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Strike Two (Part 9 of Curve Ball)

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Summary: An accidental collision. Lucky shoes. Baseball lessons. As much as they might try to deny it, fate seemed to be working to bring Derek and Y/N together. But being in each other’s lives could prove to be more complicated than either one of them bargained for.

Author’s Note: FINALLY! It is here, y’all!!! I know it has been an eternity since I updated this series, but it is finally written and I couldn’t love this part more. I really hope you guys like it, please let me know! Meanwhile, enjoy ;)

As always, a HUGE thank you to my co-pilot on this series, @snipsnsnailsnwerewolftales!!! She is so amazing to work with and always such great ideas!!! I can’t even say thanks enough <3

Warnings: Language; a lot of feels

Tags: @wheresthekillswitch, @urwarriorangel, @palaiasaurus64, @melanie451, @houseofrahl, @life-what-life-i-dont-have-one, @splashofbi, @livinglife-dsa, @miaforeverblue


“Y/N? Are you even listening to me?” Stiles’ voice broke me out of my stare and I slowly turned my head to look at him, eyes wide and lips sucked between my teeth as I grunted out a ‘hm?’ He blinked at me several times before averting his gaze to the spot I was so tethered to only moment ago.

“Sorry,” I sighed. “I’ve just been…distracted.”

“I’ll say,” he snorts, earning a glare. “What’s up with you lately?”

“Nothing, I’m fine.”

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The 7 Keys of Story Structure

Watch this. For the price of a little over one minute, you’ll learn a storytelling secret that will save you hours of writing despair. (Well, at least it’s saved me a bunch of times.)

I saw this while watching the thanksgiving parade with my family, and was surprised (and impressed) that a commercial made me emotional. I was even more impressed when I spotted my mom, and saw that it made her tear up. My mom is a connoisseur of classic movies and books, taught me to read, let me read and watch excellent stories constantly (that were regarded as “above my grade level” and “too advanced for my wee brain”) and is the reason I love stories so much. Her reaction proved to me that mine hadn’t been the product of some holiday-induced saccharine state of mind. The commercial worked, so while watching giant balloons bob across the screen, I tried to figure out why.

It wasn’t an exhaustive search, because the reason it was effective was something I rely on all the time. The commercial had followed basic story structure: seven key points, and one “author goal” as I like to call it.

1) Hero Question
2) Goal
3) Opponent
4) Plan
5) Battle
6) Answer Revelation
7) Equilibrium


1 Author Goal

That’s it. Seven keys. With these, you can tell a short story. You can tell a full character arc. You can structure a subplot. And, as the commercial proves, you can even tell a complete story in one minute and some seconds.

So what are they? And what’s an author goal?

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how about a break up? up to you if they reconcile or not.

Spoiler: they do, because I can’t handle it otherwise. This is still deliciously painful though. *w*

It’s been two months since Derek last spoke to Stiles, almost three since he last saw him. He has no particular desire to ever see him again, but Derek still lives in Beacon Hills, and so does Stiles when he’s not at school, so he knows it’s only inevitable that they see each other around town. It doesn’t mean he has to like it, and he’s definitely not looking forward to it.

It just…hurts. He’d thought - and now he will never admit this to anyone, ever - Stiles was the one. And worse, he’d thought that Stiles thought that too, to the point where Derek had begun thinking about bringing up marriage. They’d said I love you to each other a thousand times; why would Stiles say that if he didn’t mean it? And why had Derek been stupid enough to believe him? Of all of his spectacularly failed romantic relationships, this one hurts the most because Stiles isn’t evil, he’s not a murderer, he knows right from wrong. He’s just an asshole, and Derek loved him with his entire being. What does that make him?

After Derek heard the voicemail, he reacted how he always did in times of great emotional stress; he completely shut down. He didn’t focus on the great, vast pit of misery in his chest - he just blocked it out completely. He didn’t answer any of Stiles’ texts and then, later, any of his calls, until they became so frequent that Derek blocked his number and then, for good measure, blocked him on the few social media accounts Stiles had goaded him into setting up. He half expected Stiles to show up at his door, but it’d been the middle of midterms and he knew that Stiles wouldn’t abandon his classes, even for him. Especially not for him.

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Thanksgiving with the Waynes

“You okay, Smallville?” Lois asked, crossing her arms and staring down at her friend. He looked up at her, his eyes wide and mopey and his shoulders slumped even more than usual.

“No,” he said sadly.

“What’s the issue?” Lois asked. She hoped it wasn’t something too touchy-feely.

“Thanksgiving,” Clark moaned, burying his face in his hands.

“What? Going to your parents is an issue?”

“That’s the thing,” Clark said, his voice muffled. “I’m not going to my parents. I’m going to my friend’s house, and he has eighty million kids, and I’m afraid–well, not afraid, but–” He groaned into his hands. Lois blinked.

“Well,” she said. “There can’t be that many.” Clark lifted his head from his hands and started to count on his fingers before he stopped and looked at her.

“I literally can’t remember all of them,” he said. “And I probably don’t know all of them, either. This is gonna be a disaster.”

