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@celestialsara said:  Lucifer prompt. Lucifer/Chloe/Trixie. It’s bring your parent to school day. Trixie schemes to get Lucifer to come. The rest is up to you. “This is my future step dad. He’s the Devil.”

(I swapped in Maze for reasons, but yes)

As he approaches the handsome brown-brick building, on the walk lined with palm trees and thronged with screaming miniature humans who whiz about at exactly the right height to catch an unprepared visitor in the gentleman bits, Lucifer Morningstar performs the sort of “oh goodness gracious how did I get here” panicked mental review normally reserved for waking up in jail, under a bridge, or next to your best friend’s significant other while naked. It is “Bring Your Parent To School Day” at young Beatrice’s educational establishment, and due to a combination of Daniel being called on a last-minute case, the detective being buried under paperwork and pulling the “please do me a favor” face that Lucifer can’t refuse, and Lucifer himself being very keen to get out of the house away from Amenadiel, who is brooding on the unfairness of the wing restoration (Lucifer did not bloody ask for it, believe him), the “parents” Trixie is bringing for the nice wholesome event are the Lord of Hell and his right-hand demon. Maze is clearly enjoying this, blast her.

So, for that matter, is Trixie. She is swinging off their hands, happy as a clam, as they enter the school premises, Lucifer wonders if he can bolt without knocking over too many of the rugrats, and Maze actually waves at one of Trixie’s classmates’ mothers. Not to mention, when Lucifer keeps fidgeting, she swats him. “Hey. You’re supposed to be her dad. Look more like Dan.”

“No thank you.” One time through embracing his inner douche was enough. “And I am obviously not her father, I am – “

At that moment, one of Trixie’s teachers emerges, spots them, and does a double take, as neither of the conniving little minx’s present parental figures resemble the ones who must have attended previous PTA meetings. “Beatrice? Who have you brought with you today, honey?”

“This is Maze,” Trixie informs her. “She’s like my other mom, except she’s a bounty hunter and has a scary face. And this is Lucifer. He’s like my other dad, but sillier. And he’s the Devil.”

This poor woman, who teaches fourth-grade art class and probably bakes cookies on the weekend, blinks hard. “Uh…. where exactly is your mom?”

“She’s at work. But she made Lucifer come, because they’re, you know.” Trixie lowers her voice to a conspiratorial whisper. “Together, like adults. And Maze made him come too. I promise he’ll behave.”

“I beg your pardon, child, I don’t – ”

“Yeah,” Maze says, cracking her gum with a snap. “I’ll make sure he does. For the record, Chloe’s kind of like our shared wife, but honestly, more like my wife, because I’m the one who actually has a clue what I’m doing.”

“You do not, Mazikeen, just because we also used to sleep together doesn’t mean that you – “

“More like you’re still sore that Dan slept with your mom, which I’m sorry, is the funniest thing I have ever – ”

People are starting to turn in the hall and stare.

The fourth-grade art teacher is very clearly out of her depth here. She gets a look which means that this is Los Angeles and they are supportive of untraditional family structures, but that nonetheless she is going to have to ask at the next parent-teacher conference if Trixie is doing well at home. Trixie, for her part, sighs and yanks insistently on Lucifer and Maze’s respective hands. “Guys,” she orders. “Stop arguing. We’re in public.”

(This child is far, far too old for her years. And also far too clever.)

With a “that’ll show you” look on their faces, the Devil Himself and the Chief Torturer of Hell snap their mouths shut, turn around, and follow their shared child meekly into her classroom.

(They are big hits with the kids.)

Bloody theatrics (reader x the outsiders gang)

“”Imagine being BFF’s with ‘the gang’ and the boys coming home after a rumble and you have to patch everyone up but you have to deal with Two-bit’s theatrics.(literal theatrics)


A/N: Sorry about the post missing on some days my twin, Fizz, is super busy with school and other stuff. I cannot promise to pick up the slack but I will try.

