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you don’t learn to love her. because learning to love her is like turning her into a routine you get used to, like you’ve been trying and you’ve just now seen parts of her you’ve never noticed before or maybe didn’t pay attention to. like the bad habit you’ve picked up and only just now become aware of the burning cigarette between your fingers, the money you’ve lost, the need for a fix, the jagged edges of your nails. no, it doesn’t work that way.

so, let me tell you what she’s like.

she’s always. not just coming to. not just on her way. you love her by means of night and day. she’s constant. you trace forever on her skin when she sleeps, the expanse giving you a universe that waits for you in it, just under your fingertips, and you want to explore the things that have inherently existed there. beautiful things, you’re sure. and so you don’t teach yourself to look for all the ways you can love her because you just do, like things that begin and end only to begin again— always the sunset, always the sunrise. 

Captain's Chair - Yondu x Reader

Pairing: Yondu x Female Identifying Reader story. Kinda fluffy. Little smutty. Slightly NSFW, but just slightly.

Length: ~1,000 words

Summary: I have a thing for how Yondu sits in his captain’s chair at the end of GOTG1 when he opens the orb. I like it…a lot. This is about reader seeing him sitting in his chair from afar at a Ravager crew celebration.

It did not end up like I thought it would, but when do these things ever?

(I’m on mobile and I don’t now how to add a “read more” on mobile…I’ll add it shortly, sorry.)

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You're a Fine Girl ( Yondu Udonta x Reader)

Plot: Yondu has not always been the most touchy-feely man. But in a time of guilt for a terrible act he’s committed, he buys a Terran girl who was previously a slave. He starts to get this weird feeling of attachment to her as time goes on. So now both him and this girl have to get used to their new situations. ( This shall be a multi-part series.)

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 Yondu and his crew had just dropped off the newest kid Ego told him to find. But what he had found was terrifying. Ego had been killing all of those kids, each and everyone of them. A cloud of guilt waved over him. He had been taking those kids to their death and for what? Units? He started to be disgusted with himself. When the crew noticed his sudden mood change he shrugged these emotions off. He was their captain he had to move on. He couldn’t let his crew see him go soft. 

 One day they went to ravage a random ship that they detected. It had plenty of cargo which meant they could steal some goods and then trade them. Of course it went well and they had plenty of fun while doing it. They could get a few million units from the cargo. There was a potential buyer some rich guy no one heard about, but hey rich meant a lot of money. His name was Frope he was some high up official on his planet. The ship they ravaged was a rival planet’s that they had wars with previously. So naturally Frope was willing to pay any price for the cargo. And really who could pass that offer up? 

 When they arrived on the planet everything was very, well shiny. Just about every building was covered in gold or silver. The people seemed to be decorated in piercings of jewels. This was a very wealthy planet indeed. But that also could mean a lot of annoying beings with pride and greed. When they arrived at the meeting place with Frope, Yondu was surprised when a girl who didn’t look at all like anyone else on the planet. “ Are you the ravagers that the master is trading with?” She asked at barely above a whisper with slight shaking in her voice. 

 Yondu replied and she led them inside. When they got inside Yondu noticed that the girl had a chain around her neck that linked to ones on her arms. Her clothes were dirty compared to everyone else’s. She had cuts and bruises everywhere except her face where only a few were that were barely noticeable. But dispite all of that the girl didn’t look half bad. Trying to shake this feeling, the girl went up to Frope and all she did was tap him on the shoulder when he didn’t notice them the first three times she said his name. He reacted with grabbing her wrist hard enough that they noticed a hand print forming on her wrist. And whispering harshly to her. 

 " Greetings ravagers I do hope your trip was well. “ he said as he approached them. ” It was. Now let’s get to business.“ Yondu said as he told one of the men to bring the cargo. ” Thank you so much for bringing this to me. It will be very helpful to the planet. “ Frope said as his men took the boxes from the ravagers. One of Fropes men ” accidentally “ knocked into the girl making her spill the bucket that she was carrying from where Frope was sitting previously. ” Girl! What I tell you about your clumsiness! You useless little bitch, learn to keep your balance you could ruin these like you ruin everything else!“ He yelled at the girl.

 ” Guards please take care of her while I do business.“ Frope said while two clearly larger men approached her. Yondu could tell that she was scared. The men attached her chains to something that caused electricity to surge through them. The sound of her screams caused an ache in his heart. ” Excuse her, I shouldn’t have bought her from the Kree. They assured me she could work. Last time I do a trade with Kree that’s for sure.“ That caused Yondu to stop in his tracks. He remembered what monsters the Kree were when he was younger. They would take young beings from other planets and either use them as slaves or as slaves to sell.

