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could you do one with Simon where: - you and he are the best friends - his friend flirting with you and he is jealous - at the end of you and he(Simon) are a couple? thanks and love u <3

He Likes You

„Why?“ You glared at him with raised eyebrows while your lips made a pout.

„Because they’re fuck boys,“ he answered and shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly.

„What’s the perks of being friends with then? “ You said in a playful manner. He rolled his eyes at you and let out a gentle chuckle.

„Oh so that’s what this is? You’re only using me to get VIP tickets?“ He laughed and shook his head at you, acting as if he was disappointed. But he couldn’t fool you, the petite grin on his face gave him away.

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So here we are with another groupie post. It’s surprising that so many people were so shocked about our proof, especially since this stuff has been going around since TMH. Flash forward a year in a half later, and it’s possibly even worse than before. And people STILL don’t believe it. Our last one exploded into something bigger than we ever thought it could possibly be, and we’ve been getting asks for the past 3 weeks arguing against our accusations. “These are photoshopped,” “everything about this blog is fake,” “these still don’t make me believe that there are groupies,” and “who cares that they have groupies or have sex? They are teenage guys.” We have said time and time again that it’s not so much them having sex that bothers us. It’s the amount of sex they have, with the amount of girls, while having a 99% female fan base. These girls- for some reason or another- look up to 5sos and somehow believe this is how they should be treated. Hell, we’ve even gotten asks, asking us for advice on how to be groupies. What a lovely generation where people only aspire to get with semi-famous guys. Stop with the excuse, “they are teenage boys who have sex.” Teenage boys DO NOT have a large female fan base. They don’t have thousands of girls watching their every move. They don’t have thousands of girls aspiring to be the hookups. Now, our last groupies post could have been filled with 50+ pictures of 5sos and the girls that they get with. We didn’t have the time, the energy, or the need to post all of them because we figured that people would see the pictures and understand. They would grasp the concept and they would think differently. But 90% of the people on twitter and on tumblr have continuously erased the “possibility” of them having groupies. There is no possibility. It’s 100%. I truly do not know any more proof that we could show some of you to make you understand. 5sos will NEVER own up to this because 1) it’s embarrassing and 2) it would taint their “image” that their management has tried to conjure up. Has no one noticed when groupie debacles happen and circulate twitter, 5sos come up with the nicest things to tweet or the best selfies to post to direct the attention elsewhere? Their brainwashing mechanisms are uncanny. We are not saying 5sos are terrible people and we are not begging for the fans to stop liking them. Once again, we want the girls who worship them to see a different side. Some fans are obliviously so brainwashed that the pictures of one of the band mates with girls we have used as proof doesn’t phase them. We hope you can take a second look now at the situation and open yourself up to accepting this. They are not the “we love the fans more than anything in the world and we would do anything for them including never sleeping with groupies or giving them everything they could ever want” guys that some people paint them out to be. 

Some of these pictures have no stories with them because they truly speak for themselves. We are on the fence about giving out their twitter usernames because we want to prevent future hate tweets thrown their way. We hope some of these pictures will give you a new light on something most of you have been in the dark about for so long.

Here we start out with Calum and a girl we like to call “P”. I’m sure you guys can find her twitter somehow but we don’t really feel it necessary to share her name. I think she may be one of the most well known groupies out there as well, so it might not be too difficult to find out. She is American, so this was during the US leg of the TMH tour. He was more than willing to take this picture- while she holds a red solo cup which are famous for containing alcohol in them- so he definitely did not care if this got out to the fans. Now, we have found out that she is of age to drink in the US, but he clearly is not. 

This one is too dark to tell which groupie this is, or even where they were location wise (obviously they are in a hotel). He had bright pink hair, so I think the fans can think back to the time he had this hairstyle and come up with possibilities as to where this could have taken place. 

This girl posted this on twitter, saying “Throwing it back to one of the best nights ever. Bring me back summer.” If this was during summer of last year, that means this is from the US leg of the TMH tour (again). It all started during TMH. That's definitely a hotel room. Another casualty brought up after one of the shows.

