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Jejeje~  ❤ falta poco para el evento de San Valentín en CdM ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Si este año tenemos otro regalo de los chicos no me puedo ni imaginar qué se le ocurrirá el pelirrojo esta vez después de la ropa interior sexy y las esposas con estampado de leopardo XD 


Candy: What’s next?! >///<

Castiel: You’ll know soon, girly. ;)

Starting a new week with a smile and positive thoughts C;
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So I don’t know how small this is because I’m on mobile (I always am) but after I got that ask by @supergrumpybear I got curious about how to draw teeth like these and so this happened.

Drabble request #9 and #19 with opie please😁

“You can’t banish me! This is my bed too!” “You’re Satan.”

Mother Nature

Sleeping with Opie was one of the small pleasures life gave me, his warm body pressed against my frame. His beard tickling my face when he put his head against the crook of my neck, fingertips touching every inch of my skin from my neck to my back to get me to sleep, soft kisses all over my skin and the warmest hugs that were invented, it wasn’t even about a sexual act it was all about his body against mine fitting perfectly like two pieces of a puzzle.

I was sleeping calmly next to my old man when I felt it, the horrible cramps destroying my insides and making me suddenly let out a loud whimper. I got up quickly running to the bathroom looking for some pads and to put on my comfy pair of pajama pants, I heard Ope groan from our bed and I rolled my eyes finally the mood swings had an explanation not that I didn’t know but I tried to ignore the fact that mother nature hated me and makes me be in pain for at least 3 days a month.

“Babe” he said, my hands gripping the sink when another wave of pain stroke me “Are you okay?”

“Of course I’m not, I’m bleeding from my vagina Winston” I said with a low growl, Opie finally materializing in front of me.

“Sorry about that honey” he said scratching his head, oh my how annoying can he be “Do you want me to go get the warm bag you use?” he said and I nodded quickly, still holding tightly to the sink. He got out of the bathroom and I let out air I didn’t know I was holding, I opened the cabinets looking for something to calm the pain and drank a big glass of water.

Opie came back holding the warm bag, I was lying in bed with my eyes closed and he put the warm little bag over my tummy, I hummed in response and smiled a little about it but fire was streaking all over my body, god I got moody when my period hurts me like that.

“Can’t you sleep on the couch tonight?” I said, my eyes still closed when I felt Opie come back to bed.

“You can’t banish me! This is my bed too!” he said and I felt my heart tighten, small tears falling from my eyes and Opie noticed immediately “Babe” he said putting his rough hands against my face, my tears falling bigger than before.

“You’re Satan” I said in between whimpers, the pain taking all over my body.

“Oh dear lord, I’ll make you a cup of tea baby” he said getting up “Then I’ll go to the couch” he said and I nodded thankfully before making grabby hands at him.

“I love you” I said slowly hugging him tightly “I’m sorry”

“It’s okay, baby. I understand” he said “I can’t imagine how it feels like, I’ve been shot but god I can’t imagine blood coming out of my…”

“Yeah go get my tea now”

Who wants another chapter?
Chapter Sixteen is available for your reading pleasure!

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If anyone wants to make one with Gadge, I would be very appreciative. They are a big part of this chapter and will be just as big as Everlark for the rest of the story.

Much thanks to my beta @javistg (she also writes, y’all)!

Gale rubbed Becca’s back sleepily. She’d cried herself to a fitful sleep for the next several hours.

His phone buzzed on the nightstand and he answered before the screaming started again.

“Hello?” Gale tried to keep his voice as soft as possible, but Becca still stirred.

“Hi.” Madge said. “Are you okay? You haven’t answered any of my texts.”

Gale looked down at the sleeping form of his daughter and slowly got out of the bed to walk down the hall to sit on the stairs. “Katniss left.” He was surprised at how thick his voice was. “Sam went with her and Becca decided to stay. But it’s been a rough evening.”

“What happens next?” Madge asked.

Gale rubbed his face and sighed. “Tonight I’d just really like to sleep.” A sob escaped him. “Are they going to hate me, Madge? Will my daughters think I’m a horrible person when they get older and start asking questions and find out how I lied?”

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Chibs Telford imagine #1.

Hope you like it!


Seeing him on a day to day basis was never my plan after things went downhill. But I was extremely stupid to think that I would never see him again. I work at his shop for Christs sake, of course I’d see him. And being friends with the one woman that accepts me, Gemma, I’d be bound to catch a glimpse of him.

But maybe I stick around because I do want to see him. Its like a magnet finding its connecting side. I immediately find his face in crowds, no matter who is in the way. I catch glimpses of the goatee, the sunglasses that frame his face, and the scars on his cheeks that I ran my fingers over while he slept late into the mornings and afternoon.

