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I’m ready for long days, fresh fruit, dewy skin, and love

I didn’t mean to turn you on - Cherrelle / rock steady - The Whispers / forget me nots - Patrice Rushen / Yuiko Tsukabora - tsukanoma yotogi bito/ Odyssey - Inside Out / get it up - The Time / you are in my system - The System / dress down - Kaoru Akimoto / circles - Atlantic Starr / nights (feel like getting down) - Billy Ocean / just a touch of love - Slave / bay city - Junko Yagami / I’m your baby tonight - Whitney Houston / somebody for me - Heavy D & The Boyz / you called and told me - Jeff Red / broken eyes - Mariko Tone / I can’t wait - Nu Shooz / every little step - Bobby Brown / Saturday love - Cherrelle

Dallas x reader~Fight

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A/N: This is so sucky. But enjoy my dudes

Warnings: The usual

Dallas’ POV

(Y/N)’s going to be pissed. I can tell that already. I told her that I’d be there around 10 tonight–it’s 2 am now. I was out with Tim, helping him track some asshat and bash his head in for popping his tires. Afterward, Tim brought me to a bar. I eventually lost track of time, and now my girlfriend’s gonna be shitting bricks.

I walk into Buck’s. This place is dead for 2 am on a Saturday night. I try to be as silent as possible going up the stairs. The door to our room creaks excessively loud when I open it. I look upon (Y/N), sitting reading a book on the bed–something she loves doing but doesn’t get to do as often. She’s captivating.

She looks up at me. Before she says anything, I start to say, “(Y/N), baby, I’m–”

“I hope so.” She knew I was going to apologize; she always does. “You told me you were going to be back at 10–”

“But–” I shout.

She scolds, “Don’t interrupt me, Dallas Tucker Winston.” Ooohh she used my full name, she must really be fired up. Don’t yell back, don’t yell back…

“No, listen baby. I’m real sor–” My voice raises involuntarily

“I swear to God, Dallas, you interrupt me again…” her voice raises a bit louder to match mine. I sigh loudly. “You said you’d be home by 10. I was expecting 10 or maybe even 11 at the latest–but 2?!”

“Me and Tim found the guy. We clobbered his sorry ass.”

She scoffs. “You really think I care about that?” she asks. I don’t answer at first because I thought it was rhetorical. But she raises her eyebrows, illuminating her alluring eyes.

“Oh–well I mean you could at least act happier.” I state.

She raises her arm and puts a hand to her head. “Why should I be happy when I’m not?”

“Because you’re supposed to be the happy one! I’m supposed to be the mean one.”

“Oh so now I’m being the mean one for having expectations that are always let down?” I-I didn’t know she felt that way.

“Maybe you shouldn’t hold me to such high expectations. I mean, I am Dallas Winston.”

“Dallas Winston is a piece of shit who only has his reputation to uphold. He doesn’t stop getting into trouble. He’s in and out of jail. He’s good with the cops. And he can’t settle for just one girl.”

Before I can stop myself I say, “Are you saying I’m cheating on you?” I sound child-like in my own ears. I need to toughen up or she won’t think I’m as much of a man anymore.

“How do I know that you’re not? You could have just lied to me for all I know. You could have been with some other bitch while I was sitting here all by myself, waiting for you to come back home.”

I can’t help it anymore. “How do I know you’re not fucking some other guy who’s way better for you than me?”

She takes a step closer to me, not intimidated by my height. “Are you calling me a whore?” she spits in my face. Before I say something else I’ll regret, I grab my leather jacket and run down the stairs. I feel really fucking angry at her for accusing me of cheating on her; I could never do that to her.

(Y/N)’s POV

You run after Dallas. You didn’t really mean to accuse him of something like that; it just came out of you. You chase him for as long as you can, but he’s faster. Hopefully, he won’t get into to much trouble.

You go back inside Buck’s and immediately pick up the phone to call Darry even though it’s very late. On the third ring, he picks up.

“This is the Curtis residence. Darry Curtis speaking…” You hear him say sleepily.

“Hey, uh, Darry. I’m real sorry to wake you up,  but me and Dally got into a disagreement and lets just say he’s probably looking for trouble.”

