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Dance With Me - Jeff Atkins Smut

Jeff Atkins x reader

Request: I wanted to ask for an imagine. So the reader and Jeff are a couple and they are at the prom and in a dance the things got a bit hot so they go to Tony’s car. And you are a really good friend with tony so when they finish tony knocked the window of the car telling her he has to take her home. Please i’d love you a lot if you write something with this 😍. Thanks anyway ☺️

Warnings: Smut, swearing

“Mom I’m about to leave! Tony is almost here” I pick up my gold clutch and start to head for the door.

“Wait! wait! wait!” I hear my mom running down the stairs and I try to hold in my giggles. She comes running down with her camera.

“Where is Jeff? is he still coming?”

“Yes mom, he’s walking over here now, which why I need to go”. She walks over to me and fix my curled hair and smooths out my dress.

“You look gorgeous hunny. I want to wait for him to come so I can pictures.”

“Moooom” I whine. Leave it to her to be totally embarrassing. She loves Jeff. We have been dating for over a year now and the minute she met him, she thought of him as her child. She practically begs him to come over and even cooks for him. As she’s in the middle of taking pictures of me, the doorbell rings.

“That’s my sweetie Jeffy!” my mom says as she jogs to the door. I shake my head at her sudden change in sweetness. She swings open the door and crushes him in a hug.

“Hi Ms.y/l/n. These are for you.” As I look over her shoulder, I see Jeff give my mother a bouquet of peony flowers. This is exactly why she loves him. I wouldn’t be surprised if she loves him more than me.

“Oh my goodness! how sweet, Thank you Jeffrey, I’m going to go put these in a vase.” As she speeds off I shake my head and laugh. I look back at him and see him holding another bouquet of flowers, but its stunning red roses. My favorite.

“And these” he says as he pecks my lip, “Are for you my lady”. I grab the flowers and can’t hold in my smile.

“Why thank you sir.” I say as I kiss him again. I put the flowers down on the table beside the stairs and look back at him, taking in his attire. He looked amazing, although I’m not surprised. He’s the only guy that I feel can pull off a white top tuxedo. I noticed that he’s doing the same to me, taking in my outfit.

“Wow” he says with his mouth parted. I look down thinking something is wrong with my dress.

“What?” I say looking down. “Nothing, you just look beautiful.” I smile again, pushing my hair behind my ear. Even after a year with Jeff, he never fails to still make me feel special. After about 10 minutes, my mom comes jogging back in with her camera. She was probably in a daze with her flowers. 

“Okay you too, pictures then you can leave.” We spend the next 5 minutes taking different pictures together and my mom even sheds a few tears. After a bit, I finally get a text from Tony.

Hey y/n/n I’m outside

“Okay mom, Tony is outside, we have to go” I say, looping my arm through Jeff’s.

“Okay, okay have fun you too. Not too much fun now.” Jeff glances at me from the corner of his eye and I blush.

“Of course mom, we know” I grab my bag again as we walk out the door and skip down the stairs to Tony’s car.

“Be safe love you! Hi Tony hunny!” My mom calls out. I scream a quick ‘love you too’ as me and Jeff get into his car.

“Hey y/m/n, I’ll get her home safe!” He gets into the car and turns on his loud indie music that he loves. Jeff got into the front seat while I sit in the back. Tony drives off as we all make small talk, laughing together like we always do.

“Is Ryan going to be there?” I ask over the music.

“Yeah, we are doing the music together and hopefully squeeze in a dance.”

“Nice man” Jeff says, “If you guys don’t dance, I’ll grab you guys by the hand and force you.” I laugh at my boyfriends comment. He loves meddling in other peoples love life. That’s probably why we are so good together, he genuinely loves happy relationships. 

“Let’s get ready to fuck the night up!” Tony screams.

As we all walk inside, the music is blasting and there are a bunch of people dancing and grinding against each other. With my hand in Jeff’s, we walk through the crowd, chatting with different people here and there. 

“Jeff! Y/n! Tony!” We look and see Jessica, Justin and Monty waving us over to the center of the dance floor. we waltz over to them and I laugh at how wasted Jessica is almost getting, dry humping against a very happy Justin.

“I’m glad you guys came!” she screams. We all talk and laugh over the music and just have a good time bumping and dumb dancing to every song. Tony taps our shoulders and talks over the music.

“Guys I’m going to go up there with Ryan to help my boy out. You dudes have fun!” 

“Ada boy Tony! Go have fun!” Jeff laughs. Tony playful rolls his eyes and disappears into the crowd. We all continue dancing and laughing at a now drunk Jessica. Jeff slides his hands on my waist and whispers in my ear.

“Do you want a drink babe?” 

“Yeah I’ll go with you.” He grabs my hand as we head over to the food table.

“Jeff man, there is vodka in the left punch!” Justin yells over the music. Jeff turns his head back to look at him, “Nah I’m fine, but thanks”.

We get to the table and Jeff pours us some punch from the right. He seems to be looking around the gym a lot looking for something, but I already knew it was someone.

“Babe, Clay is sitting on the bleachers over there” I point. He looks at the direction of my finger and smiles at me.

“What I would do without you, I’ll be right back baby”. He pecks my lips and walks over to sit next to Clay. They talk for a few minutes and I can’t help but smile. Jeff is such a sweet person, and I love him so much for it. I continue to drink my punch as I look around at the people dancing. Soon a slow song comes on and I see Clay walking towards Hannah, and Jeff smiling at me from the bleachers, heading my way. He grabs my hand and pulls me towards the dance floor. He puts his hands on my waist, while I wrap my arms around his neck, swaying slowly.

“Is your job done?” I smile at him, “Yup, for now. Now I can focus on my beautiful girlfriend.”

I lay my head his shoulder, closing my eyes as I smell in his cologne. As we continue to slow dance, Jeff’s slides his hands down to my butt. He lightly squeezes and I look up at him.

“Jeff babe, what are you doing?” I ask slowly, looking around so no one sees him grabbing my ass in public.

“Hmm?” he hums. He starts kissing my neck and pushing me closer to him. 

“Jeff” I whisper, “stop babe, before people see.” He ignores me and starting sucking my sweet spot, not caring that people would see my soon to form hickey. I bite my lip, wanting to tell him to stop, but can’t. He’s turning me on and he knows it. I open my eyes and see people occupied with their date, either dancing or sucking their face off. Still sucking another part of my neck, Jeff is now full on squeezing my ass, pulling me into him. He stops and go straight to my mouth kissing me softly. I put my hand to his face, lightly moaning into his mouth. I can tell Jeff is forgetting we are in public once his hand goes to the back of my dress, tugging on my zipper. I move his hands and break our kiss. 

“Jeff, we are still in school” I laugh, softly panting. As I look at him, his eyes are filled with love and more importantly, lust. He grabs my waist and leans his lips against my ear.

“Then lets not be” he says deeply. I look up at him and bite my lip, nodding my head. He smirks and grabs my hand walking towards Tony up in the music area. As we walk, I noticed how wet Jeff as gotten me already just from giving me a hickey and feel hot from him not caring that we are around a bunch of students and teachers. As we get to Tony, Jeff whispers something in his ear. Tony laughs shaking his head and then reach into his pocket grabbing his keys. He hands him his keys, saying something back, earning a laugh from Jeff. As we walk towards the exit I look back at Tony smiling at us. 

“What did Tony say to you?” I ask as we walk outside.

“He said don’t stain his seats” he laughs. I flush from the embarrassment that Tony knows what we are about to do. We walk to his car, feeling the thick tension in the air around us. We clearly both can’t wait to rip each other clothes off and it’s exciting me. When Jeff unlocks the back door, he doesn’t even waste time. He pulls us in and locks the door behind us, starting back to kissing my neck.

“Since I say you in this dress, I wanted nothing than to rip it off of you” he says in his husky voice. I moan at his words and climb on top of him. 

“Not this one” I say smirking, “You already ripped my other dress.” He bites his lip to hold in his laugh.

“I said I was sorry baby.”

“I am too.”

“About wha-” before he can finish, I grab his shirt and pop all his buttons, revealing his hard abs in front of me. His mouth drops open as he looks at his now ripped shirt.

“Babe!” he yells as I smile innocently and start sucking his neck. He leans his head back and grab my waist. I’m glad I chose to wear a thin pair of thongs, feeling him get hard under me. He unzips my dress and I wiggle out of it, getting up to take it fully off. I am now only left in just my thong, now feeling conscious that someone could see me. We are parked behind the school away from other cars and houses, but I’m still nervous. He looks up and down at my exposed body and I can’t help but love the way he was looking at me. 

“Fuck, your so sexy y/n”. I pull his ripped shirt and jacket off of him and go back to kissing. He wraps his arms around my torso as he deepens the kiss, kissing me hungrily. I palm his member through our body, making him moan as he bucks his hips into my hand, wanting to feel more. I unzip his pants and pull them down to his ankles. He breaks our kiss, and wraps his lips around one of my breast, making me lean my head back against the head rest of the drivers seat. I hump against his hard member, making me even more wet against our friction. I moan at our movement as Jeff moves my hips faster against him.