Prompt: ‘You know, a normal person would immediately say they were gushing blood. But no, you had to go and bleed all over the place and faint first.’

Warnings: Angst reader, hurt Twobit (hurt bad but not fatal)

You were waiting at the Curtis’s house for the gang to get back from a rumble. You usually went with them but you wanted to stay back and catch up on some homework. ‘I wish they would hurry up’ you thought. 

As if answering your wish you heard someone open the door and in stumble in the gang. They were cut up and bruised when they walked in, you just rolled your eyes and ran to the bathroom to grab the first aid kit. You walk back in the living room where you start to patch up the boys. You were about to start on Steve when you see Two with a book in his hand (twobit with a book unbelievable) he clears his throat and starts to recite Romeo’s final soliloquy. He was walking almost like a drunk (not really unusual tho but this was different he was stumbling and slurring his words and leaving blood wherever he went you noticed this and got up and ran to him but it was to late) and before he could finish ‘Thus with a kiss I die’ he passed out on ‘I’. Darry picks up Two and they rush him to the hospital. 

*Time skip Two’s hospital room*

You were worried about Two, he didn’t have a fatal stab wound but he was still you know stabbed. You were also mad at him for not saying anything sooner, that idiot went upstairs took Pony’s copy of Romeo and Juliet. That idiot even asked Pony what page that soliloquy was on. You were worried and infuriated not really a good combination. Whenever you got like this you became extremely passive aggressive and sarcastic (and sometimes confrontational). 

You were waiting for hours, he finally woke up the next day. You were still a little steamed. You walked in and said “You know, a normal person would immediately say they were gushing blood. But no, you had to go and bleed all over the place and faint first. You’re an idiot.” you say as you face palm. 

He just looked at you and nonchalantly said “At least let me finish before I explain myself. *clears throat* Thus with a kiss I die. *over dramatic death sticks out tongue* okay now I will explain. Well I felt like that would be the perfect opportunity to recite an overly dramatic soliloquy.”

“You mean you had an impulse to do something stupid and you acted on it. Big Surprise.“ Dally said with a hint of sarcasm. You and the gang just laugh (except for Dally he just smirks). You love Two-bit but sometimes you just don’t know what to do with him.

Tattoo ~ Shayne Topp Imagine

“You are completely sure that you want it, right?” I said just outside of the tattoo parlor.

“For the hundredth time yes.” He said opening the door. “I don’t see why it is such a big deal. You have plenty of them.”

“I also am not an actor who doesn’t have to worry about them when going for jobs,” I said showing off all the geometric and flow designs.

“Well, I have had plenty of time to think about it. Plus it is your tattoo person so I that it’ll be good.” He said showing me the drawing. It’s definitely something that would look beautiful.

“Who drew this? I know that you didn’t, no offense.” I asked.

“It was a combination of Mari, Keith and Damien’s idea. Hi here for my 10 o’clock appointment with Markus.” Shayne said to the receptionist.

“UGGAHHH,” Shayne said in his normal screaming voice.

“You are being a big baby,” I said in the chair next to him, holding his hand.

“Rude!” He was bright red and laughing through his pain.

“You are almost done,”I said to him.

“Are you lying?”

“Only a little bit.”


It was a couple more minutes until he was actually done. I do think that it suited him well. But he was definitely in love with it with a number of pictures and how long he was looking at it in the mirror.

 A few days later was when it really was funny with keeping Shayne from scratching at his tattoo.

“You aren’t gonna let it heal properly if you keep scratching it.”

“But how do you keep it from itching?”

“You have to keep the ointment on it at all times.”

“So I have to take my ointment to work?”


“You are helping me hiding the ointment from Noah.”

“You are an actual child,” I said taking the tube from him and placing it in my bag


⚡️Review 1: Jay, Master of Lightning! ⚡️

I’ve been feeling a tiny bit crummy today, so I went with Jay’s tea for a caffeinated pick-me-up!

