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The way Stanley just strolled in and he and LeFou fell naturally into step? Like these two had to have danced before to be that in tune with each other. That while Stanley was sliding his arm around LeFou's waist... LeFou was already making sure he was in the right position so Stanley didn't have to break step before they were twirling with the crowd. It was just so natural and comfortable and it makes me wonder how often those two danced before then.

ohhhhh my gosh I know. I’m dying over the idea of the two of them dancing prior to this. Like oh my gosh imagine if they had danced at the Tavern before, just joking around with one another, maybe a little tipsy, and just loving each other’s company. They’re blushing a little bit, and maybe their hearts are beating a little faster than usual but they don’t think anything of it. They assume it’s the alcohol. But Stanley wakes up the next day and can’t get the dance out of his head. LeFou is kind of stuck on it too, but he’s so hooked on Gaston that he pushes it to the back of his mind.

Then they dance at the ball (party?? celebration? whatever the finale was. was it Belle and Adam’s wedding? idk) and they finally realize, it damn sure wasn’t the alcohol.

Something I don’t personally understand or sympathize with, when it comes to people interested in witchcraft or paganism, is the “fear of hell.” Not to say that it isn’t a serious concern for some, but I just..can’t really understand it?

Before I ever started walking the crooked path, I knew I was queer. I knew I was wrong in the eyes of the church. Because I was attracted to more than just men, I was going to go to hell. After months of feeling sick at the thought of it, little me decided, “Fine. Hell can’t be all that bad if it’s full of people like me, if it’s even real.” Let my soul be damned, I’m going to love.

When witchcraft became an option to me, there was no risk. I was already damned if the Christians were right so what was the risk? My soul was irredeemable from the moment I was born. So I couldn’t be afraid of what happens in the dark because I already belonged there. I’m sure other queer witches can probably relate. Obviously, I don’t agree with that religion or believe in it anymore, but that’s not really the point.

If love damns you, then is the crooked path so wrong? You’re already in the shadows, they already embrace and accept and protect you. Don’t be afraid. Love and live and laugh and be damned.

So my father, Who Is Wonderful, came into town Thursday night to help me move apartments. (Very fortuitously, he’s currently commuting every week to a job thirty minutes from me–even if he wasn’t, he probably would’ve driven four hours each way from my parents’ house to help me move, but I would’ve felt bad about it.) I then went back with him to visit my parents for the weekend and borrow one of their air mattresses* since the new room isn’t furnished and I’m hardly renting a truck to move out of a place I’m moving back into in June.**

Anyway, my parents have finished converting the top floor of our house to an apartment, and posted the ad this week. My mom then accidentally scheduled the first potential renter while she was at work today. My dad was, of course, around but…although he is Wonderful, let’s just say that eloquence when nervous/talking to strangers in general is not his strong suit and we all know it. So I got to feel Very Very Useful when I told my parents that I’ve been showing my Shitty Student Apartment™ to various subletters for two years, and could very confidently show their Beautiful And Not Remotely Shitty Apartment In A Great Neighborhood. My dad and I showed it together and we did wonderfully…to their first potential renter, whose name is Kathryn and who goes by Kate.

That’s gotta be a good sign. ;-)

*This makes it sound like they own a whole collection of air mattressess (which I’ve decided should be pluralized as mattri). Nope, just two.

**We also moved my desk and chair over on Thursday, which was easy to do with a car because my desk is four stackable plastic crates I got for free from a former roommate a few years back (they double as moving boxes! 10/10) and a board I got at the local hardware store, where I’m concerned the employees may soon start recognizing me when I come in.

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  • Me, flirting: So how do you feel about lizards?

“So what are your hobbies?” 

Do you want to know the one I’m really passionate about or the socially acceptable ones? Because one of those makes me seem kind of like a serial killer.