“Fuck, babe your killing me” he grunts. I smirk at him as I pull his member from his boxers and pump him with my hands. He throws his head back and starts breathing hard. He starts to buck himself into my hand, moaning my name.

“Fuck y/n, that feels good”. I go faster, looking at him almost come undone with my fingers. As I continue, Jeff pulls my underwear to the side, rubbing his finger against my clit. As I speed my hand on his dick, Jeff starts to rub harder against my core. I throw my head back again, grinding my hips onto his fingers.

“Fuck Jeff!” I moan, biting my lip. Both of us are a moaning mess as we pick up our pace. A wave of heat rush to my core and I stop pumping him once I feel him twitch in my hand. 

“Baby, I can’t wait anymore” He kisses me, as he grabs a condom from the arm rest of Tony’s car. I stop kissing him to start laughing.

“Why does Tony have those in his car” I laugh, “Cause he’s not dumb” Jeff laughs back. He slides on the condom and positions himself at my entrance, waiting for me to go from there. I grab his member from under me and pull my underwear to the side, slowly sliding onto him, moaning at the feeling.

“Fuck” I moan, as I sit on him fully. I slowly start to circle around him, to get use to the feeling. He groans against me and starts to bounce me up and down. I move his hand away, shaking my head.

“I got this babe, relax.” He puts his hand up to surrender and puts his hand to his side. I put my arm around his neck and start to slowly ride him, teasing him. 

“Baby, please” he breaths out, with his eyes closed. I pull closer into him and pick up my pace, bouncing hard against him. He moans louder as I start pounding on him. 

“Fuck baby! I need to touch you” He goes to my legs and lightly lifts them as he lowers himself in the seat. He roughly starts thrusting into me as I wrap my legs around him. I try not to scream so no one can here, but fuck he’s making it hard.

“Jeff! my god!” I loudly moan, my arms wrapped around his neck. He picks up his pace, his nails digging into my thighs. 

“Babe, I-I’m abo-” I feel Jeff twitch inside of me as his thrust got sloppier. I start to feel myself tighten and I moan louder.

“Yes! babe, I can’t!” I yell. Jeff pounds into me full speed as we both ride out our high. I slide off of him as he pulls back up his boxers. Still latched onto him, I see how all the windows in the car is fogged up. Both panting, I lay my head on his shoulder, closing my eyes.

“I love you baby” he says, rubbing my back.

“I love you too” I say sleepily.

It seems like we have been laying here for hours before we hear a knock on the window.

“Shit!” I cursed as I jump off of Jeff, pulling my dress back on, trying to zipper it back up while Jeff laughs at me. He throws on his shirt and jacket, waits till my dress is back on, then rubs the fogged up window, seeing the back of Tony. 

“Are you guys clothes on?” he asks, still not looking at us. Jeff rolls the window down laughing. 

“Yes you big baby” he laughs.

“Good, cause I promised y/m/n that I will have her home safe and if she’s split on half, that’s not saf-”

“Ew okay Tony just get in the car!” I yell, not wanting to be embarrassed anymore. He laughs and gets in the drivers side, getting the keys back from Jeff. As he starts the car, he starts to loudly sniff. 

“Do you guys mind opening the windows, it smells like sex in her-”

“Oh my gosh Tony!” I yell, covering my face flushing. Jeff finds this all so hilarious, laughing his ass off at all of this. For the rest of the ride, Tony keeps looking in his mirror at us, trying to hold in his laugh. 

“So did you guys have fun tonight?”

“Yeah, but my favorite part was the ride” he says looking at my red face.

“It was really good” he smirks.

“Jeff!” I yell.

Number 1 Fan

Request: Can you do one where the reader is the number one crime boss/villain and Jerome admires her so much that he follows them around until he gets caught. Maybe they become partners, he gets jealous and stuff, and it has a pretty happy ending.

Smut warning


(Y/n) POV:

“Move it into the van boys! Don’t leave a dime!” I laugh as my henchmen load the bags of money. “Ohh this is gonna make me the richest woman on the planet!” I say joyfully spinning around.

“Hey boss! We got company! We got to hurry up!” I turn my attention to the banks to see them being scoped up and down by the GCPD. “I’ve got this boys. Just get the bags in there and don’t leave me like last time. If that’s done then you’ll all be dead! Understand?” “Yes ma'am!” They yell in attention.

I smile and stroll into the bank making my presence know to the cops. “Hello hello hello! How ya doing boys? Good I hope! Harvey! How’s the drinking problem? John! The kids doing good? Mollys rash ever clear up? That thing was nasty! Ah and Jimbo! How’s the air in your big fat head? Still clean I hope!” I giggle walking along the counter tops making fun.

I walk to the indoor flag pole and look up to see the open sky light. “Enough of your chit chat!” “Aww! But I was getting to the good part! Ya see. My self esteem has been kinda low lately. So I was wondering if I could show you guys a magic trick. You know the saying what goes up must always come down? Well how about what is down must go up? Any takers? No? Well fine I guess I’ll test it!” I kick the latch of the pole ties and it flings me up into the air to where I’m flying out of the sky light. “See ya around dumbass’!” I laugh as I exit through the roof.

I hop onto the top of the van and hit it twice. “Go you idiots!” They drive at 90 mph to my place and as soon as we get there they start unloading the bags into the room matching the others.

“Drink m’lady?” My butler asks as I enter the door. I smile at him and take the blue drink. “Thank you David. Any news for today?” I ask as I go to the living room. “Crime rates are as high as ever thanks to you miss. Fan basis is at it’s highest. Little girls are wanting to buy anything related to you!” I smile and look out the big window to Gotham. “Wonderful! Get Samantha for me will you?” “Yes miss.”

In seconds my maid comes running in. “Yes miss?” “Care to run me a bath? Crystals, and lavender soap as always.” I say sipping my drink. “Yes of course m’lady.” She bows to me and scurried off to the bathroom.

“Your bath is drawn m’lady.” I wave my hand away and make my way up to the large scale bathroom. The tub itself can fit 4. I strip myself of my clothes and sink into the relaxing water filled with soap and moisturizers.

My personal line begins to ring bringing my attention away from my thoughts. “Hello?” I ask into the old fashioned telephone. “Darling! It’s so good to hear your voice!” “Mom. Hey how are you?” I ask with a smile on my face. “Oh just find. Yourself?” “Just fine.” My mother scoffs into the phone. “What?” “Just fine? Come on darling! No drama? Men? Nothing?” “Mom. We’ve discussed this. I’m far to busy with business.” “Oh don’t play that game! A beautiful 17 year old woman like you is a the top of the world right now! You can have some fun!” “Business is fun.” “But doing business alone isn’t. Don’t you want to share that with someone?”

I sigh into the phone and sink further into the water. “Fine. Yes it’d be nice to have someone along, but I’ve tried the whole partner thing. It didn’t work! He was to slow! Couldn’t keep up. I need someone exciting! Someone to make me laugh, but still keep success rates at high!”

My mother laughs into the phone. “You sound so much like your father. Do me a favor darling. Put on a sexy dress, go to a club, and meet a man. Plenty will show if they hear the most feared woman in Gotham is coming. They’ll be trying to impress you left and right! Promise me you’ll give it a shot?” I sigh and smile. “Yes mother.” “Good baby! Call me tomorrow love! Goodnight!” “Goodnight mom.”

I hang up the phone and ring the bell for Samantha to enter. “Yes m’lady?” “Lay out a dress along with pumps, call a driver, and make sure the owner of Flaims knows I’m coming to have a fun night.” “Fantastic choice! I’ll be right on it!”

I step out of the tub and wrap a towel around myself drying my body. I walk into my room to see my favorite dress set out. “Oh Samantha how you read me well.” I drop the towel and get into my makeup and hair. A nice clean sexy eye with a simple puff to my lush (h/c) hair ties it all together.

I walk down to the door and David opens it for me. “Shall I stay awake to let you in?” “You know what? No. Have the rest of the night off! You too Samantha! I’ll see you both here tomorrow morning!” “Of course! Shall I make breakfast for two?” David says with a smirk. “We shall see.” I say skipping out and into the car.

I arrive at the club to see the best types of people there. The crazy ones. I step out of the car and immediately get howled at. “Hey baby! Wanna test me out? I can make a good girl into a bad bitch!” I roll my eyes and continue my way inside.

I see many cute men scattered about but non that immediately catch my eye. I’m not going to work for them. They’re going to come to me. That’s what mom always taught me.

I order my favorite drink and scroll through my phone enjoying the night out. “Well well well. Lookie here! Never thought I’d see you in the flesh.” I removed my eyes from my screen to see a well known criminal. “Do my eyes deceive me or is it Jerome Valeska?”

The red head leans up against the booth with a stretched out smile. “So you’ve heard of me?” “Well a new rising villain appears and we all want to know more. Have to keep tabs on you. Been out of the limelight for a while now.” “Well ya know. Been dead for about a year. No big deal.” I laugh and scoot for him to join me.

He can make me laugh

We talk for hours, laugh for hours, he had me smiling for hours.