⚡️Steeping: It doesn’t take that long, just a little over 3 minutes. The sprinkles look super cool as they float around and dissolve!

⚡️Taste: The blueberry is definitely the predominant taste, with more and more of the ginger coming out the farther down you drink the cup. It’s a yummy combination, though the lemon doesn’t really come out like I thought it would. But that’s OK because I’m not super fond of lemon flavored teas in the first place! The sprinkles add a nice sweetness, so I might try it with a little less sugar than normal next time to see just how sweet it is on its own.

⚡️Overall: This is definitely what I needed today! The scent of blueberries this blend has started to cheer me up before even taking a sip! I feel good and energized now. 8/10 would drink again! :D

⚡️Would Recommend Drinking With: funny videos from FailArmy on YouTube!

Nobody Like You

Request: Hi! I just stumbled upon your writings and BOI, DID I FELL IN LOVE. I LOVE EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF YOUR WORK, HOW– *dreamily sigh* Can i request a Jimin scenario where the OC and her friend is in a love triangle which ofc, includes Jimin? The ‘friend’ is really desperate and selfish so she befriended the OC for the sake of getting Jimin in the grasp of her hands.

Originally posted by gotjimin

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Word Count: 2.091

A/N: my last work for this year! I didn’t proof read yet, so hopefully it’s not too bad. I hope you all enjoy this little drama ♥

Giggling you walked out of class into the hallway, clutching onto your books and smiling at your friend Eungi who was holding her hand in front of her face, hiding her smile. 

“Next time we really need to pay more attention in class if we don’t want to fail this our finals”, you laughed and opened the front door, stepping into the cold winter air that immediately hit your bare face.

Eungi waved at you and hid her face behind her scarf, trying to keep away from freezing her face. “This professor is way too boring to actually pay attention. We can all work that up at home and have way more fun like that!”

You laughed and nodded while walking down the sidewalk towards the bus station. Dodging people, Eungi followed behind you, eyes moving up and down nervously. Clearing her throat, she caught up to you and softly grabbed your arm, smiling at you.

“So, are we still having that sleepover tonight? You know, ladies’ night and all?”, her smile was friendly as you two stopped at the bus station.

“Oh I totally forgot”, your eyes went big. “My boyfriend is coming over tonight.”

Apologetically, you looked at her, sniffing a little bit as the cold air hit you in the face and caused your nose starting to run. 

Eungi’s face lit up for a second before it went back to normal. “Oh no that’s totally fine! I mean obviously we can’t do a girl’s night then but maybe something else? Just hang out?”

Confusing spread inside of you. Why would she want to hangout with you and your boyfriend when she didn’t even know him? Isn’t that a little weird? Maybe she just wants to be nice and get to know him as well, now that we’re friends. You know, get to know my friends and I’ll get to know hers. Maybe share some acquaintances and have more things in common. Be able to hang out with the same people and make more memories together. That must be it.

“Uhm- yeah sure! I don’t think he’ll have anything against it”, you smiled. “He always complains that he barely knows any friends of mine anyway, so that’ll be the perfect way to introduce him to you and answer his please.”

Eungi laughed at your words and you giggled with her, feeling at ease. 

When the bus arrived, you squeezed her hand and waved your goodbyes at her. “I’ll text you my address okay? See you around 8!”

“See you later (Y/N), I can’t wait!”, Eungi responded before watching the bus drive away and glancing down at her phone, admiring her lockscreen picture of your boyfriend smiling into the camera.

“I can’t wait”, she whispered as her thumb stroke over her phone and an angelic smile spread on her face.

“Jiminah, stop it. I need to finish cooking”, you giggled as Jimin’s hands creeped their way under your shirt from behind, his fingers gently caressing your sides while his plump lips softly sucked a mark onto your neck, making goosebumps appear on your whole body and low moans escape your lips.

He smirked while running his tongue over your reddened skin. “I’m not keeping you away from that babe. You can do whatever you want.”

