me and my gf yo

me and my burger records gf
  • me getting on one knee: yo like... you remember when i spray painted your name on that in'n'out.. i guess what i'm trying to sa- oh shit are you dead
  • gf: no
  • me: that's good anyways could you pay for my parking tickets babe? i need this money for weed

I’m Done! :)

Finnnnnnnallly i can finish it! ( ^ O ^ )/

I cann’tt write down in words, to express the joy I feel this…..

do you like Gravity Falls as like me too?~ That’s make me excited ^ ^

Tanoshii yo~ but, my English is not very good….. T_T

Zan’nen desu ne~

anonymous asked:

Yo, me and my gf, along with you and del, should all be roommates and we can pretend to be two straight couples when in reality it's just a gathering of gay

ah yes, look at how heterosexual i am, wow i love tiddies and soccer

“Si yo pudiera darte una cosa en la vida, me gustaría darte la capacidad de verte a ti mismo a través de mis ojos. Sólo entonces te darás cuenta de lo especial que eres para mí.”

“If I could give you one thing in life, I’d like to give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes. Only then you’d know how special you are to me.”

—  Frida Kahlo