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So, I woke up this morning to 40+ messages in my inbox. Holy shit. I’m glad so many of you are here for me even when I have a melt down over something so minuscule. Thank you guys so, so much. I think I just… needed a break? I hit a really big follower milestone last nigh and the fact that there are so many people following my dumb little sideblog made me really nervous. I mean, I’ve been on tumblr for 5+ years and my main blog hasn’t even broke 500 followers.

So, thank you guys. I won’t respond to every message because there are 46 messages in my inbox and holy shit thats a lot of love, but I did read every message and every single one made me cry (a lot). Thank you. ThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyou.

y’all are the best

Katrina at hvff Chicago

First off I told her she sounds so much different than Nyssa and that she’s so bubbly and Nyssa is so serious. And she said, “I know!! She never smiles. Well, she did once but her face cracked.”

I asked her if we would see Nyssa on LoT again and she said she hoped so.

I mentioned a nyssara reunion and she was down for it. She wants to do their backstory.

I told her they need an entire episode dedicated to them meeting and such. She said to keep tweeting the writers about it.

She was just so sweet and easy to talk to. Didn’t make me feel dumb when I fumbled over my words at first. She also sang happy birthday to two fans (see my twitter gothlicitys for video). And all the money she made today is going to charity.

Honestly such a beautiful human being inside and out.

Brave Paladin, reveal your hopes and fears. Redbubble

  • Victor: happy birthday, lyubov moya!
  • Yuuri: oh, you found out?
  • Victor: Phichit texted me last night because he had the feeling you'd conveniently forget to mention it...
  • Yuuri: I didn't want you to think you had to do anything special, you already do so much for me...
  • Victor: well, since I didn't have time to go shopping, I made you a present instead.
  • Yuuri: ... what are these?
  • Victor: favors! Whenever you want me to kiss you or something, you just give me the slip that says-
  • Yuuri: *grabs Victor by the collar* you think I need an "I owe you"? If I want a kiss, I'll take it.
  • Victor: ... please do.


November 11, 2016 - Happy Birthday, Wally!

In which Wally reacts to his 22nd birthday exactly the same way I did.

(Also my 22nd birthday was just 6 days ago… we’re so close in age! Just another reason to love him.)

And because I know people are gonna call me out for being unrealistic, here’s an actual picture of how his 22nd birthday goes down, you sadists:

my new years resolutions are to grow my hair out and treat it better, get rid of them fucking acne scars, take better care of my skin and find out what really works, lose 15 pounds, focus on school more, an try to socialize more maybe actual make friends and stop being a lil shy bitch

12 New Anime Shows From 2016 To Binge-Watch This Weekend

Watch if you like: competitive sports, romance, men so beautiful that you will weep”

I love opening up buzzfeed and seeing these two