me and my sister has the same face

thunder - zach dempsey

requested: yes

word count: 1.224

warnings: i swear once, besides that there are symptoms of anxiety in here

plot: zach helps you go through a storm, trying his best to make you feel comfortable and to be there for you

a/n: i can’t believe how much zach content i’m posting but i live for it. anyway i hope this is true to the request. also i listened to this & this while writing idk maybe it creates an ambiance for y’all

Zach was driving you home when the storm broke.

One minute the two of you were joking around as his music blasted from the speakers and wind blew messing up your hairstyles. Then, quick drops of water began falling from the sky, causing Zach to immediately put the convertible’s hardtop on.

You grew quiet as you took in the sight of the darkened sky and the raindrops hitting the windshield.

Zach took notice of your sudden mood change and turned the music volume down. “Everything okay?” He asked, shifting his gaze from the road for a few seconds to look at you.

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A Cryptid in my Neighborhood????

Hey there you guys. So something a little weird happened this morning, and I’ve been aching to tell someone.

So I wait at the bus stop with my sister every morning. Everything’s been normal up until around last week, when the weather started getting warmer. I started to notice that at 7 AM, every morning, I would look down the street and a cat would make its way quickly from behind a house, trot across the street and keep on going into another yard. Same path every time.

So I lean over to my sister and I say all hushed, “Same cat every morning. Same time. Isn’t that weird?” And I look back over to the Cat.

It has halted its daily regiment to stop dead and turn its head towards me.

The Cat does not move.

I cannot see its face.

I’m not sure if it was just the light. I’m not sure if it was turned the other way. I knew I could feel it looking at me though I could see no eyes.

I turn to my sister, getting kind of nervous, and I say, “Is it looking at me?” My sister shrugs. I look back and The Cat is crossing my lawn. It’s crossing my neighbor’s lawn.

I think something’s going on. Was It drawn out because of the heat? Where is It going? Can It hear me? For reference, I drew out what I saw.

I think something’s going on in my little town. I think I’m gonna call this series “Cryptids of Coalition County”. I’ll report any new findings to you as soon as I can. We can call The Cat specimen number one.

Thank you for reading, my dear friend. I’ll hope you’ll join me in my journey. That is, if I have much time left. Do I already know too much?

How it actually went down
  • <p> <b>Jon:</b> Sansa it's okay you can tell me anything, I'm your brother<p/><b>Sansa:</b> well my life in Kings Landing was pretty bad, the Vale was pretty bad and Ramsey was pretty bad<p/><b>Jon:</b> was any of it good? Come on I just died, try to be positive<p/><b>Sansa:</b> Well... marrying Tyrion was the highlight of all of it, I lived with him and everything, he was the best<p/><b>Sansa:</b> And he took no crap from anybody<p/><b>Sansa:</b> And he handled King's Landing finances like a boss<p/><b>Jon:</b> Soooo I take it you want to talk about Tyrion Lannister while we braid each other's hair? Fine, but only because you're my sister<p/><b>Sansa:</b> oh good well it all started out when he slapped Joffrey....<p/><b></b> *Ten hours and one badass Jon Snow ponytail later*<p/><b>Sansa:</b> And he stood up to his father and Cersei for me and he was the strategist in the battle of Blackwater and he used to get me lemon cakes every morning<p/><b>Jon:</b> Sansa it's been TEN HOURS! I've got to pee sometime<p/><b></b> *Time break*<p/><b>Tyrion:</b> So Sansa? She okay? I mean not that I care but she's good now right? Not dead or stabbed or assassinated by anybody.<p/><b>Jon:</b> oh seven not another one! Yeah she's okay<p/><b>Tyrion:</b> ....<p/><b>Jon:</b> ...<p/><b>Tyrion:</b> is that all?? Come on Jon Snow! She's Sansa, she's the greatest ever<p/><b>Jon:</b> let me guess, you want to talk about my sister while we sit down and do the male version of braiding each other's hair<p/><b>Tyrion:</b> Drinking, here we call that drinking<p/><b>Jon*tired*:</b> fine go ahead, it's not like I've got anything else to do for the next ten hours<p/><b>Tyrion:</b> cool, so everything started when she smiled at the common folk, and let me tell you, Sansa has a great smile<p/><b></b> *Ten hours and a barrel of Dornish wine later*<p/><b>Tyrion:</b> And she just stood there and didn't cry, defiant to the bone, looked at Cersei in the eye and didn't spit on her, Sansa's restraint, that poise, that elegance, like a self righteous goddess of Im-better-than-you it was glorious<p/><b>Jon:</b> really needed to get that off your chest didn't you?<p/><b>Tyrion:</b> well yeah, you think anyone here wants to hear me talk about Sansa? who Varys? Missandei? Danny? Face it Jon Snow you're all I've got<p/><b>Jon:</b> My sister implied the same thing<p/><b>Tyrion:</b> So she talks about me...?<p/><b>Jon:</b> oh no, no, no, no I am not falling for that, if you want to talk to my sister, send her a Raven like normal people, I am not going to get stuck in the middle of your non-consumated-marital issues, JON SNOW OUT<p/><b></b> *angrily marches away from non-brother-law*<p/></p>
🌹 How I met ana 🌹

I am not pro-ana but I am not judgemental.
I’ve been there, I’ve restricted and restricted until
I was counting calories in gum and mints. I’ve watched my body transform from a vessel of life to a skeletal shadow of death.

My body has burned with unquenchable thirst.
Not for water, Lord knows I drank more water in a week than most people drink in a month.. A thirst for beauty. A thirst for society’s acceptance, a thirst for a love that I believed only a skinny girl could afford.

I was one of 5 sister’s. All of which stood under 5'3 with dainty bone structures and size 0 privledge.
I was 5'6 with a large frame and 40 pounds I could stand to lose. Yes, I was the “fat sister”.. My existence was overshadowed by the compliments I was in ear shot of but never received.

I was raised in a strict Christian family that tossed stones in glass houses for fun. I was the target of jokes that revolved around my weight and referenced beached whales, great white whales and the Pillsbury dough boy. I would break down crying on occasion and was met with a less than sympathetic, “oh, grow thicker skin honey.”

I was 19 when I met someone who I trusted. soon my first son was born and I was encouraged not to be so critical of myself. I was told that I was beautiful, intelligent, an amazing mother and that I had nothing and no one to worry about. 3 years down the road I finally listened, I was 60 pounds over weight but I had so many qualities that made the number on the scale irrelevant to me.

I wasn’t perfect but that was perfectly okay. 🌹

And then my world was turned upside down..

01/06/14: my dad wakes up in a panic, he can’t breathe. The police are called, paramedics swarm the house, he’s placed on oxygen and transferred to the hospital. He’s going to be okay, he just needs oxygen, antibiotics and rest.

01/07/14: we get a call, he’s being sedated into a medical coma. His lungs are 98% compromised, it’s bilateral pneumonia, it’s not good. He’s stabilized and rushed to a more advanced hospital 2 hours away, he’s placed on ecmo.

01/20/17: he’s been sedated for 14 days, his last words are on repeat in my head as I attempt to sleep for the first time in days. He’s pleading for water in his semi-concious state but the doctors won’t allow him to have so much as a wet sponge. Suddenly, a cellphone rings out in the dark. It’s the doctors, we need to get to the ICCU asap. He’s bleeding internally and his oxygen levels are plummeting, he’s dying. There’s nothing that can be done so we’re forced to let him go.

