock x Reader

Title: ‘The Talk

Content: Humour / Fluff

Warning: Mild swearing.

Word count: 2.657

A/N: As soon as this idea crossed my mind I knew I had to write it down and God, this reminds me of ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ so bad!

PS: I love the way Sherlock and the Reader fight and the fluffy end, so I hope you like it too. (I seriously hope you’ll like it)

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Masterlist // Requests // Prompts

Sherlock and you have been married for one year and a half and you were meant to be together; but let’s say the truth, being married to the only consulting detective the world was a little bit tiring and annoying.

Both of you truly loved spending time together and caring of each other but when it came to have an argument, you would wish you had never met before.

Recently, you and Sherlock have been arguing every night before going to bed. You usually argued about his job or your current behaviour. Both of you knew it was not healthy for you, to be fighting every single night. Anyway, you still did, even when you were trying to get asleep.

“Sherlock?” you asked as you lied your head comfortably on your pillow and you faced his back.


“Do you…” you stopped before getting your husband go crazy.

He turned around to face you. “Do I what?”

“Do you need to go to work tomorrow?” You asked whispering.

“Oh, God,” he cursed and got up from bed. “How many times do I have to tell you it’s important?” he shouted angrily.

You sighed, rolled your eyes and sat on the bed. “Well, our marriage is important,” you complained.

“You know that I’m doing this for the sake of England!”

“And I’m doing this for our sake!” You shouted annoyed. “I really don’t know what the hell are you thinking of when you’re mad at me.”

“Oh, please,” he protested. “Not again,” he shook his head, rolled his eyes and walked out of the room.

“Where are you going?” you inquired.

“I’m sleeping on the sofa,” he yelled from the living room. “…as usual,” he added.

You jumped from the bed you’ve once used to share together. “Well, good luck because I don’t want to listen to your complains about your back ache in the morning!” You shouted and slammed the door.

And that was how you used to argue every single night and let’s say the truth, it was really tedious. Therefore three months later you both tried to stop this and pay a visit to a marriage therapist.


You were both sitting in two different armchairs looking at a man in a suit with a serious face. He didn’t even give you a smile when you greeted him. You found it odd but it was necessary, you had to stop this stupidity of yours.

Sherlock was playing with his fingers and tapping with his feet. You glanced at them and noticed he was anxious. Really anxious.

“So, Mr. and Mrs. Holmes, right?” the therapist asked. You nodded but Sherlock…he just rolled his eyes.

“Oh, good Lord,” he complained under his breath.

You turned your gaze up to him and heavily sighed. “Would you mind to take this seriously, please?” You scolded.

“I don’t even know why are we here,” he protested as he gestured with his hands.

You were sick of this childish behaviour of his. It was getting you angrier every time he said a word. You buried your face into your palms and shouted.

He sighed and turned his gaze away. “I told John this was a bad idea.”

You lifted your gaze up to him and looked at him in disbelief. “It was your idea!” Sherlock looked at you and raised an eyebrow.

After your shout the therapist looked at you and crossed his legs as he wrote down some words on his notebook.

“So you’re angry, Mrs. Holmes,” he said as he stared at you. It was uncomfortable and you didn’t know what to do.

Frustrated, you shouted. “I’m not angry and don’t call me like this.”

“But you are married to him, Mrs. Holmes.”

Sherlock smirked and pointed at him with his finger. “He’s right. You’re married to me.”

“Of course I am, but I’ve been feeling like we’re not together anymore,” you stated.

“Funny,” he scoffed.

“Yeah, funny,” you said sarcastically as you glared at your husband. Instantly his smirk disappeared. You had a question; one single question. “Doctor, have you ever worked with a couple like us before?” You asked as you put your elbows on your laps. Sherlock glanced at you and frowned.

“Each single couple is different, Mrs. Holmes. Your couple is unique.”

“I’ve already noticed that,” the detective said as he leaned his back against the armchair and folded his arms. “We are one in a million, Y/N,” he said sarcastically.

“Oh, shut up,” you muttered and yearned.

Sherlock’s crystal eyes were now on you. You wondered what he wanted so you turned your gaze up to him. He didn’t say a word and so did you. There was silence. An uncomfortable silence, which the therapist broke in a second.

“On a scale of one to ten how happy are you as a couple?” he asked.

“Seven,” you said without hesitating.

Instead of answering the question he frowned and turned his gaze to the man. “Wait. So, like ten being perfectly happy and one being…totally, bloody miserable?”

“Mr. Holmes, just respond with your wife instinctively.”

“Seven”, you both said simultaneously and then exchange gazes as the man wrote down the answer.

“Now, what about your partner’s happiness? On a scale of one to ten how happy would you say your partner is?”

You started to hesitate, “That depends on the day.”

“Seven and a half,” Sherlock confidently muttered.

“Sorry, what?” You asked him in disbelief.

Sherlock look at you up and down and read you. “You’re upset. You are not happy and on a scale of one to ten…well, you know,” he replied and shrugged.

As he saw that you were about to collapse, the therapist jumped with a question. “Alright. How would you describe each other?”

“Arrogant…” you snapped at him.

Sherlock sighed. “Annoying…” he added.

“Ignorant…” you said and glared at him.

