me and kiki

aksannyi  asked:

ALL THE VOTES TO KOINE. Honestly I don't have much to say. Kiki was actually passable today. I still do not want him to win, and that hip hop was the best he's done in the genre, but he still just needs to get so much lower and into it. Lex looked like Twitch next to him tbh. And show, your use of Mia Michaels with the lovebirds you obviously want to win is Totally Not Planned At All, right? *rolls eyes into oblivion* And wtf is with the fucking kissing? Like. Get a fucking room???? Gross? (ctd)

Koine manages to make me actually like watching Kiki but I think it’s because Koine is like a light bulb, she just illuminates everything and everyone. And she definitely gets it from her adorable parents. Precious family. My preference for the win is 1. Koine, 2. Lex, 3. Taylor, 4. Kiki. Though there is a HUGE gap between 1 and 2, because while I think Lex is amazing, I don’t think he NEEDED this show. I’m thinking that SYTYCD is in bed with Shaping Sound. Stand by for the final message lol

They heap praise on everything Travis does and they constantly talk about how brilliant he is. And I agree, he’s a good choreographer. (Side note, where is my queen Sonya? wtf? I never got Koine working with Sonya and I feel cheated?) But I think that the producers have a deal with Travis at this point. Give his company exposure, praise the shit out of one of his company members, and he’ll keep choreographing. It’s all by design. I see you, SYTYCD. As I’ve said before: Rigged show is rigged

KOINE WAS SO GOOD. She won’t win in a million years, but I love her and her family. Her parents are seriously so cute lol. I’m not even gonna bother getting my hopes up and fully expect her to come in fourth place tomorrow, but at least she ended up in the finale, which was beyond my expectations for this season tbh.

Kiki surprised me in the hip-hop! Like damn, if he had done this at the beginning of the season instead of that stupid Joker routine, I’d probably be more on board with him. But he really did a good job considering. He really really needs to learn to bend his damn legs, but Lex probably helped him out. 

Okay and let’s talk about that Mia routine. Because Mia Michaels came back and that was all I got????? That was so basic??? And the judges acting like it was amazing and crying as if they really didn’t know that Lex and Taylor have been dating for ages?? And acting like they just hooked up on the show when all you have to do is look at Instagram?? Come on. It was cute and I was happy for their nineteen-year-old love and all that, but it was so contrived. And all that kissing was really unnecessary. 

If the show continues, how long do you think it’ll take before there’s a Travis episode like there was a Mia episode? Lmao