“I’ve got to say. I’m a big fan. My favorite crime scene is when you hung your victim from the center of the hotel. Burnt fingerprints and face! DNA unrecognizable! Never figured out who the victim was.” I place my hand over my head. “Aww Jerome! That’s so sweet! No one’s ever kept up with a case like that before! Well except for those cops. Care to know who it was?” He leans in dazzled. “A bartender who got my drink wrong.” I shrug. “Fantastic! It’s all just fun and games anyway! If they don’t play by the rules they shouldn’t have been in the game to begin with!” “Exactly!”

I laugh and look at the time. “Past your bedtime princess?” I smirk at him and lean into him feeling the full effects of the alcohol take over. “No. Usually it’s time for someone to help me wake up. If you understand what I mean.” I smirk and toy with his fingers.

“Ohh any choices yet? Will I have to fight my way through them to get my shot?” I move my fingers to his shirt and pop one of the buttons open. “I think you have a pretty good shot already.” I smirk and stand up walking and swishing my hips for his pleasure. “Then what are we waiting for hm?” He growls in my ear biting it lightly.

Jerome opens my door for me and lets me in. My driver says no words but does raise the black window for some privacy.

I bring my lips to his in a rush for lust and passion. “Oh you’re bad.” He breathes and run his hand down my body to between my legs. “Make me worse.” I moan into his lips.

Jerome pushes my panties to the side and pushes one finger inside my pussy swerling my insides to make my body rock. “Someone’s wet babydoll. Care to tell me who that’s for?” Jerome asks adding another finger and pushing them in and out. “You’ve got to earn me screaming your name. Do that and you can do whatever you want.” I moan as he pumps his fingers faster.

I toss my head back moaning out. Jerome then attaches his lips to my neck sucking a visible mark. “Marking what’s mine.” I laugh and straddle him. “You’ve got to take it first.” I say out of breath.

The car stops and the driver lowers the black window. “We have arrived m’lady.” Jerome smiles and opens the door for me grabbing my ass as I get out. “Hm about time.” He says gripping my body in lust.

We quickly open the door and waste no time rushing to the bedroom. Jerome closes the door with me against it and strips me of my dress. “Oh a true beauty below the soft cloth you are!” He moans. I strip him of his shirt and pants and he attacks my lips the moment we’re both rid of clothing.

He lifts me against the door and rubs the tip of his cock up and down my slit coating himself with my juices.

He pushes in making my head hit the door in pleasure. “You’re so tight doll.” Jerome thrusts up into me causing me so much pleasure. He moved us to the bed and flips me over to my stomach.

He pushes himself back into my tight cunt and pounds me harder. “What’s my name doll? Scream it! Who’s filling your tight pussy?” Jerome grips my hair in a ponytail and pulls it back making my mouth open and loud moans to come out. “Jerome! Oh my god!” I scream and cum without warning. “That’s it baby!” He says and fills me up. He pulls out of me and rubs his hands up my back to my shoulders.

Jerome sets me on the bed and covers me up along with himself beside me. He brings me to his chest and kisses my head. “I have a proposal.” I say looking at him. “Hm I know I’m great but we just met doll face.” “Oh hush you big dumby! What I mean is be my partner in crime!” “King and Queen of Gotham.” He smirks at the thought rolling through his mind. “Seal the deal with a kiss.” I say with bright eyes. “Gladly baby.” He kisses me and kisses down my neck to make another mark. “Mine. My queen.”

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tutor ➳ jeff atkins

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request? No

    summary: Jeff is failing History, so his teachers solution? Get him a tutor. And that tutor happens to be you, someone who has had a crush on him since Freshman year.

pairing(s): jeff atkins x fem!reader, hannah baker x fem!reader {Platonic}

warning(s): flirty!jeff

word count: 1,170

a/n: I needed more Jeff in my life, beCAUSE I STILL THINK HE DESERVED BETTER😭💔 anyway I hope you lovelies enjoy!

{Not my Gif!}


“What are you doing, Y/N?” I looked up at the sound of my best friends voice, and there Hannah stood with hands on her hips with a raised eyebrow.

“Studying?” I replied, looking confused.

“Sureeeeeee you are,” Hannah said, smirking as she plopped down on the grass next to me, “come on, Y/N, you know you hate sitting outside when you can burn. Just admit, you’re outside because Jeff is outside with his friends.”

“Way to make me sound like a stalker,” I chuckled, playfully shoving her as I ignored the red on my cheeks, “but no, I’m really studying.”

“Why don’t you just tell him?” She asked.

“I doubt he even knows who I am,” I replied, looking at Jeff who was laughing.

“I’d be surprised if he didn’t know who you were,” Hannah snorted, “you’re one of the most popular girls’ here,Y/N.”

“Because of track,” I pointed out. I was the fastest runner on our team, and usually brought the wins for us.

“Whatever you want to believe,” Hannah replied, rolling her eyes with a hint of a smile, just as the warning bell rang, “come on psycho, we have to get to Communications class. Are you still coming over tonight?”

“Oh no, I’m sorry,” I gave her a sorry look, “I forgot to tell you that I have to tutor someone tonight.”

“It’s okay, Y/N,” Hannah gave me a warm smile as we got to our class, “sleepover after practice tomorrow?”

“Of course,” I smiled, taking my seat near Justin Foley, Zach Dempsey and Jessica Davis, “my house.”


“Miss Y/L/N, thank you for coming,” Ms. Myers, the History teacher, smiled as I walked into her classroom, where I shortly froze when I saw who I was tutoring. It was Jeff, “Mr. Atkins, this is Miss. Y/L/N, your tutor.”

Smiling his gorgeous smile, he sent me a small wave, as I awkwardly smiled back.

“I figured we could study in the library, is that okay?” I questioned, biting my lip in nerves. I mean hell, I’ve had a crush on this guy since Freshman year.

“Yeah, that’s fine, Y/N,” He nodded his head, before grabbing his stuff, and following.

“Woah, you know my name,” I mumbled to myself, not expecting him to hear, but I know he does by the chuckle that slips past his lips.

“Of course I do,” He chuckled, “you’re the reason our track team places, and you have the reputation of being the sweetest person in this school.”

“I do?” I asked shocked, it’s not like I talk to a lot of people, so I’m really surprised.

“Yeah, I was actually kind of excited to have you tutor me,” Jeff rubbed the back of his head sheepishly, as I bit back a grin and a blush.

“Why?” I asked in curiosity.

“I get the chance to talk to a pretty girl,” He murmured, and I knew my face was red.

“Let’s sit here,” I mumbled, pointing to my favorite spot in the library. We sat down quickly, and Jeff grabbed his books out, “let’s begin.”

// An hour and a half later //

“See, it’s not that bad,” I smiled, as Jeff closed his History book.

“It’s not when I have an beautiful tutor,” He flirted, and I looked down, trying to hide my smile.

“So I can’t tutor you tomorrow or Thursday,” I informed Jeff, whos’ lips formed into a pout, “but I can Friday?”

“Yeah, that’s cool, but why not tomorrow or Thursday?” He asked.

“I have a track meet tomorrow, then I’m taking Hannah dress shopping for the Formal next weekend,” I replied, smiling a little.

“Just Hannah? You aren’t going to the formal?” Jeff asked confused.

“No, um, no one has asked me, and I really don’t want to be a third wheel for Hannah and Clay,” I shrugged, as Jeff looked surprise, “why do you look surprised?”

“Just the fact that you don’t have a date,” He replied, “I figured you’d be one of the first girls to get asked.”

“Well, I wasn’t,” I shrugged, feeling kind of embarrassed.

“Damn it, Clay,” Jeff cursed under his breath, “why didn’t you tell me?”

“What?” I looked at him, with a raised eyebrow. I’m sure I probably wasn’t suppose to hear that, by the look of his face.

“Nothing,” He shook his head with a grin, “why don’t you come to the formal with me?”

“Jeff,” I sighed, i’ve wanted this for awhile, but not like this, “I appreciate the offer, but I don’t want to be a pity date.”

“WHAT?” Jeff said quite loudly, earning a dirty look from the librarian, “Sorry Miss. Reed, but Y/N, are you really that oblivious?”  

“Of what?” I asked, really confused.

“This isn’t out of pity, Y/N,” He shook his head, with an amused smile, “I’ve liked you for awhile. Clay was suppose to tell me if you had gotten a date, or not, because I planned on asking you weeks ago, but he said you were going with someone.”

“I was going with Hannah, but Clay finally grew balls and asked her so I didn’t have a date anymore,” I nodded, chuckling as he did, “why haven’t you talked to me if you’ve ‘liked me’?”

“I figured you’d think I was just some stupid baseball player,” He shrugged, making me narrow my eyes.

“Jeff, you aren’t dumb, and I would have never thought that,” I replied, before chuckling weakly, “I’ve had a crush on you since Freshman year, Jeff.”

“Really?” He sat up excitedly, staring at me.

“Mhmm,” I nodded in reply, as my cheeks burned with embarrassment.

“Okay, so how about this,” Jeff leaned forward as I raised an eyebrow, “If I score higher than a C on my next History test, you let me take you out for dinner, and then to the formal.”