It seems like just yesterday I was curled up on his chest tracing the outline of a tattoo inked permanently into his skin, listening to the soft breaths that leave his parted lips and that little ‘pat pat’ of his heart beneath my ear. But it has been weeks since that last happened, months even and I’m still not over him.

He’s the only man I’ll ever want, even if he’s well beyond my age. The only old man I could ever be with. And the haunting reminder of his crow tattooed just under my breasts spread out to curl around them has me rarely looking at my nude body in the mirror. I can no longer look at myself without wanting to drown in tears.

The crow was supposed to mean forever and always, like a wedding ring and signed legal papers. But apparently that isn’t the case anymore and I’ll have to soon enough get Happy to black it out for me. Or live with the horrible reminder for the rest of my life.

He’d told me as Happy moved the tattoo gun over my skin, black ink being punched into my skin forever, that he’ll always be by my side. And that lie has left a permanent knot in my throat, leaving me with the threat of tears dripping down my cheeks. Will I ever be over him? Probably not. Gemma says I’ll get passed it, but I don’t think I will.

Sat in the office of the TM, I’m looking over paperwork Gemma had left behind for me to finish up for her, typing into the computer before filing things away. Chucky is helping, the little sounds of his kazoo making me smile. It isn’t until there are heavy foot falls of boots and a soft knock at the door that I look up from my work, my heart jumping into my throat at the sight of Chibs. He’d been avoiding coming into the office when I worked but he’d apparently forgotten that Gemma had taken off to be with her grandkids because the look of surprise and almost shock on his face says it all.

He clears his throat and Chucky slowly stops playing his kazoo, looking between us too. “Give us a minute, Chucky boy?” Chibs breathes and Chucky looks to me, taking hold of his kazoo so he can talk. “Do you want me to leave?” He asks and I take a deep breath, putting down a file and nodding. “Just a few minutes, Chucky.” I smile politely to him and he nods. “I accept that.” He states before sauntering out, eyeing Chibs as he does.

Chibs runs a hand through his hair before he pushes his sunglasses up over his hair. “In here workin’ alone, love?” He asks, his accent sending shivers down my spine, and I rest my elbows on the table, shaking my head. “I have Chucky.” I manage to get out without tripping over my words, my hands beginning to sweat out of nervousness.

He just nods and takes a seat, sighing softly. “How’ve you been?” He asks and I thoroughly think this question through. Does he really even care? “I’ve been good.” I finally answer after a few prolonged seconds, giving him a bit of a forced smile. I can’t tell if he realizes it’s fake or not, he’d be able to recognize if it was considering we’d been together for going on five years.

“That’s good, lass.” He says and I immediately look away from him, my chest aching. “I have to get back to work, Chibs.” I whisper and he inhales deeply. I only ever called him Filip, resorting to Chibs when I was mad or upset with him. He stands, glancing around the office for a moment. “I miss you.” He whispers before he walks out and leaves me sitting there.

I sit, my hands grasping at the edge of the desk, tears uncontrollably falling down my cheeks, gasping in breaths. Chucky comes back in, noticing the tears immediately and moving to help clean them from my face with a paper towel, shushing me softly. He’s no help, my chest rising and falling unevenly. Gathering my things, I apologize before I rush out to my car, knowing the boys can see my tears as I pass them. But I’m gone before any of them can stop me.

The sobs break through when I’m alone in the safety of my car, my throat aching and sore after just a few seconds, gripping tightly onto the steering wheel.

I miss him too.

Helpline - Stuart imagine

a/n: this is associated with the movie internship, but like, for the ones who haven’t seen it - there was a scene where the interns were on the gmail help line, they helped people with gmail problems so it about that :)

storyline: girl (reader) mistakes the suicide support number for the gmail support number and it’s stuart answering

characters: reader; Stuart from internship

warnings: talking of suicide; crying (???)

“And the helpline starts.. right now.” The boss said. Stuart turned around to face his computer and put his headphones with the microphone on his head. He sighed as he heard the first person calling.

“Google support, hello?” He spoke. At first he didn’t hear anything, which made his eyebrows furrow. Then he heard an almost audible sob. “Hello?”

“I-Is this the suicide h-hotline?” A soft girl’s voice asked. Was she crying? Stuart thought. Suicide hotline?

“No, this is the Google Support number.” Stuart then confidently replied.

“Oh, I-I’m very sorry, I didn’t mean to bother. I just got the wrong number, sorry,” the girl rambled, wanting to hit the button to end the call. But Stuart acted quicker. “I’ll just, goodb-”

“No, no, don’t leave.” Stuart rushed, without knowing why he stopped the girl. from ending the call. “Stay here.”

“Uhm, I-I, no. I don’t want to bother. Wh-”

“Just, just don’t end the call. Okay?” Stuart said. If the girl was looking for the suicide hotline, she wanted help. So maybe Stuart could talk to her.