“Boring…” he rolled his eyes.

“Cold…” you complained as your gaze was getting piercer.

He confront you “Intolerant…”

“Psychopath,” you quavered.

“High functioning sociopath!” he corrected you furiously and gestured with hands.

You knew that calling him ‘psychopath’ or ‘freak’ hurt him, even if he didn’t show it. Anyway, you were extremely mad at him that you didn’t care about his feelings.

“Oh, that explains your lack of real emotion in response to events, and your limited capacity to feel love,” you stated and saw him being hurt. You closed your eyes and cursed under your breath.

Sherlock bit his lips, lowered his head and inhaled so he could respond to you. “If I were a sociopath I wouldn’t have married you and I wouldn’t stand you as I do everyday,” he said as he gradually raised his head to look you in the eyes.“I don’t know what can I do to show you that I really care about you,” he said, lowered his head once again, lay his elbows on his laps and put his hands together. He was heavyhearted and you could see him close his eyes tightly. You felt really guilty so your eyes were filled of tears.

The therapist saw this coming since you were really out off your rails.

“How about your family? How close and warm is your family?” he inquired changing the subject.

Sherlock laughed and slowly raised his head. “Close enough to annoy me.”

You looked at him in disbelief. “Your parents are nice, why do you hate them?”

“I’m talking about Mycroft,” he stated.

You chuckled and nodded. “That’s true. He hates him.”

“You hate him too,” he looked at you and added.

“No, I don’t,” you shook your head. “After all, he’s my boss.”

Sherlock scoffed. “Oh, come on. You work for the MI6 because of me. You should be thankful.”

“Sherlock,” you muttered and tilted your head to the man.

“What?” he asked confused until he realized what he has just said. “Oh…god. Sorry,” he said to the therapist and gave him a fake smile. “That’s not true, she is only a lawyer. Actually, she works for Scotland Yard. That was nonsense.”

You chuckled. “Just ignore him, he’s a twit.”

The man nodded, though he was not convinced about what Sherlock said. “Then, I would like to know when and how did you first meet?”

“Royal Albert Hall,” he informed.

“I attended a concert,” you added

“I was solving a case…”

“…and then accidentally poured my drink on my shirt,” you finished the sentence.

The detective glanced at you. “What? I have asked you for forgiveness a million of times.”

“And that’s all?”, the therapist asked.

“No,” you both said simultaneously.

“Stop it,” you gave him a prod and lightly chuckled. “He apologized and then cursed because he lost the criminal.”

“And never solved the case, which I still regret,” he rolled his eyes but smirked. “Oh, yes, back to the subject. She wanted to buy another drink and I offered to pay her one as an apology,” he showed off and then turned his gaze at you.“By the way, you were practically nervous when you saw my face.”

“Oh, really?” You scoffed. “Actually, I think I was surprised. I was lucky,” you said proudly.

“Lucky? You are pretty lucky to meet me,” he showed off once more.

“Here we go again.”

“Mr. Holmes, are there any past conflicts you think you both should resolve?”

“Umm…well, the time she wanted me to cook dinner,” he frowned.

“I was sick and you volunteered,” you muttered.

“When you told me to stop playing the violin because you wanted to sleep?”

“Tiring day,” you added trying to defend yourself.

“Our anniversary, yes! When I wanted to take you to a crime scene and you started protesting. That was cruel. You know that I am married to my job,” he said and leaned his back against the sofa.

You sighed. “I remind you we are here because you are married to me, not to your job.”

“What about the time we argued about the experiments in the kitchen?” looked at you, challenging you.

“Sherlock, you almost drugged me!” You exclaimed

“Well…” he murmured.

“Oh, you didn’t!” You hissed with your mouth wide open. “Sherlock!” You roared and he turned his gaze away.

“Fine. Let’s change the subject, may be it will calm you down Mrs. Holmes.”

“Trust me. I’m fine” you said ironically.

The therapist uncrossed his legs to cross them again in a while. Then, he read the next question from his notebook. “Have you ever talked about having children?”

When he asked that question both of you froze. You were in shock, especially Sherlock. You have never talked about it because you knew that it would make Sherlock freak out. But there you were, being asked about having a baby. A baby.

“Never?” He asked again.

Sherlock blinked a several times and frowned. “I don’t understand the question.”

“Of course, you do Mr. Holmes,” he nodded.

“No, seriously. Could you please repeat the question?” Your husband asked in shock.

You looked at him and sighed. “Sherlock, he’s talking about babies.”

“No,” he said with his eyes fixed on you. “I saw this coming,” he muttered and stood up from the sofa.

“Coming what?” You asked as you saw him pacing around the room. He was definitely panicking.

“Mr. Holmes, could you please sit down?”

Sherlock stopped and looked at him. “Can’t you see it?!”

“See what, Sherlock?” You asked confused. “Sherlock, sit down. Now!” you ordered.

He started pacing again with his face pale as paper. “Change the subject, change the subject…” he quavered.

“Jeez. Sherlock stop it!” you scolded.

“I can’t stop it! I can’t talk about this, I just can’t. Babies, no. Definitely not!” He said and began walking faster.

“Sherlock, they are just babies,” you tried to calm him down.