I thought about it for a minute, before biting my lip and nodding my head.

“Okay, sounds like a deal,” I agreed, as a bright smile spread across Jeffs’ face. He went to reply, but was interrupted.

“Jeff, come on man!” We turned to see his friends; Zach Dempsey, Justin Foley, and Bryce Walker, and it was Bryce who shouted for Jeffs’ attention.

“I’ll see you Friday then,” Jeff said before standing up and grabbing his stuff, “with my test grade.”

Right before he left, he bent down and kissed my cheek, leaving them a bright, embarrassing red.

“Nice job, man,” I heard Zach applaud him, “Y/N’s a good person.”

“I know,” was the last thing I heard from the group, before they left. I smiled, and buried my face into my hands, letting out a tiny squeal.

  • Jason Todd: [Pushes a man off a fire escape, decapitates 8 mob bosses and stuffs their heads in a bag, beats Joker with a crowbar till bloody and bruised, tazes a guy on his eyeballs, shoots at criminals with no remorse or hesitation, threatens to shoot a bazooka at Black Mask, and isn't afraid to take on Batman.]
  • Me: Him. He's the one. He's my favorite.
Hawaii part 2

Warning: Language and Smut Like A lottttt of smut haha


After three hours Harry finally returned back to the hotel room.

“Sorry babe, I had to confirm some things for tour, didn’t think it would take so long.” Harry said said stripping down to his boxers. With a grin he made his way over right beside me on the bed.

“Now where were we?” He asked nibbling at my neck.

It took everything within me not to react. If my plan was going to work, then I had to act uninterested. So I just sat there watching the TV.

“Was’ the matter with you?” He says nudging my cheek with his nose.

“Jus’ not in the mood.” I say grabbing my phone off the bedside table. I need something to distract me.

“But you were in the mood earlier.” Harry says leaning up to look me in the eyes.

“Yeah, three hours ago.” I say turning my attention back to my phone.

That was several hours ago and Harry hasn’t stopped trying since.

When we were at the beach he said,

“Wouldn’ it be nice to have sex on the beach?” But I kept my nose in my book and ignored the comment.

As the day wears on I can tell he’s getting more and more sexually frustrated. So many times I about gave in because how can you not? But I’ve held up.

We’re sitting at dinner and he can’t keep his eyes off me.

“My eyes are up here babe.” I say with a light chuckle before I take a sip of my water.

His eyes are wild and his leg has been bouncing up and down.

“Look, I’m fuckin’ sorry okay? But your drivin me mad. Especially when you wear stuff like that.” He says darkly, eyes darting to my low cut dress and then back up to my eyes.

I swallow the lump that formed in my throat. Stay cool Y/N. Tonight your in charge.

I regain my composure and confidence. A smirk forms on my face as I twirl my straw around in my cup. Suddenly I stand up and move my chair right next to him. Harry’s eyes go wide for a split second before he takes a deep breath.

I cross my right leg over my left and lean in towards him. My hand goes to the back of his head and lightly twirl his hair between my fingers. His eyes fall shut and his breath quickens.

Thank God this is a private dinner. I lean in so close my lips are almost touching his ear.

“Tonight I’m in charge. I’m gonna get up and go to our room. Meet me their in 10 minutes, no sooner, no later. Now don’t say anything just nod your head.”

Harry looked at me with bewildered eyes. I knew he’d be shocked since he’s always been the one in charge. I’m surprised at myself.

I raise my eyebrows in a questioning way. After a few seconds Harry snapped out of his daze and quickly shook his head yes.

A smile grew on my lips. With that I left and walked to our room.

I walked as fast I my legs could take me. Smiling at the people I past hoping no one would want to stop and talk. Thankfully no one did. When I finally got to the room I looked and realized I only had 5 minutes before Harry left the restaurant. I ran to my suit case and took out a matching black lingerie set. It was simple yet sexy. I’ve had all day to think about this moment, and now that it’s here I can barely contain myself.

I look in the mirror and make sure everything looks good. Once I’m satisfied with my appearance I sit on the edge of the bed waiting for Harry to get here. Not even 30 seconds after I sat down, I hear the door unlock and foot steps head towards me.

In walks a flustered grinning Harry. He looks so sexy with his hair all disheveled and his white button up that’s not really buttoned at all. It takes everything within me not to pounce on him.

“Someones been making dadd-” Harry starts to say but I stand up and interrupt him by putting my finger up to his lips.

“No Harry, I’m in charge tonight. The rules are simple. Only speak if I ask a question or tell you to. Do as I say. Only I can touch you and you can only touch me if you tell you. Understood?” I say pulling Harry close to my body to where are faces are almost touching.

I can hear his breath quicken.

“Yes.” He says sounding out of breath.

“So daddy thinks leaving me all hot and bothered for hours is okay? Hmm? Have me lying on the bed soaking for you and you’d rather talk on the phone? Tsk tsk.” I say ask I unbuttoning his shirt and slide it off his shoulders. My fingers trace over his chest. I bring my mouth down to his right nipple and lightly lick. He lets out a soft moan.

I walk around behind him and light scratch my nails up and down his back softly before leaving wet open mouthed kisses to his shoulder blades.

“You think you can just have me when ever you want. But not tonight.” I say turning him around to face me. My hands fall down to his belt and I quickly unbuckle it, sliding his jeans down so he could step out of them.

He’s wearing my favorite boxers. Red Calvin Klein’s. I quickly bit my lip at not only the sight of the boxers but his already fully erect man hood. He probably thinks I’m just gonna get on my knees and give him head like usual, but not this time.

I walk over to the dresser and pull out three scarfs. Harry has a confused look on his face.

“Lye on your back in the middle of the bed.” I say running the fabric through my hands. Harry wastes no time and is there in seconds. I smile at my eager baby.

I walk over to the bed and place the scarfs on the bedside table. I straddle Harry’s stomach careful not to touch his manhood yet. I lean down and kiss him on the lips. His tongue immediately slips in my mouth and I allow it. Suddenly his hands fly up to my waste and tries to push me towards his waste. I quickly sit up and push his hand down.

“Harry, no touching. If you touch me again without permission I’ll have to punish you more than I already am going to.”

He lets out a sigh but shakes his head in agreement.

I reach over and grab a scarf from the table. Lightly I drag the end across his chest and nipples. He bites his lip trying not to say anything.

“Put your hands above your head baby.” I say.

Quickly he complies knowing exactly what I have in mind. I take both wrists and tie them securely to the head board. Tugging a few times to make sure they were tight enough to hold him but not too tight to hurt.

I started kissing down his body, nibbling and sucking at random spots along the way. Harry’s heavy breathing and soft moans were making my panties soak. I kissed and love on his slightly pudgy hips probably leaving a few love bites.

I slowly pull down his boxers and his member immediately springs up hitting his stomach. Harry throws his head back onto the pillow panting hard. He’s never been one who could take a lot of foreplay. Harry’s a very sensitive boy.

I kiss my way back up his body making him give out a frustrated sigh.

“Speak Harry.” I say quietly next to his ear.

“I’m so fuckin’ hard I’m throbbing baby. Bloody hell please do something. Anything.” He says in a desperate shaky voice.

“Aw my babies being such a good boy for me. But I’m not sure you’vd learned your lesson yet.” I say kissing right next to his manhood causing him to twitch.

“Fuck fuck fuck, Y/N I swear I learned my lesson, I won’t do it again I’m sorry please I’m begging here.” He says pulling at his wrists trying to get free.

I reach across his body and grab the two other scarfs. Getting up from the bed I spread his legs apart and tie both of them to the two bedposts.

“Please it hurts Y/N.” Harry half cries out.

I straddle him again but hover my crotch above his. I lean down close to his ear again.

“Don’t worry baby I’ll make you feel so good you’ll be begging me to stop.” I mumble and bite his ear lobe. He lets out a moan and throws his hips up trying to get any kind of release. But I’m to fast and move my hips up just in time. Harry lets out a desperate cry. My panties are completely soaked so I decide to give in.

I make my way down his body and hover right over his manhood. I look up and Harry is intensely watching me with his bottom lip between his teeth.

Without breaking eye contact I lick from the base of his cock to the tip. He lets out a throaty groan and lets his head drop back. I take my hand and wrap it around him picking him up. Quickly I stick my mouth on the tip and start bobbing up and down taking as much as I can in my mouth. Harry’s a moaning mess.

“Atta girl. Mmm feels so fuckin good lil one. Don’t quit.” He says between moans. I just quicken my pace. My free hand goes down to his balls lightly massaging them. That makes him go crazy.

“Ohh I’m almost there don’t stop I’m so close.” He said after a few moments.

Not even 10 seconds later I felt him twitch inside my mouth. Cum was coming out like crazy but I swallowed and kept going. Even when he stopped cumming I kept going.

“Y/N I’m too sensitive baby.” He croaked out. But I kept going. I pulled my mouth off but my hand took its place.

“Come on baby give me one more. You can do it.” I said between kisses on his thigh. Harry’s whole body was twitching and shaking.

