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Oh look, i’m still doing these things. (i know he’s not an RT employee anymore but shh)

RT Employee: Ray Narvaez, Jr. 
Pokemon: Cyndaquil
Expression: face you make when you stub your toe

Numbers and expression supplied by Anonymous!

Send me two numbers and an expression! (Like, you can if you want, but i may or may not do any new ones I get, at least not for a long while.)


So while I was sunning myself at the bog earlier today, a random old lady walked by and said “You’re the prettiest bog monster I ever saw.” I don’t have a testimonials page, but if I did I’d put that at the top.

I was tagged by @mightyfelicity to post a selfie and say five things about myself! Thank you! <3. 

  1. I’ve been playing the piano since I was 7
  2. I’m addicted to gum
  3. I love to run, but I can’t do it without music
  4. I bite my lips all the time
  5. I’ve always wanted to take a parachute jump

I tag @adampaerrish, @avesem, @shxdowfax, @loranhale, @firesscatching, @patrochilles, @abominablebriide, @bbellamyblake, @snowflakevans and @viktorskrums (If you already did this tag or don’t wish to, just ignore this) Have a wonderful day all! <3

So because apparently I have been body snatched, I’ve already run 3 ½ miles today and I’m listening to Sarah Brightman while I cool down. Like, wtf?

But omg today is the panel with Melissa and Danai and I’m so excited I don’t know what to dooooooo. 😱

Plus XF tonight! 😍 I hope everyone’s having a fab Monday, or whatever day it is where you are!

url change

((guys, I had to change my url, don’t ask why, it just had to be done! I hope nobody is going to lose me! Well, except for one special someone, but unfortunately they can’t “lose” me that easy

Going to redact the number wherever I can, it’s going to be a drag. My paintberri page stays with the same number because catty site doesn’t allow me to change the url in there, but just adress me as E-417 from now on, ok? Somehow, I used this same number in tsp rp. That’s nostalgic!))

Valentines Ships?

Hey. I have a plans for the first time ever on Valentines Day and I am v excited (it isn’t a date tho bc i am lame), and I am doing ships to spread the “love” or whatever. 

your end:

  • mbf me <3
  • reblog this
  • ships me w someone random (not 5sos) / ask me something / idk fuck stuff up

my end:

  • ship: AI || CH || LH || MC
  • random celeb ship:
  • best friend:  AI || CH || LH || MC
  • cuddle budding:  AI || CH || LH || MC
  • drinking partner:  AI || CH || LH || MC
  • who takes pictures of the other: you | him
  • who is always pulling faces in selfies: you | him
  • who always picks the movie/tv show: you | him
  • who wakes the other one up in the middle of the night: you | him
  • who wants to make blanket forts: you | him
  • who cooks the most: you | him
  • who constantly calls/texts while away from each other: you | him
  • Valentines Card: 

Caption: Share a Coke Adventure(?!) with Eisuke the Bidders(?!) 
(First image is the original entry. I just added the text in the second image.)

Eisuke: Guess I am just too famous. (And by the way, I don’t share.)
Baba: Boss, are you sure this is coke?!
Luke: Share a collarbone with me, please.
Random Skeleton: Take my collarbone, Luke. LoL 
Soryu: …..
Ota: *must draw this scene for the chibi adventure contest*
Shuichi: Oi, are you guys forgetting someone?!
Mamoru: What a pain. Wake me up when this shit is done…

(And lastly, the MC, which I drew myself, pardon the crappy art lol) : 

MC: Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s… I want to share all my adventures with only you~ Bidders♥

anonymous asked:

Why would my religious mother get furious at my asexuality? I mean,she doesn't want me sleeping with random people and I'm not since I don't desire that. Yet she gets angry that I don't have those desires......I just don't get it

A lot of people tend to be hostile toward things they don’t understand. A lot of parents also expect their children to produce them grandchildren which is horribly wrong since no one is obligated to have children. It’s probably a safe guess that she’s upset because you’re not following her expectations. My mom isn’t angry about my asexuality, but she’s definitely upset and thinks I’ll change. I’m sorry your mom isn’t accepting. It’s not fair to you at all, but know that it’s not your fault. It’s hers.

being a superfan is exhausting guys. 

i am going to sleep so much when hockey season is over. 

also, some random people recognized me and my friends at open practice today from seeing us on tv before the dallas game.

and when practice started, artemi came out and hit like four pucks right at the boards in front of us (but never looked at us) and the old guys next to us were like ‘we think he is trying to get your attention’ and we were like ‘ugh we know, he knows who we are and that we are here’

overall it was pretty funny. 

Haleb, Spoby, and Spaleb (Oh my!) (Kind of a random rant that is super nonsensical...sorry)

So, way back….seasons and seasons ago…there was a great friendship between Spencer and Caleb…and part of me always thought that the two of them had amazing chemistry. I may be a minority (please don’t kill me), but I do really love them together now.

I love Haleb, don’t get me wrong. When the new half of the season started, I was all set to be grumpy until Haleb reunited. This ship was the ship to end all ships. They were each other’s rocks and I liked that, despite being in such a toxic environment, they were able to be in a healthy (mostly) relationship. God, the way Caleb looked at Hanna killed me.

I used to love Spoby, but in the last season or so…I couldn’t stand the relationship anymore. It wasn’t healthy for either of them, and they didn’t complement each other anymore. When they started, there was a balance to them and they brought out the best in each other. By the end, it was wrong on so so many levels. 

Even though I know that Spaleb isn’t going to be end game (which is a cruel game Marlene is playing…just mean), I do wish it would be. It’s realistic and healthy. Honestly, we haven’t seen these two characters this happy in a very long time, and it isn’t just because A has been missing for five years. We haven’t seen Spencer smile like that in…at least two seasons. Even Caleb looks less world-weary. 

Hearing the story of how they reconnected in Europe was honestly the cutest story I’ve heard in a long time. The way they look at each other. The chemistry isn’t the only thing to like, either. They’ve always had a lot in common, and it’s not a surprise that something happened between them.

Hanna has moved on. She’s engaged to another boy (who I’d like to see more of, because he is lovely). She doesn’t spin and twirl anymore.  Spencer asked her about it first. Toby has moved on. He was ready to propose to another girl (who is also lovely, even if they pushed this relationship on us a little TOO much…). Caleb talked to him about it (albeit a little late, I suppose). Why does the fandom seem to think that Spencer and Caleb shouldn’t be allowed to? If you listen to them…they fell in love in Europe years ago…but never let it go anywhere because of Hanna and Toby. They deserve all the awards for that. They were both ready to deny themselves the happiness they found with each other if Hanna or Toby said they weren’t okay with it. 

I just really love them together, okay? And I wish this crackship-turned-canon ship would last. Sigh.

driftinglightofthewoods asked:

angst meme: black flower symbol

Send me a symbol! [Angst]
Or send “just angst me up” and I’ll use a random generator.

✿: my muse hits yours out of anger

“No!  You can’t keep me!”  

Tauriel screamed out loud, thrashing and trying her best to get out of Miston’s arms.  “I’m n- not gonna let Legolas leave without me!  He’s going to Mordor, so I am too!  Let go of me!”