Cue water obsession. I’ve carried water with me since his death, the only thing that can stop my crippling anxiety attacks is chugging water. It never made sense, but it worked.

3 months later, my relationship has deteriorated. My nearly two year old son still crawls into the living room and stares at papa’s recliner before walking up to it and saying “pah, pah, pah.” He still points at the picture of my dad on the dining room wall when we’re at the dinner table and smiles.. I wish I could be so young and innocent. I wish I could face tragedy with a smile.

Fast forward 3 days, I’ve just found out that my fiance, the same person who would tell me not to be so unsure, the same person who would reassure me that I had every reason to be confident in him has revealed that he has been having an affair with my younger sister for over a year.

I’m destroyed but I can’t muster a tear. I’d spent the last three months crying from the moment I woke up to the moment i went to sleep. I was numb. I’ve just lost the only two people who ever had faith in me. One to an untimely death due to a virus mutation that is still being investigated by the CDC and the other to my sister.

“It’s because she was skinny.” I rationalized, “It’s because I haven’t lost the baby weight.” I insisted that it was my fault for not being as visually pleasing as I could have been.

That’s when I met ana.

From that day on and spanning the coarse of two years I restricted, I turned pain into willpower and lost 90 pounds within the first 8 months, Leaving me at 125 pounds. I had done it, I had forced my body into society’s mold. I was the “skinny sister” people made comments like, “you better hold on or you’re going to blow away!” And, “I wish I could look like you! How do you do it?” Oh, and my personal favorite..

“I wish I could eat whatever I wanted without gaining weight.” With a passive aggressive tone in her voice, or maybe it was jealousy?

You’re right, I do eat whatever I want. I come home to a refrigerator with a couple meals worth of tomatoes, cucumbers, celery and carrots. I have a couple frozen chicken breasts and a container of ice for eating when I’m on a water fast and I want texture.

While I’m curled up in bed, clutching a water bottle and diverting my focus from the nauseating hunger pain with calorie calculations, you’re sitting around the bar with friends, sharing small talk, laughter and appetizers.

While I’m standing in the same isle for 15 minutes with my anxious fingers pacing nutrition labels, you’re tossing items into your cart without so much as a glance. You’re running into friends and co-workers, you’re sharing small talk and your collective frustration over shopping last minute on the tax free weekend.

You have a life and a social circle, I have a bottle of water and a Tumblr account. Don’t envy me.

You see, Ana lures you into her trap with the intention to strip you of your better judgment and blind you with dysmorphia. She sets goals that are attainable only to congratulate your success with another set of goals, only this time they’re less attainable. Ana will never be satisfied with you. Your body will forever be a work in progress, not the work of art she promised. I am now in complete recovery, I have been for two years. I found out I was expecting and I had to learn to love my body just as much as the life within. I’m now embarking on a weightloss journey, a healthy One! I began with calorie restriction to shrink my stomach over the coarse of a week and due to my sedentary occupation I am now eating between 800 and 1,200 calories a day. Fruits, veggies and lean meat. I’m using the power of ketosis instead of the power of starvation and I’m happy to say that I’m seeing the same results as I did two years ago but I’m not experiencing the lethargy, fainting spells and fatigue. I know that it is scary to see food as your friend as opposed to your enemy but it’s well worth a try. Thank you for reading and as always, stay safe! ♥


Sebastian Stan x Fanfiction

Warnings: Smut, Language

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“Their lips brushed like young wildflowers in the wind.”

My mother stood behind me tying and untying a belt around my waist for five consecutive minutes now. I had been trying on dresses for a good half of the evening. After the eleventh dress she made me try on I decided not to detest it anymore. I wasn’t going to interrupt her with my subjective opinions and mild critiques. Even though I didn’t care about what pattern or color best suited me I knew she did. Plus all of this was for her birthday party for tomorrow night so I let her have her way. Besides my mind was elsewhere.

“I think it looks so much better without it. What do you think?” My mother said as she stood back to get a better view of the dress I already had on. Considering my perspective since I was not standing in front of a full length mirror or any mirror for that matter. When I looked down I noticed the dress fell all the way down to my feet covering them completely. The light weight sheer fabric draped around me like waterfalls. I wasn’t too keen on the color it was a reminiscent of blush colored pink roses. An as for the straps I continuously pulled them up further to my shoulders, the V neck cut was far too low.

“Caroline?” She called for my attention again. I snapped out of my inner monologue and told her how I felt about the dress.

“It’s perfect.” I smiled to try and make it more convincing but I didn’t want to overdo my false affections.

“I knew this would be the one!” She grabbed ahold of my waist cinching it in tighter around me. I looked onward returning my gaze back out of the window. I couldn’t stop thinking about what just happened not long ago. Even if I tried I couldn’t get the images of him out of my head and the sensation from feeling him everywhere still hasn’t expired. For some reason tonight it felt like I was looking at a completely different garden.

Outside the sun had already set leaving the sky cloudless. Quickly almost like a time lapse it grew darker. Automatically the lights out back turned on. The tiny little lights along the lavender filled walkway illuminated the stepping stones, that we hazily stumbled upon last night. Our laughter could quite possibly be heard indoors. Even though we thought we were no louder than a whisper. The two of us tried to keep our barefooted feet off of the wet manicured grass. How we ended up out of our shoes is still a mystery to me. I just know for a fact I have a tiny cut on the back of my ankle from scraping it when he kept me balanced on his shoulders when I was trying to pick a lemon from the lemon trees above our heads. I’m pretty sure I would have landed in a row of sculpted hedges if he hadn’t of caught me in time.

“Last night was certainly something else!” I could hear my mother’s voice but I couldn’t identify where it was coming from. I turned my view away from the window almost a little weary of what she was referring to exactly. Once she stepped back into her bedroom from the hallway I stood still in the center of the floor looking puzzled.

“The wine tasting that was hosted here.” She said, refreshing my memory of how my rendezvous initiated. I stayed motionless as I watched her hang clothes back into her closet before she pointed out I had been smiling to myself off and on all night.

“So are you going to tell me what the F word happened last night or am I going to have to guess?” She smirked.

“No way! Besides I did nothing you wouldn’t have done.” I said to her taking both hands behind my back to unzip myself out of the dress. I walked into the bathroom where my jeans and top was lying on the bathroom floor.

I picked up my blouse with ease holding it between the palm of my hands like it was a found treasure. My fingers felt around for the tiny hole punctured at the top from when it ripped against a nestle of thorns. He stood in front of me when he noticed it first. He placed his hand above my shoulder and over the hole between the fabric he smoothed over my skin with his thumb. I remember finding his touch satisfyingly calming. I wanted to have that same feeling replicated all over my body. Without giving it much thought I crossed my arms reaching for the hem of my top and pulled it over my head. Our eyes fixated on one another, both not wanting to turn away and stop what we knew we started. Though the look in his eyes watched me carefully almost cautious of himself.

I stepped into my blue jeans and reached for my black hoodie that hung over the towel bar in the bathroom deciding to throw that on instead. Looking back at my reflection into the mirror that hung above the sink I rubbed my hand across my neck feeling that my necklace was no longer there. My tiny gold crescent moon necklace that I hardly ever remove was gone. Last time I remember wearing it was when I was down to my bra and jeans. When I removed my shirt the chain to my necklace somehow got entangled with the strap of my bra. Somewhere in between him helping me loosen it up so that I wouldn’t break the chain we started gradually moving closer. Everything happened so fast, it was like an anticipated thrill.

