me and my shadow tour

The Bus Smut

Summary: While on the TATINOF american tour bus, Dan convinces Phil to leave their own private bunks in the middle of the night to spend the night in the “forbidden bedroom” at the back of the bus. But, spending the night together innocently isn’t what Dan has in mind. Add a suspicious unnamed tour manager and a bumpy road and things get interesting. 

Pairing: Dan Howell/Phil Lester

Rating: Explicit

Warnings: Daddy kink, rimming, blowjobs, unprotected consensual sex

“Bye guys!” I smile, Dan smiles, waving at the enormous crowd ahead of us, flashing lights and squeals bombarding us.

We walk off the stage, and once my eyes adjust to the significantly darker lighting backstage, I suddenly become aware of Dan’s erratic behavior. He grimaces at every person who walks past us, pulling off his gold show-jacket as he speed walks into the dressing room.

“Dan?” I yell at him through the people, running after him.

He doesn’t stop, plowing past staff.


He slams the dressing room door in my face, and before I can say anything, I hear the lock click.

“Dan? Come on, what the hell is going on?” I pound on the door.

I stand there for a few minutes, assuring all the staff that he’s fine. I make up a lie about him having a stomache ache, and the stage lights made it worse.

I eventually sink to the floor, giving up my fight, talking to him through the door. I gasp for air, my lungs still not adjusting to the extremely high altitude of Colorado. Mile High City indeed.

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If you’re ever having a bad day, just remember that when Andy sat in front of us, I wanted to get a picture but I didn’t realize how bright the flash was and it scared me, so I jerked the camera down so I wouldn’t blind the shit out of Andy and ending up taking a crotch shot. So enjoy!😂


Here’s some of the several photos and videos I took at Avenged Sevenfold’s show in Glasgow. First time seeing them live, and they were fucking incredible.

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Austin performing U with the U girl in Toronto!

Toronto Performance Masterlist:

Soundcheck: MMM Yeah Acoustic

Soundcheck: Let Me Love You

Soundcheck: Am I Wrong

Say You’re Just A Friend


Say My Name

Check Yes or No

Shawty Shawty

MMM Yeah

All of Me

What About Love

Banga Banga

Full Concert


nameless_alexandra: This is art (Europavox, June 2, 2016)  


edwardmsk: Take me back…. (Chicago, 27 July 2016)


Olympia Theatre, Dublin, 5/26/16
By the_doomsayers