He shook his head three times and kept pacing around. “I’m not prepared. Not now. I don’t even see myself as a father. I never thought about having a child.”

“Mr. Holmes, there’s nothing to worry about.”

“Sherlock, please!”

“I’m not ready, I would never deserve to be a father. Not like this. I’m a disaster.”

“You’re not a disaster. You are just…you.”

“What does that mean?” he stopped, looked at you frowned again. “I’m a coward. I knew someday we were going to talk about this.”

You stared at him and calmly tried to stop him. “Look, if you will keep thinking that you are a coward you’d never be brave, but if you face the situation I bet you’ll be the best father a baby could ever have.”

“Mrs. Holmes, you’re progressing.”

“No, doctor, we are both progressing. Isn’t that true, Sherlock?” You asked him tenderly but he ignored you.

“I’m not ready to talk about this. Not now. I don’t even know what  they do or want!” He cried to you.

“Well, I’m afraid you’ll have to,” you said smirking.

“What?” He froze and his eyes were wide-open. “You…you are…no,” he stammered in shock. “No. You cannot be pregnant. No you can’t.” He said shaking his head in awe.

“The doctor said that I am, twice,” you gave him a small smile.

“How much?” He asked terrified.

“Sorry?” You frowned.

“How much time? When did you know it?” he ordered you to answer his question.

“One month ago…I guess,” you hesitated.

His jaw clenched. “One month? Fabulous!” He blurted out and scoffed.

“I’ll let you two alone. My presence won’t help. Excuse me,” said the therapist and looked at you two as he stood up from his seat.

“Yes, good idea. Bye-bye,” he said sarcastically.

You turned around and apologized. “Just ignore him, he’s…you know.”

When you turned around to resume the talk Sherlock looked daggers at you. “A month, Y/N. A month!” he shouted at you.


“I cannot believe it. My wife. My wife lying,” he began pacing around the room again gesturing with his hands. “That’s not how marriage works, Y/N,” he finger pointed at you.

“I was expecting to tell you as soon as things got back to normality,” you explained.

“Normality? Huh.”

“Sherlock, calm down,” you asked

Suddenly he stopped. His eyes started moving quickly, you noticed that he was thinking. “Wait. This explains everything,” he smiled at you. “Stupid, stupid!”

“I told you that you’re not a stupid!”

“Blind, Y/N. Totally blind,” he exclaimed and clapped his hands.

“What? Sherlock could you go deeper?” you asked worried about him.

“You have been behaving like you do – what I actually, find annoying – because you… you” he started to ramble unable to say it out loud. “…because you’re pregnant.”

“You think so?” you raised an eyebrow.

“Hormones, Y/N,” he simply said.

“So, are you still interested? Because I am.

“You mean us? God, no,” he said sarcastically.

“And the baby?”

“I’ll stand it,” you looked at him seriously. “I mean, we’ll try our best,” he corrected himself.

“Sure?” you asked him.

He rolled his eyes. “You know babies are not my speciality.”

“Mmm…then start trying,” you chuckled. “So, baby, check. Marriage, check. First day, check…”

“No,” he interrupted you. “The case, Y/N. That…that was mean,” he pointed at you in disagreement.

“Oh, come on. How many times do I have to tell you it was for amateurs?” You sighed and gave him a tender smile. “After all, you decided to stay with me.”

“Yeah…” he muttered as he looked away.


anonymous asked:

Before Overwatch, Blizzard had a history as one of the most homophobic game companies in the industry which included being actively hostile to their queer fanbase. And we're less than 3 years removed from Blizz reps outright stating that diversity wasn't important to them. I don't know Chu's opinions on those events, but he chose to stay with Blizzard through it. So if creating diverse casts has always been his wish, then he's been awfully patient through his 16-year employment with them. [1/2]

And that’s also why I feel Blizzard’s abrupt 180 on their approach to diversity is highly suspicious despite having mostly the same staff before and after. It’s certainly possible that the team suddenly developed a concious and wanted to do a better job with representation. But it’s also very possible that they’re only interested in it for as long as it’s profitable. I hope it’s the first, and Blizz certainly has made progress. But the company still has a LOT of history to make up for. [2/2]

“ So if creating diverse casts has always been his wish, then he’s been awfully patient through his 16-year employment with them.”

Okay, so one of my closest friends has been working in AAA studios for 10 years, she’s a queer woman and she’s been actively, the entire time, trying to get diversity on the agenda. This has been the case while her studio was a laughing stock for something one of the devs of a game said, and through a number of other sexism scandals. So to me, it’s not a bizarre and suspicious concept that an Asian man might want to see Asian characters and other diversity represented in games. 

PS, she also stays the fuck away from Tumblr, because while she’s actively fighting for YOUR rights and YOUR representation in games, people say cruel things about specific writers and devs without having any fucking idea who actually made the decision and whose job it was to create the issue in the first place. 

I’ve been playing Blizzard games since WoW came out more than a decade ago, so I’m aware of Blizzard’s history. But Overwatch is an AAA game, it’s a best seller, it’s SUPER diverse, probably the most diverse blockbluster game that’s ever been created, Blizzard is actively listening to fans which they’ve proven over and over and over again on this. The proof is in the pudding on this one, they’re not just all talk, they’ve created this. It’s selling well. This bodes very well for the future of gaming <3

And because I’ve supported my friend through really cruel shit people have said on Tumblr about the games she’s created and the work she’s done, I really don’t have any patience for people being nasty to specific creators when they haven’t done anything wrong. 