I quickly leaned forward kissing him first. I moved at the pace of a heartbeat because I was purely acting on impulsive desires. We hadn’t known each other for more than few hours and I didn’t even know his name nor did I give him mine. For two torrid strangers we kissed and moved though as if we’ve done this a hundred times or more. He tangled me in his arms pressing his hands against my lower back as I kissed along the nape of his neck while blindly trying to remove his shirt. Once I was successfully able to take it off completely. He grabbed me by the waist and twisted me around. I was no longer facing him at this point. I could feel that his breathing had halted. Using my senses I could feel him sliding his finger at the clasp of my bra, tugging it apart with just one pull. I braced myself leaning further back into him. I wriggled my arms out of it letting it fall to the ground. He kissed the top of my shoulder slowly bringing his lips further down my back. I could feel his teeth gently nip at certain areas on the lower parts of my back. While his hands stayed firmly pressed against my chest.

“Your sister is suppose to be back by now ,I’m starved!” Mom said.

“Brooklyn is here?” I asked briskly. Catching myself in a daydream. I walked out of the bathroom feeling around for the light switch, still holding on to the memory.

“Oh yeah she got in sometime yesterday!” She exclaimed. “Your paths haven’t crossed yet?” The look on her face was questionable.

“She didn’t mention she was coming yesterday. I thought she would be here today.” I told her.

“Well she’s in fact here and she’s brought a date. Handsome young man you must meet him.” My mother said as she gave her promising look of approval.

“Is this that same guy she’s been talking about non stop?” I sat at the edge of her bed gripping onto the tall wooden bedpost, pressing my cheek against it.

“That’s the one! ” She closed the door to her closet. Her eyebrows were furrowed together like she was unsure of a name.

“Well I can’t wait to meet him. The way Brooklyn kept him hidden I almost didn’t think he even existed.”

“Nor did I.” She winked over at me as we both broke out into laughter.

Downstairs simultaneously we both heard a chiming noise that indicated the front door was being opened. Mom adverted her attention towards the opening in the hallway. “They must be back.” She said before walking down the hall to go downstairs. I got up as well excitably following behind her. Despite my mother mentioning to me earlier that she was already here, she must’ve been hidden under the radar. Because that’s something I definitely wouldn’t have missed. Brooklyn was by the front door bent over setting down brown paper bags that tumbled out of her grasp.

“Honey let me help you.” Mom said rushing to her aid. I skipped down the last few steps walking up behind her waiting to receive my sister’s reaction.

“Little sister!” Brooklyn exclaimed, jumping towards me with her arms open wide. She embraced me in a tight hug and I hugged back just the same.

“You smell like Bath & Body Work’s dowsed you in every scent they own.” I said breathing in her sharp perfume.

“Very funny I missed you too!” Brooklyn pulled back scrunching her face into a smile.

“You didn’t close the door.” Mom complained as she peeped her head out of the door before closing it.

“That’s because my beau has to come in. He couldn’t stop going on and on about how stunning your garden is that he bought you flowers. You as well Caroline!” She said turning her head back at me.

“How thoughtful.” I sarcastically noted. My mother had an assortment of flowers growing out in her backyard yet he felt the need to bring her already plucked ones. I moved closer to my mother who was struggling carrying three of the bags Brooklyn brought in. As I was picking them up I heard the excitement in the room pick back up. I went ahead and placed the bags in front of my feet until I introduced myself. Turning around my warm affections suddenly turned cold. The guy who interfered with my every waking thought since yesterday night had returned and this time had a name to his face.

“Caroline this is Sebastian!”

{Part 1 out of 3}


All of these background characters that Jazz is talking to are familiar faces, though. Half of them even have names.

In order, we have Brittany, unnamed girl, Ashley, Star, unnamed girl, and unnamed girl.

What’s more, the thin redhead is apparently friends with the Nasty Burger employee with braces who goes brunette and has a crush on Danny.

Either that or the redhead and brunette are sisters or something, but they have the same voice actress and hair style, so I’m leaning toward them being the same. (Of course the voice actress is Tara Strong, so…)

Who Do You Belong To? - Johnny (M)


•Can I get a Johnny or Ten (you can choose) smut where he gets jealous because your flirting with another member. 

•Can I get a johnny smut where he gets jealous because your “flirting” with another member? 

 A/N: First post YAY! It’s a bit rough just as a heads up but I hope you like it 😬 

-Admin Kay

 Pairing: Johnny x Reader 

 Genre: (Rough) Smut - Sexual Content 

Word Count: 1,421

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The Fall (Jughead Jones)

Fandom: Riverdale

Prompt: You are part of the Blossom family. Instead of Cheryl, you go out to sweet water river to be with Jason.

(Y/N)= Your Name (Y/H/C)= Your Hair Color (Y/N/N)= Your Nickname

TRIGGER WARNING: suicide attempt

A/N: I have never seen an imagine or fanfic of this happening and I wanted to do it. Enjoy xx

Originally posted by diltons

Jughead’s POV

In Riverdale the Blossom family is the richest family in town. Meaning, they are snobby brats, but one Blossom isn’t like that. (Y/N) Blossom is the kindest person you’ll ever meet. She isn’t like her sister Cheryl. (Y/N) doesn’t care that her family is rich. She doesn’t care that her sister is supreme overload. (Y/N) is just (Y/N).

But, since her brother, Jason, died, nothing has been the same. She pushed us away. Us meaning the inner circle. Betty and I try to talk to her, but all we could get it either a few words or barely a smile.

I was at Southside High talking to Betty about how I don’t fit in at Riverdale when Veronica got a message. “Jughead!” she yells.

I turn my head towards her. She had a worried look on her face which concerned me. “What is it?” I ask as I walk to her.

“What does this mean?” Veronica asks, turning her phone to see the screen.

(Y/N): Thank you for everything. I’m gonna be better soon

Suddenly, my heart dropped. “She’s going to kill herself!” I exclaim. “Where could she be? She could be anywhere.”

Betty thankfully is the Nancy Drew in the murder mystery group. “Sweetwater River. That’s where Jason was found!” Betty said.

“We have to get there now!” says Archie as we start running towards the woods

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My chest was hurting from my heart breaking and running fast to get to (Y/N). I never thought herself could come to this conclusion. (Y/N) never seemed this depressed to take her own life away. Before the chaotic scene, she was happy, smiling, and always bright. That brightness is now gone. I never realized how dull her light was until now. I can’t let the love of my life slip from my finger tips.

We got to the river just in time. I could see (Y/N)’s (Y/H/C) hair in the middle of the ice. I was shaking from what could happen. She was hitting this ice for it to break.

“(Y/N)!” we all screamed. She didn’t stop.

“Please don’t do this, (Y/N!)” I shouted. She then stopped. She slowly stood up and turned to us. You could tell she was crying and hands bleeding from her trying to break the ice. She was wearing the dress Cheryl wore on the day Jason was accused of dying.

The worst thing happens: the ice breaks and she falls.

We all start sprinting. I lightly pushed Archie out of the way to save (Y/N). Once I got to the hole she fell from, she wasn’t there anymore. The current was pushing her away. “LOOK FOR HER!” I screamed. Tears were rushing down my face.

