me and my huge nose

I feel that the dozens of compliments that I have received over the years (from friends, family, and strangers alike) regarding my “beauty”, will always and forever be out weighed by the few heatless, horrible, and mean comments made to me about my “huge nose”… I honestly never thought that there was anything wrong with the way that I look, until people started to tear me down, and tease me about it… It has haunted my entire life… I’m not sure why anyone would feel the need to bring another person down for something so superficial as a facial feature… But it really does inflict mental damage over time. It seems that every time I reach a peak of self-acceptance, confidence, or happiness, that someone is (figuratively) waiting around the corner to tear me down for not being a super model. I hope that one day I can shut out the negativity and see myself as a truly beautiful soul! One day at a time… I know I can get there <3 .



So rn I was at the gym with my friend and this bitch comes up to her and starts talking to her for like 30 min and not including me at all so me being the petty ass bitch I am asked my friend “Yo you done talking, are we gonna work out?” And she was like “Yeah bye” to the biatch, and she left and I told the girl “Don’t come back” so the girl called me a bitch and I responded with, “Yeah I try” and like legit 10-15 min later she comes back pushing me, calling me ugly, saying my nose is huge, calling me short, and asking if I wanted to fight her. Like bitch my nails worth more than yo entire outfit, think I’m gonna fuck them up to fuck up your already fucked up face? NAHHHHHHHH so I said no to fighting her and she kept calling me ugly and jealous and telling me I was crazy like ya boo I’m psycho af I’ll fuck ur life up xoxoxox thanks for noticing. She also said I have no manners like ya u right I don’t, I don’t waste my breath on people who don’t deserve it. She also pushed me so I threw my towel at my face and she was like “THA FUCK?!” So I was like don’t push me, and she was like “You ugly” and I was like “Yeah? Look at you” and she was like “YEAH! LOOK AT ME!” And I was like “I am…all I see is ugly…” and she was like “YEAH?! ASK ANYONE IN THIS GYM!” I was like “Idk about you but I’m not down to look as bad as you do, and if you’re THAT insecure, go for it.” And she left.

Like bro the fact that she came back to tell me this shit lmao…