He stalls a second before asking, “You okay, (Y/N)?”

“Yeah, I guess. We both said some pretty horrible things. I didn’t mean half of what I said.”

“What did you say to him?” Darry asks.

You recite the whole story from memory, trying to recall every detail. It takes you all of 10 minutes to say everything you remembered. “Oh.” is all Darry says in response.

“Anything you think I should do?” you ask nervously. Every passing minute makes you more nervous for your boyfriend.

“If you don’t know where he is, then stay by the phone. No doubt ol’ Dally’s out causing trouble.”

“Thank you, Darry. I’ll let you try and get some sleep.”

“No problem. You try and get some rest too, doll. Goodnight.”

“Night.” you say into the phone. You slam the phone back onto it’s holder. You love Dallas but you hate that he’s so stubborn sometimes. You’re kind of stubborn yourself though.

Suddenly, the phone rings again. Thinking it’s Darry, you pick it up on the second ring. “Baby?” a voice comes through.

“Dallas?” you ask that voice eagerly.

“Yeah,” he sighs. “Look, babe. I know you probably still hate me with all your guts right now, but I’m in the cooler…” he trails off.

“What’d you do this time?”

“If you come bail me out, I’ll tell you.” You stand up.

“Mkay, I’ll be there in 15 minutes. I love you.” He hangs up.

You grab your coat and Buck’s car keys. You climb into his Thunderbird and head off for the police station.

Dallas’ POV

It’s been over an hour since I’ve been here. I can’t believe I got caught again. At least (Y/N) is coming.

I hear the Thunderbird’s engine roar from outside. A second or two later, (Y/N) waltzes in.

“Hello ma’am. You here for him?”

She laughs and nods. God, that laugh. It sounds like an angel. The officer comes to my cell and unlocks the door. “You’re free to go, son.” Before he lets me go, he grabs my arm and whispers, “That one’s a keeper, right there.” He motions over to (Y/N).

“Yeah.” I say smiling. I walk over to her and give her a peck on the cheek. I wrap my arm over her shoulders. We laugh and talk with the officers for a bit until she lays her head on my chest. “Come on, baby. I’m tired.” she says quietly. I kiss her forehead and tell the officers goodnight.

I drive home and (Y/N) almost falls asleep in the passenger seat. When we get to Buck’s, I grab her hand gently. “Let’s go in, doll. It’s cold out here.” She groans but complies. I open the car door for her.

“What a gentleman.” she comments. I laugh loudly. She takes my hand once we get to the doorstep. I practically drag her up the stairs and into our bedroom. We each put on pajamas and hop into the cold, welcoming sheets.

“Baby, I’m sorry for what I said. I just–” she says.

“I’m sorry too. I know you didn’t mean it. Now, get some sleep.” She rolls over, and climbs on top of me. It does take long before her breathing is even. Never takes her long to fall asleep.

When I know she’s definitely asleep, I kiss her on the head and whisper softly that I love her with every fiber in my being.