I get on my hands and knees to wipe the flakes of snow on the ice. Then, I saw the white dress. “OVER HERE!”

I could hear everyone else start running towards me. I start punching the ice as hard as I could. Archie bent down and started to help me break the ice. Our hands broken and bleeding, we finally broke the ice so we could reach down to get (Y/N). I put my hand in and grabbed her. Archie helped me pull her on the ice. At this point, Betty and Veronica were crying.

Looking at (Y/N) so lifeless I felt like my soul ripped in half. She was close to being purple and it scared me half to death. I bent down to her nose to hear her breathing; she wasn’t. I start doing CPR. I pushed her chest as fast as I could. I did the mouth to mouth as well.

Finally, she coughed up water from her throat. The weight on my shoulders fell off as I swept her into my arms and running to her house.

Originally posted by purple-pizzaprincess

Everyone else left me and (Y/N) alone. She was wrapped up in a warm, big blanket with me holding her in my arms. We haven’t said a word to each other. I know she needed to think. Her life was almost taken from her. I just wanted to ask, “Why?” What caused her to think ending her life was the end result? So many questions were running through my head.

“I don’t know,” (Y/N) whispered. My heart jumped from her tiny voice. I haven’t heard her speak in about a week.

“What?” I ask.

“I don’t know why I did it. I was missing Jason so much that I wanted to see him again. I’m so sad, Jugs. I feel like I’m alone. It feels so cold, and I just wanted it to stop,” she explains. I could tell by the shakiness of her voice she was about to cry any second.

“But you’re not alone, (Y/N/N). I am here for you. Archie, Betty, Roni, are here for you. I understand being distant for a while, but then your comepletly shut us out! I was so worried about you. I wanted to ask how you were, but O was afraid of the cold shoulder you have been giving us. We have missed you so much. And then seeing that text you sent Roni, I was broken. I can’t have the most important thing in my life go away like this. If you died under that water, I don’t know how I would be right now. I think I would have been crying with everyone else. I love you, (Y/N). Please don’t think for a second you aren’t alone. I will always be here for you.”

I looked into (Y/N)’s eyes the whole time I was saying my speech. The water in her eyes got bigger until they fell on her rosy cheeks. She let out a sob and put her face into my chest. I hugged her tightly as she cried into my jacket. She has needed this for a long time and has finally let it out.

“I love you, too, Juggie,” she says. “More than anything. I’m so in love with you that I was afraid. Afraid of you liking someone else. Someone better. Like, Betty,” she says.

“Betty is only a friend, (Y/N/N). I love you and only you. Don’t you worry,” I said as I took her face in my hands.

I got lost in the moment, so I kissed her, finally. I could taste the saltiness of her tears, but it didn’t matter. I was kissing with the girl I have loved for a very long time.

She kisses back briefly, but she pulls away. “Thank you, Jughead Jones.”

“For what?” I wonder.

“For being my safe haven,” she smiles.

Oh, brother. {Peter Pan Imagine}

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Peter Pan Imagine AU

Author: Joi A. Wade

Requested: Yes, anonymously~”Can you do one with 14 and 16 with Peter Pan from OUAT pls?”

Warnings: Pervy!Pan, swearing

Summary: Having a popular big brother has its perks. One of them is his hot best friend. But you aren’t the only one thinking that same thing. Your brother is like a brother to Pan, but a hot sister? That’s a bonus.


“I’ll get it!” I called out, heading for the front door. It was in the middle of a Saturday afternoon, who could possibly be visiting. My friends were out doing their own things, my parents weren’t expecting anybody, and my brother ran to the store, for a reason he wouldn’t share with me. 

Opening the door with a raised eyebrow, my face instantly flushed from its color, seeing who was on my front porch. 

“Good afternoon, love. How’s it going?” His eyes scanned me up and down, a small smirk forming on his pink lips, “Comfy?” 

I looked down at my clothes, seeing that I was just in a tank top and sweatpants, along with some (f/c) fuzzy socks. Not to mention that my hair is a complete bird’s nest, but who has the energy to function on a Saturday, in their own home? 

“Oh, uh…well, I didn’t know you were stopping by, so um..” I stuttered, just moving out of the way so that he could come in. 

Bet you’re wondering who this guy is. He’s a friend of my brothers’, along with his many guys friends, but this one was his best friend. His name was Peter Pan, oddly enough that Disney related name of his is one of the reasons he’s well known around the school. A few other reasons would have to be his good looks, his charm, the accent, and the fact that he knows my older brother, who is a very known senior at our school. 

Me? I’m just a sophomore, hanging on for dear life, waiting for it to be my turn to graduate already. Not really all that popular, but not unknown to the student body either. Especially not unknown to Peter, judging for the fact that he hangs around here a lot, but I’m usually in my room, locking away my awkwardness from this British God. 

Peter had to be the most attractive senior I know, other than my brother according to most of the female student body, but that doesn’t mean much to me. His chestnut brown hair, accompanied by his forest green eyes, rosy lips and cheeks, and crooked grin that could drive any girl crazy is enough to fan-girl over. His personality, his style, just him. I was so into him, but being two grades down from him, and a jack-ass, protective brother, we all know that’s not going to happen. 

He seemed to make himself at home, as usual, sitting in the family room on the couch. His hands behind his head, slouching on the couch, looking around for a moment. “Where’s Jack?”

“He uh..had to run to the store for some reason.” I shuffled my way into the family room, occupying myself so that I wouldn’t have to make eye contact. “Not to be rude but…what are you doing here?”

“He invited me over, saying that he wanted me to hang around here. You know, a guys night I guess. What about you? I thought a girl like yourself would be out with her friends.”

“Well, I was planning on it, but turns out they had other plans so…I’m just here. And uh…yeah…” I rubbed the back of my neck, cringing internally on how awkward this conversation was already getting. 

Peter chuckles slightly, sitting up in his spot on the couch, and patting a space right next to him. “Come, have a sit, Y/n.” 

Eyes widening slightly, I slowly make my way over to the couch, sitting down close enough to where we each had enough leg room. Clearing my throat slightly, I start playing with the strings on my sweatpants. 

“So. H-How’s…life?” I shrug at my own question in confusion, why the hell did I ask that?

“Life is good at the moment, what about you? Anyone special in your life yet?” He was quick to bring out the relationship card, making my cheeks turn a crimson red yet again. I’ve never really…thought about dating, I mean, I’m a sophomore in high school, don’t really have the time. Plus, I’m already set on one person, and I’m sitting right next to him. But, one thing did cross my mind at this very moment. Has he found someone yet?

“Not really, no. What about you? Any girlfriends?” I bit the inside of my cheek, praying that his answer would be no.

“Well…not at the moment. Still waiting on that special someone,” He winked towards me, his grin becoming wider as I could feel my face lighting up just a little. “Why are you way over on the other side of the couch? Come closer, I don’t bite.” He stretched his arm out, wrapping it just above my lower back, pulling me in extremely close, to where I was practically mushed into his firm chest. 

I could feel his cool breath on my face, as he stared intensely at me, his grin never faltering. My eyes watched him closely, my heart beating out of my chest, my breathing practically stopped. He was being very forward all of the sudden. And to think none of this would have happened if I didn’t answer the door.

