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First time

I was about 11 when my mom took me and my sisters shoe shopping. I saw this gorgeous women and full stopped in the middle of the sidewalk. My jaw was nearly on the ground and my pants felt tingly. I forgot what that you’re suppose to swallow your spit and was outright drooling. My mother finally asked me what the hell I was doing.

-Great Expectations- (part 2)


Warnings: it might be boring None, for now.

Words: 2074 

’Y/n, where were you before when I called you?’’
‘’I was at the bookshop. The one I always go to. Why?’’ you answered, not really getting why he was asking about that.
‘’You mentioned flirting with some ‘cute nerdy guy’. If my memory serves me well, an older lady owns the shop ad works there too. But that is irrelevant. He’s probably her son or nephew, and he took her place because she’s sick, or on a vacation, or she just didn’t feel like working today. What caught my attention, is the flirting part. Y/n you can’t flirt. You wouldn’t be able to do so even if your life depended on it.’’ he said, looking at you with entertainment in his eyes. He was waiting for you to give him your best shot.
‘’Thanks, Jordan. Everybody would be grateful to have a brother like you. And just so you know, I was about to test if I improved my flirting skills, but your call ruined the attempt of doing so.’’ you turned your head to Alex now ‘’What he’s saying is true tho. I either ignore the guy I like, and expect from him to magically know about my feelings, or I stare at him all the time and act like a creepy stalker. There’s no in between.’’ you said In an apologizing tone. Alex gave you an understanding smile, and Sophie just giggled at your words.
‘’You know,’’ Jordan began ‘’the fact that my sister went there first, before calling me and asking about me, it’s killing me. Like, she loves Rachel (the woman that owns the bookshop) and her books more than she loves me’’ he finished, acting like he was hurt, but in reality he was just challenging you. You rolled your eyes choosing to ignore him.
‘’Jesus Jordan, give her a break.’’ Sophie said annoyed.
You knew he was just teasing you, and that the only reason he was saying this was because he loves arguing with you. But suddenly, you weren’t in the mood for it. You felt tired, you arrived in Dublin just four hours ago. Even thought you were enjoying spending time with these three mundanes, you had to go.
‘’Guys, I’m gonna go now. ’’. ‘’But, why?’’ Sophie almost cried out, and Jordan was looking at you with a puppy face. ‘’Please sis, don’t go. You just came!!’’
‘’JP, you know I would stay if I wasn’t so tired. I really need to go home and crash.’’ ‘’Okay. But I’ll see you tomorrow then?’’ he asked. ‘’Of course you will.’’ you came over to him to give him a hug. You did the same thing with Sophie, then you came over to Alex, whom was expecting you to do the same with him, but instead, you took his hand in yours and gave him a handshake. He looked disappointed. ‘’It was nice meeting you, Alex.’’ you smiled at him while saying this. ‘’It was a pleasure for me too.’’ he returned the smile. You locked your eyes with him, and it felt like the time stopped for a moment.
You two were standing there like that for a couple of seconds, holding onto each others hands. Not making a tinniest movement. Not daring to look away.
You would’ve gladly stayed like that for longer, but you two weren’t alone. Then again, it was not the right place, neither the right time for showing any emotions. You came back to reality, taking your hand back next to your body, feeling strange at the sudden lack of touch of his. ‘’I’ll see you soon guys. Bye!!’’ you smiled nervously and walked away from them, thinking about what have just happened.
What, the hell, was that?


