me and my gurls

When you’re sick so you go to the CVS clinic and while waiting to pay this guy’s sexy little smile is looking up at you from the magazine rack like “come on, gurl, you know you want me”- so my sleep-deprived ass caves and pays $8 for for pics I’ve already seen and moved on from and a ridiculous article. I’m so weak 😆🤒

This hands down has to be my favorite picture of JB. He is serving Happiness, Joy, and Heavenly angel  all wrapped up in Handsome Beauty and I am left in awe.

Ji-eun : You have legs don’t you?! If you want to go home, you can just use your crutches and go alone! 

WHAT Sangwoo SAID: Hey now! you’re just angry! *smiles* 

WHAT Sangwoo MEANT: nobody insults my hostage but me, are you really trying to test me gurl? know your place gdi Ji-eun. Imma fuck you to death, its me and Bum’s anniversary,how dare you???  


Ji-eun: Don’t be an idiot! *crosses arms* 

Sangwoo: just because youre beautiful, that doesn’t mean you can make fun of me *smiles* 

also Sangwoo: first you insult my hostage, now you insult me? gurl you gon’ get it tonight, better dig your own grave, you make a great wedding cake btw, your cause of death is my bat hitting your insides 

When I was drinking the liberal feminism sex positive kool aid, and all of my friends were too,  I started meeting up with “sugar daddies” I found on the internet and all my friends cheered me on. “YAS GURL GO U GET THAT CASH GURL.” I was 18 years old and having sex with middle aged men for money. I ended up getting pregnant by one of them because I was too scared to ask him to use a condom, I needed the money. I had an abortion… that I paid for with money from a “sugar daddy.” I can’t believe I have to carry this around with me because the “feminists” around me showed no concern. Nobody questioned what I was doing.  Nobody. 

I’m 21 now and this still very much affects my ability to trust men and function and have healthy relationships so fuck tumblr’s ~sex positivity~ y’all don’t actually care about young girls and what kind of real life consequences your words have.