Please, guys. Have some compassion. It’s understandable you’d have a certain level of reservation about the devs in Blizzard, but outright nastiness and the fact Michael Chu has become this Evil Writer Who Ships G/ency And Does Everything Wrong and We Hate Him is just gross. 

Okay, so about yesterday; I have a few things I would like to clear up and as amusing as I find some of the asks to be (special shout out to the anon who sent me the message they meant to send Jack lmao), I would rather just address it in one post and get it over with than answering all the asks.

If you expect me to go back on my word, don’t even bother reading this any further - I still stand by everything I said. Saying that, yes, I could and should have worded some of the things better and I will be the first to admit to that. Reading back and talking to a few people, I realise that me saying that us “being friends is a bit of a fetch” is mean and was a completely unnecessary comment added on my part, so I sincerely apologise for that. Everybody is different and grow attached to others at different rates - although to me it may have seemed like we were “just” mutuals who talked a couple of times, Jack might’ve considered us to be closer than I thought so and could have been/was hurt by that comment. So again, I am sorry for that statement, it was completely unnecessary and yeah, well, I fucked up and shouldn’t have said that.

I’ve clarified this in my second response last night, but I want to say this again because people either don’t read at all or just pick and choose what they want to read/hear. A lot of people seem to think I invalidated all mental illnesses and said they are (as in mental illnesses, the umbrella term) not an excuse for not working. I never, I repeat, never used the phrase “mental illnesses” as a whole, because I do not have knowledge and/or experience of all the mental illnesses there are. My statement was NOT a general statement, it was directed at anxiety and situations similar to his. Again, my wording was not clear enough last night, and I apologise for that. Invalidating all mental illnesses as an excuse to not work was never my intention and I don’t believe that at all - and anxiety isn’t always an invalid excuse. I would never get involved and/or talk about something I have no knowledge and/or experience of. Anxiety and depression is a thing I am very familiar with, so please do not think I’m talking out of my ass and don’t know what I’m on about, because I do. Just because I don’t share much about my personal life, especially about the negative things going on and the demons I fight on a daily basis, that doesn’t mean that my life is perfect and that I have no history of anxiety or depression. You all have been very quick to jump on the band wagon and come at me for my comments because “I don’t know any backstory/history”, but y'all don’t know mine and have been very quick to assume that I don’t suffer of any mental illnesses.

PS.: The Anons who are trying to nitpick everything I’ve stated and telling me I lack empathy, that my statement was disgusting and I was making fun of mental illnesses (like, seriously dude, wtf?) - Maybe your message would have been more valid and less ironic if it wasn’t followed by a “kill yourself” statement.

So uhh, yeah. There’s that.

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The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for. Mute so staying silent is better, what about your daughter mute your not gonna say a word I know You guy have a way to communicate but its better to hear from the person mouth then through mind I can't imagine not saying a word to someone I care for alot with my own mouth I rather Open my eyes, look within. Mute are you truly satisfied with the life you're living? Remember who you have mute.

written: “Plus, everything was all happy and sweet when i never spoke, as soon as i opened my fucken mouth all this shit happens… you fit the pieces bud. if i never spoke, i would still be in love, now im this sad fucken Father trying to support myself and my daughter while i suffer day after day trying to make ends meet. my daughter was used to me not speaking, hell she prefers to speak to me with messages. My name is mute for a reason, and until I feel that the time is worth to have my voice again, I will be staying silent. this is my last fighting chance to fix what has been broken. PS does it look like i can just go back now, no, this shit hurts.”

Types as Cards against Humanity White Cards

(original deck only, included 2 options so you can pick which one you like and because I couldn’t decide, stereotypes may apply)

ISTJ: Object permanence, A balanced breakfast


INTJ: The inevitable heat death of the universe, Natural selection

ENTJ: Being rich, Mutually-assured destruction

ISFJ: A moment of silence, Giving 110%

ESFJ: Exchanging pleasantries, Friends who eat all the snacks

INFJ: The little engine that could, Teaching a robot to love

ENFJ: Active listening, Women in yogurt commercials

ISTP:  Tangled Slinkys, Vigilante justice

ESTP: Dropping a chandelier on your enemies and riding the rope up, Being on fire

INTP: Being a motherfucking sorcerer, Bill Nye the Science Guy

ENTP: Steven Hawking talking dirty, Licking things to claim them as your own

ISFP: Lumberjack fantasies, A really cool hat 

ESFP: A sexy pillow fight, “Tweeting”

INFP:  Same-sex ice dancing, A bag of magic beans

ENFP: Inappropriate yodeling, Getting naked and watching Nickelodeon

Honorable mentions:

Drinking 10 5-hour energies to get 50 continuous hours of energy -  this is apparently from one of the expansion decks, but it’s what inspired me to do this. (PS: would have probably been ENTP)

Bees? - this is my favorite card. It is all things to all people. It’s like the skeleton key of CAH. So if you don’t like the above selections, your card is Bees?