“O-okay.” The girl answered and sniffed. There was silence between them, when stuart decided to ask the girl something. Come on, just ask her something, Stuart.

“What’s your name?”

“Y/N.” The girl replied, her voice still sounding like she was/had been crying.

“Okay. I’m Stuart. Were you looking for the suicide hotline?”

“Yeah…” Y/N said with shame in her voice.

“Why? Is something wrong?”

“Must be. Look, you’re not the person I should tell those things to, after all, you’re from Google Support. I should call the real suicide hotline.”

“You said you’d stay, remember? And I know that maybe I’m not the right guy to talk to, but something seemed to bother you. Wasn’t that why you were crying? You can talk to me. I promise, I won’t tell anybody. Not that I have anybody to tell.”

“Alright. I will tell you. But please don’t tell anybody.”

“Of course, yeah. So, if you wanted to call suicide hotline, you want help.”


“What do you need help for? Is there someone bothering you? Or something?”

“Well… I’m g-getting bullied at school ever since my… sister and best friend d-died.” Stuart listened. Bullying is the worst. “It’s these two girls named.. let’s name them Queen Bee and Becky. They’re the bullies.”

“How exactly do they… bully you? How long?”

“Well, they have always bullied me, but it got worse a few weeks ago. I mean, it’s already very hard for me. My two best friends died… Can’t they see it’s horrible? And now they bully me, throw things at me, call me names..”

“And why does it bother you?”

“Because it’s true what they say!” Y/N’s voice started trembling. “It’s true that I’m worthless, fat, ugly and a loser. Nobody loves me.” She started crying again. “Nobody needs me. There’s no point of me in this world! That’s why I took all the pills in the house.” Stuart thought he mis-heard the girl.


“You know, medication. I want to take them so bad, but I know-” Stuart heard the girl burst out crying with loud sobs. This is really awkward, Stuart thought, poor girl.

“Hey, shh, calm down,” Stuart cooed. “Don’t cry, please don’t cry.” Y/N still cried, but it lessened slowly, in a couple of second-tenths. Now she was only sobbing. “Do you really want to take them?”

“Y-Yes, but I know it would be wrong. So I-I decided to call the number…”

“Good thing you called, otherwise we would lose another beautiful person in the world.”

“I’m not beautiful. You haven’t even seen me.”

“I know I have never seen you. But I know that you’re beautiful. Every one is. You shouldn’t listen to those girls, or anyone else who says something bad about you. Many people are insecure, many people are being bullied. And I know how it is, I’ve been there. I’m telling you, killing yourself is an option, but not yours.” Stuart paused. “Not today. Not ever. Don’t ever think about it. Think about what you’ll miss. It’s not an available option, alright? This isn’t the worst yet.” He finished, not believing he was actually saying stuff like this to someone. Stuart was usually the quiet, smart guy in class or any other place.

“Do you still want to do it?” He asked after there was silence.

“Kind of, but not really.” Y/N said, wiping off her tears.

“That’s better.”

“You helped me, Stuart. It really means a lot.” She said. “Thank you for the kind words, they’re the best I’ve heard in my life.” Y/N wiped the new tears. “You’re making me cry.” Stuart quietly chuckled at her cuteness.

“Always welcome.” He said “Would you need my help another time?”

“I think so.”

“Well, then - you can’t call this number, because it’s the helpline of Google, so I’ll give you my number to write down. Anytime you need something or just want to talk, tell me.”

“Okay.” Y/N agreed. Stuart dictated the numbers to the girl. She thought she had find a savior for her. Someone who finally cared. Someone who understood, someone who helped. Sure, her best friend and sister were helping, but they were gone now. Y/N was practically alone. Until today.

“So, Y/N. I hope you’re alright and I hope you will be.”

“Thank you, Stuart.”

“Remember, if anything happens - let me know.” 

“Of course.”

“Throw those pills back from where you took them, take care of yourself.”

“I will.”

“Okay, Y/N. Have a good day.” Stuart said, smiling.

“You too.” The girl said and ended the call with a small smile on her lips.

Stuart was smirking when he heard the boss yell:

“Time’s up. Let’s see your results.” He was looking at Stuart’s conversation, Stuart was blushing. He spent all his time talking to Y/N, who wanted to commit suicide.

“I see Stuart here was having a good chat.” The boss said. He had never liked Stuart. The boy stood up and walked up to the boss’ table.

“Well…” Stuart trailed off with a smug smirk, “I saved a person’s life. But you all,” Stuart turned around to all his colleges and pointed at them, “saved some nudes from leaking.” The boss chuckled, but you couldn’t deny the fact he was a little bit pissed off.

Stuart quickly made his way out of the room, chuckling and thinking of the coffee and muffins he was gonna eat just a few minutes later.