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hey! do you have any more supercorp angst? that angst broke my heart and I loved it!

i always have more angst to share, pal.

let me tell you about a little headcanon i have of lena/supercorp + holidays

this isn’t as angsty as the other one because there’s fluff and a happy ending, but there’s some angst before we reach it so i hope this works anyway.

also shout out to @lenalutthor​ for coming up with some of this (she was the one who thought about the fluff part no surprise there). we actually thought about this around thanksgiving.

it’s like this:

imagine young lena being adopted by the luthors. she’s young, lost her parents and she is being adopted and she’s about to have a mom and a dad and a brother!!

young lena soon figuring out that they just took her in as a charity case, as a way to show the world how good and nice and caring the luthors are.

lena being dragged to big galas and christmas parties, being told to behave “like a luthor” and make the family proud, barely getting a nod to acknowledge her efforts. she doesn’t know the warmth of family gatherings and gift exchanges and hugs and hot chocolate with marshmallows made “just the way you like” because her parents never bothered doing it for her.

the only one who ever really paid attetion to lena, who tried to give her attention and love and care, was lex.

lex luthor was lena’s big brother, protector and entire world. lex who buys a small christmas tree to put up in the corner of lena’s bedroom, lex who sneaks into her bedroom to help her decorate it, lex who buys gifts and sweets and christmas stocking. lex who gets lena to help him pull pranks in unsuspecting board members and “the fun is in being bad. don’t worry, if you go on santa’s list of misbehaving children i’ll buy you whatever you want anyway” even thought he knows lena doesn’t believe in santa and has never believed, not since the orphanage.

through the years they come up with christmas traditions and things there are just theirs and lex is a constant in lena’s life. it’s lex lena calls when she goes through a break up, when she gets her report card, when she gets a bad grade, she calls him for everything. he’s always there, playing the role of big brother and protector and just being interested in her life.

and then lex starts going mad, starts changing and spending less and less time with her.

lex starts cancelling their lunch/dinner plans, is suddenly too busy for his little sister. he forgets about thanksgiving and then of christmas and their traditions because he is too busy, too preocupied with other things to care. the first time he sends her present and a card, then it’s just the card, then it becomes just a call and “i have to go, lena.”

lena convincing herself this is just a phase, that he soon will go back to how he was, how they were, because lex - her brother - isn’t like that, would never be like that.

except things don’t go back and lex goes fully mad and tries to kill superman and ends up being arrested. and lena? lena loses the only constant, the only good thing, in her life. she loses the only person she considered family.

lena spending the holidays alone since that first time lex forgot about it and left her alone. lena being sad and hurt that christmas but also all of the following holidays. she slowly gets used to it, expects it even, but is still hurt and so so lonely every time.

and then lex tries to kill her that first time and lena still flinches and gets tears in her eyes every time she remembers it, every time it happens again, because she’s used to it, expects it, but it still hurts so much and “why is this happening?”

but then kara danvers comes along.

lena promises herself she won’t get attached, won’t give her space, because kara only wants to use her and will leave as soon as she gets what she wants.

but kara just shows up in lena’s life and breaks down lena’s walls in a way she doesn’t even notice. she just keeps showing time and time again that she cares about lena, that she trusts lena.

kara showing up at lena’s office and they’re having a conversation about their day or something and kara just blurting out “i, uh, was wondering if you - uh - [laughs awkwadly] would you like to spend christmas with me an my family? [fidges in place and pushes glasses up her nose]”

and lena freezing in place and just staring at kara, taking too long to answer because she doesn’t know what’s happening or why kara would want her there or even why kara cares

kara swalloing nervously and smiling sadly when lena doesn’t say anything. kara slowly getting up and starting to ramble and “i didn’t want you spending christmas alone and i thought maybe you’d like to spend it with me and yeah, i was just being stupid. you don’t have to if you don’t want to. i’m just going to-”

and it’s now lena’s turn to blurt out a hurried “no! i mean yes, i’d love to.”

and kara just beaming at her and dashing forward to hug lena and she lets out this goddamn squeal because she’s a onverexcited and happy puppy and “i promise you won’t regret it!!!” and lena can actually hear the exclamation points. kara then dashing off when snapper carr calls her, but no beforing hugging lena again and saying a hurried “bye! i’ll see you soon!” over her shoulder as she leaves.

at some point in their friendship kara runs in lena’s office and she’s pratically vibrating where she stands and lena stands up alarmed asking what happened, what’s wrong and kara just goes “oh, i’m sorry i didn’t mean to alarm you! i just saw two dogs playing on the park when i was making my way over and they were so cute, lena! you should have seen it! their owner even let me play with them a little”

this is when lena realized she’s head over heels in love with kara danvers.

but she doesn’t say anything because she’s still insecure, still has that little voice in the back of her mind saying this is too good to be true and that soon she’ll be all alone again.

lena showing up at kara’s apartment and spending christmas with her and her family. lena seeing how a family holiday should be, how much she missed on. lena being accepted and feeling warm inside because they want her there, they are interested in what she has to say.

lena stays after everyone leaves because she offers to help kara clean up, because she wants to thank kara for inviting her, for being her friend. so they finish cleaning up the apartment and when they finish putting things away on the kitchen lena says “here, i saved some of the cookies for you” because she did and because she wants to buy herself time so she can think of how to thank kara

but kara beams and goes all “rao, i love you”

lena freezing in place, again. lena saying “what did you just say?” because she must have heard it wrong. there’s no other explanation.

kara, mouth full of cookies and looking like a chipmunk, being all “… what?”

