me and my father are derps

Reasons why I’m Marius Pontmercy
  • Hopeless romantic
  • Nice but incredibly awkward
  • I often feel like headbutting a tree is the best solution to my problems
  • I like learning new languages and I can do it pretty quickly
  • I may have been in a group for years but I will always feel like The New One™  
  • “Are they laughing with me or at me?”
  • I live on 10€ a week because I hate using my parents’ money
  • When I go to the cinema/theatre I wear shabby clothes because since it’s dark nobody can see me
  • My flirting technique is staring longingly at my crush 
  • Mild inconvinece = Guess I’ll die meme
  • I’m usually quiet but I can snap out of the blue and rant for half an hour about something I love, just to be promptly roasted in 3 words by someone more quick-witted 
  • I would shout my celebrity crush’s name out of my window
  • I’m shy and introverted but secretly a Drama Queen™
  • I have problems remembering faces and I wouldn’t recognize my neighbour or my crush’s father if I saw them with clothes different from those they usually wear
  • “What are you going to become?” “I have no idea” “What are you going to do?” “I have no idea” “Have you any money?” “Fifteen francs.” 
  • Derp face? In 2017? It’s more likely than you think
  • I’m doing everything all wrong. Oh God, for shame. 

I am away from home for more than two seasons. I was captured by dark skinned people from the far south after they burned down my village and killed my father. I saw my brother fighting for his life before I lost consciousness.
My way brought me to their ruler who used me for his pleasure. Just like his men did before him countless times.
This man sent me off as a present to the Pharaoh. He seemed to like my pale skin and light-toned hair. He even gave me a petname. Aneksi.
I hate all of these men. Especially the General and his brother, the High Priest. They used me for their intrigue to kill the Pharaoh and take his place instead. They told them I was sent by their Gods because of this blue-eyed cat which kept following me. They used the people’s fear to make them obey.
The Norns brought me here and I accept the path they chose for me. But the road I am taking will be different from now on. I am no ones toy anymore. Not after knowing that I got blessed by Freya.

DLMB Azusa Maniac 08
DLMB Azusa Maniac 08

Well I received an ask about it, so here’s audio of Azusa from M08. :3 Below the cut is the translation so you can read along. I started a little bit before Azusa entered to set the scene a little and because I’m a bit of a jackass who wanted to hear the gunshot.

Thanks to Akui for recording since Shiba my technology was derping~

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Happy First birthday to the Geology litter! 

Wow… where did the time go, Tumblr?  

Here they are… a year later –

Flint is now known as Obie- he lives with his family in a suburb of Seattle and is well loved. He’s made his family whole again, and he has hummingbirds that know him as a friend and takes walks with them! 

Tephra (Rachel) is now known by Dory - and she too bops around a suburb of Seattle. She’s well known to the regulars on her route (coffee shop hangouts! <3)  and her family adores her. 

Opal went to a dear friend of mine - a fellow amazing photographer. She has two lovely Aussie sisters to romp and play with, (she’s not sure about the new kitty though! XD)

Ralph is still- Ralph. The mellow goober, the gentle giant. He is absolutely loved by his family, and he annoys his sister and is apparently an excellent herder of chickens. XD (Still my hero, Ralph.)  <3

Pheobe (formerly known as Jade) belongs to an absolutely sweetheart of a couple that live close to us and the shop. She comes in to visit all the time, and loves her jaunts around the local Farmers Market. 

Amber lives with my co-breeder still and is sweet as pie. She loves to cuddle and sleeps under the covers in a little Cardi lump. XD She’s very kind-hearted and the peacemaker of her pack. <3

Drift? Oh Drift, he too lives with my co-breeder. He is just as much of a derp as his father was at this age…  and equally as sweet and gentle and sensitive. (You said you wanted a Caleb, N. XD Hahhahaa! You got him!) 

And of course… there’s Tess. (aka Topaz) Still focused on me like she was from day… well, the day she opened her eyes. 

Honestly, I don’t talk about emotional  things too much (honest, I’m a terrible introvert by nature) , but… if I had to pick a dog of my crew as my soul dog, Tess is it.  I don’t know how else to say this, but I think we were long lost twins that just had to get back to each other on the Karma wheel. We have the same personality quirks even. Really.  She knows what I am thinking before I even say it. It’s eerie. She is a beautiful show dog, yes, and she is smart as a whip, but really, it’s her connection to me that amazes me every day. She is no one else’s dog, around them she’s businesslike and straightforward, but around me, we totally crack jokes until we laugh ourselves silly. She chose her person, and I’m glad it was me. <3 

Thank you all for letting me share them with you, and thank you all for your kind comments and love for my canine Cardi family for the last few years. It means the world to me! 

(Photos graciously provided by their families. <3 Thank you, for being the best puppy families we could have asked for!)