His chuckle sent shivers through your spine as you leaned back onto him. “If you keep distracting me like this there won’t be any food for us tonight, you realize that right? We’re having a guest over, so we have to leave a good impression!”, you nagged while stirring the noodles. 

Just as Jimin opened his mouth to answer, the door bell rang. Your eyes went wide as you looked at the clock, realizing it was already 8 and dinner wasn’t ready yet.

“Jimin, I can’t leave, can you please go open the door?”, your voice sounded almost pleading as Jimin placed a quick kiss on your lips, loosing his grip around your waist before his warm fingers left your body completely.

“Of course my princess”, he said while he moved to open the front door.

A sigh left your lips, as you positioned your shirt back to normal and kept stirring the noodles and the sauce in turns.

“Welcome. You must be Eungi, I guess”, Jimin’s happy voice echoed through your apartment and the sound of shoes being placed on the floor, followed by soft giggles, was audible.

“Yes, that’s me. You must be Jimin then”, Eungi’s soft voice spoke melodically, making Jimin giggle slightly.

“The one and only. (Y/N) is still in the kitchen, preparing our dinner. Would you like something to drink?”, he politely offered as he maneuvered her into the living room, right next to the kitchen. 

“Oh hi (Y/N)!”, Eungi exclaimed as she peeked through the hole in the wall that connected your kitchen and living room besides the obvious door. “It smells delicious, I can’t wait to taste what you made for us!”

Her smile was radiant and it immediately made you grin with her as you turned around to face her. “Welcome Eungi! And thank you, it’s really nothing special, just simple pasta”, you laughed and shrugged.

“I love pasta, so don’t worry about it”, she laughed and turned around to Jimin. “And yes, I’d love something to drink.”

“You can sit down if you want, I’ll go prepare some drinks for all of us”, he smiled at her before rejoining you in the kitchen, grabbing everything he needed for the drinks, mixing them like a professional.

“So, how long have you two been dating?”, Eungi asked innocently, standing in the door frame, watching the both of you. 

“It’s going to be two years in March, right jagi?”, Jimin smiled at you and winked, making a soft blush spread onto your cheeks.

“Right”, you laughed, shooting him a smile and shrugging at Eungi who had watched your little interaction cautiously.

“How did you meet then? Wasn’t Jimin already an idol back then?”, her voice sounded more curious now as her eyes monitored Jimin’s figure and a weird feeling started forming in the pit of your stomach but you ignored it.

“Yes, I was actually”, Jimin handed Eungi her drink before taking a sip from his own. 

“But you know, just because you’re an idol doesn’t mean you don’t find ways to meet girls”, he playfully grinned at her before leaving the kitchen and sitting down at the set table, signaling Eungi to do the same.

They kept talking for a while before you joined them with dinner, serving everyone and sat down yourself.

“Enjoy your meal everyone and thank you Eungi for joining us tonight. You’ve been a really great friend to me recently and I don’t know what I’d do without you in class to be honest”, you laughed and both of them joined in as you started eating dinner.

Jimin was sat next to you while Eungi sat in front of both of you. The first thing you noticed was how she’d suck in her spaghetti extra slowly every time she’d make eye contact with your boyfriend. Licking her lips and pursing her lips, seemingly giving some extra effort into eating those noodles. 

Your boyfriend though seemed pretty clueless until the point where she grabbed her straw with her tongue, eyes fixed on him, giving it one strong suck and swallowing deeply, making Jimin choke on his dinner at her boldness, excusing himself to get some water.

“Eungi what the hell do you think you’re doing?”, you asked her, eyebrows furrowed.

“I don’t know what you mean (Y/N)”, she asked innocently, eyes wide and big. 

“Why do you keep eating and drinking as if your about to give someone a blowjob right as a dessert?”, you lowered your voice and leaned a little bit forward.