“you love me?” lena asks because she needs the confirmation, needs to hear it again before she says anything, because this is too good to be true, because how can anyone love her?

kara furrowing her eyebrows and “yeah…. i, uh, i thought it was obvious?”

because kara danvers doesn’t know how not to love, doesn’t know how to hide her feelings. she loves lena, has been in love with lena for some time, she just didn’t voice it earlier because she saw and she knew how lena didn’t trust words, just trusted actions. she knew how lena wasn’t ready to hear it, that she needed to see proof of it.

lena just getting tears in her eyes and opening her mouth and not being able to say anything.

and kara smiles softly, gathers lena in her arms and they hug. she frames lena’s face with her hands, runs her thumb over her cheeks to gather lena’s tears and rests their foreheads together.

kara danvers asking for lena’s permission to kiss lena. and when lena gives her permission? she kisses her softly, sweetly and trying to convey all her feelings, all her love, in that kiss - their first kiss.

when they pull back she repeats a breathy “i love you” and lena, smiling through her tears, saying “and i love you” right back. and then they just stand there, in each others arms, for a very long time after that.

Want to Annoy Your Family This Thanksgiving? Call Skye!

“I’m a 25 year old, unemployed hacker with no high school degree who lives in a van that’s older than me. If you’d like to have me as your strictly platonic date for Thanksgiving, but pretend to be in a serious, committed relationship with you to irritate your family, I’m game. I require no pay but the free meal I’ll get as a guest and the joy of spending an evening with people I can aggravate! Call Skye.”
Based on the Craigslist ad that people love to share this time of year.

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on texts from last night, there's this one "i just walked into a room at this party and someone yelled "dibs!"..." and all i can think of is a sterek frat au where scott and derek are in the same frat house and stiles walks in one day and derek yells dibs and scott gets all possessive because he //knows// how frat boys are and he's scared derek will break stiles' heart and idk where i was going with this

i can see there being this look between Scott and Derek when Stiles walks in. like, Stiles and Scott have been friends since kindergarten, but Stiles joined a different frat because he and Scott were sat down by their folks and told if they got into mischief at college then there would be hell to pay at Thanksgiving (aka they would not be allowed Mama McCall’s amazeball yams or something) ANYWAY, they’re not in the same frat, and this is the first time Stiles has had time to come and visit Scott’s frat house. and he’s wandering in in these red skinny jeans and a bright white tee that has if i were a shark i’d hunt u on it with a red heart that’s got a bite out of it, or something  IDK it’s late and i’m tense don’t JUDGE MY WITTINESS

anyho, Scott’s talked about his bff, and Derek’s rolled his eyes and complained that no one is THAT funny, and no one is THAT smart and sometimes if Scott’s out of the room Derek’ll answer the phone to Stiles and be like “your idiot bff isn’t here,” and Stiles would huff and be like “he’s the total opposite of an idiot, god, who answers someone else’s phone? how rude! put him on the phone” and Scott’s walked in on Derek bickering with Stiles on the phone a dozen times, and he’s pretty sure Derek actually does it on purpose. 

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Blue Eyes & Loud Music

Requested by thatsgayrin: tysm for the request! I had SO much fun writing this one, this is definitely one of my favorites so far. (i even decided to post it a day early oops) I hope you enjoy it!

Summary: Nico’s first two semesters of college turn out much differently than he planned when he finds himself falling for his roommate.

Word Count: 3479 (wow this is a long one)

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“Thanks again, Jason.”

“No problem,” Nico’s older friend replied, carrying a large cardboard box in his arms.

Nico carried a smaller box, but that was because he would need to be able to open the door once he got to his new dorm room. He walked down the hall, looking at the numbers by each room door, counting until they made it to his. The door was already open a crack. Nico took a deep breath. His roommate must already be there.

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Creepypasta #518: The Snow Isn’t Melting

ADMIN NOTE: I will be overseas until 1st July. Creepypastas will still be posted, but submissions and Asks will only be replied to after then.

I don’t think I’m crazy, but part of me is hoping I am. I’m almost afraid to post this, for fear of finding out it’s happening in other places. I know if I try telling people “offline”, they WILL think I’m crazy and that won’t help anyone.

People don’t think about all the snow they bring with them; into their cars, office, home, everywhere. Why would they? It’s just snow after all. Once inside, it only takes minutes for remaining snow stuck to your jacket and boots to melt. It’s just a normal part of winter. I know I never really thought about it. Not until yesterday morning.

