me and my terrible life choices

“Someone should remind me why I am even here. I am not sure it was even worth the suitcase struggle.” Lyla muttered to herself as she held a cup of tea in her hands. She still hated these cameras even years later. It made her hands shake a bit. “You think these cameras would follow me if I went to get some greasy fast food and contemplated my terrible life choices??

Kunikida and chuuya talk
  • Chuuya: so what's it like...being partners with dazai..these days?
  • Kunikida: other than being terrible and making me regret my life choices?
  • Chuuya: *has a knowing look*
  • Chuuya: *hugs kunikida* it's okay. You aren't suffering alone
  • Chuuya and kunikida: *crying together*
  • Dazai: ...

I wish I had the ensemble that A.Ham has behind him to yell at me when I’m about to make terrible life choices.

I, like A.Ham, wouldn’t actually listen to them, and would still end up making said terrible life choices. But it would be comforting to know they’re there.


I mean… nothing can replace the Bee Movie Game

But I bought a whole bunch of terrible $1 games. 5k notes and put in the tags which game you’d like to see me play next? ;)

Vampireville, Vampire!Snow White, Train Simulator, Ski World Simulator, or FBI are the choices.

My relationship with my problematic faves
  • Me: omg yes he's a terrible person I do not approve of any of his life choices he's an asshole 0/10 would NOT recommend he deserves every bad thing in the world he's absolutely terrible in fact i would personally murder him myself if i could
  • anybody else: *says the exact same thing*
  • me: excuse me bitch
Momma, Momma

Momma, momma, can’t you see
What this life has done to me?
Stripped away my hopes and dreams…
And replaced it with agony.
Momma, momma, don’t you know
We all reap what others sew?
We all grow weak, all grow cold…
We all get tired, all get old.
Momma, momma, can’t you tell
That this world’s a living Hell?
Wish us luck and wish us well…
It’s your choice, your soul to sell.

YOI not!fic: White Collar/Mr & Mrs Smith fusion AU

Okay so I am already suspecting this may be a terrible idea, but whatever, I have a lifetime subscription to the poor life choices club and those terrible people known as my friends egged me on, SO.

Background: I’ve been doing not!fics for YOI off the cuff in chats for the lols because I enjoy coming up with the plot for elaborate AUs without the effort of actually writing them. (I am mostly too lazy to actually write them, especially when I should theoretically be writing something else.) @of-sevenseas put in a specific request for a Mr & Mrs Smith AU to distract her from spoilers before she could watch episode 11.

I maybe went all out. It sort of turned into a White Collar fusion along the way. BUT THAT IS OKAY.

So without further ado: I give you a ridiculous thief!Victor x Interpol!Yuuri not!fic. (Still in chat form FYI.)

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i realized a thing about myself today…

this year for my birthday i’m taking a mini road trip to toronto (it’s about a four hour drive) all by myself to go see some van gogh paintings. and what i realized is that i chose to go alone so that it was my choice to be alone.

it’s taken me almost an entire year to get over the bitterness of my birthday being so terrible last year. i cried the entire day and really felt like i was left alone on purpose. so i decided i didn’t want that to happen this year, so i guess i made the choice to go on my own so that no one could leave me first.

which like, might’ve been fine if i hadn’t realized all of this and have already made myself feel sad about Deciding to be alone on my birthday when there are actually people in my life i could be spending it with this year.

idk, it’s a mix of feelings and i overthink everything.

i’m really excited about the little trip, and getting away, and going to toronto, and going to an art gallery i’ve never been to before! all of these things are good things!  

update on my eng final part 1

I GOT A 56/60 but the 40 points is next week and is multiple choice. This was just an essay. I’m glad I did well!


  • me: you're gonna kidnap me aren't you?
  • phil: probably but eh could be worse.
  • me: as long as i have food, an internet access and 8 blankets i don't really care.
  • phil: there will be cats too.
  • me: but i want a dog.
  • phil: ugh, so demanding.
  • me: you're the one who decided to kidnap me now you gotta live with your terrible life choices.
Terrible things

So, Shutterfly sent me a $20-off coupon due to a recent email mixup, which is cool, but the only project I’ve done on Shutterfly recently is the RDJ Advises book, which means that the most recent photos uploaded to my account are all photos of Chris Evans being beautiful, Sebastian Stan looking moody, and RDJ in terrible clothing.

Which means all their “example” ads on the Shutterfly page, where they show me what my photos could look like on plaques or mugs or blankets, feature a combination of these images.

Let me tell you guys I am having a really awful day and a combination of my own dumbassery and Shutterfly’s photo algorithms has saved it.

I just.

This is literally the only good thing about today



“That went… terrible” you said as you say down on the couch on your shares apartment.

“It wasn’t that bad” Jason replied but you have him a ‘seriously’ look. (Gif 2)

“They hated me!” You exclaimed. You had seen the way Mr DiLaurentis looked at you and it wasn’t exactly friendly. (Gif 1)

“So what if they did? I’m an adult and o can make my own choices. I love you and I want to be with you and if my parents can’t see that I don’t care! They’ve ruined many things in my life but I won’t let them ruin us!” (Gif 3)

Planned Parenthood

So the fact is, is that planned parenthood is more than likely going to be defunded. Because the House and the Senate are filled with republicans who think that all they do is kill babies and nothing else. I’ve been to a planned parenthood, I’ve done my research, and when I was younger I was a firm opposer of planned parenthood because all I thought that all they did was killed babes. But I’ve changed and did my research and I have been a very big supporter. They have done a lot for woman’s health care they have done alot for STD testing and treatment, for birth control, and other health care services other than just abortions. I think that every child should be given a life, but its your body your going to do whatever you want to it, its your choice. But what bothers me is that many people think that this is a good thing. Its not, it is a terrible day in our health care system millions and millions of people are about to lose their health care. Its flu season and there are many people that are getting sick and the fact that within a few months a lot of people may not get to go to the doctor for a simple shop. A lot of people may lose their jobs, but thank God that republicans took away the baby killers. While their is another woman who is worried about having something wrong with her that she cant go and get it looked at.