“Excuse me? I’m definitely not doing any of that”, she exclaimed and got up in shock. “We’re friends, how dare you say something like that to me.”

You raised an eyebrow at her, staying seated in your place. “Oh so you weren’t trying to seduce my boyfriend right in front of my eyes?”, you mockingly asked.

“Of course not! I admit he’s good-looking and all but he’s your boyfriend (Y/N) and I respect that”, she said and stroke her hair behind one ear. 

“Then why are you wearing the most revealing shirt I have ever seen on you? Combined with the shortest skirt in history and your eating skills, it seems pretty obvious to me what you’re trying to do”, your voice was ice cold as you stared up at her.

Her eyes had a dangerous glint in them for a second before they turned back to the normal innocent look. “I just wanted to leave a good impression (Y/N). I would never do something like that to you, I promise.”

“Eungi-”, you started but got cut off as Jimin appeared next to you, placing his hand on your shoulder.

“I think you should head home now Eungi”, he smiled politely at her. “It was nice meeting you though.”

Her eyes filled themselves with small tears as she ignored you but glanced at Jimin, trying to understand what he had just said before grabbing her coat and purse and storming out of your front door, slamming it shut.

Jimin chuckled. “What a girl you have there as your friend…”

Later that night, you two were cuddled up on your couch, enjoying each other’s company, slowly drifting off to sleep as Jimin’s phone stated buzzing.

His hand reached over you, grabbing his phone from the coffee table and unlocking it.

“(Y/N)?”, he asked irritated, loosening his grip on you.

“Mh?”, you hummed back, turning around to face him.

“Did you give Eungi my number?”, his eyes widened as he looked back at his new incoming messages.

You furrowed your eyebrows. “No, why would I? What’s going on?”

“She- uhm- she”, his face was red and he didn’t seem to know what to say so he held his phone out to you, showing you his unlocked screen.

Your jaw dropped at the sight of his new messages from the unknown number but not unknown girl that was showing her body off in this messages directed at your boyfriend.

“She’s sending you nudes?!”, you screamed, shooting up and ripping the phone out of his hand. “Where the hell did she get your number from?”

Your blood was boiling and you immediately clicked on the call button on Jimin’s phone, ready to get some answers.

“(Y/N), maybe you should calm down first before-”, Jimin tried to talk you to sense but stopped as he heard the voice on the other line.

“Do you like the pictures I sent you?”, Eungi sang into the speaker, making your blood rush into your ears, anger spread throughout your whole body, ready to explode.

“No, I don’t like the pictures you are sending to my boyfriend”, you answered sharply. 

“Where the hell did you get his number from?”, you spat, shaking Jimin’s hand off of you, who was trying to calm you down by gently stroking your back.

“Oh (Y/N)”, Eungi sounded disappointed. “You know, you shouldn’t let others use your phone when you have so many valuable contacts on your phone. It’s easy to send them to yourself with one simple click.”

Her voice was still angelic as always but this time you heard the hidden devilish sound behind every single one of her words, the melodic sound that faked friendliness, fooling everyone at first.

“Stay away from him or I’ll fight you”, you growled, whole body tensed up as you ended the call and blocked her number from Jimin’s phone before grabbing your own phone and blocking her there as well.

“Call your manager and tell him to take legal actions if she does anything else”, you gave Jimin his phone back and sat onto his lap, embracing him by his middle, making him chuckle.

“You know, you’re super cute but also extremely hot when you’re jealous”, he whispered into your ear, fingers stroking your bare skin, making you roll your eyes at him and smile.

“Nobody’s supposed to send you pictures like that except for me. I’ll fight anyone who even tries to steal you away from me, so be prepared”, you answered while slightly sitting up and looking at him.

“Don’t worry jagi, no pictures make me go crazy like yours do”, he winked at you and gently kissed your lips. 

“Let me rephrase that - nobody can make me go crazy like you do.”


The Best Fam on Youtube!