It started snowing here in Portland Maine on Wednesday. I know other parts have been dealing with rough winter weather, but this was our first storm of the season. It wasn’t even that bad of a storm. A bunch of us left the office early, but that was probably more due work being slow. The snow was just an excuse to leave early. My girlfriend and I work at the same company, so I went home with her. It wasn’t snowing that hard, but there was decent amount of accumulation. We brushed the snow off the car windows and headed home. Once home, we had snow on our gloves, jackets and hats. Again, like any other winter storm. It was an uneventful night. She had some baking to do, to prepare for Thanksgiving and I had some Dragon Age to play.

We had to get up early the next morning. We were spending Thanksgiving separately, with our families, so she was going to drop me off at my parents, then head to Manchester to hers. She was going to come back on Friday. It must have been because I was tired, that I chose to ignore the first signs, that something was off. There was some snow on the window sill. Just a little bit, so I figured she must have opened the window briefly, when I was in the bedroom. Then there was our jackets, which still had last night’s snow clung to it. There also seemed to be more of it, if only just by little bit, then from what I remembered last night. She didn’t seem to notice and I was still waking up and too tired to care. She grabbed her jacket and I saw some snow fall to the ground. I grabbed my other jacket, since the one I wore the previous day was more for riding my bike at night. I kissed her goodbye, when we got to my parents and she left, on her way to Manchester. I really hope that wasn’t our last kiss.

Thanksgiving was nice, but pretty much the same as the last few years. Our’s consists of breakfast, parade, dog show, movie then dinner. Boring, but nice. My girlfriend texted me shortly after she got to her parents, saying their power was out. It was out in many places both in Maine and New Hampshire. That night, my sister dropped me off back home. What greeted me, when I opened the apartment door, was shocking, to say the least. Snow, everywhere. There was at least a foot covering everything. Snow tumbled into the hallway, when the door opened. It was really cold to. Colder than it was outside. I could see that the kitchen window was broken. A tree must have fallen or large branch, breaking the window, letting in the elements. Still, it seemed like entirely too much snow, considering it was only snowing through the morning and not that hard. The shards of glass that still remained in the window didn’t look right either. They were white, covered in thick frost.

I got my landlord (he lives in the same building). He was more shocked than I was. He said he was here all day and didn’t hear anything thing break. No trees, branches or windows. He insisted that he will take care of it and that he’ll cover any hotel costs until they cleared it out and fixed the window. He must have felt guilty about not noticing all day, since he wouldn’t accept my help and said he will have someone come and help him. I was tired and worn out, so I didn’t object. I called my sister to have her pick me up, so I could stay at my parents’. I tried calling my girlfriend, to give her the bad news, but it was going straight to voicemail. She had forgotten to charge her phone the night before, so it must have died and she hadn’t been able to charge it yet. I wish I still thought that was the case.

I couldn’t shake the image of our apartment, covered in snow. It didn’t seem natural. That was when I remembered about the snow on our jackets. There was also snow on our gloves when we got home. Wouldn’t that have melted before we got home? It’s not a long drive, but with the heat on… It doesn’t matter now. I went to work this morning, tired from lack of sleep. Not a lot of people showed up. I know that’s not abnormal, for the Friday after Thanksgiving, but I mean people who were planning to come to work today, didn’t show up and we were are having trouble reaching them. Fear was starting to really set in, but I didn’t know exactly the cause. Why hadn’t she called me yet? That was running through my mind a lot this morning. One my coworkers, who I consider a friend, was one of ones who didn’t show up. I figured if I drove over and found he was just running late for some dumb reason, my fears would go away. He’d probably think it’s weird that I was checking up on him, but it didn’t matter. I needed to do this.

As soon as I saw his house, I knew my fears were justified and panic started to creep in. Some of his windows were broken, the others completely white. I almost turned the car around, right then, but I slowly pulled into his driveway. I wanted to make sure he was okay. Maybe he wasn’t home, like I was. No, his car is still there. He’s still there. Sitting on his couch, his frozen gaze, looking at a broken window. Snow everywhere. Everything cold. That’s what I saw when I went inside. I can sadly say, it was the most frightening thing I will ever see. His eyes were frozen white, any visible skin was an unsettling shade of blue and his arm, had fallen off and shattered into hundreds of pieces. It happens fast, I know that now. I think it grows slowly, so it needs to let more inside, before it can… i don’t know. Maybe that’s how it feeds.

I’m at my parents now. I didn’t tell them what I saw. How could I, when I don’t know what I saw. They asked why I was brushing and sweeping all the snow out of the house. I asked them to not go outside. That was a mistake. We should have left. I forgot to check the shoe closet. Five minutes ago, while I was typing this, I heard a window break downstairs. It’s getting cold.

Credits to: eJawa

The Car

Throughout my life I never really believed in the paranormal. About two and a half years ago, that belief changed.