“You know, love…I’ve always thought you were…very mature for your age. Not like any other sophomore girls I’ve met, oh no, you…you’ve already grown up so fast.” He traced the bottom of my lip with his thumb, focusing on it as if it were the most important thing in the world to him now. Just that small little gesture was enough to send chills down my spine, as I breathe in a deep breath, to try and calm my beating heart.

Possibly blushing as bright as the sun right now, the next thing he says to me nearly made my heart stop at that very moment. “So… wanna make out?”

 My breath hitching in my throat, I was about to answer happily, but still in shock, until a deeper voice spoke for me. “I would kiss you, but you’re a total dick.” Quickly pulling away from Peter, and moved back to my side on the couch, I turn my head to see that Jack returned home, with a bag filled with junk food from the store in his hands. “Not to mention I’m not into guys, so you’re a little out of luck, Petey.” 

“Jack, man, I was just-”

“We’ve talked about this, Peter. My sister is off limits, and you better be lucky my mom is passed out in her room, and Y/n you REALLY better be glad dad was called into work, or both of your asses are toast. What do you have to say for yourself?”

Looking down at my hands, with my face burning in embarrassment, I was at loss for words. Peter just chuckles, leaning over to lightly peck my cheek, while smirking up at my brother. “Not her fault she’s too hot for her own good.”

“Oh THAT’S it, Pan!” Jack dropped the groceries, storming over to the laughing boy, giddy and running away from my fuming brother out of the door. But, not before throwing a ‘Call me, Y/n!’ behind his shoulder. 

Touching my burning cheek that he kissed, rubbing it gently, a small smile crept my face. I definitely would be calling him.

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**Claire’s POV**

Hey uh “Cas?” I murmured, hovering in the doorway were he stood reading a newspaper article.
“I am still your father, Claire. You can call me Dad.” He reminded me and I nodded awkwardly.
“What did you want?” He asked, not coldly, more curious.
“Can I tell you something?” I breathed, my fingers twitching with worry. I needed Y/N’s clasped round them to calm me but she wasn’t there to.
“Of course.” He started intently at me.
“What would you say if I told you I was dating someone?” I asked, my heart was racing .
“I’d want to meet him of course.” He began.
“Okay,” I said “What if it was a girl?”
“Then I’d want to meet her too.” He frowned at me as though confused as to why there’d be a difference in his reactions/

“So, you wouldn’t be at all…angry that I wasn’t straight?” I was taken back.

“Not at all…Claire? Are you homosex?” He asked.

I burst out laughing at his ‘way with words’ and shook my head in disbelief “Uh, it’s homosexual, but no I think I’m bi. Well, I mean. I have a girlfriend.”I shrugged, there I’d said it. Seconds dragged out to weeks as he looked at me. Then, to my complete surprise he wrapped his arms around me, it was comforting, if not a little awkward. I hugged back despite myself and I smiled in his arms. “What’s here name?” He asked.
“Y/N, Y/N Winchester.”

“Hey!” I grinned, running up to Y/N. 
She looked up from where she was with her brothers to see me next to Dad. She then grinned back with her gorgeous smile and wrapped her arms around my torso. “Hey!” She repeated.
Sam and Dean new we were best friends but I felt like they should know more.
“Dad knows.” I said simply, watching her face for her reaction.
“About…the thing?” Y/N questioned, looking up at Dad.
“Yeah, the thing.” I repeated, chuckling at her choice of words.

“What thing?” Sam and Dean both echoed.

“Claire and Y/N are dating.” Cas said proudly.

I saw Y/N’s face fill with fright as she shied away from everyone’s gazes, even mine. Sam and Dean looked shocked at first but there faces softened to smiles. “Aaaaaw, Y/N’s got a girlfriend!” Dean chuckled.

“How come you didn’t say anything?” Sam asked her, placing his arm round her shoulder and pulling her in for a side-hug.
“Y-You’re not mad?” She looked as surprised as me.
“Y/N,” Dean laughed “Why would we be mad? Hell, I’m just jealous you’ve got someone.” 
I saw her face blush when her eyes met mine and she grinned, I silently laughed back, my shoulders shaking slightly. “I love you.” She mouthed so I only I could see. I did the same back and felt myself relax. I’d missed having a family.

Requested by anon

Can you do a fic where it’s reader/Claire Novak? And some angst and teenager anger, and Claire has some internalized homophobia because of growing up in a religious family and sister and Claire asks Cas about angels view in gay people? And he’s very sweet and accepting (maybe and Claire/dad hug?) and then them being completely unashamed, not worrying about coming out to the Sam and Dean, just them accidentally walking in on them kissing/cuddling? And them being cool with it? Reader 16-19 Ty!! 💕 
Np hun, sorry I didn’t include the whole ‘homophobic’ thing much it’s just I know plenty of religious people who aren’t at all homophobic (myself included) and Idk I guess it wouldn’t feel right.
Still, np and I hopeyou like it!

I do not own these gifs

Chloe, 20, Cork, Ireland. Transgender woman. 

1. I think I was about 6 or 7 when I first understood that my gender mattered. I remember going shopping with my mom and my sister in our local toy store for babies and trying to make it as obvious as possible that we weren’t buying the dolls for ourselves, we would say loudly ‘I wonder if Chloe would like this one.’ We were afraid we would meet a child in one of our classes or meet a family friend and have to explain that we played with a toy that was by default gendered a “girls” toy. It wasn’t until my teenage years that I fully felt uncomfortable with my gender and it took me until I was 19 to fully realize that something had to change for me to feel comfortable in myself.

2-After coming out I had huge diaspora and struggled hugely leaving the house and speaking when I was out in public. There were moments where I would feel like I was doing the right thing and moments I thought I was going crazy. Gradually, over time, I started to feel the benefits of being true to myself. Everything felt natural to me, the clothes fitted my body better, my hair getting longer suited me more. I have started growing more as a person.  

5. My mother is my biggest support, she has been there through the good and the bad days. Some family members have struggled, but most are trying which is all I ask. My friends were the least phased when I came out and quickly adjusted to the new name and pronouns.

6. The biggest challenge I have faced has probably been the public scrutiny, hateful comments, misgendering, hateful videos being made of myself and my sister (she has a transgender older sister).  Living in a body that you feel doesn’t fully belong to you yet, is extremely painful, but dealing with people who think you are disgusting and sick is mentally draining.

7. I am perfectly imperfect and proud.

8. I hope someday I can have a family and be an unconditionally loving mother, just like mine has been to me.

9. We are equal members of society and deserve the same respect as anyone else.

11. What has been the hardest?

Losing family. The depression. Daily anxiety. misgendering in the workplace. The abuse.

12. I understand that my gender does not define me or who I am. I refuse to let gender roles and female/male privilege control me. We have used gender for centuries to overpower each other and use our gender as an excuse to get out of doing things that we would prefer not to do. Your gender should not be affected in the workplace, in society, in bathrooms, in relationships. Your gender is your own personal identity.

Side Story: Fist Bumps

A/N: I always found the interactions between Link and Shad very funny. And headcanoned always they became these kind of dweeby-bro kind of friends.

Also, plenty of dweeb shenanigans.

There will be a little time skip on the series, just to move things forward!

Happy reading!



I shall be enjoying a little merriment at Telma’s with Ashei, Naima, and Ilia - wedding related matters.



This smells as funny as a reekfish.

Zelda, hanging out with the rest of them ladies, on a workday?

Ashei was all weird today. Maybe she wanted to talk with them girls… but Zelda and Yeti ain’t that chummy.