Fandom: Valdaya

Author’s Note: This is an AU story where our lovely duo are famous Youtubers. Their jobs are basically the same in that Zendaya makes little sketches and singing and dancing videos. Val does dancing and rap. Okay good? Good. Everything else will be explained as the story goes. Don’t want to give too much away.

P.S. I want this to be a multi-chaptered story so hopefully this first chapter is well received.


Zendaya sets up the tripod in front of her. It was one of those mini ones. She angles the small Canon Powershot G7 X to point straight at her. “Hey are you ready, babe,” she called out.

“Be right there beautiful. Our little nugget’s giving me a hard time.” Zendaya smirked. It seemed that she might have to do this video solo.

“Hurry up! The camera’s all set up!” She heard a groan from down the hall and a high pitched giggle right after. The twenty-three-year-old shook her head. How hard was it to get clothes on? She checked her phone. It was almost time for their usual film time. “If you are not here in three minutes consider yourself cut,” she shouted with finality. 

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some thoughts about sasaki in chapter 41

All from this page:

Firtsly, the most obvious thing: his hair. The lighting is hitting him in such a way that it’s making half of his hair look white, while the rest is colored normally (black with white tips).

I don’t think I need to explain the reference to Kaneki, but this brings me to my next observation: his kagune. Kaneki/Sasaki’s kagune is a rinkaku, meaning its the most malleable and fluid RC type, and he seems to have good control over it when he doesn’t push himself too far. He frequently changes the shape and number of his kagune, sometimes forming many smaller kagune, sometimes combining all of them into one larger kagune, etc. But his kagune in this chapter have a particular look:

They appear messily shaped, not fully formed, compared to his well-formed and well-controlled kagune during his fight with Seidou:

Specifically, Sasaki’s kagune in this chapter reminded me of another rinkaku kagune we’ve seen that was messy, misshapen, and had pieces branching off of it:

Is the piece of white hair and the misshapen kagune a hint of Centipede peaking through?

Because we know Centipede wanted to eat to survive, and to grow stronger, and we also have Naki’s subordinates fearing that Sasaki is going to eat them, and this panel on the same page:

Yamori was associated with a lizard, and in this case, I’m pretty sure this tiny lizard is Naki’s two weak subordinates. But why would Sasaki be a snake?

My first thought was: snakes have many skins, and our protagonist wears many masks and lives many lives.

If anyone else has thoughts on the snake, I’d love to hear them.


Progress and stuff :D

Today I finished shaping the handle/papertowelholderdowel :)
I won’t finish the surface until shortly before I assemble it :)

The dowel has a total length of 335 mm and a diameter of 22 mm :)
The tenon I cut on it has a length of 18 mm (the tip will stay 1 mm proud of the finished base :) 
I won’t cut it flush because I see it as a hidden detail which is why I put a chamfer around the tenon and finished the surface of the end grain quite well :)
Cutting the square tenon on the round dowel would be very easy on a table saw :D
It is not that difficult to make just using a chisel though :D

The way I made it was by first using my marking gauge to mark for the final length of the tenon and to sever the fibers at the transition from the future tenon to the round dowel piece :)
Second step: deepen the knife line I just created using my marking gauge using a chisel.
Third step: I cut a flat surface that is parallel to the length of the dowel and at the right depth (In this case the tenon has 15 mm long sides :)
Fourth step: I made the basic layout on the end grain and on the flat side I just established :)
The layout is very helpful to keep cutting straight and square throughout the process :)
Fifth step: I cut the flat sides of the tenon next to the already established flat side :)
Sixth step: I scribed the lines for the fourth side on the newly cut flat sides of the tenon.
Seventh step: I finished cutting the tenon :D

