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Feeling Safe

Requested by Anonymous:Hi! Can you do an imagine where the reader is partially sighted and has a guide dog and meets Jax when the reader is walking the dog and Jax is concerned about their safety? Please :)

Three weeks ago, while walking to lunch, I met someone. He helped me out if a sticky situation, some local teenagers were harassing me. They were agitating my guide dog Sirius, to the point, he couldn’t do his jib.

I tried to fight back, but being partial blind hampered my efforts, Jax stepped in and sent the hoodlums packing. He walked with us the rest of the way to the diner, had lunch with me, and walked us back to work.

The weeks after that we started to hang out together, when I had free time.  

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pavement parking part 1

pavement parking part 1 

this is a two part video of me and my guide dog being forced into the road because people have parked there cars and have left things in the way so that my guide dog has to take me round them by taking me into the road 

Hey, guys! So Pete and I are mutuals and he’s asked me to share this. Pete doesn’t have sight so relies on his guide dog, Vince, to safely help him on foot paths such as this. However, he often has to walk into the road just to make his way along the path. This is dangerous for obvious reasons, and not only that, but it seems fairly terrifying as well. To be honest, this is an issue I’ve hardly considered before watching this video (you learn something new everyday). This is clearly a daily struggle and the fact Pete has his safety jeopardized like this isn’t fair. Hopefully this helps bring some awareness to the issue and others like it! 

there is Far Too Much Sad Fic in the chirrut/baze ao3 tag, so please consider:

  • barista!chirrut who gets baze’s order wrong every single time but denies it (baze doesn’t argue much because the drinks are always so damn good)
  • chirrut barging on through a department store like “THE FORCE WILL GUIDE ME” and almost knocking over 10 displays. manager baze is sent to “escort him out.”
  • baze who trains guide dogs. “my supernaturally heightened senses saved me.” “my fucking dog saved you.”
  • assassin for hire baze, paid to knock off chirrut. he feels guilty at first because chirrut looks kind of cute and non-threatening until he figures out that chirrut is much more dangerous than he looks. he’s still cute though.
  • bodyguard!baze and ambassador’s son!chirrut, who can’t seem to stay out of trouble, particularly in foreign countries. baze has his work cut out for him.
  • fake married. chirrut and baze pose as a honeymooning couple in order to sneak around an imperial occupied planet.
  • martial arts instructor chirrut who teaches an introductory taekwondo class for parents and their kids, and baze who has a daughter who wants to kick things instead of do ballet.
  • chirrut who insists that the best way for baze to help guide him is by holding his hand.
Tangled Pt. 2

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Part 1


A few steps along, Bucky caught up with me and matched my stride.  "I meant what I said.  I’d still like to walk you home, even though I’m not physically attached to your dog.“

"I’d really like that too.”


“So how did you get Frankie?” Bucky asks.

A laugh bubbles up at the thought of the memory; “My mother thought it was time for me to ‘reclaim my independence’. So she brought me to the rescue that trains guide dogs.  I thought we were going to lunch, but as soon as we got out of the car, the jig was up. I heard the yapping and barking and I’m sure that if looks could kill, we’d have had to host her wake.” I chuckle. “She begged me to just think about it and meet some of the dogs.” I rolled my eyes at the thought of it “but I had always been a sucker for dogs, even before…” I trailed off.

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Seeing Viserion die was like being repeatedly punched in the gut. Human death seems less tragic, somehow, even though the dragons are fire-breathing killing machines. Something about them still reads as loving and intelligent. If a dragon kills a person or destroys property it’s not a moral action, it’s simply what dragons do. 

There’s a quality about the dragons and direwolves on GoT that has always reminded me of my guide dogs. The characters have a deeper bond with these animals than an owner would have with a pet, and the animals themselves have unusual intelligence. I always figured that the dragons may be injured or killed at some point in the series, but that doesn’t make it any easier to watch. 

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List of Dog Documentaries

Dogs Decoded- Explores the relationship between dogs and humans, and also looks at the genetic and scientific history to find when and how this bond began. [watch here]

Tough Love-  Traces the history of the “alpha dog” concept from its origins in 1940’s wolf studies to its current popularity among ordinary dog owners and professional trainers. [watch here]

Me and my Guide Dog- The history, raising, and training of Guide Dogs. [watch here]

The Dog Factory- A BBC investigator follows the trail of puppy mill operators and backyard breeders to find the root of the rampant animal exploitation problem. [watch here] 

The Wonder of Dogs- Charts the remarkable journey of the domestic dog from one common ancestor, and the relationship that ancient and modern dogs have with humans. [watch here]

The Science of Dogs- The scientific exploration of dog genetics and how hundreds of breeds were bred to serve different purposes across the world.  [watch here]

Pedigree Dogs Exposed-  Eye-opening documentary about the health and welfare of purebred dogs in the UK. (Personal notes: At times it can be very broad but the overall tone of the doc is important and it actually caused the British Kennel Club to review and change their breed standards.)  [watch here]

One Vision- A short documentary about training Guide Dog puppies and the challenges that the learning puppies must face to advance in their training.  [watch here]

Air Lyra- The story of Lyra the Border Collie and her human, Jean McCollister, who became dog sport champions and later pioneered the disc dog sport in Slovenia. [watch here]