I was about to turn sixteen years old, and I was excited only about one thing: cars. Cars and driving had been my only focus and reason to live for the last year of my life. I loved everything about cars: the raw power, the way you can tinker with them, the freedom they bring. Cars were my life. I had been saving up money from birthday gifts/odd jobs/etc. since I was 12 to pay for a car. My grandfather generously told me that he would be more than happy to buy me a new car from the Chevrolet dealership in town (he used to work for GM), but I told him that I wanted to buy the car with the money that I had saved up, and he thought it was a great idea. So one day, about a month from my birthday (my birthday is in late October), my grandfather and I set out to see some used cars we had found online. We had seen about twelve different cars, each in its own state of disrepair, before we found my dream car: A 1996 Jeep Cherokee. Forest Green, 4x4, and just one somewhat large ding near the front left wheel well. It had 170,000 miles on it, but I was not planning on driving it for more than three years or for a very long distance, so that was okay. The best part was the interior. The rather elderly man who was selling the Jeep must have had OCD or something, because there was not so much as a fingerprint in the whole entire inside of the car. Perfect. The only wear I could see on the inside is that the radio did not work, but I had planned to put an aftermarket radio inside it anyway that I could connect my phone to and stuff like that. The best part about it was the price, $1500, which was a complete steal since it had all its records and had a clean title. Other cars priced the same sometimes didn’t even have an engine. My grandfather and I were convinced that this car was perfect. Before I purchased it, however, I asked the elderly gentlemen how the ding in front of the front-left wheel well happened. “It’s a kinda funny story,” the old man replied, “I was drivin’ down the farm-to-market road one night around three in the morning. It was dark out, and I was admittedly drivin’ a little bit faster than I should have for that kind of road. I rounded a corner, and there were tons of vultures picking off a carcass on the left side of the road (I live in Central Texas, about an hour’s drive north of Houston. Deer, possums, and skunk are commonly hit in the back roads here). Well, since they weren’t on my side of the road, I didn’t slow down. When I got closer, I guess I spooked ‘em, and they flew straight in front of me. I swerved to try and avoid them, but I ended up hitting that carcass and one of them buzzards flew straight into the side of the car here” and he pointed at the dent. That story added up, my grandmother had cracked her windshield one time by hitting a flying buzzard, so I knew what those things could do to a car at high speeds. I did one last inspection of the car and the engine, found it to be nearly perfect, and started to write the check. The old man placed his hand on mine, and softly said, “you know, you seem like a really good kid. I’m an old man, I don’t need money that much. $1000 will be fine, you don’t need to pay $1500.” My heart leapt into my throat. It was one of the most generous things anybody had ever done for me. I paid the $1000, awkwardly hugged the old man in thanks, then left in my beautiful “brand new” jeep with my grandfather.

Time passed. I turned sixteen in late October. Things were perfect. Things changed.

It was around the middle of November. Thanksgiving break was upon us. My classmates and I were giddy with the thought of not having school for a couple of days. I was an avid Orchestra member, and loved to play in school plays and musicals. Since I signed up for the school musical, I had rehearsals every day until about 10 p.m.. On the last day before Thanksgiving break, we had an extra long rehearsal until 1 a.m. since the director knew that we would not be practicing over Thanksgiving break (which he was right about). The practice ended, and the entire cast staggered out of the auditorium exhausted, yet happy it was over. We all shared a few laughs in the school parking lot for a while, then we all got in our cars and started the drive home. It was very dark on my way home, and there were hardly any cars around. I was going around a corner when terror set in. I slammed on the breaks so hard that the ABS set in, and stopped about 18 feet from about twenty buzzards picking off of a deer carcass on my side of the road. Heart still pounding from potentially devastating experience, I turned my wheel to move around the carcass. That’s when one of the buzzards stepped away from the carcass and moved to the left side of the road to block my path. I could not believe what I was seeing. This bird was intentionally getting in the way of a car. I honked and honked, but none of the buzzards even flinched, and they all stayed in place. Frustrated, tired, and scared, I started to inch my way forward towards the buzzard, knowing that its animal instincts would make it move when I got close. It got to the point to where I could not see the buzzard since it was so close to the car that the hood blocked it from my view. I was debating whether or not to get out of the car to scare it away, when an extremely large BANG resounded through my car. A buzzard had flown into my car window on the right side. In my terror, I slammed on the gas. At the same moment I felt my wheel crunch the buzzard in front of my car, an ear-splitting scream pierced the air. Scared witless, I accelerated as fast as I could and got out of there, the scream still reverberating through my mind. The scream sounded more than what a buzzard could make. It sounded human. Almost.

I was traumatized by the night’s events. I told myself that those birds probably had rabies, and that’s why they were so oblivious to my presence. I soon passed the events off as a weird occurrence, and continued on with my life. Things were bad. Things got worse.