The layout tools I used were a vernier caliper, a marking gauge (the small Veritas marking gauge is perfect for this task :), a combination square (A normal square would be very cumbersome to use in this case and I would advise everyone to use on for this task :), a pencil to darken the knife lines and a cutter knife :)
I do have a perfectly good marking knife but somehow it can be laying right next to me and I always catch myself reaching for my cutter knifes :|
I don’t know I just really like them for doing layout work…
The green tin can contains oiled a rag for my tools (^-^;)
It is just int he picture because I forgot to take it out… <=I take it with me wherever I do woodworking and it has become kind of invisible if indispensable to me (^-^;)

Next I cut the slots for the wedges :)
I don’t think I need to explain how I made those :D

Making the profile at the handle end of the dowel is a little bit more challenging as the shape needs to be symmetrical (well it doesn’t need to be. I just want it to be symmetrical but basically every shape that is nice to hold on to is fine :)
If you do have access to a lathe this is quite an easy task but here in Hamburg I don’t have access to a lathe so I came up with a way to cut the handle without one :)

I used my combination square to mark the end of the handle with a pencil and the highest point of the profile at the end of the handle (don’t use a marking gauge as the cut line will make it necessary to cut away more wood to clean up the finished work ;)
I used my marking gauge to mark for the deepest points of the profile and to establish a cut somewhere between the deepest and highest point of the profile :)
Then I deepened the knife line to give the teeth of my saw a wall to rest against while I cut slightly shy of the final depth of the profile. To make sure I don’t cut too deep I used a piece of wood as a depth stop on my saw :)

Using a chisel I established the rough outline of the slope and chamfered the end of the profile as well as the end of the handle :)
The whole operation is basically like connecting the dots on a chart :D

To finish the rough profile I use my sculptors rasps :)
These are awesome they leave a nice finish and work very well :3
To remove the last few edges I used a combination of a carving knife and various needle files :)

I like the final profile a lot more than the one I did on mine but I couldn’t bring myself to spend so much time for a project that is for my personal use (^-^;)
This paper towel holder is for my long time penpal in Japan who told me she like mine so much she wanted one for herself :D
So now I’m doing my very best to make the best paper towel holder I can possibly make (^-^)

Next I need to work on the base :)
As you can see in the first photo I already selected cut out the pieces I want to use :)
They will have a final length of 160 by 40 by 17 mm :)
This in combination with the 18 mm long tenon will leave the tip of the tenon to stick out 1 mm from the bottom surface of the base. The reason I chose to make it in that way and not to trim it flush is that once it is trimmed flush it won’t stay flush over time as the wood moves and since it won’t  make contact with the working surface or water it doesn’t need to be even higher.
So I decided to embrace it and to use it as a design point that remains hidden for most of the time :)

The last photo shows my Sunday meal :3
Breaded Spam Musubi :3
I was skeptical when I made Spam Musubi for the first time this weekend as I dislike Spam (too salty {{{(゚Д゚;)}}} but it turns out that the combination of sour rice (Sushi rice (The Su in Sushi means vinegar ;)), Nori and fried Spam tasted quite good :3
Since I had some Spam left over from my first attempt on Saturday, because I wanted something different on Sunday and because I like breaded things I decided to coat the Spam in breadcrumbs and make breaded Spam Musubi ((((((((((っ・ω・)っ
They were delicious ॱ॰⋆(˶ॢ‾᷄﹃‾᷅˵ॢ)ӵᵘᵐᵐᵞ♡♡♡
I can highly recommend doing this (o^-^o)b

I’m feeling very well again (^-^)b 
This weekend I went to the Alstervergnügen which is a free festival in Hamburg :)
It was very nice and I enjoyed spending some time with friends :)
Although I felt a little lonely because most of them were couples and the one guy having now girlfriend/wife just broke up and is fed up with girls from a certain country I like very much (^-^;)

Anyway I need to work on my applications now ((((((((((っ・ω・)っ
I hope I can find work in Japan and maybe find a girlfriend :)
My Japanesey hobbies and interests make this kind of difficult around here…

I’m not unhappy though ;)

I wish everyone a great new week with sweet dreams success with your projects and that you don’t feel lonely (^-^)/

“Carmilla, you need to talk to your daughter”

Carmilla sighed, looking over the top of the newspaper at her stressed out wife and their daughter who was smiling sheepishly, uh oh.