You woke up at the sound of your phone ringing. You were cursing all the time while searching for it in your bed with you left hand. You found it under your pillow. Why was it there? You don’t remember leaving it under your pillow.
‘’Hello.’’ you answered with your voice hoarse from sleeping, still keeping your eyes closed. You weren’t ready to face the world just yet.
‘’Morning sunshine.’’. It was Jordan.
‘’Oh, no. Not you again.’’ you joked, acting shocked.
‘’Ouch.’’ he said ‘’Well, I kind of deserved that for yesterday. And, well, I woke you up. I forgot that you were not a morning person. Sorry sis.’’ he apologized. ‘’Anyway, I thought you could come have breakfast at my place. Do you want to?’’ You shifted in your bed while thinking about it, eyes still closed. ‘’I don’t know JP. I don’t know who I am, and where I am. I’m not ready to get out of bed yet.’’ you said.
‘’Alex is coming too.’’ he said, challenging you. You could imagine what his face looked like while he was telling you this. He had that smile of his that appeared when he knew he was striking right in the center.
You immediately opened your eyes and put yourself in a sitting position. There was that strange feeling in your belly again, but you didn’t want to give that kind of satisfaction to Jordan, so you said ‘’Is that supposed to make me change my mind?’’.
‘’I saw the way you look at him little sis. So, yeah, it should make you change your mind.’’ he was teasing you again. You didn’t say anything. You had no words for this. ‘’Jesus Y/n, I’m joking. Just come, please. I wanna have breakfast with you.’’ he said.
You thought about it again. ‘’There better be waffles. And coffee. Lots of coffee. Otherwise, you’re a dead man.’’ You could hear him cheering on other side of the line. ‘’Awesome. See you soon. Love you!!’’ he hung up.
You were sitting there motionless for a couple moments. Then, you made yourself get off the bed and went to the bathroom to get ready. You were looking at yourself while brushing your teeth. For some reason, your hair was looking good. In reality, your hair was the only thing you liked about yourself. It wasn’t always easy to handle with, but you loved it anyway. Your dark blond hair. It was naturally straight, so you just had to brush it and you were ready to go.
You felt like putting some more effort in getting ready, so you put on some mascara and something to cover the bags under your eyes. After getting dressed, you went out to go to Jordans’.
He wasn’t living far from you. Just a block away.
When you two were moving here in Dublin, you insisted into living close to each other so you could see each other more often.
In ten minutes you were already standing in front of his door. You knocked, and waited for him to open the door for you. Yes, you’re family, but still, it’s better for him to open the door for you. Once when you just walked in his suit, you interrupted his intimate session with Sophie. It was pure horror. It still makes you want to vomit when you think about it.
‘COOOOME IIIIIIN!!’’ you heard the idiot yelling from the inside. You laughed and went in. Oh, God. The smell of waffles made its way to your nose. Suddenly, you weren’t mad at Jordan anymore for waking you up.
‘’Hello everyone!’’ you greeted them as you entered the kitchen.
‘’Look who showed up.’’ your brother smiled at you. You made your way to him to kiss him on the cheek. Sophie was making more waffles, so she just waved at you. But there was no sign of Alex. ‘’He’s in the bathroom.’’ Jordan whispered in your ear. You blushed at his words. Sometimes you really hated that your brother could read you like a book.
‘’Hey gorgeous.’’ you heard Alex from behind you. You blushed again. ‘’Excuse me, why are you calling my sister gorgeous?’’ JP acted like he was angry. ‘’Because she is. I think that’s pretty obvious.’’ Alex said making his way to the table were his laptop was. ‘’Y/n, have a specific song you want to hear this morning?’’ he asked, looking you straight in the eyes. ‘’Bad habit- The Kooks’’ you said immediately.He smiled, still looking at you like he was analyzing you. ‘’Okay. ‘Bad habit’ it is.’’ he put your song on.
‘’JP, where’s my coffee?’’ It was like he knew what you were going to ask for. He was already handing you your cup before you finished the question. ‘’Sister, some day, caffeine is going to kill you.’’ ‘’Some day. But not today.’’ you both laughed and sat at the table since Sophie was done making waffles.


Breakfast went well. Even if most of the time it was just you and Jordan teasing and embarrassing each other, both Sophie and Alex didn’t mind. They actually enjoyed watching the two of you. Because, even if you were mean to each other, and even if sometimes you wanted to kill each other during arguments, there was no denying that you loved each other. And that is a beautiful thing to see, since you have families where brothers and sister don’t even speak to each other.

