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Can you do a baking with Ashton blurb? :)

UGGHH YEESSSS. I love Ashton so much, and I pretty much murdered myself writing this. I decided to go AU, so you’re coworkers in a bakery. Thank you for your request! 

You’d been working there for a little over a year when Ashton started, and you were attracted to him right away. Not until you actually got to know him did you realize how deep that attracting went. He was kind, caring, funny, and pretty much the only coworker with whom you enjoyed sharing a shift. Over the two years that you guys had been working together, you’d gotten really close.

Tonight, the two of you were working the graveyard shift, and you had to prepare the bread doughs and other things to be baked the next day. You had been back in the kitchen while Ashton closed the front shop, locking up and mopping the floors with his red bandana on his head to keep his hair out of his eyes. When he finally found you in the back you were elbow-deep in cinnamon raisin dough and he would laugh at how adorable you looked with your hair falling out of your French braid and into your face, made even cuter by the smudge of flour on your chin.

You guys had been friends for a long time, so you knew what was coming next: the jokes.

“Hey, (Y/N), what did the bag of flour say to the loaf of bread?”

You sighed, not looking up from your dough, “I dunno, Ash, what did it say?”

He would always get super excited before telling you a punchline, laughing to himself before blurting out. “I saw you yeast-erday!”

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  • sehun: why did the chicken cross the road
  • suho: why
  • sehun: to get to the other side!! :-)
  • suho:
  • suho:
  • suho: why the fuck are you wasting my times with these lame half ass jokes i thought u were going to give it a little twist and make me smile for once but no, u little fucking twink ass this is what it get trust a piece of bread like u fucking stupid maknae go cross the fucking road urself