It was the day before Thanksgiving. I had helped my mom prepare most of the food for the next day, and in return I was allowed to go spend some time with my friends. I was planning on leaving around midnight, but at around 10:30, my mom texted me and asked if I could leave a little early and run by Kroger to pick up some vanilla extract for a dessert she was making. I agreed, since I wasn’t into the game we were playing, and at 11:00, I left his house. My friend’s house is what most people commonly associate with Texas. It’s located about two miles into a thick forest. You drive down this thin two-way road and then stumble upon about three acres worth of open pasture. It’s really neat. I was parked out by the road, which was about 100 yards away from their house. I couldn’t park in their driveway because his parents went out for a date night and were going to need to park in the driveway when they got home. So there I was, walking alone in the pitch dark towards my car. To give you a concept of how dark it was, I was pressing the lock/unlock button on my car keys so that the car lights came on for me to see. I reached my car, sat down in the driver’s seat, turned they key in the ignition, and shouted in fright. When the Jeep turned on, there was a hollow thump at the back of my car, and when I looked in the rear-view mirror I saw in vivid detail a long arm and hand plastered against my rear window. When I turned around to look at it, it had disappeared. After about ten seconds of heart-stopping shock, I broke into a fit of laughter. My friends and I were great pranksters, we prided ourselves in it. I, laughing, stepped out of the car to “confront my attacker”. But no one was there. Nothing. I checked the back seat. Nothing. Dismissing it as a shadow cast by one of the trees, I drove away from civilization.

On my way home, I decided to call my mom to find out if she needed anything else from Kroger. My mom has always been very kind, but very strict at the same time. When I got my driver’s license, she made me promise that I would not take anybody around in my car without her permission (she was concerned about the effects of peer pressure). In return, she would pay for my insurance, a worthy deal in my opinion. Anyway, I called her and was talking to her about the grocery list when she stopped talking to me. I remember the conversation that happened next word for word. She started asking me who was in the car with me. Confused, I replied that no one was in the car with me, not knowing why she was asking. She just slowly repeated the question over and over and over again, asking who was in the car with me. I vehemently kept replying that no one was in the car with me, but she remained skeptical. Angrily, she told me that she heard the girl laughing. The girl laughing? I couldn’t hear anything. Shaken, I told her that she was hearing her T.V., but she told me that she wasn’t watching T.V. She told me to call her when I dropped this non-existent girl off, and that then she would give me the grocery list. Then she hung up. I swear, every hair on my body stood on end. It stands on end as I type this now. How could she hear a girl laughing? Even back then I was a 190 lb. 5’10 guy who hadn’t made a girly laugh since I hit puberty in 4th grade. I immediately called my mom back, and protested that no one was in the car with me. She asked if it could be my radio making the sound. It couldn’t, she and I both knew, because the radio did not work. It sounded like my mom was just about to believe me, when all the lights on my dashboard went out. Most people don’t know this, but when your speedometer, fuel range, and all those lights go out, it gets really dark in the car. Really dark. I was about to tell my mom this, but then I felt my phone vibrate and I watched as the “Goodbye” message fittingly popped up onto my screen, and then turned off. Luckily, my headlights were still on, so I could see where I was going. That’s when the screaming started. The ear-splitting scream similar to that of a little girl broke the complete silence of the night. The exact same scream as when I hit the buzzard. I was too afraid to get out of the car in complete darkness in the middle of nowhere, yet I was extremely afraid being in the car. Panicked, I sped through the night. As I saw the lights of civilization grow closer, the screams lessened, then stopped. I pulled into the parking lot of Kroger, went inside and bought the vanilla extract, then called my mom to come pick me up. We left the car there overnight, and drove it back to our place the next day.

I called the old man after a week, asking if he had any weird or scary experiences in the car, besides the buzzards. All he replied was, “I WILL NOT BUY IT BACK”, then hung up. I never tried to call him again.

You might be asking why I choose to tell you this story now. The other day, I was reading the local newspaper. On the second page, there was an article about a man found dead the other day. He was found alone in the middle of a lonely road. The driver who reported it did not know that it was a man, she simply called animal control due to the immense number of buzzards surrounding him. The man was, as I’m sure you have guessed by now, the old man that sold me the car.

I have a Forrest Green Jeep Cherokee for sale. Perfect interior, one ding on the exterior. Clean title. 171,000 miles. $750, or best offer.

(Credit to GreenJeepCherokee, via Reddit)

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If you're still doing them? The One With The Rumour :)

“Hey,” Stiles elbows Lydia gently, juts his head across the room. “Who’s the hottie?”

Lydia looks over, smirks, “That’s Scott’s brother.”

“What?” Stiles does a double take, “That’s—that’s Derek?”


“Shit,” Stiles breathes out, “He was… Lydia, he did not look like that in high school.”

“And, you, thankfully, look much better than you did at seventeen, too. So what?”

“Fuck, he’s really,” Stiles wiggles his eyebrows, gaze still trained on Derek, “He’s fucking smoldering.”

Lydia glances across again, spots Derek mouthing I hate you at Stiles, and snickers to herself.

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Falling (Chapter 9 Part 2)

“Hey babe. Are you ready to go?” Karma asked, deliberately interrupting the other girls’ moment.

Babe? Lauren thought with her beautiful eyebrows together in confusion, but quickly tried to hide it. Amy caught her confused look and immediately understood.

“She’s—uh just… she’s my girlfriend.” Amy stuttered. “…girlfriend..” she whispers to herself with a sigh, but Lauren heard. Karma spoke up.

