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Swiftie Problems

Friend: Which song on 1989 do you like the best?

Me: STYLE!!!…no wait maybe Clean..oh but i love Bad Blood and I Know Places… but This Love is so goooood and then All You Had To Do Was Stay is my life story but the bass drop in wonderlandddd is soo good

Friend:  I meant your ultimate favourite?

Me: Definitely Blank Space.. oh but Welcome To New York is fabulous.. but then the lyrics in You Are In Love speaks to my soul… oh and Out Of The Woods is soo good, and New Romantics is my life right now..but i can’t not love How You Get The Girl and I Wish You Would…OH but then there is Wildest Dreams and we all know that is flawless and so is Shake It Off.. It is a hard choice….

Friend: You just named every track on the album…

Me: Yes i know.. my point exactly 

have a little mercy

Angela Montenegro Appreciation Week 2015

Day One: Why You Love Her

Imagine your OTP as little kids. Person A falls off the monkey bars and ends up crying. Person B sees this and tries to cheer them up by generously offering them some cookies (Or another tasty snack if you prefer). They become quick friends.

Have a Little Mercy.

Kid!Fic. Angela (Mercy) POV. 1.476w.

Technically Angela/Brennan but kind of not. 

“Have Mercy - love me like there ain’t no choice.”

This is a one shot about the Actual Angel℠ Angela Montenegro being another girl’s guardian angel.

“She is personally someone I wish I had in my life. A shining beacon of love and hope. Never fading.” -Tumblr’s fabulous michaelaconlin