Songs Sung By Women for Your Sign
  • Aries: “I Hate Myself for Loving You” by Joan Jett & the Blackhearts - “Can’t break free from the things you do, I wanna walk but I run back to you, that’s why I hate myself for loving you.” / “You just don’t know what you were missin’ last night, I wanna see you begging, say forget it just for spite.”
  • Taurus: “Back on the Chain Gang” by the Pretenders - “That powers that be that force us to live like we do bring me to my knees when I see what they’ve done to you.” / “I found a picture of you, those were the happiest days of my life..”
  • Gemini: “Me and Bobby McGee” by Janis Joplin - “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose, nothing don’t mean nothing, honey, if it ain’t free.” / “But I’ll trade all of my tomorrows for one single yesterday.”
  • Cancer: “Violet” by Hole - “And the sky was all violet, I wanna give the violet more violence, hey I’m the one with no soul, one above and one below.” / “I told you from the start just how this would end, when I get what I want, then I never want it again.”
  • Leo: “Cherry Bomb” by the Runaways - “Down the street I’m the girl next door, I’m the fox you’ve been waiting for.” / “Hello Daddy, Hello Mom, I’m your cherry bomb, hello world I’m your wild girl, I’m your cherry bomb.”
  • Virgo: “Spiderwebs” by No Doubt - “You’re intruding on what’s mine and you’re taking up my time, don’t have the courage inside me to tell you please leave me be.” / “Now it’s gone too deep, you wake me in my sleep, my dreams have become nightmares because you’re ringing in my ears.”
  • Libra: “Little Lies” by Fleetwood Mac - “Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies, oh no, no you can’t disguise.” / “Close your, close your, close your eyes, no more broken hearts, we’re better off apart, let’s give it a try.”
  • Scorpio: “Crazy on You” by Heart - “My love is the evening breeze touching your skin, the gentle sweet singing of leaves in the wind.” / “Wild man’s world in crying in pain, what you gonna do when everybody’s insane, so afraid of fortune, so afraid of you, what you gonna do?”
  • Sagittarius: “Kiss Me Deadly” by Lita Ford - “I went to a party last Saturday night, I didn’t get laid, I got in a fight, uh huh, it ain’t no big thing.” / “I know what you like, I know you like dancing with me, kiss me once, kiss me twice, c’mon pretty baby, kiss me deadly.
  • Capricorn: “Total Eclipse of the Heart” by Bonnie Tyler - “Every now and then I get little bit nervous that the best of all my years have gone by.” / “Once upon a time I was falling in love, but now I’m only falling apart, there’s nothing I can do, a total eclipse of the heart.”
  • Aquarius: “Zombie” by the Cranberries - “But you see, it’s not me, it’s not my family, in your head, in your head, they are fighting with their tanks and their bombs and their bombs and their guns.” / “What’s in your head, in your head, zombie, zombie, zombie?”
  • Pisces: “White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane - “And if you go chasing rabbits and you know you’re going to fall, tell ‘em a hookah-smoking caterpillar has given you the call.” / “And you’ve just had some kind of mushroom and your mind is moving slow.”
Bon Jovi sentence starters - Cross Road
  • We’ve gotta hold on to what we’ve got. 
  • It doesn’t make a difference if we make it or not.
  • We’ve got each other and that’s a lot.
  • Take my hand and we’ll make it - I swear.
  • I am laying down my guns.
  • I don’t like what I see no more. Sometimes I wish I was blind.
  • There’s things I’ve done I can’t erase.
  • I’m takin’ each day and night at a time.
  • I’m feelin’ like a Monday, but someday I’ll be Saturday night.
  • I’m only sixteen, I feel a hundred years old.
  • Yeah, I’m down, but I know I’ll get by.
  • I wish that I could be in some other time and place.
  • I’ve always been a fighter, but without you I give up.
  • Well, I guess I’m not that good anymore.
  • I will love you, baby, always, and I’ll be there forever and a day.
  • What I’d give to run my fingers through your hair.
  • If you’re ready, I’m willing and able.
  • Lay your hands on me.
  • I can show you how to fly and never ever come back down.
  • Darling, you give love a bad name.
  • No one can save me, the damage is done.
  • I want to lay you down in a bed of roses.
  • Baby, blind love is true.
  • Tonight I won’t be alone, but you know that don’t mean I’m not lonely.
  • I’ve got nothing to prove, for it’s you that I’d die to defend.
  • I don’t know where I’m going; only God knows where I’ve been.
  • I’ve seen love come, and I’ve seen it shot down. I’ve seen it die in vain.
  • I gotta ask a favor, and I’ll hope you’ll understand.
  • You know I need you.
  • I would do anything to have you in these arms tonight.
  • Everything here reminds me of you.
  • Your love is like bad medicine.
  • There ain’t no doctor that can cure my disease.
  • I got lots of money but it isn’t what I need.
  • That’s what you get for falling in love.
  • I don’t need no needle to be giving me a thrill.
  • I guess this time you’re really leaving.
  • I’ll be there for you.
  • I can promise you tomorrow, but I can’t buy back yesterday.
  • I didn’t mean to miss your birthday.
  • One more town, one mile to go.
  • No one heard a single word you said.
  • I see you out on the streets, calling for a wild time.
  • This bottle’s my only friend.
  • Remember how we used to talk about busting out?
  • Never say goodbye.
  • I swore I’d never let you go.