Against my good will, I find myself sneakin’ behind her steps - she doesn’t know her soft flowery perfume leaves a trail strong enough for me to follow. Once a wolf, always a wolf.

‘Hey ol’ sport! What are you doing so late at night?’

Shad, and his darn perfect timin’.

I’m spying on my fiancee and your girlfriend. Not a great answer.

'I was goin’ for a stroll. I’m kinda sleepless, bud’.

'Likewise, sport!’, Shad affirmed, 'I actually wanted to ask you something’.

I kinda have an idea about who.

‘Ashei has been acting strange, as if she is hiding something’. He seemed really worried. ‘Has she told you anything, sport?’

‘Nope’, I just answered, ‘I only know she is with Zelda and the rest of the bunch at the bar’.

‘Are you spying on them?’, he asked with a quizzed look.


‘Then why are you about to go downstairs on the alley?’

Darn it!

‘You got me, bud’. I confessed immediately. ‘I thought it was weird that Zelda went out ‘ere now because she never, ever would go out if she has plenty o’ work tomorrow’.

‘So we are here because of the same reason, sport’.

We hid behind some wooden boxes and empty barrels after a loud female laugh startled us.

‘I’m having a major hangover tomorrow!’, Ashei announced, ‘I apologize beforehand to yer highness for my bitchface in the morning’

‘You mean your usual face, sister?’, Naima asked, all’em bursting into laughter. Zelda even snorted. I had only seen that a couple of times, and she was hella embarrassed.

I think it’s so cute and girly, as everything about her is.

Shad and I followed them from a distance - we weren’t risking bein’ caught like the scoundrels we were.

‘Ashei, were you telling Shad about this?’, Zelda asked Yeti. They all stopped in their tracks, halfway near the castle.

‘Yup, but after seeing a medic’. She was really chill. ‘It was not about having kiddos, actually, but more of the things involved’.

‘What do you mean with that, sister?’. Naima asked. We did ourselves the same.

‘Shad would have probably proposed to me immediately’, she told them, shrugging, ‘But I’m not ready for that… I pretty much don’t believe in marriage - no offense, Zelda, Naima’.

'None taken’, the ladies told her in unison.

Shad’s face went pale. Ghosts have more color than he did in the moment.

‘Man, you ain’t gonna pass out, amirite?’ I whispered to Shad, who was ghoulish.

‘Not yet, sport’.

Low blow, Yeti! My bro here is almost a goner!, I thought.

Yeti sighed, breaking the moment of silence between ‘em all.

'We’re happy just as we are, we don’t need rings to prove we love each other’.

Aww, Yeti’s got a soft side, after all…, I thought, looking at Shad, who was smiling ear to ear. I could swear he was all starry-eyed.

'Goddesses know how much I love that nerd’.

She blushed. Yeti was as awkward as a lovelorn teenager, and I could swear Shad’s soul went higher than the City in the Sky - more outta reach than his beloved Oocca!

'Let’s go back, sport’, he whispered, 'I just heard enough’.

'Same, pal’.

We hastened our pace and took a detour, getting to the castle before the ladies did. We stayed in my room talking 'bout what just happened.

'So she thought she was pregnant’, Shad concluded, 'That’s why she was so odd during New Year’.

‘How’d ya seen yourself, papa Shad?’, I elbowed him a little, ‘With a little one on yer arms?

'Fine, I guess, sport’, the scholar shrugged, 'I like kids, they’re curious creatures’.

A clack on the mirror door scared both of us.

'Zelda!’, I gasped, grabbing Shad by his jacket, hiding beneath the duvet.

I heard the creaking, and a chime of a laugh fill the room.

'Sweet dreams, dearest’, I hear a whisper and the blow of a kiss. Save your sighs, sneaky rascal. Now you really don’t deserve ‘em.

And the door closed back. We waited for a moment to rest assured Zelda wasn’t coming back.

'Sport, we almost screwed up big time’, Shad was shaking, his head peeking out of the duvet, 'If they find out…’

'We’d be not only dumped, but prolly fired too’, I murmured, ‘Or sent to the dungeon. Been there, not cool’.

‘Indeed’. He sat on the bed.

'Brothers in secrecy?’, I offered, sitting on the bed and putting my fist up.

'Brothers in secrecy, old sport’, he met my fist bump.

I bet we’re probably getting caught sooner or later.


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Requested by anonymous:

“Could I request an imagine where the reader is Illya’s sister who Napoleon meets during a mission, she’s not a spy but knows some from Illya & ends up stunning Napoleon with her fun girl next door-like charm, unlike most women he’s been with. Napoleon asks her on a date & Illya is confused because he’s talking non stop about this girl, & seems like he wants her for more than just sex. Illya spots them on their date & gets all mad, but the reader convinces him that it’s ok w/fluff. Love ur blog!!”

Warnings: Fluff

Note: I used google translate for some of this so if you’re Russian and it doesn’t make sense to you… forgive me!!! p.s you can see the translations at the bottom of the story :D

*not proof-read

“They’re gaining on us, can you please step on it.” Gaby spoke, her voice slightly strained.

“I’m going as fast as I can.” Illya retorted as he swerved through the narrow streets. “Well try to go faster.” Gaby snapped back as she peered behind them to see their chasers getting closer and closer.

“Duck.” Solo spoke casually before sliding down in the seat next to Illya as gun shots rung out. If Gaby and Illya had ducked a second later both would have had bullets planted in their skulls.

“Ok seriously how far away are we?” Gaby queried as she peeped over the back seat of the car.

“Also where exactly are we heading to?” Solo asked and Illya’s grip on the steering wheel tightened as he tried to control his temper.

“My sister’s apartment.” He grumbled before making a sharp right, the tires screeching on the road. “Sister?!” The two spoke at the same time, an amount of surprise evident in both their voices.

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things i thought the first time i ever listened to great comet

-i love phillipa soo but what the fuck is eliza schuyler doing in 19th century russia????
-andrey isn’t here? where is he
-“hélène is a slut” okay
-yes we get it andrey isn’t here
-dolokhov seems fucking awesome
-how the heck am i supposed to pronounce these russian names
-ew i hate bolkonsky
-god i love phillipa soo
-seriously though she’s amazing
-she still sounds like eliza tho
-who is this dolokhov guy? i like him
-wtf is the opera i understand why natasha doesn’t like it,, that’s some weird shit
-who’s this anatole guy? i like him too
-natasha way to go already cheating on andrey
-so hélène is basically maria reynolds?? okay
-wait maybe i don’t like anatole so much anymore
-he’s gonna take natasha away from andrey
-and natasha loves him too
-hoe don’t do it
-natasha i swear if you do this
-hoe don’t do it
-oh my god she did it
-pierre is so relatable
-why is he calling her natalie?? i thought her name was natasha
-is it natasha or natalie?
-oh shit natasha’s in trouble
-sonya found the letter oh no
-oh shit sonya is mad
-and now natasha’s mad too
-sonya alone is pretty
-ooh yes i really like dolokhov
-preparations is kinda like rapping
-does anatole have a fucking foot fetish or am i just missing this
-who tf is balaga????
-the abduction is crazy
-hmmm maybe i still like anatole
-just a little bit
-holy fuck marya can scream
-and sing
-at the same time??? goals
-pierre’s whats remind me of jefferson
-oml find anatole is catchy
-pierre??? you just smashed anatoles face with a paperweight and then said you wouldn’t be violent? what
-pierre has serious anger issues
-“amuse yourself with women like my wife” um anatole don’t fuck your sister what
-oml i like this anatole guy
-like he’s an asshole but those notes man
-andrey is here??? i thought andrey wasn’t here
-they said like 40 times that andrey isn’t here why is he here?? tf??
-wow andrey is salty
-yes oml he does
-pierre, don’t pull an anatole
-please don’t
-im crying now this is amazing
-god i love phillipa soo
-he does love her but he knows he can’t have her because he’s married way to go thanks for not pulling an anatole
-excuse me but what does the comet actually have to do with anything?
-i don’t get it
-the comet is in only one song
-so was balaga tho
-balaga needs more songs
-so does the comet oml

of course that was seven fucking months ago and now i know the show quite well but can we just appreciate


