me and my nonexistent skill in editing

tried to come up with a clean version of the new reshidei art that @hamatora_pr uploaded today~ (couldn’t bother trying to clean the sheets ok) i’m a very sad piece of trash please message me to talk about ratio and birthday (or just judge my nonexistent photoshop skills that’s fine too but talk to me about ratio and birthday too) because that would cheer me up maybe becAUSE LOOK AT THIS OFFICIAL ART RATIO AND BIRTHDAY GIVE ME TOO MANY FEELINGS THIS IS MY SUICIDE NOTE

((also if i’m not wrong the tweet said this was going to be released with some volumes of the bd dvd of reply (???? correct me kindly if i’m wrong please!) so dOES THIS CONFIRM THAT SOMETHING W I L L HAPPEN TO BIRTHDAY BECAUSE LOOK AT RATIO HE’S SO WORRIED))

*edit: i finally got around to finishing trying to clean the sheets!! also editing because it’s confirmed something d o e s happen to birthday lol my heart hurts

feel free to delete my stupid captions ok omfg