me and my bjd


they were meant to be longer

and his entire ass is out 

this is why u make prototypes

also this

Doll modders, halp?

So Hanako’s due to be a cyborg which means I need to metalicize her legs. I’ve decided I’d like them as chrome as possible. I suspect I’ll need an automotive grade spray paint or something of the like for this, but I’m not sure where to start. What brands are good, where might I find them? All that good stuff. I know I’ve seen some lovely shiny robot paint jobs floating around. Advice?

Me and my girlfriend have a tradition. Every year since we started collecting BJD’s we took a family photo of our dolls all together. Usually we do it in the last days of december. I love looking at them and remembering our precious girls through the years. How the story changed and characters matured. Some dolls was with us from the start and will remain till the end. Some was sold and their characters was wiped from the story.

These was our dolls in 2009 when we started with 2 msds - Bobobie Sprite and Luts Cherry elf. Both sold long time ago.

In 2010 we had Ida (Soom Dia) and Astrid (Zaoll Luv)

2011 - bigger and better:

2012 - we bought a new home and a new camera. One of the luckiest years in our life!

2013 - we started to recreate a medieval part of our story. Some dolls already have their costumes ready.

2014 - the big charges in our doll family. many dolls was sold and a lot of characters matured. And we bought our first bjd man - Dollshe David =)

2015 - more medieval costumes! Some of the characters due to change, but nothing big.

2016 - they are 26 and 2 floating heads awaits their bodies in first quarter of 2017 *____* I am really happy about my dwarf - Barrfind, he is a big project and a really important character from the Story.

Sorry for the long post and I hope to see your doll families in my dashboard too! *___* No matter big or small, I love them all, I think photographing doll families is a great new year tradition I want to spread =)

What is the doll classification for a 70cm doll? Looked around but couldn’t find a name past 60 cm. I saw one saying it was called SD17 but I looked more into it and it’s not? The doll in particular I’m looking at is a mirodoll Iris.  I just feel like maybe it’d be easier to find clothes with a term instead of just typing in 70cm bjd clothes

sorry im like spamming the tag too? I really don’t mean to, I know it can be very annoying to see newbies running around and asking stuff without research.

So I have a shitty job life that makes me think twice about the stuff I buy for my bjds~ The first job I took up, contract was terminated because I make a police report about my handphone being stolen at work(by coworkers.) This current part time job as a park officer is going down the drain because my supervisor called me today to ask me out. He is 30+ years old…I am only 21… Barely know this guy for 10 days so I am getting mixed feelings and wondering if my hobby is worth suffering for.


So, for Christmas, Mr. Unicorn gifted me this uber adorable wig. I LOVE it! I love the color, I love the cut, I love how smooth it is. I just love it! 

Only thing is, I originally wanted it for Chibi!Elijah (Doll Leaves Connie), and he’s been wearing it for awhile. But…it always kinda bugged me how it was just a little bit too big on him. So today I tried it on my only other boy who could pull off such a style, Mini!Myung-Ki (DiM Luria), and well…uuuuugh! He looks so goooooood!

I guess Chibi!Elijah is wigless again :(


A “little” summary of my character and fav bjd :3

This is my very first drawing of him, he started his life as a roleplay character. He is a super intelligent, serial killer. As a psycho he’s got no feelings yet likes to smile on top of that, he is a pastry cook and loves sweets

At this point I didn’t think about having him as a doll but I started to love him as his character started to evolve.

When I finally decided that I want him as a doll I got the self doubt if his hair color would be ok for him. (He is so cute with pink hair xD)

When his head arrived I almost cried q-q I saw William in my palm. (his body and head arrived to me separately) 

Valentines day with him ^^ I couldn’t paint his head, because I promised my friend that he will be her character for a photoshooting and she wanted to paint him herself. 

I gave him a temporary faceup and temporay wig. He was nothing like William but at least he got a face q-q 

So finally my friend painted the Hugh and I painted my floating modded Karsh head to have a William. I must admit it wasn’t near okay for William, but my friend saw his character into him x”D so we switched heads after that.

And I could finally start to work on my cutie qAq *modding modding* 

And his officially first William faceup ^^

I loved his cute face but something was off with it. It was not a face of a serial killer.

So I started again everything xD *modding his eyes to be smaller* 

He is alive now. I can clearly feel it. He is like a horcrux xD a piece of my soul. And I love him to bits <3