A/N: This is my last request!! When I open up requests again I will have a post with the rules of requesting a fic from me! So look out for that. ALSO THE ENDING IS SO BAD BECAUSE I NEEDED TO END IT SOMEWHERE AND IF Y’ALL WANT A PART 2 YOU CAN ASK FOR IT!

Request: ( @bluesnowyangel ) Is there anyway I could get 46 with General George Washington?

Prompt: 46: “For some reason I’m attracted to you.”

Warnings: none hun

AU: Historical

Word Count:1,632(holy)

Being the 2nd eldest child of Philip Schuyler has never been much of a burden. You have 3 sisters, all of which are gorgeous. Your sisters consist of your older sister Angelica, and your younger sisters Eliza and Peggy.

Of course you are also gorgeous but you are not as well known as your sisters. You have always went to balls with them, never finding a suitor.

Today was the day of the winters ball. General George Washington and his troops were going to be there and your sisters were all swooning. You on the other hand, were not as thrilled.

Of course you were excited and, very much like your sisters, wanted to meet a suitor. However, you were not thrilled because you were almost positive that this ball would end just like all the others. Meeting no men that caught your eye.

Men swooned over you and your sisters all the time. You did not like most of the men, as they seem to be impolite and arrogant. Most were also not attractive in your eyes. Some could call you picky, but you call it smart.

You searched through your large wardrobe for a dress, eventually choosing a long purple dress. The bottom was trimmed with lace, much like your sisters dresses. 

You walked out of your room, completely ready to leave, finding your youngest sister, Peggy. “Hey Peggles.” You smiled in pure adoration at your sister. She was wearing her signature yellow dress and looked as beautiful as always.

Your sister immediately smiled back at you. “Y/N! You look gorgeous!” Peggy gushed. You blushed softly before smiling widely.

“Oh. Not as much as you dear sister.” You smiled, bopping her nose with the tip of your pointer finger softly causing her to scrunch up her nose slightly.

“Y/N! You must find someone at the ball today! Angelica has already found Mr. Church. Eliza is…. Well Eliza. Needing to feel helpless all the time.” Peggy said, rolling her eyes.

“Oh sister. You seize to understand that I am looking for the right man. Eliza is doing that as well. You have not found a suitor yet either. Shall I be pushing you for it?” You asked, smiling wide. Peggy pouted before shaking her head.

“I suppose not… But I’m younger than you! By many years! It is different for younger women.” Peggy refuted, trying her best to win the argument sw before the sisters.

“In a way, I suppose. However, you shall not rush love. It will take its peak one day but for now it has decided to stay out of sight. It is possible that love will peak at the ball. But it is also very possible that it will not and continue to be out of sight. These things take time my sister but one day the wait will come to an end. Do you understand?” You smiled as you ran your hand through your sisters hair.

Peggy huffed. “Fine.” She sighed before Angelica and Eliza walked downstairs.

“Goodmorning ladies!” Angelica grinned. She was wearing her amazing pink dress that was ever so delightful, lighting up an entire room.

“You both look gorgeous!!” Eliza gushed at you and Peggy. Eliza was wearing her blue dress that was ever so breathtaking in her eyes, although it was just as brilliant to everyone else.

“Ah! Thank you sisters.” You smiled, standing from the chair where you and Peggy were sitting and opening your arms wide, basically asking for a hug to Angelica who happily obliged.

You hugged Angelica lightly before moving to Angelica’s left and hugging your younger sister Eliza. “I am thrilled for the ball sisters! What if Y/N and I meet a suitor?!” Eliza questioned excitedly.

Peggy cleared her throat as if to say ‘I haven’t found a suitor yet either,’ making you and Eliza laugh. “Oh Eliza do not forget dear Peggy. She also has the time to meet a suitor.” You smirked. You could visibly see Peggy blush but decided to not say anything.

“Oh how could I?” Eliza said, smirking. Peggy huffed and opened her mouth to speak, cut off by Angelica.

“Now now sisters. Let’s cut the chit chat. Our carriage has arrived!” Angelica smiled. Eliza squealed in excitement, causing you to giggle quietly. You and your sisters walked into the carriage, taking random seats.

When you finally arrived at the ball, being held at your Fathers’ extra mansion, you were in absolute awe. The mansions was huge, as expected. The outside was decorated with gorgeous vines and lights, further pushing you into the state of awe. Eventually, Eliza pushed your side with her elbow slightly, gesturing you to step out of the carriage.

You obliged, stepping out of the horse drawn carriage. You thanked the coach as he went off and turned to your sisters, smiling brightly. “Let us be off then sisters?” You smiled. All 3 of your sisters nodded.

You walked into the mansion, your smile beaming. You looked gorgeous. Your H/C hair was put up into an elegant bun, your E/C eyes gleaming. Little did you know, General George Washington was admiring your beauty from afar. He was in just as much awe as you were about the mansion. You turned to your sisters, seeing Angelica smirking at someone. You followed her gaze and spotted George Washington.

You blushed softly as he averted his gaze. Eliza was starstruck by a man standing next to George. Peggy was no where to be seen, until you spotted her standing with a man with slightly darker skin, his hair put up in a ponytail. You giggled as Peggy spoke to him before Eliza spoke to both you and Angelica. “Yo, this one’s mine because boy….. Has he got me helpless.” Eliza said, pointing to the smaller man, also complimented with a ponytail similar to the man Peggy was speaking to.

You turned to Angelica and smirked, only to find her with the same smirk on her face. Angelica put her hand out for you to hold and you gladly took it, beginning to walk over to the man with your sister.

When you and Angelica arrived to the man Angelica spoke. “Hello sir. My sister over there has seem to found you attractive.” She smirked, pointing to Eliza, you standing right beside her.

“Is that so?” The man grinned. “Oh! How rude of me! I am Alexander Hamilton. Washington’s right hand man. And who might you ladies be?” Alexander smiled.

You and Angelica curtsied to Alexander, you introducing yourself first. “Good evening sir. I am Y/N Schuyler.” You smiled. Angelica beamed at you before Angelica spoke.

“And I, Angelica Schuyler.” She smiled. Just as Alexander was about to speak, General George Washington walked over. You smiled wide at the sight of the general. He was wearing his General coat and was as attractive as always. Wait what?

George smiled at you and Angelica. He took Angelica’s hand and kissed the back before moving to you. He softly took your hand and pressed a soft kiss to the back of your hand making you blush and smile wider. “George Washington, at your service.” George smiled. You and Angelica curtsied at the general standing before you. Alexander had practically dissapeared and found Eliza. They were dancing happily. Eliza looked absolutely helpless and you envied her happiness, however, little did you know that the key to that happiness was standing in front of you in the form of General George Washington.