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Would you mind doing a scenario where Aizawa is comforting his girlfriend after her family has a big fight? PS I'm happy to see a new blog! They always make me so happy :)

I’m glad you’re excited for the blog! I’m sorry for how long replies have been taking ~~

Aizawa had returned home late from work, his body weary. Who knew a class of  hero hopefuls could be so exhausting? The man noticed something was wrong almost immediately. His partner often came home before him to surprise him after work, but although the front door was unlocked, hardly any lights were on. 

“(y/n), are you here?” He ran his hand through his dark hair, moving further into the house. It was then that he heard the muffled sobs of his girlfriend coming from the direction of his room. He felt his stomach fill up with dread as he opened the door. “Dearest, is everything alright? What happened?” His voice sounded tired, but concern seeped into his tone.

She had curled up on the bed, pulling a pillow over her face to hide the fact she’d had been crying. Aizawa grabbed some tissues as he made his way over to them, his forehead creased with concern. “Oh, Shouta,” She moved to sit up, her eyes red from crying. “Sorry, I, I didn’t hear you come home.” 

He offered her a tissue, which she took with gratitude to clear her cheeks of tears. He didn’t say anything, just taking her free hand and squeezing it gently. “My family, they had a really awful argument. I know, all families do but I, I…” Her voice cracked off into sobs again, and this time Aizawa pulled her close into his chest, holding her close to him. 

“It’s okay, it’s fine to cry about these things.” He gently stroked her hair, his exhaustion melting into concern easily as he cradled her. “I’m here for you in times like this. I’m always here.” 

Hello Again!

I wanted to apologize for taking so long to complete the recent requests. I have been very busy, and as such, very tired. I assume you all have been as well (and to those who are in school: You’re working hard and I believe in you!)

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The end of the year is coming near and this means school, work and all other occupations are cranking up for the grand finale. I hope you are all taking care of yourselves. Please eat well and sleep enough! Whatever fights you are all fighting, they will soon be over.

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Girls Are Not Meant to Fight Dirty

honestly this took me so long bc the very last thing i did was drawing soul’s eyes and that was a mistake. my bad.

you didn’t see my snaps @makapedia but soul almost got posted with emoji eyes. this could have been a mess and a half. (ps sorry it late tho x)

If you haven’t read Kat’s Easy A AU Girls Are Not Meant To Fight Dirty u gotta:
ff | a03 | tumblr

Joe Sugg imagine || Drag me down ||

Anonymous said:
Hey can you do an imagine where the reader and joe are dating and the imagine go along with the song Drag Me Down by One Direction?? Thanks! Ps love your imagines 💖💖💖💖

A/N : I tried my best with this one. I don’t know 1D songs [please don’t hate me :(.] & I’ve never written an imagine based on a song.

So I listened to the song about 50 times and tried to build a story around some of the lyrics.

I really hope it passes your standards. 💛

Dating Joe for about eight months and having been his friend your entire lives, you both had started to fight recently about silly things.

But the silly things being constantly flight about was taking a toll of your relationship.

“Can you just stop nitpicking!” Joe said harshly at you as another fight was taking place.

“Sorry, I’m just trying to help and make your life easier.” You crossed your arms, you were standing in his bedroom as he sat at his desk chair.

“Well, stop! I don’t need your help.” His tone was sharp and you finally snapped.

“Fine, you know what? I’m going home. I can’t deal with you being like this anymore.” You held your hands up surrendering at the situation.

You hadn’t been home in a very long time, you practically lived at The Jasper house. “Fine - go.” Joe said turning in the chair putting his back to you.

You quickly grabbed your backpack, grabbing the most important things that belonged to you as tears welled in your eyes.

You left his room walking up the steps quickly, Caspar had paused his movie, watching you. “(Y/N) please don’t go.” He tried to stop you.

“I need to. I can’t - I just need to be alone.” You looked at Caspar and almost broke down.

“Call me if you need anything.” Caspar said as you left the flat quickly.

* Caspars POV. *

As the door closed behind her I exhaled, they’d fought plenty of times before recently but no one had ever left the flat.

I walked downstairs and into Joes room, watching as he didn’t look up from his iMac, I could tell he was pointlessly clicking on options. “What the hell was that?” I asked finally grabbing his attention.

He sighed rubbing his forehead, “I don’t need you having a go at me either, Caspar.”

“Oh I’m definitely going to have a go at you. Did you seriously just let the best thing in your life walk out the door?” I gestured out his bedroom door.

“Caspar.” Joe went to stop me from speaking but I over powered him; “seriously, the best thing! You just let leave over something stupid! Go after her you fucking idiot!” I exclaimed at him.

“It’s too late.” Joe said lowly, finally taking a second to look around the room which had gotten a little emptier.

“No, it’ll be too late if you don’t catch her! Go after her and tell her you love her!” I shook my head at him when he didn’t move. “Whatever.” I glared in his direction and shook my head, leaving his room I walked into mine, closing the door.

I listened for a minute before I heard tussling of items and Joe sighing; “fuck sake, he’s right.” I heard him say.

* Joes POV *

After Caspar lashed out at me, I stared at my computer screen, my background display of (Y/N) at Christmas time looking beautiful and adorable in her red and green pyjamas, she was eating a cookie and holding a YouTube mug with hot chocolate in it.