So this sugar daddy is in love with me– he took me out to lunch on Monday and gave me some money for the week. And now he just dropped off $100 in my mailbox for me to enjoy my Saturday night out. He likes it when someone tells him what to do with his money– this is all new to me but hey I don’t mind getting helped out Lmaooooo.

Military Brat - Epilogue

Here it is, an epilogue to my Military Brat series to celebrate July 4th and almost reaching 300 followers. Thank you to all the men and women who have served in our country’s military. Also thank you all for the support you have given me, you mae me continously love writing.

Pairing- Bucky x Reader

Words- 900


Originally posted by ifidieidiewithyou

It had been a year, a full year since your brother’s Medal of Honor ceremony and already so much has changed. Not long after Bucky made it official and finally asked you out on a proper date. You remembered calling Jessica about it and she responded with “it’s about damn time”. Bucky came home with you for the holidays, insisting he loved spending time with your family. Your mother was happy that you finally brought a man home, granted she already knew and adored Bucky which made her even happier. Surprisingly your father eventually felt the same way towards him, Bucky would help him work on the tractor and they would spend hours in the barn drinking beers and talking. The kids even took to calling him Uncle Buck, which he absolutely loved. Bucky finally had a family, but something was always missing.

Today was July 4th, you made it a tradition to stop and visit Derek every year. This year Bucky was adamant about joining you.

“Buck, you don’t have to come with me. It’s Steve’s birthday and you should really stay and celebrate with him.” You finished doing some dishes in your shared apartment in Stark tower.

“Doll, I can celebrate with him when we get back. Besides, Steve will probably be with Sharon all day anyway.” His large arms wrapped around you as he kissed your head. “I really want to go with you.”

Bucky drove the entire way, you listened to the radio as you both sang along to the old patriotic songs that graced the airwaves. He pulled into the drive as you finished the last verse of God Bless the U.S.A. passing a sign that read, Arlington National Cemetery.

Bucky opened your door and let you out, instantly you fell quiet. Grabbing his hand you led him into the cemetery. Lines upon lines of white crosses covered fields of green, while little American flags stuck into the ground. Bucky held your hand tightly as you passed a service in the middle of a 21 gun salute, he squirmed slightly imagining the days when that easily could have been him they were putting in the ground. He looked at you with a determined look on your face, and his mind eased. Your hand tightened around his as you slowly stopped, looking back at him before making your way to the very end of the row of crosses. You knelt down running your fingers across the etched lettering of his name, your other hand clasped around the dog tags that hung around your neck. Bucky knelt down next you and placed the flowers you brought against the stone. His arm quickly wrapped around you and pulled you into an embrace, the bottom of his shirt balled up in your fists as you tried to hold it together. You composed yourself and then broke apart.

“Derek, I would like you to meet James Buchanan Barnes. My boyfriend.” Your hand rested on the top of the grave and your eyes made their way to find Bucky.

You both spent the day in the park hanging out at Derek’s grave, walking around looking at some of the monuments, as well as finding some of the Howling Commandos. Buck told stories as they searched, successfully finding Dum Dum and Gabe. But before you both left, you stopped once more to say goodbye to Derek. You kissed a picture you had in your pocket, it was of you and Derek in your treehouse the same one from the Medal of Honor ceremony and placed it on top of his grave. Bucky did the same but this time with a letter written to Derek, he never let you read it.

Inside the letter read:

Dear Derek,

I have written this letter a hundred different times not knowing what I should say to you, but I will start with this, I love (Y/N). She is the one person who has never blamed me for the things I have done, loving me regardless of my past. She continuously amazes me, every day she does something else to make me love her more than I possibly thought I could. She will stay up with me the nights I can’t sleep or when I wake up screaming. She tries to cook as good as your mother but fails and ends up calling her to see what she did wrong. On Saturdays, we spend all morning watching cartoons together while eating cereal on the couch. Every time she sees a dog or baby her face lights up and we have to stop. I never thought I could love everything about a person until I might her, I want to spend the rest of my life with (Y/N). I already asked your father and he gave me his blessing, so now I ask you. Will you allow me to ask your sister to marry me? I know it is not the same, but I felt that it was my duty to ask. (Y/N) misses you dearly, I would have loved to actually meet you and I know she wishes I could. (Y/N) will wish you could be here, but I plan to ask her in a way you can be.