Calum looks like he just had a long evening with this girl. I’m 95% sure there were fans waiting outside their hotel as well. He most likely just walked by them with his girl, totally ignoring them while going to their next destination.

This one is VERY interesting. We had to include one about Luke to make sure you all knew he wasn’t off the hook for this one. We later found out that this is the same girl that we used on our other groupie post, where Luke is laying on the couch while she is in his arms. We get asked about her A LOT. We don’t know if they keep in touch anymore, but she does show up later in this post. 

This girl hashtagged #ex, obviously meaning they had a relationship before and she was his girlfriend. So she’s just a hookup now? Hm. 

Here we have two actually using the title of a “groupie”, proving that there is such a thing with 5sos. I wonder if 5sos call them that to their faces? 

This was during the TMH tour in the US. He walked past fans, holding her hand and completely ignoring them. They went back up to their hotel room which you see in the next picture. 

This one also speaks for itself. 

I saved this screenshot for last for a reason. This girl- 4 months ago- was indirecting Luke after a fallout. Her top 3 tweets are things I’ve been trying to say all along. They do this stuff behind the scenes, then put their tails between their legs and act like they’ve never done any of it. “Don’t be a little shit and act like you’ve never touched a girl before.” Was this before or after the groupie debacle started blowing up on twitter and all four of them had to do damage control to diffuse the situation? They act like they’ve never done any of this and they would never do any of this. And this is an actual girl who has had something with one of them and she’s calling him out. For someone who has had actual contact with 5sos- and she still calls them out for the shit we do on this blog- just goes to show that she’s not blind to it either. “You look unbelievably dumb when you use your fame to cover up the shit you’ve actually done.” What does she mean by this? Tweeting their fans acting like innocent little boys, telling all of their fans what they want to hear. Fans find out about the groupies, they get angry at 5sos, 5sos sees this, they tweet/post nice tweets and cute pictures. It’s a cycle. It literally happens every time and I don’t see it stopping any time soon. For some reason, they think since they are “famous” that it’s their excuse for their actions. It's amazing that she calls him out on his shit, but since this was from 4 months ago, it’s gotten even worse. And no one has learned their lesson. This is the same girl from a few pictures up. Judging by those pictures, she probably thought they were a couple or that he actually had feelings for her. It looks like she found out about the other girls and all bets were off. 

These pictures have been around for AWHILE. If anything, we are just reposting them for more people to see. This is not new information, we just gave our opinions on them. Again, there could have been 50+ pictures we could have used for this post, but we don’t need that much proof. We want to end this post by informing you that once again we are not making these up and we are not trying to force their fans to stop liking them. Still support their music if it really means that much to you. Watch their interviews if it makes you laugh. But don’t sit behind your computer screen and let these guys force you to believe that they are everything you want in a boyfriend. Do not let yourself get lost in this. We don’t want people to get any more hurt than they already are because we do not see these behaviors stopping anytime soon. They are not going to stop having groupies because fans are mad; because frankly they just don’t care enough. If they really gave a shit, they would have stopped by now. They clearly know that fans are disgustingly angry after finding out.  We found this on twitter and think it fits the situation perfectly: “5sos are so caught up trying to be a rock band like nirvana, blink 182 etc w/ groupies & are forgetting their fanbase is all teenage girls.“ They’re too wrapped up in being the next iconic rock band to take responsibility for their actions and that young girls actually idolize them. So the next time something bad happens with a celebrity, don’t be the type of fan to say, "This is why I love 5sos.” Because chances are, they’re in their hotel rooms with these girls. In a week they’ll get caught once again, then tweet something along the lines of, “Working hard. Love you all, you’re all beautiful. :)” Read between the lines.

Oh, and… groupies mean nothing to them? Is that why they won’t stop getting with them, even after their fans have been upset about it for a year and a half? Or why 5sos continuously chooses them over the fans? 5sos fans tell them to stop, and 5sos keep going. That shows you who means more to them.