“Fuck, he’s right.” I sighed getting up quickly finding a pair of shoes, I didn’t even tie them, rushing up the stairs and out of the flat into the sidewalk.

I looked around quickly, running up the sidewalk quickly, looking at the bus stop, it was empty. “Crap, no.” I stopped looking at the empty shelter. “Fuck.” I kicked the side of it.

“Damaging public properly now are you?” I heard a voice and I turned around sharply, seeing (Y/N) sitting on the brick of someone’s front garden, her eyes red, she sniffed.

“Oh Jesus. I’m so sorry.” I sat down beside her and wrapped my arms around her pulling her into my chest.

“I’m sorry I let you even leave the flat. I’m so sorry we’ve been having stupid fights, the last ten minutes really freaked me out.” I admitted.

“You’ve always stood behind me on any insane scheme or idea I’ve ever had when no one else did!” I kept gushing and I couldn’t stop myself.

“Joe…” She started and I shook my head, “no, babe - you’ve showed me how to be someone, life is a crazy roller coaster and with you, it felt like I could take it on, no one could drag me down.” I looked into her (colour) eyes.

“I’m my best only when I’m with you, without you I’d be nothing.” I squeezed her closer to me.

“Please, forgive me for being a total dick?” I whispered.

The silence was killing me, “I forgive you if you forgive me for also being a dick.” She said.

“I love you so much.” I brushed my fingers against her chin and raised her head to look at me, I brought my lips down and I kissed her lightly.

“I love you, too, Joe.” She said after the kiss with a smile, I used my thumb to brush the last of the tears off her cheek…

Where is White Diamond???

This could be bullshit but please hear me out.
I have a theory about Steven Universe’s White Diamond; they rarely if ever mention her by name. Maybe that’s because she’s been shattered already, maybe she’s not off fighting in another, Yellow and Blue may not have had as strong relationship with White as with Pink. White could have started homeworld or been of the ‘generation’ before Yellow and Blue.

We haven’t seen any gems of White’s court, maybe they don’t 'exist’ anymore?

Oh, I dunno, I pulled this from ass after surfing tumblr for awhile.

PS. This can’t be right because why would the crew make a character and not use them.


INSOMNIA | PT. 8 OF “DISTANT” {He wakes up and texts you. You finally talk about everything that he has been going through. TAEHYUNG / ANGSTY FLUFF

One last part to go guys :3
PS: don’t you just LOVE when you write something and suddenly it’s gone and you just have to re-write it? *insert sarcasm*
I’ll finish this series by the afternoon u.u and then I think I’ll try to start another request ** (beware cause most of my requests are angst related xD)


anonymous asked:

"fight me, you attractive stranger" wolfstar :) ps I love your writing I cry

ps I love YOU anon no one ever sends wolfstar prompts and it makes me sad because they are my first and probably eternal #1 otp.

So basically this turned into a non-magic, first meeting AU. Also Sirius is non-binary. Ok cool enjoy my beautiful dorks being idiots

(sorry these are taking so long, I have been dealing with a lot of school related shit and yeah. I’m getting to them, promise.)

Remus Lupin does not go to bars. Not for a noble or moral reason, simply because paying to drink fancy American cocktails while surrounded by boisterous Americans was not something Remus Lupin was interested in. To be fair to Americans, he also wasn’t interested in drinking in the pubs that littered London or the tinier pubs scattered around the Welsh coast either. Remus was really only interested in drinking if it was in the company of close friends alone and one of those close friends was paying.

And yet, here he is, standing in an extremely hip (meaning extremely over-priced) gay bar in San Francisco. He is surrounded by strangers, abandoned by his new friends from the university—who favored a quick hook up on the dance floor over him—and sipping a drink that seems to Remus to have far too much fruit in it to be respectable.

Then, there’s a body. It is clumsy and sweaty and being thrown against Remus’s back, forcing him to spill his Raspberry Cosmopolitan all over his front side.

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taylorswift ps: that’s tattoo is mine ;) “To me, FEARLESS is having fears. FEARLESS is having doubts. Lots of them. To me, FEARLESS is living in spite of those things that scare you to death. FEARLESS is falling madly in love again, even though you’ve been hurt before. FEARLESS is walking into your freshmen year of high school at fifteen. FEARLESS is getting back up and fighting for what you want over and over again… even though every time you’ve tried before, you’ve lost. It’s FEARLESS to have faith that someday things will change. FEARLESS is having the courage to say goodbye to someone who only hurts you, even if you can’t breathe without them. I think it’s FEARLESS to fall for your best friend, even though he’s in love with someone else. And when someone apologizes to you enough times for things they’ll never stop doing, I think it’s FEARLESS to stop believing them. It’s FEARLESS to say “you’re NOT sorry”, and walk away. I think loving someone despite what people think is FEARLESS. I think allowing yourself to cry on the bathroom floor is FEARLESS. Letting go is FEARLESS. Then, moving on and being alright…That’sFEARLESS too. But no matter what love throws at you, you have to believe in it. You have to believe in love stories and prince charmings and happily ever after. That’s why I write these songs. Because I think love is FEARLESS.” - Taylor Swift