His hand ran over the velvet box in his pocket, while the other took yours as he got down on one knee.

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i love my video game pets
the two headed cobra cas on the left and kale on the right and my night mare bobbi are in a poly relationship cas and kale love bobbi very much! my bee charlie and gracie the little grey cat are best friends and go out for coffee every saturday!!! the baby on the top is named harold and his sister ophelia wanted a hug! tamara the turkey on the left gets nervous around everyone so she likes to peck the picket fences to cope with that, you can barely see her sister diane behind me trying to peck my armor

Question thingy

Cause apparently I didn’t have asks turned on….
@themomsmustbecrazy asked me

13. What are you gonna do Saturday night?

The urge to answer this with “Same thing we do every night Pinky…” was strong. Saturday my hubby works, so probably dinner with the kids (Mac and cheese or something equally as easy/edible) and Thomas movie before bed. After they are in bed? Netflix and wine. Boring, but quiet!

37. Do you believe in love at first sight?

Kinda? I believe in some love at first sight. I have loved every newborn baby placed in my arms at first sight. Every child that has crossed my threshold, has been love at first sight. Do I always like them, no, not at first sight. So, parental love at first sight, yes?

Love, like adult, imma gonna marry you, love at first sight? Nope. I think love, true love, takes time. It takes work. It takes opening, talking, honesty, soul bearing, and discovery.

52. Do you think musicals are cheesy?

I think they can be, and tend to be. Part of that is because music is inherently cheesy. Music takes our emotions and amplifies them, and that can feel inauthentic if we don’t connect to that emotion at the time. So, a love story/song in a musical feels cheesy to a person not in the starry eyes beginning of love. An internal struggle song may not sit authentically with a person who is solid in their self awareness.

The Spine Simulator
Fionn Reid
The Spine Simulator

Me and my Baby love Saturday Nights…

This is what it sounds like to cuddle a robot! Well, specifically the Spine.

Once I found this track on soundcloud, I simply had to share it. The original is here by soundcloud user Avideon. Image used (x) is by tumblr user donc-desole.

Rabbit Version Here.

Remember that time Tina Fey and my math teacher went to prom together and my math teacher gave me the picture for secret santa cause im obsessed with 30 rock? also remember that time he signed the picture, which was kind of douchey but its okay cause now I have a picture of Tina Fey at prom? Yeah I remember that too.


1. I remember way too many small details about people so I have to act dumb sometimes so I don’t freak them out.

2. I’m really boring and awkward if I’m not comfortable with you.

3. If we can’t joke around with each other, we can’t date.

4. I love forehead kisses and warm hugs.

5. Things I want but won’t ask for:
-good morning/night texts
-pictures/ candids of us
-surprises, even the little ones
-visiting and bringing favorite food (or coffee)
-a hoodie that smells like you
-really long hugs
-piggyback rides
-slow dances in the middle of the kitchen
-sincere compliments (I might disagree with you, but it still means a lot to me)
-real, deep conversations about everything and nothing
-comfort and patience (I get sad and I’m stubborn)
-tell me when, and how much you love me
-picking me up and kissing me (especially for photos)

6. I tend to get sentimental often - you will know when and why you are loved.

7. I will get very defensive over myself, and you when with others.

8. I will want you right next to me holding my hand at church sometimes. (Even though I’m not religious)

9. Sometimes I get in trouble and won’t be allowed to hang out.

10. I write. So expect me to write about you, me, us, and some things we do together. (And expect me to want and keep the materialistic things.)

11. I know I am thin, but having an eating disorder makes me think otherwise. Scars don’t help either. So swimming won’t happen for a while.

12. Baby steps. I am not rushing into anything.

13. Little post-it notes left in my locker from you would make my day so much better. I’ll give you the number and combination.