Sometimes, during breakfast, when Jordan or Sophie were telling a story, you would throw a glance, or two, at Alex. You couldn’t deny the beauty of this man. Just his eyes were making you go insane. And his full lips. And his sharp jaw. Your eyes adored his body in general. They couldn’t stop making their way to his broad shoulders. Or his arms. Or his hands. You let yourself imagine how it would be to hold his hand, or even feel it touching you. But most of all, you loved to watch him while he speaks.
His hands would be all over the place while he was trying to explain something. He would make a disgusted expression when he would talk about something he doesn’t really dig. There would be a slight change of tone in his voice when he was talking about something he was really passionate about. His face would also light up while doing so. You also noticed the sadness in his eyes while he was talking about his family and friends at home.
He was a masterpiece. A masterpiece you could watch all day, and not find a single thing you don’t like. Thank God he didn’t catch you staring. Well, he didn’t, but Jordan did. Of course he did. You could already imagine how he was going to tease you about this.
When all of you were done eating, you helped clean up, and then it was time to go. Even though Jordan and Sophie insisted on you two to stay, you had to go. You didn’t unpack your things, and just by thinking about it you wanted to kill yourself. Alex offered to follow you home, since he wasn’t living that far from you. You both greeted and thanked Sophie and Jordan, and went out of the building.
Silence fell between the two of you. Then, of course, Alex broke it. ‘’So, Y/n, tell me something about yourself. I know nothing about you, except maybe that you’re Jordan’s sister, and that you’re a med student. I also know that you like to read. Oh, and you’re the same age as I am.’’ he said.
‘’You know quite a lot for someone who says he doesn’t know me.’’ You both laughed nervously.
‘’You know what I mean.’’ he said. You were already at the entrance in front of your building. He was looking at you, waiting for an answer.
‘’There is nothing special to know about me.’’ you said ‘’I’m a simple person that has a boring life on this world, so I transport myself to a new one by reading a book.’’ and with these words you turned your back to him, wanting to enter the building. You wanted him to stop you, which, of course, he didn’t do. He just stood there, watching you with a confused expression on his face.
How could you leave him just like that? Girls were usually throwing themselves at him, but no, you were walking away from him. And all he could do was stare, motionless. You turned around only to tell him that you had a good time, and that you hope you will see him again soon.
‘’It will be sooner than you think.’’ he said, smiling at you. You returned the smile, then closed the entrance door behind you. And you went home, disappointed he didn’t stop you from doing so. 

@karliekseguin: I’d like to personally thank Utah and Mr and Mrs Carson, plus every single decision I’ve made that’s made me fall into the path that’s made me so close to you. You’re like a sister to me, my gorgeous Capri Sun, and I’ll never be able to thank you for everything you’ve done for me and my daughter. You’re always there, you keep me sane and I’ll love you forever. I wanna be the first one to wish @witneycarsonthe happiest of birthdays. 


A Solangelo take on the bridge scene in My Big Fat Greek Wedding scene, with certain creative liberties.

“So, what’s your family like?” Nico asked with an imploring smile.

Will’s heart skipped a beat at the smile. Fifth date and he was going crazy for Nico already. This would not end well, concluded the voice in his head, who sounded suspiciously like cousin Lou. 

“Hello, earth to Will…Anyone there?” The Italian questioned, his voice alluring.

Will quickly blinked out of his daze.

“Um, yeah…” He looked towards the ground.

Family. The family that didn’t know he was out on a date with a very nice, very rich, very handsome and marginally annoying, non-Greek boy. If ever there was a topic not to stray into on a date, family was it.

Nico, bless him and everything he stood for, acknowledged the pause for the non-answer it was and instead began shooting into facts about his own family.

“Well, I’ve got two sisters, one older than me and one younger. Hazel, my younger sister, has a gorgeous set of twins, a boy and a girl and Bianca- She’s not really into the whole settling down thing, y’know.”

Will nodded with a soft smile aimed at his boyfriend- where they boyfriends? Will didn’t know if it was too soon for this conversation, but he personally thought they were boyfriends. Everything Nico said managed to sound fascinating, like they were secrets he pressed directly into Will’s ears. That was, when he wasn’t avoiding treatment from his one-time doctor. Who technically wasn’t licensed, but he could handle making a splint, thank you very much.

“I don’t see them often, but we get together during Christmas time, it’s one of the few times our step-mom’s home and her and dad throw this quite get-together, with the whole family, we all just sit around eating and drinking until eventually everyone caves in and we spend the night there instead of driving home.”

Will let his smile out fully and freely, “That sounds wonderful…I’ve never really been to a quiet get-together before,” he muttered out.

“Why’s that?” Nico pressed again, facing him as he got off the bridge railing.

Will hesitated. Nico was this great, attractive and established lecturer. People paid actual thousands to hear him speak for an hour and he wanted to listen to some pre-med drop out talk about his big, fat, embarrassing, Greek family. 