“Im Im so-” He said but stopped and threw his head back onto the pillow.

“Come on love your almost there. Give it to me. Cum all over me Harry.” I said and then began sucking on his tip.

When I felt his cock twitch I pulled my mouth back but kept my hand pumping him.

He let out a loud yelling that I’m sure the neighbors heard. Cum shot everywhere. All the ways up to his chest and stomach. I pulled my hand away and smiled at the sweaty boy above me.

“That’s my boy.” I said kissing his thighs and made my way up his stomach and chest licking up the cum.

When I got up to Harry’s face, his eyes were closed and he was still breathing kinda heavy. I lovingly kissed his cheeks, forehead, nose, everywhere. Finally he opened his eyes and gave me a lazy grin.

“That was amazing.” He said with droopy eyes.

“Well I’m glad you liked it, but I still need to get off.” I say with a smirk.

“Baby I don’t think I’ll be getting hard any time soon.” He said looking genuinely sorry.

“Don’t worry I have another Idea.” I say with a smirk and I quickly untie him.

“Sit up against the headboard for me baby.” I say still smirking.

He looks slightly confused but does as I say.

When I take off my bra and underwear and straddle his right thigh, he immediately knows what I have on mind and smiles.


Hey guys here’s part 2!! Hope you enjoyed! I’m not sure I’ll do a part 3 but if y’all want it, just let me know!! Also I take requests! OR if you just wanna talk about Harry, message me!!

Random Admitted Facts Of USWNT:

Shannon Boxx - I broke a chair at a national team dinner, but never hit the floor while still holding Christie Rampone’s daughter Rylie on my lap.

Lori Chalupny - I wish I could grow just a little bit so I could be listed at 5-5 instead of 5-4.

Lauren Holiday - When I was 10, I wanted to go to football camp but my mom put me in cheer camp instead. I won best toe-touch.

Tobin Heath - I used to steal gear from U.S. Soccer when I was younger, but for that I am sorry.

Carli Lloyd - I prefer sandals over sneakers.

Heather O'Reilly - I have an enormous sweet tooth. I maul chocolate.

Ali Krieger - I never leave the house without mascara.

Christie Rampone - I am a real red head!

Morgan Brian - My favorite show growing up was “SpongeBob SquarePants” and kinda still is.

Megan Rapione - Playing in Chicago may be dangerous for me, because as I said, I love to shop.

Amy Rodriguez - One of my worst habits is cracking my knuckles. My Grandma thinks I’m going to get arthritis.

Hope Solo - I buy myself flowers because I love to have them in the house.

Abby Wambach - When I was waking up from the anesthesia after my surgery for my broken leg, I was crying and saying “I want my mommy.”

Alex Morgan - My cat has six toes on each of its front paws.

Kelley O'Hara - I put water on my cereal.

Alyssa Naeher - My parents told us that when Amanda and I were babies, we’d just sit up in our cribs talking to each other for hours.

Christen Press - I never touched the ball once in my first soccer league.

Becky Sauerbrunn - I’m really good at video games.

Whitney Engen - My parents loved to dress my brother and I up as children.

Julie Johnston - I used to cry every time I fell down on the soccer field when I was nine.

Sydney Leroux - I was at the office every single day and they had to call my mom to come get me every single day.

Ashlyn Harris - I hit a kid in the face with a fish in Florida when I was younger.

Meghan Klingenberg - When I was around six years old, believe it or not, I was really shy.

I’m a Man (Jungkook/Reader)

Prompt: I wanted to make a request where a member of bts meets someone who used to babysit him and he shows that babysitter what a man he’s become. lol I don’t really care which member and thank you!

Genre: Fluff / Suggestive Content

Words: 1.8k+

Author: Admin Nan

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Study Buddy

Originally posted by sexy-stan

Request: Peter helps the reader study for their SAT. 

Word Count: 563 

A/N: Written by Daisy

Your name: submit What is this?


“Peter, this is bullshit, seriously,” you huff as you slam the hefty SAT prep book in front of you closed, before you stand up and retreat to your bed. Peter is already there, cross-legged with his camera, going through his pictures.

“Look, Y/N,” he says, turning the camera around so you can see. It’s a shot of you a few months back, in the fall. You’re bundled up in your favorite jacket, head over your shoulder smiling back at Peter. An array of red, orange and yellow leaves fill the background; on the trees and scattered on the sidewalk.

You stare at the photo, “I look good.”
Peter nods, “You always do.” A crooked smile appears on his face. “Now smile for me Y/N, I hate seeing you stressed.”
“Well, Peter, I would love to-,” you hold up a finger, “but, I suck ass at standardized testing, and this could just be what keeps me from getting into my dream school. So- forgive me. But I cannot smile for you.”

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The Tale of The Night Court

Summary: “There’s a tale in the city of Velaris, The Tale of the Night Court. The book tells the history of a man who is cursed by a witch, his soulmate will always die before she can say the three famous words do him. The tale says that the man is still trying to find the curse break and is always waiting his soulmate reborn. Feyre doesn’t believe the tale, but maybe a mysterious man can change her mind.” MODERN AU!+SOULMATE AU!

A/N: It’s me again with another oneshot for you guys, this one is really special. I’m still looking for a beta and English is not my native language ;) Hope you guys enjoy it!

“The male ran fast. Every step he took was a step to the truth that he had to deal with it for centuries. He was trying to have hope, have strength to see himself alone again and lost in the world. The big halfway made him whisper a curse to himself.

Why he had to had a house so big?

The red tick blood was running from the bedroom and the air in his longs were gone, his eyes filled with tears not believing that he was late… Again. Like he was for centuries, never being able to stop the curse.

“Darling?” He whispered so quiet that he barely heard his voice, he took a deep breath before entering their room. 

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So here’s a thing

No one seems to ever talk about my favorite part of the Beauty and the Beast story, so in light of the disney remake coming out and everything, I’d like to take this moment to tell you guys something awesome. Bear with me for a moment.

First of all, as far as I can tell, Beauty and the Beast is the only mainstream Western fairy tale that was written ABOUT a woman, FOR women, BY women. 

If you list whatever fairy tales you can think of off the top of your head, about half of them–Rapunzel, Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood–were probably traditional oral folk tales, typically told by women to other women or children while they were all spinning and doing other work. 

However, these tales were then collected, rewritten, anthologized, and popularized by men like the Grimm brothers and Charles Perrault. 

The other half–The Snow Queen, The Little Mermaid–were made up in the style of these folk tales by modern (male) authors, most notably Hans Christian Anderson.

But not Beauty and the Beast

Setting aside its roots in the Greek myth of Eros and Psyche and its familial resemblance to East of the Sun and West of the Moon, Beauty and the Beast as we know it (prince cursed to be a beast, a rose, magic castle, a merchant’s daughter) was written by the French novelist Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve as a novella length story published in her book La Jeune Américaine et les Contes Marins in 1740. A considerably shortened version written by another woman, Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont, appeared in a French girls’ magazine sixteen years later, and that’s essentially the version we all know today. In both versions, Beauty is undoubtedly the main character. 

But let’s talk about the de Villeneuve version for a moment, because it’s pretty interesting. 

(First of all, I really recommend finding a translation and reading it yourself, because it’s a riot: the story you know only takes up about half of the novel; there’s this whole subplot where every night Beauty has these dreams of a beautiful prince, and they talk a lot, and it’s kind of implied that they might be getting up to some dream-world hanky panky, but it’s the 1700s so no one’s saying it outright. And she’s falling in love with him, and he with her. Except he’s constantly telling her “You know, I know you like me and everything, but have you considered the Beast’s offer of marriage?” And Beauty, understandably, is like, wtf. And then after the prince turns back into a prince, his snooty mother turns up out of nowhere and tries to break them up? Idk, it’s weird. Anyway….)

So in the original version, Beauty is at the castle living with the Beast. And every night he asks her to be his bride, making it explicitly clear that her answer is totally allowed to be “no.” And every night, she says no, and he doesn’t push her further. 

The interesting bit is although most translations put the Beast’s question as “will you marry me?,” the original version is closer to “will you sleep with me?” And it’s made clear once the curse is broken that only a willing–and not coerced–“yes” on Beauty’s part would break the curse. 

tl;dr: That’s right, ladies and gentlemen and otherwise inclined. Beauty and the Beast is a 1700s-era feminist parable about the magical power of women’s consent. 

*mic drop*

anonymous asked:

"I really need you." With Alya and Nino please~! I love you're writing so much it's amazing!!

“I really need you,” Alya whined over the phone. “Marinette refuses to come over because she apparently can’t afford to get sick.”

“And it’s okay for me to get sick?” Nino asked, cradling his cell phone between his ear and shoulder as he started stuffing things into his backpack.

“I’m lonely and sick and I neeeeeed you.”

Nino sighed. “I’m on my way.”

Alya snuggled in closer and Nino wrapped his arm around her. “You’re my favoritest of favorites,” she cooed, tapping his nose.

“That cold medicine finally setting in, huh?”

“I really like you, Nino Lahiffe. Like, I like like you.”

He cocked an eyebrow. “That’s a lot of likes.”