 When he looked back over to the poor girl she was covered in tears and blood. The one Employee had been hitting her with a heated metal rod. Just as the Kree had done to him once. No one should go through such torturous activities. The other employee thrown her to the ground causing the girl to hit her head. That was enough for him, he couldn’t stand seeing a girl like that being abused. “Hey!” Yondu yelled at the man anger rising in him. They then dragged her out of the room when they blamed the girl for being a distraction . “ Oh it’s alright. She’s nothing more than a slave. A Terran nonetheless, so not much potential there.” The man said. “ Now to discuss your payment…” He was then cut off by Yondu “ The girl.“ 

 The man at first thought it was a joke. But Yondu had a stone cold look on his face. No one should have to go through the same thing he did. Especially when your owners are such assholes like this planet had. He didn’t know why all of a sudden it became of importance, maybe because of the whole Ego thing. But he couldn’t stand by and do nothing.

” You can’t be serious.“ Frope said. ” We trade you what ya want and as payment you give us the girl.“ Yondu explained. The man declined saying that she was good property. ” That’s a shame cause, these trinkets could be resold at about a million units each. Wouldn’t ya say Kraglin?“ He said looking back to his crew member. ” Captain?“ 

 ” We could just bring these back to their rightful owner. Seems to me Mr. Frope, that you ain’t interested in these fine items. So we’ll be on our way.“ He said turning away about to get the cargo and leave. ” Wait! Fine, is that all?“ Frope asked reluctantly.” Her things if y'all didn’t sell'em.“ Yondu said with a smirk. He could see the anger rise in this man. 

 And with gritted teeth Frope said ” Deal” Yondu gave that charming smile of his as Frope was angered. “ We’ll also be needing half a mil for each box and for wasting time.” Yondu added. Frope reluctantly agreed and told one of the employees to go fetch the slave girl. When the transaction was over they brought the girl out in a cage no larger than one for a pet. They had cleaned her up a bit from that beating she just had.

 Yondu hated seeing someone who is capable of rational thought, opinions, and so much more be diminished like that. “ Pleasure doing business withcha, Mr.Frope.” Yondu said. “ What do you plan to do with it? She can’t work correctly, completely useless. Just like all Kree slaves. So what results are you expecting to get that’s different from mine?” Frope asked in a rude tone. Yondu had just about had it with these people. “ Well at least I ain’t no asshole who acts like I’m all high and mighty that I can’t give any respect to anyone.” And with that the ravagers headed toward their ship. 

They laid the cage on the floor in Yondu’s quarters. When everyone left Yondu knelt down and opened the cage. The girl quickly scurried to the back of it, still scared. “ Come on out girl. Its okay I ain’t gonna hurt ya.” Skeptical of this strange man she came out very slowly. “ That’s it girl you got it. Are these your things?” He said holding up a small bag that had been attached to the cage. She nodded slightly happy those terrible beings didn’t try to pawn her stuff. Yondu handed her the bag and then some clothes he had gotten out of a drawer. “ Here go clean yourself up, make yourself look pretty. And then we can see about gettin’ you some clothes from the tailor . ” the girl nodded and went to where he said the showers were. 

He walked back to where the others were when he was met by Kraglin. “ Captain what are we going to use it for?” Before he could even answer the entire crew started asking questions about her. Like can they use her for when they need something fun to do? What they needed her for? Why they bought her? Then there was a loud whistle and his arrow swooping through the air caught everyone’s attention. “ Y'all listen up! She ain’t a slave no more! Especially on this ship. We are going to make her one of us. Now I want you to treat her as a member of this crew or a little bit better. She will not be doin’ your work for ya, she will not be at our services. You will treat like a person. Is that understood?!” Yondu yelled. They all agreed. 

 Later Yondu went to check up on the girl . When he opened the door she was there sitting quietly in a corner. “ Come on girly get up, we ain’t doing this shit.” He said offering his hand for her to stand up. She was wearing the bottom half of her slave garments and a shirt of his. For some reason Yondu thought she looked really good in his shirt. He started to get this warm feeling, she looks so sweet and innocent. He shook himself out of this trance and began to speak “ Now if you don’t mind we are going to get you some better fitting clothes. Then you can either try to join us or just come back in here, it’s up to you.” She nodded.