“We're…Friends who kiss and stuff,” she says but catches Amy’s face fall when Amy quietly yelled, “Karma!” in disbelief of her best friend’s small confession. Before Karma could say anything, Lauren slung her backpack over her shoulder getting ready to leave.

“I’m going to go. You guys obviously have some things you need to talk about, and plus…my girlfriend is probably waiting for me,” she says that last part just above a whisper.

Girlfriend…? Amy thought. She caught the beautiful green eyes giving her a cold glance before walking out.

“You don’t want to keep her waiting” Karma says with a smug smile. “Come on, let’s go Ames.”

Amy stood her ground, raising her eyebrows at Karma.

“What?” Karma asked.

“What was that just now?” 

“Nothing. I was just coming to get you so we can go meet up with Booker and Shane.”

“Nothing? Really Karma? “Friends who kiss and stuff”?”

“It’s true, it’s not like I was lying to the girl!”

“Is that all we are to you? ‘friends who kiss and stuff.’? Just friends? Are you fucking kidding me right now?”

“I didn’t say yes to you Amy.” Karma retaliated, but quickly realized what just came out of her mouth when she saw Amy’s face fall.

No one said a thing for a while.


“You didn’t say yes. I just thought after everything this past couples months, it was implied. I’m sorry; I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions. You’re on the market, so that means am I, too. So you can’t just go around telling people that we kiss and stuff, implying that we are a thing when we’re not. You can’t be the jealous girlfriend.”

“I wasn’t being jealous!”

“Okay fine, whatever you say. I don’t feel good to go out now. Have fun with Liam.” And with that, Amy walked out of the classroom.

She didn’t know where to go. She knew that if she went home, she’ll have to deal with her mom and Lauren, and the chances that Karma will come over are high and she doesn’t want that. Amy walked out of school without a destination in mind, so she just walked.

I didn’t say yes to you Amy!

Those words repeat themselves in her head. It’s like the night of the confession again, but it feels worst now. Does she even know what she’s doing to me? She spent the last couple of months acting all couple-couple with me. Kisses, dates, etc. What was I to her? A fling? I thought she actually wanted to be with me. Stupid me… Amy kept walking, and ended up at the park. A swing set was available so she decided to sit there for while before heading home. As she was walking closer to the playground, she saw someone occupying the swing next to the open one. As she got closer, she realized it was Lauren.

“Let me guess. You kept the girlfriend waiting, and she left.” Amy said as she sat next to Lauren.

You don’t even know, Lauren thought, not even acknowledging the blonde next to her.

“I wasn’t stalking or following you. I just so happened to end up here, too.” Amy said. Lauren still didn’t reply.

“But I mean, who wouldn’t follow you? You’re kind of a catch.” Amy said, trying to lighten up the mood. She noticed the brunette’s lips curl up a little. They sat in silence until Lauren spoke up.

“Is she…like are you two…you know, together?” Lauren asked.

“Honestly?” Lauren nodded preparing herself for what’s next.

“I don’t know. After what just happened, I guess we weren’t”


“It’s actually a really long story.”

“Great. I love stories.” Lauren said, ushering her to continue.

Amy told Lauren about the “faking lesbians” fiasco, and told her about her confession to Karma, and how Karma said just not like that.

“Wow. It’s like the right of passage to fall for your straight best friend, isn’t it? I’m sorry you had to go through that.”

“Oh the story gets better. For the past couple of months, we acted like a couple. It was nice and simple. Nothing serious to her I guess, but I thought it was. I’d take her out; she’d take me out. We kiss and stuff, walk each other to class; we were inseparable. I thought we were anyway. God only knows she probably hooked up with Booker without telling me, since she was apparently single. God I really thought she wanted to be with me. I only ever wanted to be with her ” Amy wiped away her tears.

Lauren sat on the swing, going back and forth slowly before placing a hand on Amy’s knee, trying to comfort her. “I’m sorry. I’m really bad at this whole comforting thing. I don’t know what to do or say. I’m kind of really bad with words.”

“It’s okay. I don’t think I’d know what to say either.” Amy placed her hand over Lauren’s.

“Tell me about yourself. I feel like you know so much of me, but I don’t know anything about you.” Amy said.

“Well, I just moved here from Miami. My dad got a job from this big ass company over here, and he ‘couldn’t turn down such a great opportunity.’ I have two younger siblings: My brother Chris and my younger sister Taylor. My mom is great, I guess. We are one big ol’ happy family. I left a lot back in Miami though. My best friends: Normani, Ally, Dinah, and uh….Camila….” There was a bit of a silence.

“Anyway. In Miami, I had the perfect life. My friends were great, my family, everything. Now we’re here, and I can’t help but feel like there is nothing here for me, you know? I guess I just miss everyone back home.”

“I’m sorry you had to leave everything behind. I’m sure all of Miami misses you, too. Tell me what you would be doing there if you were there right this moment.” Amy said.

Lauren hesitated. If she were home right now, she’d be in her room doing homework with her now ex-girlfriend, but she didn’t want to tell Amy about that yet.