Alya plucked his red hat from his head and pulled it down on her own head. “I’ve decided your my boyfriend now.”

Nino blushed. “Yeah?”

“You should kiss me.”

“You’ll get me sick,” Nino said as he leaned forward. Alya grinned against his lips and then kissed him…and then she sneezed in his face.

“Hey, Marinette, do you know where Nino is today?” Adrien asked.

“Apparently Alya got him sick,” Marinette blushed, “by, um, kissing him…a lot.”

Originally posted by miraculousgifsbug

Thank you for your kind words, anon! Hope you enjoyed this prompt. Thanks for the request. :)

If you want me to do an ML drabble, just send me a prompt from this list with a pairing and I will get to it when I can. I don’t mind doing the same prompt for different pairings, but I won’t repeat same prompt/pairings. 

Never Gonna Happen

Enzo Amore/OC (smut): Despite his constant playful flirtations, you and Enzo have never been anything more than friends. After a drunken night at the club, and a questionable morning after, you learn how he really feels about you.

(This is my first fic on here, I’m so nervous but I hope you all really enjoy it! It ended up waaaay longer than I anticipated.)

Special thanks to @imaginingwwesuperstars for being super supportive and an all-around sweetheart, ily. <3

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   [13 Days of Outlander]
   [2x05 | Untimely Resurrection]
   [Favorite Fraser Family Moment]

The opening of the sitting-room door woke me. Jamie stood there, red-eyed and white-faced with fatigue, but smiling in the first gray light of the day.

“I was afraid you weren’t coming back,” I said, a moment later, into the top of his head. His hair had the faith acrid scent of stale smoke and tallow, and his coat had completed its descent into total disreputability, but he was warm and solid, and I wasn’t disposed to be critical about the smell of the head I was cradling next to my bosom.

“So was I,” he said, somewhat muffled, and I could feel his smile. The arms around my wrist tightened and released, and he sat back, smoothing my hair out of my eyes.

“God, you are so beautiful,” he said softly. “Unkempt and unslept, wi’ the waves of your hair all about your face. Bonny love. Have ye sat here all night long, then?”

“I wasn’t the only one.” I motioned toward the floor, where Fergus lay curled up on the carpet, head on a cushion by my feet. He shifted slightly in his sleep, mouth open a bit, soft pink and full-lipped as the baby he so nearly was.

Jamie laid a big hand gently on his shoulder.

“Come on, then, laddie. Ye’ve done well to guard your mistress.” He scooped the boy up and laid him against his shoulder, mumbling and sleepy-eyed. “You’re a good man, Fergus, and ye’ve earned your rest. Come on to your bed.” I saw Fergus’s eyes flare wide in surprise, then half-close as he relaxed, nodding in Jamie’s arms.

~ Dragonfly in Amber, “An Oath is Sworn”

shiparmada  asked:

Bucky had a tattoo on his left arm, but lost it when he lost the arm. He doesn't want / can't get any more tattoos, so he settles for worshipping Sam's

YES GOOD!!!!!!!!!!! And so based off of my thoughts about what Sam’s tattoos would be LEGGO-

“What’s this one for?” Bucky asks drawing the lines with his finger.

Sam keeps his eyes closed and gives a considering hum. “The birds?”


“They’re free.”

Bucky’s fingers creep up Sam’s spine. He shivers at the touch despite the warmth of the room and Bucky lying halfway on top of him. “Like you?”

“Like how I want to be.”

Bucky rubs the spot just under Sam’s neck for a moment before sliding his palm back down. “They all burn up. You don’t want that.”

“I don’t, but that’s what happens.”

“Not all the time,” Bucky says. Sam feels him shift until he’s pressing himself down over top of Sam completely. He kisses back up Sam’s spine. Sam exhales a long breath. Bucky gives the skin around there a gentle nip and then says, “you’re doing pretty well.”

Sam smiles and huffs a little laugh. “You think so?”

Bucky reaches the top of Sam’s spine and places a gentle kiss to the side of Sam’s neck, sweet and reverent. “I know so.”

“Good,” Sam says, “now get off me. You’re heavy.”

Bucky does and Sam rolls over onto his back. Bucky lies down with his head on Sam’s right shoulder. “This one’s my favorite,” he says, tracing the red star with his fingers.

“That’s because it’s yours.”

He leans up to give Sam a kiss. “No, that’s because it means I’m yours.”

Dally's Little Sister. Pt. 1
For part 2 of this story search the tag ‘thingsaretuffalloverdallyslittlesister’ I’m unable to link part two here because I’m currently only able to use tumblr mobile!

Dally couldn’t believe it when he found out about his sister. He was shocked and angry and simply confused. He couldn’t figure out how he didn’t know about this but yet there he was standing with all of his friends in the parking lot of the high school trying to spot anyone that could have resembled Dally.

He was pretty pissed off having insisted to his friends that he didn’t want to meet her. But after the initial anger cooled off a bit he did have to say that he was a bit curious just to see.

School had let out and Dally was looking at every greaser girl that walked in his eye sight but so far none caught his eye. He swore to himself wondering what the hell he was doing there. He’d never know how she was.

“Let’s get outta here you guys.” He said to his friends as he lit up a cigarette. “Man, this is stupid.”

“You’re meeting her.” Darry told his friend firmly and stopped a passing student. “Do you know a girl named Beatrice?”

The girl nodded and pointed her out before walking off.

All the guys were a bit taken aback. The girl that they were now looking at was in no way a greaser like they all thought. She was dressed to nice, although she wasn’t dressed up enough to be a soc so Dally assumed she was somewhere in the middle class, the safe zone.

She wore a light blue dress that had a classy floral pattern on it. She also wore white keds and had her hair half up. She definitely had Dally’s hair color and the gang definitely noticed that she was pretty right away. They all watched as she went over to her bike that was tied to the bike rack. Instead of getting on to ride it she began wheeling it beside her while she walked. As she became closer to passing them they noticed her tire was flat and so Steve spoke up to get her to come over to them.

“Do you need some help with that?” he asked her and nodded to the bike.

She looked surprised and a bit confused as she was pulled from her thoughts. She didn’t seem put off by the fact that they were greasers but she shook her head. “I’m alright.. Thank you though. My brother is picking me up today anyways.” she said and gave a friendly smile. Dally was staring intently at her not sure what he was feeling at that moment. She began to go again but they didn’t want her to walk off just yet so Two-Bit pointed to her hand which he had noticed was holding onto an unopened red lollipop.

“Got any more of those?” He asked. “I love candy.”

“Yea but you probably won’t like it. It’s cherry. I know most people hate that flavor but it’s my favorite.” she stated laughing a bit.

“Well,” Two-Bit grinned ear to ear as he remembered something. He pointed to Dally and spoke. “Cherry is his favorite too.”

She gave a friendly smile at Dally and pressed the lollipop into his hand. “You can have this one. I keep a whole bag of them in my backpack. And besides maybe it’ll help you kick that bad habit.” she said boldly and pointed at his cigarette.

“Yea..” Dally muttered and quickly without thinking dropped the cigarette to the ground to put it out.

“I really should go,” she said then. “My brother’s waiting for me. It was nice meeting you all. Maybe I’ll see you around.”

They watched her walk off and they even saw her brother putting the bike into the back of their car before they went off.

Dally just opened the lollipop and put it in his mouth. “Let’s go.” he muttered angrily. He shoved the wrapper of the candy into his pocket. He wouldn’t tell any of his friends but he would hold on to that wrapper. He would call himself stupid for it but would always take it out when he was alone and think about his sister who he knew was better off without him.