 ” Now you got a name or are me and my crew gonna have to keep callin’ ya girl?“ She didn’t answer at first. Yondu sighed and said ” That’s fine girl it is.“ He then turned to leave. Then heard her say ” (Y/N). M-my name is (Y/N).“ Yondu smiled ” I like that name. I’m Yondu Udanta, captain of this fine ship.“ She bowed her head as Terrans did as a nice to meet you thing. ” Well (Y/N) welcome to your new life as a ravager.“

 They both then headed to the tailor to get her properly fitted into a ravagers uniform. Yondu for some reason felt like he had to stay there. When she came out Yondu felt like his heart was going to fly out of his chest. She had on a blue shirt that was the same as his skin, her boots stopped right at her knee, and the leather suit hugged her curves just right. ’ Damn this girl looks fine!’ Yondu thought. Where the hell did that come from? ” Now you look like a ravager. Do you want to join us the rest of the day or do you want to go back to my quarters?“ He asked . She said she wanted to go back, but as earlier it was barely above a whisper. 

 ” I’ve got some things I gotta take care of, I’ll be back later. One of the boys will bring ya some food.“ Yondu said dropping her back off at his room. As soon as he left she took a seat on the floor and curled up in a ball. What had her life become? She couldn’t have expected any of this to happen and yet here she was, she only hoped this master was nicer than her previous one.

  • Coxswain: Okay girls, we are just on the 500m marker lets push it through to the end.
  • Rower: *internal or possibly external screaming*
  • Coxswain *two minutes later*: Okay girls at the 500m marker lets gain some pressure.
  • Rower: wait what i thought
  • Coxswain *another minute later*: We have crossed the orange buoy 500m left and you are done, leave it on the water.
Markiplier tour in Indianapolis

So today me (Q) and my partner Kin went to @markiplier‘s earlier showing of the You’re Welcome tour. I just wanna say holy shit it was amazing.

I wont’ spoil anything but the opening for the show was incredible, and actually connected to how i found Mark’s channel. (Although we were still getting our merch when it started cause we couldnt hear any announcement if there was one)

Both me and Kin have been watching Mark’s videos for about a year and a half now and we were so excited to have the chance to go to the show. Mark’s videos are what help us both when we are stress or dealing with panic attacks and it’s helped us through some very hard times just knowing his videos are there.

I’m gonna share some highlight’s from today’s show (specific to our show)

-Mark’s stepmom being in the audience along with Tyler’s parents i believe

-That one girl who thought she was called up but wasn’t but Mark was super nice and made her his assistant for that segment

-”I’M A STARFISH” -Ethan

-Mark tagging out Bob and saying “I’ll save you”

-THE drugs

-the 11 year old girl in the audience with a sign saying “Mark it’s my 11th birthday”

-Bob helping the girl who couldn’t figure out the switch controller

-Intense screaming anytime Mark changed jackets

-The girl behind me screaming “What’s up my cranky crew”

-Mark and Tyler can lift a couch super easy

-As an artist i find this interesting and guess Mark might be about 5ft 6? (Edit: people are telling me he’s about 5'10, thank you! I’m bad at guessing heights)

-Ethan may be smaller than Mark??? cant tell

-The dude who piggybacked on his super tall friend


-The room wasn’t very big and the AC was shit so at the end Mark had us all use the voting paddles to fan them

-Mark accidentally spitting into the audience

-Wade saying he won’t stop being a youtuber till YouTube quits him

-Mark saying he’ll create till he dies

-the chairs

-upon leaving the theater there was this grass patch and a tree and like 4 squirrels??? and they were everywhere on the walk to the car??? I think Mark might be summoning them somehow

edit:more stuff I’m remembering the next day

-Mark being a traitor and switching back and forth between red team and green team

The show was honestly amazing and we are both so happy. I don’t think ill be able to physically stop smiling for at least a week. Thank you so much for everything Mark, Tyler, Ethan, Bob and Wade. (also shout out to Amy and Kat being sweet and going in the aisles)

Thank you,

~Q and Kin

ps be on the lookout im gonna draw something cool and then maybe doodle some of my fav parts. I’ll post a few pics i took but maybe not till the tour is done idk

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January 21, 2017 the day Jackson Wang had the audacity to notice me!

Hello chingus it is finally that time to tell my story about Jackson Wang and how he do love him some colored girls. So when me & my crew got into the venue we were on the rail right in front of the speaker and about two chairs the boys were sitting in when they finally came out Jackson was sitting in the chair directly in front of me so me being the extra person that I am, I had to wild out.

He could see me and my friends almost perfectly and we all happened to be WOC so at one point he had stared at all of us for so long and he finally just said fk it and paid attention to us lol. The WHOLE time during the I kept pointing at my eyes and pointing to him so i could get his attention like on the real.