So! My season 4 Korra cosplay is almost done!!!
My friend is helping me make it because I am mood at sewing.
I giggled a lot and cried a little when I put it on and I have no shame in admitting it because I look fucking fab. I have been dreaming of doing this cosplay since the first time I saw Korra. I AM IRL KORRA, FIGHHT ME. PS sorry for crappy lighting

X-Men: Peter/Reader

Idk if u remember me but i sent an ask about Quicksilver. I have this idea for a oneshot like Peter and y/n “hate” each other (they somehow have to live together, idk) and Erik is mean to Pietro and y/n supports him and tries to make him feel better and Peter realizes that y/n has been there for him, even with the fights and all the bad words they had said to each other and they makeout lol. Sorry if this love-hate idea sucks. Hope you can understand my english x thanks PS: Evan Peters’s Pietro

Author: Queen of Geeks

(Hope you like it!)

Opening the fridge, I was greeted by the lightbulb and half a loaf of bread. I growled (and so did my stomach) and pulled the bread out. Thankfully, there was still some cheese and butter so I could make myself a sandwich. The reason the beloved refrigerator was empty was because of one person: Peter. Despite the fact that there were only five of us in one house, we always ran out of food. Half the time, it’s usually me and Peter since the others had stuff to deal with. That also left me to do the shopping. Honestly, it was amazing the whole mansion wasn’t destroyed or a mess because of him

Once I made myself a sandwich, is at the table in the kitchen table to eat. As I lifted the sandwich to bite into, there was a whoosh and I bit air. Standing near the sink was Peter, the bane of my existence. I stood up.

“That’s my sandwich.” I pointed out.

Peter shrugged his shoulders. “Yeah but you don’t use up that many calories with your powers.”

“Yeah, but I also have nothing else to eat, because you finished everything!” Before Peter could even think of a rebuttal, I threw a force field into his face and used another to catch the sandwich. I trapped him in a larger forcefield as I reclaimed sandwich. Thankfully, he never took a bite out of it.

Once I had finished my sandwich, I smiled at Peter before leaving the room. However, I knew Peter was never too far. I put up another forcefield. There was a heavy thud telling me he had run into it. I ignored him and walked into Charles’ office. He was sitting behind his desk talking to Erik.

“I need to do some shopping. We’re out of food.” I told them. I looked over my shoulder to see Peter.

“Peter, if you’ve finished eating, you can train.” Erik glanced up at his son.

“You can come shopping with me if you’d like.” I offered noticing the harsh tone in Erik’s voice.

“What?” Peter asked.

“Since you obviously run faster than your mind can think, (Y/N) said you can go with them. However, you need to train.” Erik told us. “That’s final.”

I nodded and left the room once Charles told me where the money was. As I left the room, I looked at Peter who avoided looking at me.


I pulled up in front of the mansion and got out the car. In the back seats were bags of groceries that I needed to take inside.  As I carried in a few bags, there was a whoosh and I nearly toppled over. But I was caught. By Peter who was smiling at me. Except it wasn’t a smile of spite.

“I bet I can get more groceries than you!” He told me. I raised my eyebrows.

“Like that’s fair, you have superspeed!”

“Try to keep up.” Peter winked before running out. I ran into the kitchen and dumped the bags on table before running back outside. Peter had managed to get a few more bags and I threw a forcefield in his direction. I saw a flash of white hair as he fell back. Laughing, I ran past with the last few bags. However, they disappeared from my hands and I ended up running into Peter who picked me up.

Our laughs filled the empty space and there were real smiles on our faces. Not the sour ones we would give each other after snarky comments.

There were footsteps and Peter quickly put me down. Our faces were red from laughing and we attempted to compose ourselves as Erik walked towards us. I could feel my hand reach for Peter’s. He held my hand tightly in his.

“I told you to train.” Erik said to his son.

“I did train.” Peter replied.

“Obviously not enough. And here I thought you wouldn’t be a disappointment.”

“Sorry for that.” Peter’s hand left mine as he ran to his room. That mean leaving me with Erik who I avoided looking at. I quickly left the room to return the keys to Charles. As I did, Charles explained that he and Erik would be leaving for a few days for business. I nodded in understanding and went to find Peter who was in the kitchen instead of is room.

“Hey,” I sat next to him at the table. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.” He spat. But then he sighed. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. Erik doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I mean, he’d still be in the Pentagon if it wasn’t for you.” I told him. Peter stayed quiet as if mulling something over in his head.

Finally, he turned to me. There was a soft smile on his face.

“You know, you’re the only one who’s nice to me.”

“You know I care about you, dork.” I nudged him and he chuckled.

“Thanks. For everything.”

“Hey, we have spats, but we’re still good friends.” I put my hand on his and squeezed it. Peter’s eyes were on my lips before going up to my eyes. Then he pressed his lips against mine catching me off guard. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he placed his hands on my back.

“You know, we could throw some parties while everyone’s gone. We’ve got the house to ourselves.” I pointed out to Peter. He smiled and brushed his nose against mine.

“We can work on that later.”

