me and my imprecations my horse

Soooo another show/ Louis update!

well on Saturday we did another show at On Course Riding Academy and louis was perfect! It was great to finally get a good show after two weeks of straight up horrible shows. We used a children’s hunter class as a warm up. Our first course went okay we had a very long spot to a single oxer (same oxer as in the pic) and in our lines they rode kind of tight my trainer actually thought i was going to get out in a 3 instead of a 4 haha… and in our M&S class we ended with 2nd place!! to our very first jump i turned in way to early but we still made the distance work, then we had to halt… it wasn’t horrible but it was better than most halts we had to do, got the bending line in a 6 then hand gallop to the oxer (above^^^) then and outside line to a diagonal. He was being such good horse that day and I’m so happy he was just perfect!

Since tomorrow is halloween....

So usually I’m horrible at picking what i want to be for halloween I’ve decided that i wasn’t going to be anything which is trueee buttttttt…. I’ve decided since I’m going to the barn tomorrow to lesson i might as well be annoying and try to lesson with a “cape” on XD since i just thought of this recently my “cape” is nothing special but a cut up pillow case! and it looks wonderful lol XP



I love my horse! he’s the best thing thats every happened to me! He’s the best birthday present I’ve every had! He’s the most sweetest thing I’ve every met and just a great guy and has the most impressive personality I’ve only had him for a short period of time and i just can’t wait to show him message me if your going to be at HITS WEEK 4!!