I heard a poet say the other day about how easy it was to write with a mask on, to tell the truth and nothing but the truth, if I hide the words good enough and toss away the keys to this lock, could you still find yourself if it’s so deep inside of my flaws? You love it when people write about you, especially if I’m doing the writing it seems. I don’t write about you much, so here I am. One last poem. And I give your eyes a solid peek with every letter, a silent whisper that says nothing, but if you pay attention to my lips it mouths an I love you each and every time when you catch me staring at you and I look away. I wonder when I see you staring, do you do the same when I turn away my head? I love to write, but you’ll wonder if it’s about you, you, you, you, you or her, her, her, her, her or her. It’s about you. This is about you. You know who you are. In the first conversation we ever had, you asked if my favorite color was red before even getting into my head. And those eyes that peer, that leer, that steer straight into mine, we haven’t met, we have met, we haven’t loved, we have loved, we haven’t fallen, we have fallen, we haven’t fucked, we have fucked, we haven’t broken into, we have broken into, we haven’t written, we have written, we haven’t been, we have been, we haven’t talked, we have talked, we speak for five minutes and I feel like I’ve known you for several lifetimes and attention is such a trickling thing as it falls from my eyes and into yours– we haven’t been anything before these five minutes, but I’ve made love to your every way before we knew, before you knew, before I knew, we were kinda fucked. We made sure to not get too close, we made sure that it never happened, it stays as it stays, it says as it says, and one day, we’ll never be. She says I could never date a writer. And as ironic as it is, we’re both writers, so as enamored and as pulled to one another as we are, we’ll think about it when the sun decides to go for another eternal nap, and when the moon finally decides to give those love letters back with different people holding each cloud up, with separate lovers holding us, we’ll think about it until it hurts. And we’ll do it for the sake of falling in love, the art of the what if’s while you’re young and stupid, it goes like this. You are something that casts more deadly spells than a dark lord’s wand, that bends more trees than the wind during hurricane season, that breaks more often than a sidewalk during the heat of summer love, that admires more deeply than artists comparing themselves to Van Gogh, that swells more quickly than a mosquito bite because you forgot bug spray although it never works because they too find you irresistible from blood type to skin, that itches worse than eating something you’re allergic too, it’s often our favorite foods too, that stretches more than the horizon when the sun asks the moon to come out and play always, always, slow dance to that one song from now on, that sings as beautiful as the Mona Lisa when we try to figure out her smile, that still to this day, I choose to not talk to you because yes it’s true, I’m a little in love with you, and yes it’s true, we won’t ever exist at the same time, too many obstacles and yes it’s true, we live for poetics the modern romantics trying to be antiques inside of a masterpiece, we never knew how to love properly, so we tried to pave way inside of a kaleidoscope– if we ever fell in love, it would be a bad trip, like overdosing on lsd because you thought that you were a cactus and spines started to grow out of you, yeah that kind of fucked up. We would be messed up, but I think in some lowkey happy offset universe, we would’ve been happy about it. She talks to me about poetry like I invented it, the truth is I write to feel something, isn’t that why we do anything? These words have been written before, I’m just following footsteps, I’m just another person trying to write down my wrongs, am I wrong for it? And it was one of those days, some strange scene from an anime when the sun is setting and they’re walking across a metal bridge as friends and he comments on the days that go by without a second thought, and the water is running and she says that you can’t skateboard down slopes because you’d get in trouble, rules were meant to be broken, and if you don’t break them, you can bend them just right. And it’s that kind of day, where bookstores mean more to us than clubs. Neon soul, would you care to stay here as you are for just a little while longer? She speaks about poetry like it’s the only thing that matters. He utters back wildfire spreads wildfire. I don’t know why he said it, but it just felt right, right? And the day will end, but not before you walked us through two art museums and there’s always a juicy secret near the end of us whispering to each other about other people and what they’re up to. In this fairy tale, they don’t fall in love. In this poem, they don’t get together. In this life, they’re just friends. In this heart, they’ll be just two lost souls stuck on a bench, I’m a little tired, I’ll just rest my head on those shoulders, and I must tell you, that you look better without make up. There will a day when this is just a faded gem you’ll find in your brain. There will be a brief moment when you’ll remember those five hours, and it all started because of those five minutes when you asked if we have met before, and I know that I write long pieces with very shitty grammar and not enough elaborate metaphors, but the thing about my writing and why it’s so damn relatable may be because I write with a cold heart that just wants to feel warm, we all need that day. That day, that’ll indefinitely change us in ways that we may not be able to comprehend today, tomorrow or even by next year. A day that explains, a day that demands to be listened to and just like how a chest needs a careful set of ears to listen to its heartbeat, I’m glad that I gave a listen to yours. And maybe I’ll move out of this city where people do the same shit every fucking day and pretend that it’s okay, that this is it. We’ll work until we’re grey, get that 401k go on vacations while we’re fragile with an old passion for pastries, cheap hotels and some famous beach that all of the old people go to. There’s got to be more to life, you mentioned that a few times. This was just a glimpse to what could be with someone else, and I’m always holding onto your hands just a little too tight because I don’t want you to let go and it’s okay because today will end, but not in this memory. In this memory, we’re young forever. In this memory, we’re breaking every rule just a little bit. In this memory, I write down every little detail because I don’t give a fuck. In this memory, I play a slow dance with you until the moon finally explains itself to us in entirety. I’m full because of you, I’m empty because of you. In this memory, the metaphors never run out and the poetry isn’t just about love, it’s not about sadness anymore, it’s about clawing my way out of my thoughts and back into a moment where I’m not so depressed and I’m cracking jokes right next to you all the way down Central Park and in this memory, there’s a small chance that you could’ve been more than just someone who showed my heart around New Orleans. In this memory, I remember you as my pretty crimson. And if this memory shall ever fade, I’ll fade with it too because the more we write, the more we are, if I am what I eat and I am what I do, I’ll eat the yellow paint and write until it’s dark and if I’m ever blind and no longer the person that I was when I walked across that bridge with you– at least it’s an ending that I can dwell on. Poets write poetry, clouds use rain as a disguise, but this writer is just wearing another mask and tomorrow isn’t any different. I am the wildfire, and I’ll spread in many directions. I just hope that we never burn down together and if we do, that wouldn’t be so bad, right?

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Do you have trivia on Izaya?

I decided to do this just because. Got some help from Ruka and sloppily threw this together. WARNING FOR SPOILERS FROM NOVEL 13 AND BEYOND.

  • Izaya has called Kadota “Dotachin” since high school [source]
  • Izaya got ‘noticed’ in high school by Kine as someone who could work for awakusu (although he didn’t start really working for them until after).
  • In regards to the awakusu, Izaya is hired more as a third party by Shiki who believes in the power of information over brawn
  • According to Shinra, Izaya has a very brittle heart. Which is why he avoids getting it hurt by instead choosing to love ‘all of humanity’.
  • Mikado seems to be the only character from Durarara!! that Izaya regrets/wishes to get into contact with again after the events of Durarara 13. [source]
  • Izaya is younger than Shinra but older than Shizuo and Kadota [source]
  • Izaya explains in volume three that the girls who follow him were abused by either their families or their lovers. (Girls such as Saki)
  • When asked if there was meaning behind Izaya’s rings and jacket Narita joked that ‘there may be meaning! or none at all! I haven’t decided yet!’ [source]
  • It’s been said time and time again but Narita has specifically said that although Izaya loves all humans equally, in terms of sexual desire he is ‘normal’. Translators think this was Narita’s nice way of saying he is heterosexual. [source]
  • In Izaya’s novel it is implied that Izaya refuses to seek rehabilitation for his broken body because it is his way of accepting the fact that he ‘lost against Shizuo. In contrast Shizuo doesn’t think either of them won or lost because both of them lived. [source]
  • In Izaya’s novel, the boy pushes Izaya in his wheelchair while Izaya drinks Barley tea out of a wine glass. [source]
  • In volume 13 Izaya was prepared to die to prove what a monster Shizuo  is. 
  • At the end of Durarara and into Izaya’s novel it is implied that he has become traumatized by his fight with Shizuo [source]
  • Izaya pays Namie 260k a year [source]
  • Izaya is ‘repelled’ from Aoba due to their similarities [source]
  • When he met Aoba Izaya was pretending to be his cram school tutor [source]
  • When asked if Izaya has any love experience, Narita said that was a spoiler which fans believe was a reference to mikage. [source]
  • Orihara isn’t an uncommon surname. Narita chose it to stress Izaya’s ordinary origins. [source]
  • Izaya, however, is a very unusual name. While it was meant to be related the prophet Isiah there is a lot more complications to it. I’d suggest reading up on it here
  • In volume 6 Izaya was stabbed on his birthday [source]
  • Izaya hates dead fish eyes [source]
  • Izaya likes any food that can tell him about the personality of the person who made it [source]
  • He dislikes compressed/canned/junk food [source]
  • Narita has said that Izaya loves food and eats out often. [source]
  • In elementary school Izaya was a straight A honor roll student [volume 9 iirc]
  • His family members are: his grandparents Orihara Torakichi and Natsu, his parents Orihara Shirou and Kyouko, and the twins. [source]
  • His parents worked for a trading company and were overseas frequently and for long periods of time. It is noted that his parents work wasn’t a factor in the formation of who Izaya is, but that lack of contact with them might have helped in that formation. [source]
  • Izaya is the reason why the twins turned out like they are [volume 9]
  • Izaya’s record is spotless save for a corrective guidance due to ‘stabbing Shinra’ in middle school. Corrective guidance being not juvenile delinquency but something more like a ‘plan’ to prevent it from happening again [source]
  • Izaya’s cover for his information brokering is that he is a Financial planner [source, also Durarara SH]
  • While most information brokers get information from the source (night club workers, etc) Izaya has done better by instead using other information brokers as his sources/network. [source]
  • Izaya gets alot of his information from Shinichi Tsukumoya.
  • Shishizaki-senpai was the only person who could catch Izaya.
  • He was viewed as a loner in elementary school. But whenever people realized he was left out they’d often fight over him. [source]
  • Izaya initially thought ‘Shizu-chan’ was a girl. He later adopted that nickname and used it when he met Shizuo. [source]
  • When he is using a fake name Izaya always claims he is 21.  [source]
  • On Izaya’s anime driver’s license it says he wears glasses. I don’t know how much I believe this though since the name on the license was ‘Nakura’.
  • Izaya fears death more than anyone and reveres heaven more than anyone. But he’d rather spend eternity in hell rather than to become ‘nothing’ [volume 2? or 3 iirc]
  • Izaya doesn’t deny his involvement in causing the ruin of other people. He acknowledges that he pushes people knowing what they will do but chooses to do so in order to see if they will exceed his expectations. [Volume 3 and later to Akabayashi]
  • Izaya weighs himself after every daily shower [volume 9]
  • Both Shiki and Namie refer to Izaya as ‘Loki’ at different points

I know some people claim that Izaya’s favorite fruit? Is a red apple? I have never seen a source for this (and trust me, I’ve looked) so yeah I don’t believe that whatsoever. (Not gonna say it is bs but unless someone shows me a source it doesn’t sound reliable). But I think that is pretty much all I have/can think of from the top of my head in regards to Izaya. Read volume 9 for more!! (No seriously, if you’re an izaya fan you need to read volume 9 if you haven’t already)

Daddy's girl


Pure smut, children.