“You’re only my daughter when you’ve done something bad, so spill it, Izzy”

Isabelle was eight years old and the perfect combination of Laura and Carmilla, but with inheriting their good qualities she’d inherited the bad, which included a fiery temperament.

Isabelle sighed and flopped down on to the couch next to Carmilla, normally she’d instantly be pulled in for a kiss whether she wanted it or not, but right now she was in her moms bad books and Carmilla’s look meant business.

“It wasn’t my fault” She mumbled, Carmilla raised an eyebrow.

“Iz, I don’t care if it was your fault or not, Mom’s upset so you need to tell me what’s happened”

“This boy in my class was saying mean things”


“He pushed my friend Isaac down in the dirt”

“That wasn’t nice, did you tell your teacher?”

“I know! I did but Mike, the bully, decided to push him again”


“So I mighthavetoldhimoffandpunchedhimafterhestartedsayingthingsaboutmetoo” Isabelle babbled, refusing to make eye contact.

Laura re-entered the room from the kitchen, coffee for the adults and juice for their daughter.

“You’re not getting out of this, madam. Tell Mama again”

Isabelle sighed, dramatically hitting her head against the fabric of the couch.

“I punched him”

“You punched him? Iz, you know you’re not meant to lash out”

“I know but, but he called me a freak and said you two were dykes!”

Carmilla looked to Laura, who’s eyes were currently popping out of her head.

“You never told me that part!”

“Because you were yelling at me!”

Laura sighed, pressing her fingers against her temples. It had been a really stressful day at work, she’d not gotten the whole story and had obviously been hasty after having to meet with Isabelle’s teacher about the incident.

“C'mere, Iz” Laura said, opening her arms to her daughter who slowly went to her, hugging back.

“I didn’t mean to hurt him, he was just being so mean”

Carmilla joined the hug, rubbing both of their backs.

“You’re not dykes, you’re my moms” Isabelle sniffed, the women looked to each other, their hearts aching.

“Oh baby, you know that, but a lot of other people don’t understand that we love each other. That word is used by ignorant people looking to use hurtful names” Carmilla told her gently.

“Maybe Mike said it because his dad says it, he doesn’t have a mommy”

“Maybe, Iz, maybe” Laura wiped a tear from Isabelle’s face. “I’m sorry I yelled at you, babygirl, can you forgive me?”

Isabelle smiled widely.

“Of course! Am I forgiven too?”

Carmilla tried not to smirk, she knew when their daughter was trying to escape punishment, though this time she was actually on board with it given the circumstances.

“Yes, but only if you promise to try your best to control your temper” Isabelle was nodding profusely.

“I promise”

“Because I really don’t wanna have to pull you from Krav Maga”

More hugs and kisses were shared and then Isabelle ran off to play before dinner.

“How bad did she get him?” Carmilla asked, finally able to pry.

“I don’t think that’s important..” Laura took a quick sip of her coffee, Carmilla watched her and grinned in realization.


“Stop looking at me like that”

“Like what?”

“All smug”

Carmilla laughed, leaning over to kiss her wife before reaching for her own drink.

“Hey Iz, ice cream for dessert sound good?” She yelled up the stairs getting an excited yes please in return.

Laura raised an eyebrow.

“She gets ice cream?”

“She punched him in the throat, didn’t she?”

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“Call in sick,” she says, and it feels like a warning but he kisses her cheek and tells her that he’ll bring some of the extra baked goods home for dinner. And as he walks to the little coffee shop in the corner, he can’t help but whistle softly to himself. He slides on his aporn, smiles at Kris behind the register, and starts making the next drink on the order list.

“Two carmel lattes and a black coffee, to go?” And then he stills, seeing the man on the other side of the counter.