14. Saturdays are the best days to stop by and surprise me.

15. Be spontaneous. Be spontaneous. Be spontaneous.

16. With time, I will eventually fall in love with you. And you will too.

17. Medium iced caramel coffee, extra cream, two Splenda, and an extra shot of caramel. (If you ever want to surprise me.)

18. I’m old-fashioned. Letters, phone calls, dates, movies, dinner, breakfast, Friday night football games, city nights, art, pumpkin picking on Halloween, walks, coffee dates (I’ll drink the coffee), the beach, concerts, film festivals, couch-cuddling. Spontaneous.

19. I tend to not like myself a lot.

20. Meet my family. Nothing will happen if you don’t meet them. They need trust.

21. I need trust and acceptance. You know my issues.

22. If you ever plan to make me yours, do it in a really really cute way. It’ll be so important to me.
—  22 Things I Won’t Say Out Loud.

Harry Styles Imagine.


I watched Harry walk into our bedroom with a towel around his waist. His body and hair were dripping wet and if I wasn’t so fed up I would probably be affected by his bare muscles.
I sat against the headboard on our large white king bed and stroked my swollen stomach absentmindedly.
Harry walked into our closet and walked over to his underwear drawer, dropping his towel. Oh my. His ass never fails to amaze me. He is a true statue of Adonis.
I watched him pull a pair of black Calvin Klein boxers over his bare legs before he picked the towel back up and rubbed his hair with it.
He turned back to me and smirked, his pale green eyes had a glint of mischief in them “Have I told you how beautiful you look today?”.
I huffed in annoyance “Yeah, yeah. You know I can tell when you’re lying, right?”.
Harry frowned immediately and crawled onto the bed “Hey, don’t be like that” he said as he sat next to me, pulling me into his arms as his left hand caressed my stomach.
I leant my head on his shoulder “I’m sorry. I just…I’m so sick and tired of being an elephant. It’s taking over my life. If I wasn’t so damn insecure then I’d be coming with you tonight”.
He kissed my forehead a few times before taking a deep breath “Y/N, I know you’re afraid of what people will say and think but my opinion is the only one that matters and I think you’re beautiful. Please, come with me”.
I shook my head “I love you but I really don’t want to come. I’ve had a baby in my stomach for seven months, my back is killing me and my feet are swollen. I just want to spend my Saturday night eating pickles on toast and watching Are You The One”.
Harry pulled a face “I hate that that’s your craving, baby. It’s gross”.
I giggled at his facial expression and kissed his turned down lips “It’s delicious. Now, go get ready! Lou will be here in twenty minutes to do your hair”.
He groaned and kissed my forehead and stomach before getting off the bed. He paused in the closet doorway “What if I don’t go? I’ll stay here with you”.
I knew Harry hated letting people down and as much as he wants to stay with me, he doesn’t want to either “No, Harry. Go. And get a move on because you’re going to be late”.
Harry smiled widely “I love you”.
I rolled my eyes watched him get ready.

The clock read 21:47PM and I was bored.
I’d eaten a whole tub of Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough ice cream, two slices of pickle on toast and I now officially felt sick. But bump was hungry…
I climbed into bed with a hot mug of tea and pressed play on the tv, to finish watching this week’s episode of The Walking Dead.
I’d just got my arms warm and comfy under the covers when my phone vibrated on the bedside table.
I picked it up quickly and unlocked the screen to see a text from Harry.

From Harry: Hey baby, just checking in to make sure you’re ok! .xx

To Harry:  I’m fine, bump is kicking up a storm in here though. It feels like I have aliens inside me…ahhh xx

From Harry: Hahaha. You’re funny. I wish I could feel it, too. I’ve only felt bump a couple of times :( . xx

To Harry: That’s because you’re a busy man. We’ll have to make another one and make sure you’re home the whole time…But not any time soon because I want to be skinny again for at least a little while. And I’d also like to be able to see my footsies ;) xx

From Harry: You do have cute “footsies”…Why am I here again? .xx

To Harry: Because you’re a very important person, baby! I’m going to finish watching The Walking Dead now, it’s getting good…xx