“I’d be with some friends maybe. We’d be at this place called Sunset Place. There’s a big ass arcade place there, with pizza of course, my girl—*clears throat*my best friend, Camila, she loves pizza. We’d spend a lot of time there. There are shops we’d go into and try things on, but then leave cause we didn’t have money to buy anything. There used to be a great gelato place, but that closed down a little before I left. There’s also a Barnes and Nobles there. When it was just Camz and I, we’d spend all night after school there. It was like going to the library, but it had a more comfortable feeling to it unlike libraries where you have to be quiet and stuff. Sometimes, we’d go to the kid’s area and just read to the little kids for fun. Or we’d hide out in the corner of the store with stacks of books around us, reading our favorite parts to each other. On several occasions, Camz would fall asleep when I was reading to her.” Lauren chuckled at the memories of her carrying Camila back to her car.

“Sorry, I’m rambling aren’t I?” Lauren looked down in embarrassment, trying to hide her blush.

“No, it’s cute! God, you must really miss it, huh? I’m sorry.” Amy gave her a sympathetic smile.

“Yeah, it’s alright.”

“Do you still keep in touch with your friends back home?”

“Of course. I can’t go a day without talking to them. They try to tell me stuff that’s happening around when I’m not there, and they ask me about how it’s like here. We’ve been trying to plan to hopefully get together for Thanksgiving break or at the latest Christmas break.”

“That ought to be fun.”

“Yeah, I can’t wait.” They decided to migrate to the grass under a big tree to continue their talk as some kids wanted to use the swings.

“Tell me about Austin, Texas.” Lauren said.

“I don’t do much but go home and watch documentaries on Netflix all night.”

Lauren gave Amy a ‘are you kidding me’ face.

“What? I’m serious. I don’t really like socializing and going out. That’s all Karma. She loves going out. That’s not always bad though. When it was just me and her, before all this popularity crap, we would go on some stupid adventures outside because she couldn’t be inside for too long. We’d go to some crazy places sometimes. One time we were walking atrial up a mountain and found a cave. It was kind of scary. It was pitch dark inside, but you can see the exit on the other side. When we first found it, we’d have to climb up a bunch of rocks before going inside. When we got to the entrance, we noticed there were train tracks on the ground, but there was absolutely no possible way a train could go through there now. We never went through the cave to the other side, we were too freaked out. One time, when we went back to the cave, I went inside a little bit and hid behind a rock. Karma freaked out, she thought I disappeared. We went back to the cave a couple months ago and water started to flow out of it, kind of like a waterfall. It was weird because we don’t know where the water was coming from. Anyway, that cave is a special place for us now. It’s like our place. When we go up there, it’s just us and no one else.”

“Karma is adventurous. I’m the total opposite, but I’d go anywhere with her.”

“You really like her, huh?”

“I love her.”

I know how you feel. Lauren thought.

“What are you going to do about her now?”

“I don’t even know anymore. I feel bad because I do like you and I totally want to get to know you better, but she’s just…she’s all I think about. But, she wants to be single. She doesn’t want to be tied down. After what happened after school today, should I even try with her anymore? For months, I thought she felt something for me. Months she would treat me like I was hers and she was mine. Maybe I should just let her go. I’m tired of being tied down to nothing.”

“God, I’m sorry. I’m dumping somewhat a lot on you and you’ve only just got here.” Amy apologized.

“No, it’s okay! It helps me actually. I get to worry about you while you rant, and not have to worry about my friends back home for a little bit. It’s relieving, kind of, but also really bad. I’m not trying to not think about them, I just need a break from missing them for a little bit, if that makes sense?” Lauren rambled.

“It’s okay. If you ever need a break from your head, you can always ask me talk. I could go on forever.” 

They spent the next couple of hours doing their homework under the tree at the park, stealing glances at each other here and there, and hiding their blushes when they get caught. After the sun and fully set and the stars were out, Amy walked Lauren home before heading to her own house. When she got settled and ready for bed, she sent a quick text to Lauren and Karma.

To Lauren: Thanks for today. I haven’t talked to anyone about Karma like I did with you. I felt nice. Goodnight Lauren:)

To my( , )face<3: I’m home. You might’ve been wondering or not. I just wanted to tell you so you don’t worry. Goodnight. I love you Karms..

From Lauren: It was nice talking to you, too. I haven’t talked to anyone about moving here at all, and it was great. I hope I can still take you out for donuts now that you are ‘on the market’? ;)

From Lauren: omg too soon?

To Lauren: not at all c: donuts and coffee in the morning at the café across the street from school?

From Lauren: okay good, I thought I crossed the line or something. That sounds great. Goodnight Amy c:

To Lauren: gooooo0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0odnight

After like 10 goodnight texts later (both girls wanted to be the last to say goodnight), both girls fell asleep.

Karma never replied.

A/N: Maybe this is a spoiler but I will somehow incorporate Camren in this. I ship Camren and Karmy hard. Idk what’s gonna happen anymore in this fic. 

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