The Truth About Your Dog’s Food- Investigating the ingredients inside cheap dog food, and the implications what these have on dog health and welfare. [watch here]

Dogs and More Dogs- Another documentart about the history of dogs, why they have such physical variation, and the different jobs they can perform.  [watch here]

And Man Created Dog- The journey of dogs from wolf to human companion, and how dogs became the most varied species on the planet. [watch here]

Until There are None- This documentary follows a group of animal rescue volunteers as they travel to overcrowded rural animal shelters in West Virginia and Kentucky to rescue dogs before they are euthanized. [watch here]

DOGS- A documentary about the treatment of shelter dogs in Russia.  [watch here]

Naki'o-  A short documentary about the world’s first dog to receive four prosthetic limbs. [watch here]

Dog Fighting in the USA- An older documentary highlighting the world of dog fighting. [watch here]

Judging You Softly - Pt 4

yeah so I forgot to add that I’m legally fucking blind without aid in my fic but u know what this is a self-insert fantasy i have permanent contacts. Yeah. those have been invented. 

Tbh I have no idea where this fic is going, but I’m okay with that. I promise, though, that shit will pick up in the next chapter. This is more just me putting all my fucking weird ass ticks and phobias on paper. I didn’t realize how much I did them XD 

If u wanna be tagged or not tagged lemme know! I’m on a roll with this, two chapters in a day, so I don’t want to clog anyones notifications. 

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 

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This is Sully, He’s a Bernese Mountain dog, I grew up with him and his Aunt, Sister and Cousin who all sadly passed away from age or sickness. He was originally a breeding dog but he had to be given up as the previous owner had a Special Needs kid and he likes to protect (which scared the child a bit) and sit on his family. So we got him and since then he’s been my best friend and brother basically. He is gentle as and wouldn’t hurt a fly, the fly would probably scare him 😂 He is basically my guide dog, he keeps me calm when I’m walking around town and is extremely quick at learning new commands. He is not to be confused with any other Mountain Dog xD ✌🏻️Peace out

This actually hasn’t happened with Sienna, but I think I’ve unconsciously taken steps against it. 

You see, back I was training Aidan I went into a tiny clothing store and the owner got upset because I wasn’t carrying the dog and I wasn’t blind. For what it’s worth, even then, my very first access problem, I stood my ground and refused to leave. I handed him a card with the laws (which he didn’t read) I remember telling him Aidan was training to be a diabetes dog and he then followed me around the store telling me if the dog sniffed anything he would “be OUT!” and “go ahead and call the cops if you want, I don’t care” and told every other customer who walked in “Sorry, I can’t help you right now I’m watching this DIABETES DOG.” in the most ridiculous voice. It was my first bad experience with a service dog so I wasn’t prepared for it, and I will always remember it. I remember my mom telling me after “See? The dog thing was a good idea but it’s just not gonna work.” And when deciding if I was going to go with a program dog, this scenario played in my head over and over: here it was, this was the big con to having a service dog. Was I ready to be treated like this constantly?

But the thing that put a bad taste in my mouth about this encounter the most….was the way the store owner said “diabetes” in that weird voice. I felt suddenly very vulnerable that this guy knew what was wrong with me.  There is a reason that store owners are not allowed to ask about what your condition is, and this is part of it. No one should be able to use that to demean you. So after that I realized that I couldn’t be so open about what the dog was for, because people could use it against me or just not understand.

So nowadays, there is no way by looking at Si that you can tell what my condition is! Who’s to say she’s NOT a dog for seizures? Who can tell if I’m holding the harness because I’m blind or because impaired from a low? If a random person asks, sure I may tell them, but I won’t announce it to a “gatekeeper” at a store and I never use terminology like “DAD”, “diabetic alert dog” or “invisible disability” (I think the word “invisible” conjures the idea of “imaginary” in the general public, which is not what we mean!). I say “this is my service dog” or “assistance dog for a medical condition”.

Anyways what I’m trying to say is if you don’t want to run into this, best thing to do is say to yourself and everyone else: this is my service dog for a medical condition. I need to have her with me at all times. Her trained tasks are integral to my treatment. And not let it get any more detailed than that. If it were ever to happen to me again I would explain that my dog is just like a guide dog or seizure dog and hold my ground like in any other sort of access situation!

  • my mind when I'm trying to sleep: who am I? where am I going in life? is there a greater purpose I am destined to fulfill? is there a plan for me in this chaotic world? I believe my life has meaning. we all have meaning and we all have s place in the cycle of life and death. I will find my place won't I? when will I shine? when will the path I am to follow uncurl and guide me?
  • my mind during the day: I love dog s and spaghetti

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That pitbull/labrador in the pool doesn't look clumsy but is rather pulled into the water with the leash :(

he was! but as you can see, it was super gentle. just enough to show him where to go. it’s a method to get dogs used to going in the water (along with using treats and stuff). literally nothing else worked except for this method

my brother and I realized he was scared of water last summer, so this summer we decided to work on his fear. it took a long time when we first tried, but at the end he started coming in the water on his own. the second time we tried, he didn’t need a leash at all! he was coming in all on his own!

the reason why I said he was clumsy is because normally, whenever we would gently tug on his leash, he would slowly walk to the next step. we weren’t expecting him to plop down like that

s/o to everyone who made me seem abusive by trying to get my dog used to water by guiding him in the pool. real mvps I tell ya