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4 times Bellamy was just Abby’s patient + 1 time he was family // Read on AO3

Written for @bellamyblake who asked for Abby totally mom-ing Bellamy after 3x02.

Beta’d by @writingaloveaffair to whom I own my life to, basically.


The first time Bellamy Blake came to see her, he was ten and angry and bleeding. He’d gotten into a fight with three fourteen year olds, and while he’d done impressive damage to them for a scrawny preteen, he still got the worse of it.

“This will require stitches,” she told him as she daintily dabbed the cut above his lip with antiseptic. One of his eyes was swollen shut, his nose was broken and he had a hairline fracture on his left cheekbone.

He remained sullenly silent under her care, refusing painkillers when she offered them. Everyone had  heard what the reason for the fight was and despite the gross recklessness he’d shown, Abby couldn’t help but respect him for standing up for his mother even with the odds significantly against him.

His eyes brimmed with tears he wouldn’t let flow as she set the stitches, eight in total and close together, but he didn’t cry or whine. The stubbornly proud look on his face made it clear to her that he wouldn’t accept any sympathy so Abby didn’t offer any.

But she did pull up his records later that day. All the boys passed through the infirmary and as the on-call doctor, it was part of her job to write a report for the Justice Administration office to decide if disciplinary measures needed to be taken. Violent behavior was never tolerated on the Ark.

Bellamy Blake was a dedicated student. His teachers’ evaluations described him fondly. Math and science were not his strongest suits, but his grades were still well above average. He excelled at History and English and he displayed outstanding leadership qualities far beyond anyone else on his class. His record was flagged by the Guard, meaning they had an interest in him as a potential recruit.

The boys he fought, on the other hand, were unremarkable students with no prospects to be recruited and a history of progressively escalating violent behavior.

Abby wrote her report, made a recommendation for the three boys to be brought on charges, left an exemplary review on Bellamy’s file and promptly put the whole ordeal out of her mind.


Years later, that review came back to demand her attention. She had a seat on the Council then and they were discussing prospective candidates to be admitted into the Guard flanks.

“You know him personally?” Marcus asked her as she perused the file and re-read her review.

“Not really but he made an impression,” she said without lifting her eyes from the tablet. Bellamy Blake had the necessary grades and letters of recommendation from two separate Guard officials. His admittance would’ve been in the bag, if his home situation were different.

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