me and pizza

My mom, sister and I went to put flowers on my Papa’s grave today. As we pulled out of the cemetery my mom goes “Tombstone pizza for dinner sound okay?”.

She didn’t even comprehend why my sister and I were laughing and slightly horrified until she thought about it. 😂

bpash89  asked:

why did facebook not tell me it was your birthday? ruuuuuuuude. happy birthday! so... remember when you spent 4 hours at Walmart and we were convinced you were lost or kidnapped? to the point that we had them page you over the store intercom? so... apparently most ppl only do that for lost children and dude asked us how old you were and was very confused and amusing that we were paging an adult because you were legitimately lost...

1. because i somehow set my birthday setting so that only blood relatives, who need no reminding, could tell.  #fixedit

2. it was THREE hours & you & mel are not “most people”.  #blankets #dab #unslicedpizza

3.  i was not lost.  i was trapped.  well…i was kind of lost.  what the hell kind of set up is that?!  it’s been two months & i’m still dizzy just thinking about it.  #dislike


I drew this to beat the CRAP out of my artblock and now I never want to look at it again.


🍋 The mighty Reyes’ test to join the Blackwatch:
If you save the fruit you are with Overwatch… but if you slice it you’re badass enough ahahah

And if you are wondering about the lemon… here’s [part 2]