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Finished Changes (finally) and honestly?

I have so many emotions. This was the first book I legitimately cried reading. So if anybody has recently finished it, or just wants to talk about it, hit me up, please!!

A Dark Side of Imagination

Anonymous said to the-modern-typewriter:
Right now my absolute favorite prompts are your dark fairy ones and the most recent dark imaginary friend one! Is there any way that you could incorporate the two? 👀

Anonymous said to the-modern-typewriter:
DUDE! Your last prompt about the evil imaginary friends gave me CHILLS!! My lil sister has an imaginary friend named Prism! He’s a tall wispy colorful thing that plays hide and seek with her by her definition. I hope he’s not secretly evil omfg. 😭(Anyways since I like to torture myself can you write a couple more? Maybe this time when the kid is a bit older like a teenager or smth?)

1) “I always thought I must have made you up.”
“Oh, we’re a regular fairy-tale,” their old friend said, nastier now at being confronted. “Don’t you know that all the old stories have a bit of truth to them?”
“Humans don’t leave the human realm, if we’re talking old stories.” 
“Whatever makes you think you left, my dear?”
And the world around them shattered to the fairy realm, to withered grass and cruel laughter. They remembered how long they’d been there. How they’d done exactly this conversation before, what felt like a lifetime ago, and then a lifetime before that. It all came back.
“You always have to try and figure it out and ruin the fun,” their friend replied. “It’s like you don’t want to play with me anymore.”

2) “We believe the creature may have attached themselves to you, like a parasite,” they said. “It feeds on your emotions, hopes, fears. In professional circles we call it an Imaginarial.”
“This has happened before? I’m not…crazy?” 
The relief vanished at the serious look on the stranger’s face. Parasite. 

3) The tea party was a rather grand one, with the best china from the cupboard and all the stuffed animals lined in a watchful circle. A mad Hatter’s tea party right down to the frozen seconds. The teenager forced down a dutiful sip of ‘drink’, heart pounding. They didn’t want to have to pretend to be eight years old forever. But their friend had no kindness for ‘grown ups’. And nobody left a fairy ring once they took a drink.

4) “Too old for me now, is that it?” Their friend warped in front of their eyes, face shifting and body changing from its previous colourful iridescence and into the shape of the teenager’s crush. “Maybe this is a better game?”  
“Stop it.” 
“Aw, but I know how much you want to play with them. You’re positively smitten. They’ll never like you back, you know. I can see right into the heads of all your horrible new friends.”

in case any of you were ever wondering exactly how much of a little shit admin is sometimes, here’s a compilation of me commenting on the big-ass rocks and trees while camping, among other things.

in case you’re wondering why the trees are gay, they’re called “ed by ned” and they grew so close together that they now share a trunk.

soooo we hit 2k followers by the time i got back so. i’m going to open my ask (lmao when is it not open?) to anyone who wants to send me a ship-free fanfiction prompt or really any questions whatsoever!! yes, you can ask about anything whether it’s snk-related or not.

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