me and my homework


[ 3 / 100 days of productivity ] [ 22 . 08 .17 ]

let me tell you something : you define beauty

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it wasn’t exactly the most productive day ever, i think doing something straight as i come back from school will help me more in the future

i finished my art homework and i put my english glossary onto quizlet so it’s easier for me to memorise for the quiz on friday 

other than that i didnt do much hehe

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Witch fail: A week ago, I had tons of homework and no energy. So I drew a ton of motivation, energy, ect. sigils on myself. (With full knowledge that my sigils usually work, idk if it's the placebo or what.) THEN I freaking forgot I had dance practice that evening. I went, and get this, I danced really well! My teacher actually complimented me! But when I went home, I was too tired to do my homework. -_- (Make specific sigils/spells, y'all.)


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opinion on absol???

in the 3rd grade i lied to my mom and told her i finished my spelling homework and she took me to get new pokemon cards and the first card in the pack was a holographic absol 6/10 i wish it was better in battle



ft. Georgi as the good supportive friend and also as the one who drove them there because no one trusts Viktor with a car anymore


Paladins with their pokemon team!

Matching feline + a flying + type of pokemon with color + bayard +  element of each paladin :’)

Pidge: Shiny Espeon bc there are not green cat pokemon. Also a psychic type. And Ferroseed. Its evolution has this long vine things like pidge bayard. rowlet is a must with pidge tbh

Hunk: Shieldon bc  Shield + Rock and Steel, Shiny Luxio bc electric precious Lion ,and a FLYING ALOLAN ROCK FROM SPACE (also yellow core )

Keith: Pawniard is know as the sharp blade pokemon and biasharp as the sword blade pokemon. Litten is literally Keith and Fletchinder evo Talonflame has highest base Speed of any fire pokemon

Lance: Alolan meowth is literally Lance, Ducklett is a birb and evolves into another beautiful birb and Clauncher is known as the water gun pokemon plus is BLUE and BADASS

Shiro: Absol mega is Flying and pretty, and a feline, Noivern is a flying dragon powerful fast and Weavile is the sharp claw pokemon and is know for work in groups of 4 or 5.

I watch the bizaardvark episode with @thatsthat24 ​ in it. This was by far my favorite part.

Thomas sanders is one of my favorite person’s ever and I’m so happy for him.