“Good Evening Sir. I am Angelica Schuyler.” Angelica smiled politely. You immediately smiled when he looked at you.

“Good Evening General. Y/N Schuyler. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” You introduced. George grinned at the two of you.

“Sisters?” George asked, his grin still plastered on his face. Angelica nodded, her smile also politely painted on her face. 

“Thank you for all your service.” You added, smiling even wider if possible.

“Well Y/N. If it takes fighting a war for us to meet it will all have been worth it.” George smiled as you blushed a darker shade of red.

“I’ll leave you to it.” Angelica smirked, winking at you slyly before walking away. You turned back to George, taking in his facial feautures. He was a few feet taller than you and was basically towering over you, although you didn’t mind much.

“Would you like to dance Y/N?” George asked. You quickly nodded your head and took his hand in yours. You both walked onto the dance floor hand in hand. He wrapped his arm around your waist softly as if the tiniest rough action would break you as you put your hand on his shoulder, your other hand still inertwined with his. You both began to sway to the music, moving your feet along the ballroom floor. 

“You are quite the dancer General.” You commented, smiling happily. Now you knew how helpless Eliza felt. And damn did it feel good. George immediately smirked back at you.

“I could definetly say the same thing to you Y/N.” He smiled. You blushed softly as you continued dancing.

“For some reason I find you attractive.” You smiled out of nowhere. He smirked back at you.

“Well it seems we both find each other attractive then.” He smirked. 

Before you knew it, the song ended and you and George walked off of the dance floor, smiling wide. Your sisters and Alexander soon walked over to you and George. Angelica squealed slightly at you and George causing you to blush profusely.

George turned to you quickly. “May I write to you Miss Schuyler?” He asked. You blushed extremely red causing your sisters to smirk and quickly nodded your head, telling him the address.

You finally walked away and told your sisters everything. Especially how attractive he was.

anonymous asked:

hey - a little bit of an awkward question i guess but i have prosopagnosia and i honestly cant tell if you're one person cosplaying as the twins or if there's two of you, either way i adore your cosplay(s)

(OOC: It’s two!

My sister ( @findingfandomwithafangirl ) has joined me on quite a few adventures on this account! We are identical twins, so any confusion is understandable) 

Snow Queen

Pairings/ Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam, Castiel, (OFC) Iryania (sister)

Summary: What happens when a sister goes too far and gets between soul mates?

Prompts: #LoveSexMagic Challenge, The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen (my take on his classic story mixed with the movie Snow White & the Huntsman: Winter’s War).

Word count: 4,507

Warnings: Angst, death, violence, fear, rage, love, SFW, this is gonna hurt y’all…

A/N: @neversatisfiedgirl, #LoveSexMagic Challenge, @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid, beta

*Italics are flashbacks/inner dialogue*

*Bold is spellwork* *GIFs are not mine*

Originally posted by beautyisworthagif

15 years ago

“Iryania! Come quick! I have something to show you!” Y/N yelled from within the woods. Iri races towards her sister in fear that she found something dangerous. What she sees is far worse than anything she could have imagined. Iryania comes across Y/N kissing a strange man but the obvious love and affection chills her to the bone.

“Iri! This is Dean and he’s my soulmate. He was hunting a ghost the next town over with his dad and I was visiting mom and dad in the cemetery. They save people Iri. I want to help him and his family. They know what’s it’s like when the supernatural takes a part of your family. Dean lost his mom just like we lost mom and dad. Are you not happy for me?” Y/N asks innocently as she hugs Dean close to her side. A mask of affection quickly replaces her fear and anger.

“Y/N, I am so happy for you! Dean, welcome to the family.” Iryania hugs them both and tells them to come back for a big dinner at her house to celebrate. As the happy couple leaves, hugging and kissing, Iryania’s gaze turns from loving to a mask of rage that would have scared her sister to the core. Her mind was racing with thoughts of how Y/N was the better witch with her growing powers, her spells are stronger and more complex, and now she has a soulmate too. “No way should she be this happy. No. Time for big sister to give her what she deserves, just like she did her parents….”

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anonymous asked:

Im a hijabi but I plan on taking it off. I jave personal reasons but its also beacuse I fear for my safety due to the recent terrorist attacks. All it will take is 1 mad racist man to pick up a knife and thag would be the end of me. I only fear that this will cause me to go to hell. I know that Allah the most understanding being know but I dont know if my decision would be justified in his eyes.

Hi! Salam, I hope you are in good health.

To be honest many of my sisters faced the same fear. Allah understands you - this is true. You aren’t doing anything for anyone. Just know that, for your safety, you are taking off your hijab. When Allah almighty has created the one you fear and everything that exists.

At the end of the day, what matters? You dying in the cause of Allah (as noble and blessed this is) or you living while disobeying Allah and fearing someone else and not Him.

With much love and respect I want you to really think about what I have said above. You taking off your hijab will not save you. If you have to die, you will. Death doesn’t wait for anyone. Whether they take their hijabs or not. Its written.

I do completely understand that you are afraid to roam in Hijab. BUT please don’t trust the world, trust Allah and I can promise you that if you put your complete faith and trust in Allah, you will be fine.

Really think about what you are doing. I am not here to tell u “oh its okay, Allah understands” He does. But, as a believer how would u please him even though u are scared? Be Brave. You can go ahead and do what you want at the end of the day. But what matters the most to you? What do you think of Allah.

I Know you’ll do what’s right. I believe in you. Allah believes in you and made you a Muslim. I hope u reached some conclusion through all this.
I wish u all the best in your life and May Allah protect you and all the sisters that are anxious to wear Hijab and still do it. May Allah give you Jannah for even seeking help before actually doing it. May Allah bless your thoughts and help you make the right choice.

Take care :)


Part 5

Part 5 of my modern Feysand Au. Feyre and Rhys wake up together and god this scene made my heart happy! 

(Special thanks to @kamahi95 for helping name this one!)


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Word Count: 2,024


I forgot to close the blinds.

It’s the first thing that comes to my mind when the sunlight, which ultimately wakes me, streams through the windows and right into my eyes.

I turn my head away from it in attempt to block out the light that now filtered its way into my room.

I don’t want to get up just yet. I am warm, and comfortable, and cocooned in someone’s strong embrace.

Rhysand. I almost forgot he had shared my bed last night. We had actually slept too, fully clothed, which had to be new for him.

I didn’t dare move from where I was locked in his arms.

His bare chest was right in front of my nose, my hands laid upon the tattoos that decorated his golden skin. My cheek was against his bicep, which is a very comfortable pillow despite the muscles that lay beneath the skin.

Rhys was still asleep. When I let my eyes roam up to his face, a smile splits mine. His hair is sticking up on the side that is against the pillow. His face looks so much more peaceful and young in sleep. It was like the hardships that faced him during waking hours were wiped away and youth came through the cracks in his mask.

I don’t know all of the burdens that Rhys has faced, but I know that when a person looks this different when they sleep it’s because they put on a mask so people don’t see how vulnerable they actually are.

My sister Nesta is the same way.

I’m not sure how long I lay there and look at him, but it felt right. Being in his arms felt right.

My hands hadn’t moved from where they were curled against his chest but I take this opportunity to spread my fingers across his skin.

Big mistake.

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