Rick/Beth/Morgan Parallels & Shovels

Okay so I am home sick with the flu for the weekend (too much eggnog) so I figure let me take some DayQuil and re-watch TWD, specifically Season 1 to maybe find some more clues regarding Team Delusional and Beth’s survival. This may be me grasping at straws, hell it could even be the cough medicine speaking, but we have seen time and time again on this show that everything is done for a reason. (And let’s be real here, I think speculation is the best part of watching this show!) We have been paralleling Rick/Beth both waking up in Grady, confused and disoriented as to the conditions they wake up in (The clock, strange environment, separation from their family). But I’m thinking maybe that we should focus on them both waking up from the comas instead of just solely their location (Because we know Beth is in a coma not dead). And why bring back a character that everyone thought was written off the show, not once, but twice? (Morgan) Here is why I personally think that is. Let me start with the Pilot episode of TWD. 

-PS: If any of this has ever been said before, please don’t hesitate to point it out to me! I have a very busy schedule so as much time as I spend on here on my mobile, I have not read everyone’s metas and theories!!


Rick wakes up in a coma at Grady, visibly dehydrated, malnourished, and with a fever that we find out later from Morgan. However he still manages to get himself up and out of the hospital, and takes to the streets. This is the body’s fight or flight response. The human body has incredible mechanisms in staying alive. I plan on doing more research and a meta on this at a later time. Stay tuned! 

Okay so Rick is in bad shape when he comes across Morgan. I think we can all agree if he didn’t receive some kind of medical attention or rest, he would’ve died. He would’ve pushed himself to the limit trying to find his family. If Morgan didn’t take him in when he did, we would not be on the 5th season of TWD. Morgan is important. He brings down his fever, redresses his gunshot wound, feeds him, gives him a place to rest and regroup. But how does he get inside Morgan’s place? Oh yeah, his son smacks him with a shovel. 

Ignore the weird dialogue bubble I don’t even think that is from the show or comics LOL but it’s the only picture I could find. You get my point. Now I am probably totally over-analyzing this but c’mon man, shovels and “digging” seem to be a thing of importance this season. And we’re supposed to parallel Rick and Beth right? RIGHT?

Okay so moving onto Beth. If our theories are accurate, then she will wake up from her coma somewhere. We don’t know where yet but “she’s definitely somewhere.“ Whether they actually bury her, or lay her to rest in a coffin at the funeral home like in my head canon, or WHATEVER. She’s "dead” somewhere. We associate a shovel with a grave. Whether it is below ground or not, it’s her final resting place. Plus we see a shovel in the promo. Although I am not entirely convinced that they are burying her. 

Beth’s Coma VS. Rick’s Coma: Assuming our theories are plausible

  • She wakes up disoriented, dehydrated, malnourished, wounded, and lost. 
  • Like Rick, Beth is going to get up and stumble out of where ever TF leaves her. 
  • Comes across Morgan in almost the exact same condition. 
  • First words from Morgan to Rick: “What’s your wound?”
  • Perhaps he’ll ask Beth the same question?
  • Morgan helps her recover, gives her food, water, maybe he even has a first aid kit on him. He seemed pretty well set up in that neighborhood boobytrap. 
  • They set out on the road, much like Rick did in season 1, off to find his family. 

Morgan & Beth

Okay I think it is very note worthy to point out that Beth and Morgan are very similar in their nature. They are polite, hospitable, instinctually caring, and most importantly, religious. When Morgan takes in Rick off the street, without much regard for his son’s and his own safety, he serves dinner for the 3 of them. He blesses the food before they eat. Now we know Beth embodies everything religious we’ve seen up until this point. Is this a coincidence? Maybe. Many people are religious. But, how far fetched and crazy is it really to say that their paths could be crossing for this reason as well? They are very similar. Internally, and now externally. They are both alone. 

Everything would come full circle if these two meet up with Rick and everyone at the ASZ. This would be a REAL parallel to Rick and surviving his coma. We put too much emphasis on the fact that they both wake up at Grady, but I think we should be focusing on the fact they’re both coma survivors. And MORGAN. He is so so important to this story. Why else bring him back? Why else have him be behind Rick? He is meant to find something, impact the story, twist the fate. This will be the biggest plot twist/paralleling/foreshadowing/full circle story ever told if this is how it plays out. 

I will give the writers, actors, show runners, a standing motha-f*cking ovation if this plays on my TV screen during 5B. It’s brilliant. I believe we have read all the signs, they are there. We have read them and interpreted them. Now we just need to wait. 

And if I’m wrong, we are wrong, then well fuck. Guess we’re just smarter than they are. And I can live with that.

Help me save my newborn kittens' legs!

Posting this to hopefully get some help from a veterinarian on Tumblr, or from anyone who breeds cats or has lot of experience with kittens.

My cat had her first litter last night, and while all 3 babies are healthy looking and eating, two of them came out with twisted legs.

My local vet’s office is closed until Tuesday so I can’t take her and the babies in for a checkup (it’s a small town so no animal emergency hospital). What should I do? I know you have to act fast to save the legs from being permanently damaged, but I’ve never been in this situation before.

One of the kittens has one front leg and one hind leg that are twisted backward, and the other has a stiff, backward-twisting hind leg.

Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated–I just want these little guys to have a fighting chance at a normal life.


Ps* Even if you can’t provide any information yourself, you reblogging this would mean the world to me. 💕