Enjoy 😏


Your pov

You were laying down in bed tired from a busy day. Work had you super stressed so you were happy to be resting. Your phone started to buzz and you groaned

FaceTime ‘Baby ❤️’

You quickly accepted it. “Hey, baby girl” he smiled. You’ve missed him so much. Jaebum has been doing shows. Although you both have busy schedules you always manage to work your relationship out perfectly. “Hello” you leaned against the headboard. “How are you?” You closed your eyes. “Ah, tired and stressed. You know I don’t like seeing you like that, baby”

You sighed. “I’m sorry, Jaebum. I have a huge project I need to get done. All of my workers have been acting up lately” he put his headphones on. “I miss you a lot. You’re so gorgeous. I really need you with me” he said while making a weird face. You giggled. “Music to my ears”

“Where are you at?” You asked him. “In New York. Our tour has been going great so far” “You enjoying it there?” You moved into a comfortable position. “Yeah, it’s nice and the food is-” he stopped talking and you raised your eyebrow. “Something wrong?” He licked his lips. “Besides you being in nothing but my favorite panties and a shirt where your boobs are out. I’ve got a problem now” you looked down and quickly fixed your shirt.

“Mmm, don’t be shy now, baby girl” he bit his lip. Your face was still red from embarrassment. “Look at me” he softly demanded. You looked up. “You’re gonna do everything daddy tells you too, okay?” You nodded. He raised an eyebrow. “That’s one punishment when I get home, baby. You use your fucking words. You’re not going to be bad girl for daddy are you?” He cocked his head to the side.

“'N-no, daddy. I’m a good girl” he smirked. “Take your shirt off” he leaned back and watched you. You slipped it off and tossed it to the side. “Set your phone down in a place I’m able to see your body” you grabbed pillows and put your phone on it. “Good, put your arms to your side and listen to everything daddy is going to tell you” you did as he said and looked at him.

He already had his shirt off. “We’re going to play a little game, baby girl. You’re going to stay in that position and not move an inch. Simple, right?” You nodded. “Oh baby girl, I’m going to have so much fun when I’m home again. You know our rules and you broken them twice. Hmm, maybe daddy will finally get to play with your ass. You never let me. But punishments have no boundaries”

You internally groaned. He was right. You didn’t want him anywhere near that area. You watched him while biting your lip. “Spread your legs for me” you followed his order and waited. “I would be kissing your hips and make my way down to your thighs. My fingers would tease your wet pussy over your panties. I know you’d be dripping because you’re such a slut. I can tell you the simplest things and you’re soaked. Daddy loves the effect he has on you” your fingers gripped the blanket beneath you.

“I’d suck your little wet pussy over your panties to tease you. I know for a fact I would have to tie you down for you to stop moving. You react so well. I’d be impatient with the teasing and rip off your panties. My tongue would be deep inside of your tight hole. My fingers would flick over your sensitive clit. I know how crazy you get when I touch it, baby” you teeth tugged at your bottom lip. You were afraid it would start to bleed from bitting it so hard.

“Mmm, spread your lips for daddy” you quickly followed his order. He bit his lip and rubbed himself through his boxers. “So wet, just as I expected. Does my dirty baby girl want daddy’s cock? Do you want me to fuck you so hard you’re not able to walk for a week? Do you want me to fuck you over and over until you literally pass out? I’d have you beg me to quit fucking you because it would be too much for you”

You moaned and wished he would magically appear right now. “I think that’s exactly what you want” you looked down to see the sheet has a wet spot from your dripping center. “Daddy, can I please touch myself? I need it so bad” he pulled his boxers off and leaned back in his chair. “I don’t think you deserve to. This should be your punishment. Suffer, princess” you groaned just wanting some relief. Your clit was throbbing and begged for attention.

His hand started sliding up and down his length at a slow pace. “Mm, I wish I was fucking your throat. When you’re so submitting. You have no choice but to take everything I give you. Daddy needs you” his hand started moving faster. You whimpered. “Finger yourself, baby. Imagine it’s daddy’s fat cock shoved deep inside of you, fucking you so hard you’re screaming” you immediately shoved two fingers into your aching hole.

You moaned loudly and arched your back. “Faster” Jaebum grunted. You followed his demand and fucked yourself faster. Your head fell back from the much need pleasure. Your other hand was pressed against your clit. “That’s it, baby. Show daddy you can be a good girl” you looked at him through hooded eyes. It was enough to make you orgasm on the spot. His head was thrown back, his hand was made into a tight fist while he fucked his has fast.

“Are you close?” You moaned louder as you hit your g-spot. “Yes, daddy. Oh fuck” you shouted. “I am too, princess. Cum with me” you fingered yourself faster and squeezed your eyes shut. “Now” you body twitched as your orgasm ran through you. “Daddy, oh my god” you moaned. You rested your head against the headboard. You were regaining your breath. “I need to hurry and get home already. I need you so bad” you smiled at him “I need you, too”

“This month will go by so fast, princess” you did miss him a lot. “I miss you so much. I’m excited you’ll finally be back home” you said while grabbing a towel and cleaning yourself. “I miss you, yn. It’s been so long. I appreciate you being understanding and still being here with me” you giggled. “You’re living out your dream and I couldn’t be any happier, Jaebum. I’ll always be here. I love you” “I love you, baby”

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Clico Headcanons

Clovis x Nico in Blood of Olympus:

“Clovis’s eyes fluttered open. He turned and stared at Nico, though Nico knew this was simply part of Clovis’s own dreamscape. The actual Clovis would still be snoring in his armchair back at camp.

‘Oh, hi …’ Clovis yawned wide enough to swallow a minor god. ‘Sorry. Did I pull you off course again?’

Nico gritted his teeth. There was no point getting upset. The Hypnos cabin was like Grand Central Station for dream activity. You couldn’t travel anywhere without going through it once in a while.

‘As long as I’m here,’ Nico said, ‘pass along a message. Tell Chiron I’m on my way with a couple of friends. We’re bringing the Athena Parthenos.”

Because of these two lines in bold, we can assume Nico and Clovis have met a number of times before, and if you read the rest of this passage from Blood of Olympus, you’ll find their interactions to be almost friendly, which is saying a lot when it comes to Nico’s character at the time.

Clovis is a pretty chill dude, and I can’t help but feel like Nico would be drawn to someone with a relaxed vibe, someone he could be himself around. I’ve come up with a few headcanons about their relationship because I just find them so adorable together:

  • Nico and Clovis going to sleep in separate cabins, only to wake up again in each other’s dream to go on a date.
  • Clovis falling asleep so much it’s become the norm to see Nico carrying him around camp Bridal style.
  • Clovis always carrying a flask of warm milk because he knows Nico loves it.
  • Clovis helping Nico with his nightmares is hard at first. Clovis cant take them away, but he can see what Nico sees and it frightens him haft to death. Nico tries to block him after that, but Clovis can easily break through. They both just stand and watch, holding hands.
  • They normally hang out in the Hypnos cabin, with the soft-as-clouds pillows and endless supply of hot chocolate, but they also spend time in the Hades cabin as well.
  • Clovis offers to help Nico with his memory loss from his childhood in Italy, but Nico refuses saying he’d rather get them back when the time is right. His father had promised after all. 
  • Nico actually meets Hypnos before Clovis, since Hypnos lives in the underworld. He’s a very secluded God, and doesn’t take an active role in anything going on on Olympus. He doesn’t even know who Nico is, though he can sense his death aura.
  • Clovis secretly feels guilty about not doing more in the battle with Gaea, he feels like he could’ve been able to keep her asleep if he was more powerful. Nico sees it in a nightmare, and tells Clovis that it’s stupid to think that way, especially since it would go against the prophecy of the seven.
  • Nico calls Clovis ‘sleepy head’ which makes Clovis very happy. Clovis calls Nico his ‘dream boy’ because it makes him turn an alarming shade of red. Clovis finds this hilarious.
  • They don’t ever cuddle, mainly because they sleep in different buildings, but also because Nico isn’t ready for a relationships like that yet. Clovis is fine with that, having an army of stuffed toys to cuddle with already.

This is like,,,,, my new favorite ship because it’s so Soft™ and Pure™, so please feel free to add your own headcanons, or come and talk to me about them in my inbox because I will love you forever <3