me and pizza

me: *orders something*
cashier: is that going to complete your order?
me, in my head: theyre charging me for two pizzas, shouldn’t the pizza be buy one get one half off?
social anxiety: if they don’t offer then you can’t get it
me: yes..


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Torchwood Fest, Day 10: Favorite alien or Rivalry

“You know, Ianto, in the word ‘Team’ you have ‘Tea’.”

Hi there! Being 13 years old, I’m very unsure if I’m doing things correctly… So far, this is my best painting and I’m wondering if you have any advice for what I could do to make this better?


Holy shit this is great!

The flower petals look a bit smudged, maybe define them a bit more

Also at the top, where the lines are in the background, looks a bit weird to me? No clue why, but im sure thats just me

-mod pizza