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justsowhoreable  asked:

I'm a vegetarian and I've considered being a vegan for a while now. I feel it would be a lot better for the animals, my environment, and even my own health. However, I've only just turned 16 and that would mean asking my parents to pay even more money to go even more out of the way of their normal eating habits. I'm not sure how to go about this, since so many things I eat include dairy products. Do you have advice as far as grocery shopping, meal planning, recipes, etc.?

Hi there justsowhoreable ! I’m working on an ebook that will cover all those topics since those are very common questions and pretty much they involve a lot of info, so I’m working on it! But I do have some resources that you can check as a starting point! :)

I hope this can help you somehow! And I hope to have my ebook finished soon!!