He then like really looked at us so i stared blowing him kisses and what did he do BLOW A WHOLE KISS BACK uh i literally stood there like

then he laughed and looked away like no you didn’t just blow a kiss at me boy have you lost your mind

so throughout we like planned to just keep getting his attention because trendsetters and he kept looking like he really did. At one point he looked over at us like…

but honestly just like this i can’t even make this shit up right now. Then when it was time to call fans up to the stage he asked who wanted to come so I looked at him & said pick me bih & then he pointed at us!

After he pointed he proceeds to gesture us to come up like:

boy I’m TIREDT, NO HE DIDN’T. then during Just Right the music cut off & our group decided to keep singing & GOT EVERYONE IN THE VENUE TO SING TOO (Video).

So at one point in Just Right he came over to where we were, tryna look all sexy licking his lips. So I pointed at him like YES DADDY! WHY DID HE POINT BACK?….. WHYYYYYYYY?

He points back so i was like bih “Shoot Your Shot 2017” and I did the eye thing again to make sure he was looking at me and when i tell you… WHEN I TELL YOU HE TURNED TO BAM BAM AND DID EXACTLY WHAT I WAS DOING TO HIM TO BAM BAM I ALMOST…

the video is shaky but you can see him point and then turn to bam bam and………


so i’m officially shook to my core right but he kept coming to our section being EXTRA AF like nooooo why.

He looking right at my camera someone help me please [video].

OK so the concert is over and all that remains is Hi Touch so I’m sitting in my seat plotting how ima get his attention again. So i think let me just do the eye thing cause he know me as the eye thing girl so we’re all siting there lotion-ing our hands and plotting. This bitch uhkennedy had P1 so when she got on stage we start screaming YES BITCH FUCK IT UP GET YO MAN! So we’re screaming and all of Got7 start pointing at us and go “AYYEE“.

Alright so i walk on stage and the first hand is Jinyoung, i just stare at him because beauty, then YUGYEOM my bias wrecker next to him. Yugyeom eye smiling for days and my heart can’t take it WHY WAS JB THE NEXT PERSON AFTER HIM??¿¿???¿ so i just grabbed tf out JB hand and then i can’t remember who was next either Mark or Youngjae but i reach for Mark’s hand and his eye brows raised and he says OH… nigga what you mean??

So Mark said Oh and i just said MMMM and pointed at him like MMMMMMMMMM BITCHH. So next is Youngjae i think and i grabbed his hand with both of mine and just said YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL AND HE JUST LITERALLY MADE THIS FACE

then after is Bambam and i feel so bad but i literally ain’t even look at him cause last was JACKSON MF WANG BIH. YALL LISTEN TO ME WHEN I SAY I DID THE EYE THING AND HE DID IT BACK HE DID IT BACK! So im shook and i reach for his hand and he grabbed it and started rubbing his other hand on top of mine i’m..


to end this i started wildin on IG after and commented this on his photo about Miami i really hope he saw it lol ok bye 



“Fucking, its not enough isn’t it? for Ramsey to have the goddamn Vagabond, and Mogar, fucking Brownman and them, but then he gives his fucking kingdom to the goddamn RWBY bitch. i mean, she’s got her fucking sisters, and them alone could set the entirety of Texas on fucking fire, but now she’s got the whole crew at her back. I mean, we’re fucked, we’re all just fucked, now all we can do is wait for Ramsey’s mailorder twink, Gavino or whatever, to get the entire RT from Burns and then we’ll all just be dragged straight down to hell.

Worst part, is when Rose left for the fakes, they split up, went their separate ways and we could actually get some crime done, but now they’re back with her. Now Long and Schnee and Belladona are back. god we’re so boned. 

fahc rwby!!! yay!! i was trying to make it less rwby into fake ah crew and more lindsay, barbara, kara, and arryn as into fahc,(by which i mean the girls as rwby in the fahc!verse rather than the characters themseleves in the fahc verse) but really it was more of a blend i think, but yeah. ndd i gave them necklaces bc i havew always thought thats hpw it would be i the fahc vese, Yang’s got a sun, Weiss has a snowflake, Ruby has a rose and Blake has a cat pendant


Yep I am a Cover Girl! Well me and my crew are WeTheUrban issue 8 cover!!! CHECK IT:

Photography: Leonardo Corredor / Stylist: Prince Franco / Hair: Akihisa Yamaguchi / MUA: Yuui Vision / Models: Jillian Mercado (RED), Josh Bartley (Nev), Abdul Kircher, Ramar Jean-Pierre (St. Claire), Chen Yu (RED), Adesuwa Aighewi (One Mgmt), Jordun Love (Major NY)