From Harry: Without me?!?!?! .xx

Harry’s POV 

I looked around the room at all the people talking to one another, laughing and having a way better time than me.
I love my job, if you could even call it that, but being at these events without Y/N just doesn’t feel right anymore.
I don’t know when I became so dependant on her but I need her to keep me sane. We’ve only been married for nine months and since she’s been pregnant, she hasn’t come out to see half as many shows as she did before. Which I completely understand since most of them are in a completely different countries.
I’m so excited to be a daddy. When Y/N told me she was pregnant, I cried. Literally, cried with happiness. Although I wish she hadn’t had to tell me over the damn phone.
“Harry, are you okay?”.
I looked to my right at Kate Moss, she was smiling at me and I returned it “Yes, thank you. Just thinking about the Mrs”.
Kate gave me a knowing look “I saw a picture of her on Twitter yesterday and she’s absolutely glowing. How’s she getting on with the pregnancy?”.
I frowned at the question “Okay, I think. I mean, I’ve only been home for about five weeks and she got pregnant just before I left for the tour at the end of April”.
Saying this out loud made me feel so guilty. I’ve hardly even been home while Y/N’s carrying my baby.
What am I doing?
I should be at home with her, soaking everything up before Bump arrives. I don’t want to miss anything that goes on with my family.
I didn’t hear what Kate said as I stood up “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be here. I should be at home where I belong”.
Kate smiled kindly as I kissed her cheek “Home is where the heart is, Harry”.


I woke up groggily as I felt a shift in the bed next to me.
The tv was still on but turned down, causing a dim light to fill the room.
I looked to my left and my eyes immediately landed on Harry “Hey baby, what time is it?”.
Harry was laid on his side and he pulled me close to him, holding me tightly “Almost eleven. Y/N, I’m so sorry”.
I was confused as I pulled back to look at his sad expression “What for?”.
Harry’s lip trembled, making my heart hurt “I’ve hardly even been here for you and Bump. And I feel terrible. I should never have gone tonight, please don’t be mad at me”.
I cupped his face in my small hands, his jawline was so prominent when he wore his shirts buttoned up “Shhh, it’s okay”.
“No” he shook his head before nuzzling his face in my neck “I promise I won’t let you go another day without me there to share all of this with you. Home is where the heart is and you are my home”.

Harry was right. Home is where the heart is. And my husband is definitely my home.


Brisbane tour outfit is done! I’ll be your very own junior Jewel available for band practice on Saturday the 5th from the b stage pitch.
My junior Jewels shirt has the songs from 1989 listed on it, some of my favourite songs from other albums, a flamingo, a tree and a whale as well as the tumblr Swifties URLs that I am attending the shows with @tswiftyaussie @brave-wildlove @bigbroswift along with @cherrylips-crystalskie-s @wildest-swift @state-of-grace19 and @soph-ts-love-13 my Sunshine Squad babies.

I’ll be having different glasses on the night as Le boyfriends prescription lenses did nothing but cause me a headache, hence the lack of quality in selfies!

I can’t wait to see you qld girls in Brisbane and the rest of you in Adelaide and Melbs!

Tattoos - 4/4 Preference

stoner-5sos asked: Do you think you can do a 4/4 in general of how he would react to his ‘younger’ girlfriend having one or more tattoos? And if you can tag 13raquel ^.^

I don’t get why younger is in little quotes so I hope I’m doing this as you wanted it. Idk how I could fuck it up, but still lol


“Jesus…” You muttered in frustration to yourself, trying to reach the top shelf for a damn cup. “Luke!” You shouted to your much taller and older boyfriend, calling out for his much needed help.

“What’s up?” He asked as his long body strolled into the kitchen of his house where you two were hanging out. All you wanted was a glass of water but your short height restricted you from getting it. You still had a bit to grow but not much. You were fortunate enough to have a giraffe for an older boyfriend that could reach all the places you couldn’t.

“I can’t…” You whined and whimpered, reaching up once more in a last failed attempt.

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The truth about my wife is she’s just who she is as a person is more valuable to me than any job or role or whatever play, that her generosity and spirit and ability to think of others constantly will outway anything she would accomplish professionally ever, you know what I mean? If she became a hobo, it would still be such an honor to be her partner.
—  Taran Killam on Cobie Smulders (Grandtland Podcasts)