“Well, I’m Greek,” he shrugged the words out, not quite what he wanted to say, but still a beginning.

Nico gave Will a long-suffering look, even that was attractive! Gods damn him for his good-looks.

“And…?” He queried when his look still remained unanswered.

Will sighed, better to send Nico away now, before he fell in love and it left actual damage. He spoke with his eyes trained to the ground, flickering just barely to look at Nico through his long, blonde locks.

“And I’m Greek, so for Christmas my Ma makes roast Lamb and my dad and uncles all try and fight over who gets to eat the brain, while my pappous eventually eats it when they’re not looking. My Aunt Athena then chases me around with the eyeball, because she says it’ll make me smart enough for college to accept me again. You have two sisters? I have three brothers and two sisters, because my parents adopted Meg a few years ago too. Not to mention the nineteen first cousins- just first cousins- who are always there or all the girls my Aunt cares for in her shelter, who again, are always there. My family’s big and loud and all we do is eat and eat and eat, while complaining in Greek. Everyone’s in each other’s face all the time and we never just get a moment to think. And they’re always saying, Will do this, Will be that, Will fix this. Will why are you not married? Where are my Greek grandchildren?  When Will you settle down with a nice, Greek girl? And all we ever do is Greek, Greek, Greek, because the only people we hang out with are- Greeks, so we can marry more Greeks because that’s all anyone in my family does, get married to a Greek, have Greek children and eat Greek food.”

Nico paused, eyes widened, before a smirk pulled onto his face.

“Woah,” he said in that damningly attractive voice.

“Not-woah, I’m being serious. No one in my family has ever gone out with a non-Greek before and you’re- you’re just- wonderful,” he spat out as if he were offended, to which Nico raised an amused brow.

Will stopped to breathe and really stared at Nico. Nico was wearing dark, grey jeans, but they fit his legs perfectly, sculpting his muscles. His top was just a touch loose, black and silky. Dark hair touched fair skin, curly at the bottoms and his jaw was like that of a chiselled statue, sharp yet soft enough to trail kisses off of, Nico was so wonderful. 

And Will was a mess of a twenty-six year old, with shaggy hair and an uneven-tan. Who wore a stupid, orange hoodie and khaki’s to a fancy date. 

He felt stupid. Stupid Nico being so stupidly great.

“You’re so wonderful, but I’m not sure this will work-out, so…” He trailed off, hoping Nico caught on.

“Work out? What’s there to work out? I like you Will, you’re gorgeous, you’re so alive and you know what you want. Before I met you, I used to fantasise about all the different ways someone could die and I’d make stories up about all the Gods in my head, I’m not some perfect, wonderful being, but you make me want to be, Will.”

Will’s breath halted. Nico stepped closer to him, not touching him, but peering at him with dark, dark eyes.

“I’m this huge, dorky, at time suicidal shit-head and the fact that I’m willingly telling you that shows how much I’ve come to care about you in this short period of time we’ve known each other. Will, before I met you I felt like I was just going through life without living, but Will you make me come alive,” Nico whispered the last sentence and put his hand on Will’s cheek.

Will let a stunned blush engulf his face as he tried to stop staring at his wonderful, beautiful, incredibly stupid boyfriend.

“I make you come alive?” He questioned with a cheshire-grin, because that was some top-notch poetry there, he’d know, his family did run a poetry slam every second Friday at their clinic.

“Shut up,” replied the Italian with an interesting hue of red on his face.

Will laughed softly, running his fingers through Nico’s hair.

“I’ll always be here to make sure you come alive, so you better not go dying on me, okay?” He teased lightly.

“Never,” Nico replied with the same tone, leaning forward so their lips met in a chaste kiss.

I re-watched My Big Fat Wedding today and I thought of Solangelo while watching it and I don’t know, this scene just stuck out to me and I was like, Will’s Toula, bc family will drive him insane and Nico’s lucky to have a smaller amount of relatives. Obvs Nico’s not Greek in this, but everyone else from Camp Half-Blood, other than Hades children are Greek. Numbers of relatives aren’t concrete bc reasons. Also I made Will and Nico way too sappy, but fight me, it’s a rom-com movie, I can’t just have them arguing for like ten minutes.